Victoria Recaño Welcomes Daughter Maximilienne Elizabeth

05/10/2009 at 07:00 AM ET
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Update: Victoria and Tom named their daughter Maximilienne Elizabeth Burwell and are calling her Emme.

Originally posted February 23rd: Victoria Recaño is host and correspondent for the entertainment news show The Insider, so it only seems fitting that that she would give birth on the same day as the Oscars! Victoria and her husband Tom Burwell welcomed their first child, a yet-to-be named daughter, on Sunday, February 22nd at 4:33 p.m., a little ahead of her March due date. She weighed in at 5 lbs. and is 18 ½ inches long, with lots of hair and full lips.

We will have to wait and find out how Tom handled the delivery, as Victoria previously shared that “my husband’s not so great with blood, I’m not even kidding you. I said to him, ‘Sweetie, listen, if you feel like you need to step out, that’s okay.’ I really don’t want him to pass out.”

The couple, who were married in 2001, announced the pregnancy in September. They recently celebrated their baby shower on February 7th.

Source: ET Online

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Shelly on

Aww, congratulations to them! She must be a tiny thing but hopefully everything is going well for the family.



Jared Snyard on

I watched the whole show of The Insider yesterday not one mention
of her birth. Guess it will be today’s show. Since the Oscar show is now over. Lara Spencer will probably mention it..

Sam on

I like the name, but I’m wondering how they got Emme out of Maximilienne Elizabeth.

Sandra on

I have never heard the name Maximilienne before, but I actually like like – and the name Elizabeth is such a beautiful name.

Guen on

Why name her that long name if they are just going to call her by something else entirely, it doesn’t even have Emme in it. Why not just name her Emme, it is a pretty name.

Jem on

Why not shorten it to Milli ? makes more sense than Emme.

Jazz on

It’s like she looked at Jennifer Lopez’s twins names. Max’s full name is Maximillian I think and obviously Emme. I just don’t understand how they got Emme out of her name.

Chris on

Some nicknames are not part of the formal name: John/Jack, Richard/Dick, Henry/Hank etc.

Mia on

Thats cute, but she basically just took both of Jennifer Lopez’s twins names, and put both into her daughter’s name. Maxine would be cute, instead of the long Maximillenne they chose.

meghan on

I’ve never heard that name before. Quite beautiful and feminine!

lizzielui on

If you sounds out Maximiliene you indeed say Emme. Max-IMI-liene. It’s just spelled differently. Also, as someone else pointed out nicknames are not always a part of the formal name. Anyway, congrats!

noonie on

I think it’s for her initials…”M” “E”…hence, “Emme.”

lisa on

I dont know. I cant even pronounce that kid’s name. If they are calling her Emme, why not just name her that in the first place?

lala2 on

It’s HER BABY! She can do whatever she wants in reference to her baby’s name. “Why don’t she do this; why didn’t she do this.” Because it her baby not yours.

I LOVE THE NAME, and the nickname. It’s so beautiful……..

lj on

lala2: Relax! People are just stating their opinions just as you are stating yours. Why are you getting so upset? Everyone is just stating that Emme is a totally different name from the baby’s real name (which is unusual).

danielle on

poor emme…it’s going to take her a looooong time to fill out scantron forms at school! my name isn’t nearly as long as her’s and it took me a while. lol

Sam on

Danielle, I’m sure she’ll be putting Emme Burrell on her scantron sheets, not Maximilienne Elizabeth Burwell, so don’t worry.

mia on

Wow what is up with the boys name for girl Maximilienne blakesley jagger willow ryan whatever happen to the lovely girl names like sophia kayla lillian

Erica on

Well…it’s better than Blakesley. 🙂

aurora mia on

I have never seen that name or heard that name before. It’s really pretty. But I agree, Milli is so cute and makes more sense….c’est la vie 🙂

Xan on

Congrats to her. But, the parallels between her daughter’s name and J-Lo’s twins’ names are too obvious. I wonder what her family had to say?

Jen DC on

It’s “Emme” because in Spanish, the letter “M” is pronounced – yep! – em-meh. In fact, they are calling her the equivalent of “M,” short for Maximilienne. Such a lot of syllables for a little girl!

As for lala2’s comment, girl, I’m totally with you! Most of the comments seemed really negative about the nickname, even though with time it’s now obvious that it’s confusion, just expressed in a way that seemed judgmental. That said… Everyone take a deep breath.

lala2 on

JJ……Why even respond to me, if it’s not a big deal. I am not upset. I am just tired of all the NEGATIVE comments all the time. Jeez, everyone wants to nitpick everything. YEAH, I know, it’s a blog and everyone is entitled to their opinion. BUT, some of the comments have been CRAZY. IT’S HER BABY! IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE NAME, KEEP IT MOVING.

lala2 on

My mistake….I meant lj…..

Alex on

I don’t get how they got the nickname Emme. The name is 100% boy to me.

Guen on

If you think my comment seemed judgemental so be it. I stand by my opinion. I don’t see the point in naming a baby and then calling it something entirely different from the get-go.

And to Sam, she will not be able to put Emme on any official forms, including school forms, she will have to put her real name. You can’t just ignore the birth certificate. I know, I tried, I never liked my name.

ericka on

Is that the girl version of maximilian? I can’t even pronounce it…when I do it sounds like a feminine version of maximilian.

I don’t care for that name at all but then again it’s not my child lol.

Congrats to them

Aniah on

How do you pronounce her name?

CelebBabyLover on

mia- Well, actually, Jagger is a UNISEX name, and I’ve never heard of a boy named Willow, only girls (and, to be honest, I can’t see Willow as a boy’s name). That said, I’m guessing it’s a unisex name as well. Maximilienne is obviously the feminine form of Maximillian.

As for Ryan, I thank that is also a unisex name, and if you want it to sound more girly, you can always pronuce it like, “Rye-ann” rather than “Rye-in”. 🙂

Caroline on

To Mia & Ericka – Maximilienne is the feminine version of Maximilien/Maximilian, like Adrienne and Adrien/Adrian.
I like the name, only down side is it’s a very long first name (12 letters)

Lis on

I agree with the rest of you who are confused with this child’s name??? I’m just not a fan at all of naming your child something if you plan on calling them something entirely different. Seems like her name will most likely cause much confusion in the future…

This is a blog, and that is my opinion. Doesn’t make it wrong or right.

Allison on

I can see getting the nickname ‘Max’ or ‘Mimi’ from Maximilienne, but Emme? Emme I’d see coming from the names Emelinda or Emma. I don’t see the connection between the two names (Maximilliene and Emme) either but whatever. I honestly don’t like either name.

KimberlyL on

Strange connection isn’t it. She has a child on the same day (Feb 22nd) as J-Lo’s twins were born and uses a combination of both their names. Its the first thing that popped into my head and I’m not even a J-Lo fan. I’m sure it is purely coincidental but how odd. Anyway, congratulations and best of luck from a fellow premie.

CelebBabyLover on

Lis- Actually, sometimes going by a nickname can be a Godsend (apolgies if I offended anyone who isn’t religious). I know two people who have very long first names (both are around 8 letters long!) but go by much shorter nicknames. And guess what? Neither nickname is all that derived from the given name. Basically, the nicknames have the same letter as the first names and sound somewhat similar to parts of the first names, but that’s about it!

Anyway, both of these people go by their nicknames because they choose to. One of the two people has a name that most people are likely to mispronounce, misspell, or both (and no, her parents weren’t trying to torture her or something by giving her such a “difficult” name. She was, in fact, born in a foregin country, so naturally was given a name that is common in that country. I doubt her family knew at the time that they would end up immigrating to the states.). I’m sure she is very grateful that she can go by her nickname rather than by her somewhat confusing (for others, obviously. I’m sure it isn’t confusing for her!) full first name!

As for why neither of them was actually just named the nickname…Well, neither nickname is all that suitable as a formal name (in fact, the one person would have been laughed at and teased like crazy if her parents had given her her nickname as her formal name).

My point is that sometimes nicknames can save a person from having to constantly correct people’s pronounciation and/or spelling of their name. 🙂