Gretchen Wilson and Daughter Proud to be Redneck Women

05/13/2009 at 10:30 AM ET
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Country singer Gretchen Wilson is happy to call herself a redneck woman — and so is her 7 ½-year-old daughter Grace Frances! “My daughter is a redneck woman, she’s a redneck girl,” explains Gretchen, and says that as a mom, she couldn’t be prouder about it. “To me, redneck is a sense of self and a way of life. My daughter is proud of who she is regardless of what anybody tells her she’s supposed to be.”

Gretchen tries her hardest to be a good influence for her daughter, and that’s one reason why she went back to school and received her GED last year. The mom has no doubt in her mind that Grace will go on to finish school.

“Mothers and daughters have that rivalry thing. And now that I have my diploma, I have something that she doesn’t have. So I have a feeling just knowing her and knowing she’s like me, she’ll have to have one, too.”

Gretchen, 35, burst into the country scene in early 2004 with her hit Redneck Woman. Her fourth album, I Got Your Country Right Here, is set to be released this summer.

Grace’s father is Mike Penner.

Source: USA Today

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ann on

Is being a redneck a good thing? I mean is that like turning the ‘n’ word and the ‘q’ word and the ‘f*g’ word around and owning it?

LisaR on

I don’t know, ann but I have a feeling that if that became Grace’s nickname in school Gretchen might have other thoughts about it.

crimpe on

Does “Redneck” not have racist, classist overtones? Maybe Gretchen needs a bit more education…in the real world…

Sadie on

Her daughter has all of the opportunities in the world, especially with her mother’s financial stability, she should plan on graduating from college not just high school!

melissa on

born and raised a redneck.. and trailer trash and oilfield trash.. proud of who i am, proud of where i am and glad i have the past i have..made me what i am.. there is nothing wrong with what she said..period..she is who she is because of her past.. at least she doesnt pretend to be someone she isnt.

Bay on

Gretchen Wilson has always defined Redneck as someone who isn’t worried about what people think and choses to live their life without trying to change. I think she’s been trying to spin the word so it does not include the racist slant.

Lis on

I’m sorry, but when I think of “redneck”, I do not think of someone who has a good sense of self

Lauren on

The only people who think “redneck” is a derogetory word are those who AREN’T one and don’t fully understand it. 🙂 Those of us who consider ourselves rednecks are proud of it! Its not a bad thing at all. Its just someone who enjoys the country side of life. I would never consider the word redneck with the n word or any other cruel description. Its a good thing everyone!

noam on

i suppose redneck is a term defined by where you live…where i am, a redneck is an individual who lives a simple life, with a strong sense of community and family and the natural world, but with a slightly rough side to things…there is less of, if any, a focus on material items and money and such. i think people who percieve the word as one with negative connotation are those who only know rednecks through television portrayals…and i know they weren’t rednecks, but in some ways, the malloy family from the tv show “the riches” are similar to rednecks…

Gigi on

Sadie, why do you assume someone with money wants to attend college? Many people choose not to go to college because their occupational dreams lie elsewhere. Heck, maybe Grace wants to be a mechanic? You sound like an elitist so I’m going to assume your comment is based on how you were raised. I’m assuming Grace is being raised to view people as individuals who should follow their dreams, not stick to society’s view of success.

Shea on

I am college educated and from Los Angeles, but I now live in a tiny town in South Carolina and I am proudly married to the most wonderful redneck in the world. We are as different as night and day, but he has my heart and I would never consider going back to the city or trading him in for some phony, suit wearing, deal spinning, double talking, “fast tracker”…been there and done that and my simple redneck country boy, with his ball cap, pick-up truck, and his shift work job is the much better option.
He treats me like a princess, loves my kids like his own and treats them no different from the ones we have had together, he works hard for us,and has his priorities in the right order. Sure he’s a bit rough around the edges and he may not know what fork to use in a fancy restaurant. He may only have a high school diploma compared to my Masters degree but there is so much he can still teach me and does every day. I waited my whole life for him and I thank God every single day for blessing me and my kids with this tall handsome redneck. He came into our lives and took away so much hurt and pain and brought so much joy and love and happiness.

Kat on

I’m not crazy about Gretchen Wilson, but I think its great that she got her GED. That is a great example to set for her daughter.

deidre on

Well, heck, Gigi, here where I’m from education is not seen as a means to an end, but a reward in and of itself. College is a wonderful opportunity for a person to expose themselves to new ideas, people, and experiences. I know many wonderful people who have advanced degrees, and still choose to work blue-collar jobs because they make them happy. That does not make their degrees superfluous. Are you implying that mechanics, and others in blue collar professions, have no interest in art, literature, philosophy…?

Frank on

When did being a redneck become a good thing????!!!!

kenley on

When it comes to the word “redneck” everyone is going to have their own opinion, clearly. I was born and raised in Tennessee.
A small town of maybe 5,000 people. Out here there are a lot of people who define themselves as “rednecks.” Where I am from a redneck is a hard working, blue collar, fun loving, person who puts family and faith above everything. The farmers who pray from the harvest to be good. The single mom taking care of her children, working two jobs to pay the rent. A real person. We are just average everyday people. Just because we don’t put price tags on everything and we care about more than money because there is more to life than that, does not make us bad people. In Tennesse and the majority of the south, Redneck IS a way of life and a reneck DOES have a secure sence of self. Because, personality and moral values mean more in life than anything else. We have to work for what we have. Not all of us were born with everything handed to us. “REDNECK” is definantly NOTHING to be ashamed of!!!