Brooke Shields Has Her Hands Full With Rowan!

05/13/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
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Children are often able to play one parent off another, and Rowan Francis Henchy is a pro! During a recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, actress and author Brooke Shields, 43, revealed just one example of how her 6-year-old daughter selectively conveys information to dad Chris Henchy. Brooke had gotten Rowan set up to do some stamping, with one explicit instruction. “I said, ‘Whatever you do, just don’t [stamp] the counter,'” Brooke recalled. “She looked at me, slid [the paper] over, took a stamp and just [purposefully stamped] right on the counter.”

“I became like super human strength. I whipped her up off that chair so fast, and I didn’t know what to do with her because I wanted to throw her somewhere. I was like, ugh, I couldn’t put her in the bedroom because that’s not a good place for timeout, it’s too fun, so I put her in the bathroom and closed the door.”

Brooke then told her daughter that when she was ready to talk about what she’d done, she could come out. What she had momentarily forgotten, however, was that the bathroom was in the midst of a renovation so everything inside was covered in plastic. “It was like American Psycho, or like Dexter…It was literally like I put the baby in, like, a crime scene,” she joked. “All of a sudden she’s screaming, ‘I want to get out! I want to get out!’ and I’m saying, ‘You can’t come out until you’re ready to talk about what you did.'” Disaster then struck when Rowan accidentally locked herself in.

“I couldn’t get in, and so now she’s terrified. She’s in there, she’s locked in the plastic crazy person room, and she’s screaming. I tell her, ‘You’re not in trouble any more, whatever you just did, do it again.’ Finally she figured out how to unlock the door. She comes running out and I hug her, I said, ‘You’re not in trouble anymore, I love you, lets go through the whole house and learn about locks.’ It became like an education.”

Or so Brooke thought!

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Two or three hours later, all had seemingly returned to normal. Brooke, Rowan and 3-year-old Grier Hammond were in the kitchen preparing dinner, when Chris called. Brooke asked Rowan to answer the phone, and laughed at what happened next. “She goes ‘Hi daddy! Mommy locked me in a bathroom,'” Brooke recalled. “She looks at me and goes, ‘You’re an ‘idiant.'”

“I was like, an ‘idiant’?’ And I wanted to laugh at ‘idiant,” but of course I got even more mad. I went to pick her up again and she [quickly] goes, ‘No no, I meant you’re a princess! You’re a princess all day.”

Rowan is also showing an intense interest in Brooke’s career as she’s out promoting her new book It’s the Best Day Ever, Dad. Prior to Brooke’s recent appearance on The Today Show, she even asked mom, “What half hour are you?”

“I was like, ‘Who are you, my publicist?’ And then I was embarrassed to tell her I was the second half hour. She said, ‘Who are you following?’…[I was following] Jennifer Lopez, though, and that was okay with her.”

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Deb on

WHat???? She still has to be punished for what she did!

Christina Bledsoe on

I know it wasn’t funny for her, but to hear her explain it makes me laugh.

alice jane on

Rowan probably figured out that what she did was wrong by her mother obviously being angry and putting her in a timeout. And I agree that Brooke needed to deal with that issue, but is punishing a genuinely terrified little kid right at that moment really the best thing to do? Brooke never said whether or not her and Rowan had a talk about the stamping incident after; for all we know, once she had given her a lesson in locks and Rowan calmed down, they had that talk. Then again, maybe they didn’t and Rowan got off scott-free; none of us know for sure.

Either way, it sounds like Brooke and Chris have a handful! It’s amazing how 6 year olds can just keep you on your toes.

Carrie Jo on

My mom told me that when I was around the same age and had a very loose front tooth, I got a light pop on the mouth for talking back and my tooth fell out. So I went around telling people that my tooth fell out because mom slapped me. Yeah kids are great at that.

kai on

God, people, just laugh and move on. she was on jimmy kimmel,not on some supernanny show.

I loved the “hi daddy, mommy locked me in the bathroom”hahaha

Lis on

That story had me cracking up! I honestly think kids are the funniest people in the world!

And Carrie Jo – LOL!!!!!!!!!!


Children can be so funny…my daughter sometimes does or says things that are clearly unacceptable, and while I do punish her, I do want to laugh so hard.

The latest thing she did was, we were at a store and she wanted me to buy her a toy she already had and lost so I said “NO” she kept asking and I said to her maybe for your bday. She starts to cry and yell…I was so embarrased and was getting angry, then I grabbed her hand to pick her up and get out of the store and she started sreaming “STRANGER, STRANGER, HELP ME” OMG!! I was horrified, everyone looked at me like I was a child kidnapper! We left the store and when we got home she got punished (no ice cream or sweets for a week) this was a few weeks back and now thinking about it I cant stop laughing! LOL

Skipsie on

XOXO, omg my little cousin did that to my auntie when we were shopping! It was terrible, but I just sat in a corner and laughed at the sheer cheek of it! Lol its terrible when kids do naughty stuff and you just want to laugh so bad.

Lauren on

XOXO, that’s a great story! Very funny how kids take a lesson you’ve taught them and turn it on you. My niece had spent an entire family dinner at a really nice restaurant refusing to eat . Upon our leaving she decided she wanted a burrito – my sister told her no, she could have something at home. When the hostess asked if we had a nice time (in front of a bunch of people waiting to be seated!) Maeve said, “My family is trying to starve me to death!” And the whole room broke out laughing. A four year old drama queen!

Brandye on

I can relate! One time we were at Home Depot with my son and he was not behaving very well. I was waiting for my husband to finish what he was doing so we could leave, in the meantime I was walking my son around in circles in the cart, trying to get him to calm down. He kicked me and I got right up in his face and said “Do you want me to take you outside?” (meaning did he want to leave Home Depot…he loves it in there…) and his eyes got really big and he started yelling “DON’T BEAT ME MOMMY!”. I had never so much as spanked the kid!!! I just walked over to my husband, told him I’d see him outside, and took my son out to the car. I didn’t even LOOK to see if other customers heard it…I’m sure they did but I didn’t wanna know!

Finnaryn on

My youngest, who just turned three, used to call the baby gate at his bedroom door, “the cage.” Several times while out shopping before lunch/nap time he loudly asked, “Mama, you put me in the cage when we go home?” :\

Cristy on

This is too funny! My neice had a moment like that one time- she was three at the time, we were in church, and her mommy had to take her out of the auditorium because she was being noisy. She thought she was in trouble, so on the way out, she screamed at the top of her lungs “PRAY FOR ME!!”

g!na on

lol. funny! i’m glad to hear that Brooke does discipline her children and is not scared to admit it to the public! good for her!

Me on

My toddler and I used to play race. I’d say, “I’m going to beat you.” I stopped that when one day he told my husband, “Mommy, beat me up today!”

Sunny on

I just had to write to Christy and say that, I was just quietly sat here drinking my tea (well I am English!!) and I read your comment about your little neice and nearly choked cos I was laughing so much!! I love it!! Sounds like something my kids would do!! LOL! Take care x

alison on

I know people will jump all over me for saying this, but the way the kid acted was just plain rude and bratty and people should not be just saying ‘aww, how cute’. She knew that what she was doing was wrong and did it just the same, plus calling her mom an idiot!? Um, I don’t find it funny at all.

There, I said it.

Maura on

Relax people! “Punishing a terrified child”? Please. Do you have kids? Rowan did that deliberately. She needed a time out. She obviously wasn’t emotionally scarred by the event because a few short hours later she was being ornery again. Parents have to discipline the child. Did she beat the child? No. Get over it! I am so sick of the parents that do not discipline their children. I see them at stores, and in public all the time. I saw a kid yelling “Shut up” to his mom as she tried putting him in his car seat and his dad just sat there. My girls saw this behavior as we walked by, and I just said, “See that is why you don’t act like him”. These are normally the same kids that get in trouble in school, and when the principal calls the parents they just can’t believe their precious angel was in any kind of trouble.

Monie on

Rowan was acting like every other kid and Brooke handled it. Rowan has quite a personality! My daughter once when we were shopping was having a fit about not getting new shoes and my husband picked her up and she starts screaming “STOP YOU’RE CHOKING ME!” in teh crowded store. Nice…

CTBmom on

When my son was about 4, we were at the mall and he started acting up. I took hold of his hand, and gave it a firm squeeze to get his attention and whispered to him “stop running off from me, young man!” He yelled at the top of his lungs “mom, you’re breaking my hand!! stop! You’re breaking my hand!” I picked him up and marched into the nearby bathroom and I gave him a few swats on the butt. Suprisingly, I got several looks of understanding and nods of approval from women in the restroom. Then I carried took him home and put him down for a nap. I love my son so much, but he is definitely one of those kids with a strong personality…it sound like Rowen is too, lol.

CelebBabyLover on

Maura- In the situation you describe, shouldn’t the MOM have also done something to discpline the child?

megan on

thats funny. what a silly little girl. one time when i was out with my 3 year old son, he was pulling everything off of the shelves at the store so i grabbed his arm and told him to stop doing that or mommy was going to take him out to the car… so he yelled “MOMMY STOP, YOU HURT ME SO BAD, YOU HURT ME TO MUCH” a lady walking by started laughing but i took him out of that store soooooooooo fast…

lee on

That kid is a handful.