Eva Mendes Celebrates True Individualism

05/09/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

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Although many of her peers have gone on to welcome children in recent years, Eva Mendes isn’t afraid to blaze a different trail. The 35-year-old actress tells Fox News that she won’t be pigeonholed into creating a family before she’s truly ready — if she’s ever ready, at all!

“I think sometimes society can put pressure on women to be married at a certain age and to have kids at a certain age,” she explains. “But I think one of the great things about being a true individual is not listening to societal pressures and just to do what you want and not to be afraid to go on your own train.”

“Children and marriage is just something that hasn’t interested me.”

Eva has been in a relationship with producer George Gargurevich since 2002.

Source: Fox News

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Sarah on

Woo! Eva just told it like it is, and I love it. Society is exactly like that, and I glad that she isn’t going along with it because that is what people think she should do. Go Eva!

Jasmine on

Eva is naive to think she can just wait until she wants to have biological children like it’s some right sitting out there forever. What I really think she means is society tells women they HAVE to have children to be satisfied with life and that is wrong. Women aren’t less female by remaining childless and Eva is strong enough to admit she doesn’t want kids or maybe even marriage for herself.

I do think the media is weird on the subject of not wanting kids or marriage A woman has to dance around the topic and say “maybe” children are in her future even when she’s over 35 and the choice should be more imminent. When men like George Clooney say they doesn’t want kids or marriage, the media winks at them with the assumption they just hasn’t found the right women yet. Geez, some people just don’t want marriage and kids and, though they are the minority, that doesn’t make their choices any less valid.

Alice on

I don’t think she’s talking about having kids later in life when she says “pressure to have kids at a certain age” but more like if you’re 30 and you still haven’t had your first child people won’t stop asking why. Kudos to her for knowing what she doesn’t want and not being afraid to say it.

jaja on

This isn’t directed at Jasmine, but it’s really frustrating that every time someone says that they don’t want kids right now or that they are waiting, people feel the need to point out their age and assume that they don’t know basic facts. Believe me people, we know how old we are, and we know that fertility isn’t guaranteed! Aside from the fact that there are plenty of ways to have children, just because we have different priorities doesn’t mean we are stupid…or naive.

kai on

God, I’m not a fan of her (far from that), but I LOVE her for that quote. It’s not just the weird pressure put on women/actresses that bothers me, even moreso it’s all these actresses who obviously pretend they’re oh-so baby-crazy only to conform. which is sort of understandable and which, I think, Eva has done in the past, too, but whatever. LOVE everyone who gives an honest answer and if it’s just “none of your business!”. Go Eva!:)

Lori on

I may be in the minority, but I’ve been coming to this site for years to see celebs and their babies/families. I have no clue who Eva Mendes is, but I think I’d rather see people who have/are having children. Isn’t that the point of this site? It seems weird to have a blurb with someone basically saying “oh yeah, you know that whole having babies thing? I’m not even remotely interested in that” right in the middle of posts with people having babies! It’s kind of a downer and it seems to get everyone all grumpy. I’ve had four kids, and would have 10 more if I could. I have baby lust! I want to see babies!! Not some cranky lady who has no interest in having them! Who cares if this woman is married/unmarried, having babies at 18 or not at all~ less “no interest” in children celebs, MORE BABIES!! Seriously!!

Sorry, but she just strikes me as very self absorbed (shocking for a celebrity, huh?) . “Societal pressure” blah blah blah. My mom had me in 1970 at age 40 and she didn’t start a “ha! I didn’t bow to societal pressure and get married and pregnant at 18” movement or anything because of it. MORE BABIES!! 🙂

kai on

^^Calling her ‘Cranky’ and ‘self-absorbed’ is a very good way to dismiss any notion of societal prejudice towards childless woman.

Jeanne on

Lori, that’s just incredibly offensive. I know plenty of perfectly pleasant people who don’t want to have kids. I would hardly describe any of us as grumpy. If it bums you out to read about women who don’t want kids that’s your problem.

And why is not having a child you don’t want self-absorbed? I’ve heard this insult hurled at many women and I’d honestly like someone to explain that to me. It makes no logical sense.

There is tons of societal pressure for women to have kids, look at any interview with any female celebrity of childbearing age. They are almost always asked the “when are you having kids” question. We get it from the media, we get it from family and friends, so the pressure does in fact exist. I’m glad for you that you love having kids, that is great. But you need to recognize that not everyone feels the way you do and once in a while it’s nice to hear about someone who shares our views.

We don’t want to start anti-child movements or any other movements, we just want to be able to make our own reproductive choices without everyone and our mothers bitching us out for it.

Tracy on

I’m not defending the “cranky” or “self-absorbed” comments, but I think Lori’s comment about the whole point of this site is well taken. It’s called Celebrity Baby Blog. It’s not Celebrity I’m-Not-Interested-In-Having-A-Baby Blog.

I understand Eva’s point. I’m a woman who didn’t get married until 32 and didn’t have my first baby until 35. I agree that there’s pressure on women (especially as we get older) that men will NEVER experience.

I just don’t understand why posts like this are even put on this site.

GiannaG on

Actually Lori, the only cranky and grumpy one in here right now is you. Feel free to skip over posts like this which displease your sensitive tastes. You call EVA self absorbed but then think CBB should only post articles which please YOU? Ahh the irony.

Ann on

Bravo for her comments. Get off it gals. What is really selfish is to have children, to reproduce ones self. We don’t NEED to but we chose to. Big difference.
Ya know what? I have a child and before I did I heard all this crap from baby lust women I worked with, that I was selfish and I didn’t know what I was missing out on, blah-blah blah.
Well here is to all of you nosy women out there, I have a baby now, I stay at home FULLTIME and I am still BREASTFEEDING at 6 mos!!! Guess what who cares!! I am not better than those that don’t.
I read the posts on here and so many are so self righteous. So many women are so rude and out of line with their comments. How come it is ok to trash women without children, but not those that continually reproduce?
I pose the question- “Why did YOU have children and did you need them to feel fulfilled as a person”? I love my child so much, but I have discovered that the catty remarks don’t go away when you have a child. Now I get to deal with all the insecure mommies comparing their children and judging other women on how they raise theirs. Raising children is hard why can’t we (women) just try to be nicer and supportive to each other, to those with and without children?.

angela on

My vote (not that anyone asked) is NOT to post stories like this one on this site. I agree with previous comments in that this Eva Mendes story is not “celebrity baby” news. I read it and thought to myself “why is this even on here?” Just my opinion.

Lula on

It’s not like the species is endangered. I bet Eva is just as annoyed answering these questions as I am reading about her lack of desire to breed. Just over and over and over…

Kayla on

Lori,Tracy,and Angela- I couldn’t agree more..Well said!!!!

Chris on

I don’t understand how Eva not wanting kids makes people so upset. She’s only stating her opinion. Sandra Bullock made similar statements recently. I think it would be far worse for a woman to have kids just to satisfy other people’s expectations, “save” a relationship, have someone to love them, or for any other ridiculous reason. I don’t share the same view as Eva, but considering some of the attacks in response to her comments…her statement about true individualism and societal pressures is right on!

Annabel on

“It’s called Celebrity Baby Blog. It’s not Celebrity I’m-Not-Interested-In-Having-A-Baby Blog.”

I literally laughed out loud at that comment because it’s so true. Good for Eva for knowing what she wants (or doesn’t want, I suppose) and not blindly conforming to societal pressures, but posts like these really shouldn’t be featured on this site. They’re irrelevant.

April on

good for eva for knowing what she wants.

i dont have a problem with posts like this being on the site. it usually sparks a lively discussion (the recent charlize theron post comes to mind) and thats what I come here for, to chat with people. also its nice to have a mix of stories rather than “x is pregnant.” “x had a baby” over and over again. obviously people have some sort of interest either way since theyre commenting.

Sarah K. on

April, I agree with everything you said. Posts like these diversify the chats a little bit.

Oh, and good for Eva! She doesn’t need to have a child to validate her existence. If she’s happy, that’s all that matters

Sam on

“Eva is naive to think she can just wait until she wants to have biological children like it’s some right sitting out there forever.”

Eva said that if she does have children she will wait until she’s ready. You seem to assume she means biological children. Why would you assume that?

Anna on

It’s not society that tells you to have kids at a certain age, it’s biology. Besides that I like that she acknowledges that she might not want children.

kai on

I, too, like posts like this:)

Crystal on

Yes, this is a site where we come to look at celebrities and their children. However, it’s nice to hear a different end of the pendulum. Most celebrities have children and love to talk about their pregnancies, birth, and the children growing up. This is refreshing to see a celebrity saying….yes! There is pressure in society especially being a celebrity to settle down and have children and I’m not going to succomb. I’m going to do what’s right for me and the family I may or may not have. Yes, it’s difficult to conceive when you are in your late 30’s early 40’s but it can be done. Plus, with all the modern technoloy why can’t you assume you will be able to have kids when you want them. If you sat there and thought about all the ways you aren’t going to be able to get pregnant now that you’re older you are back where you started. Rushing to have children when you’re not ready. It’s not selfish to not have children. It’s great that a woman can be strong, independent and make those kinds of decisions without people constantly questioning her decision! 🙂

sinclair on

For those up in arms because Eva & Charlize state that they have little or no desire for kids (*ever, or just for the immediate future), where is all this outrage when celebs say they can’t wait to have kids? Those people don’t physically have kids either, so should their statements be considered irrelevant, also?

Stop taking things so personally. If you love kids so much that you want to start your own version of the Duggar family, great, but don’t chastize those that do not–Eva was responding to the often-asked baby question which 99% of female celebs of childbearing age have to field.

And the tag for the posting is “baby talk.” CBB doesn’t just cover celebs that have or are expecting babies–surely you should know that by now.

becka on

Eva is missing out… That’s all I have to say…

lala2 on

Becka……That’s only to you.

shidley on

Personal choices. What’s the big deal if Eva Mendes doesn’t feel the inclination towards jumping on the baby/marriage wagon? Good for her for being self-aware. What some might call “missing out” could be a really “great thing” to someone else…

Marriage and family isn’t for everyone, after all.

Mariel on

i think all girls deeple inside them wants babies… hahahaha its funny did you ever imagine Nicole Richie with two babies?? or Jessica Alba??… people should not say thigs like that cause if she ever get pregnant,, she is going to have to swallow everything what she said.

CelebBabyLover on

Mariel- Not everyone wants children.

sue on

@ Mariel, what is this 1920?? If she decided to get pregnant she is not going to have to “swallow her words”!! It will be called “CHANGING HER MIND!” and last time I checked, this was 2009 and women can change their minds about having a baby!

And why it is so hard for some women and men (and mother-in-laws!) to come to terms with the fact that some women do NOT want kids. They just don’t say it and have this secret baby lust deep in their soul lol! They actually do not want babies! *shock* *gasp* *shudder* *burn them at the stake*

Woman are different. Some want babies and make wonderful mothers. Some don’t and make horrible mothers. Then there are some that don’t and don’t have kids and they are the smartest of all! An unwanted child is the saddest site. I applaud a woman who decides and realizes that being a mother is not for her!

Sam on

“people should not say thigs like that cause if she ever get pregnant,, she is going to have to swallow everything what she said.”

Why? She didn’t say she didn’t want children. She just said she hadn’t made up her mind yet.

Lori on

You gals are so funny. My post was hysterical if I do say so myself. I wasn’t even remotely judgemental or cranky in my post. I laughed my butt off while typing it.No one who knows ME~the Fabulous Lori, would ever use those words to describe me. I’m very laid back and love to have fun. Lost in translation again on the internet…Heck, I’m even nice enough to my self absorbed, childless, friends to have poker and margarita night every week.

It figures that some people would read it as saying that people who don’t want children are cranky and self absorbed. I said that about EVA MENDES! Not her choice to not have children!! I DID NOT say that in the post! I DON’T CARE if people don’t want kids!! But I don’t want to read about them on the BABY blog site. I called her those things because she acts like SHE’S DOING SOMETHING GROUND BREAKINGLY AMAZING by not wanting kids! SHE APPARENTLY THINKS SHE’S SPECIAL and she’s not! It’s now NORMAL for many, many women to not even consider kids until their mid 30’s, so what makes her so great?? She’s just perpetuating this whole thing that she claims she’s against by even pointing it out. SHE (not people who don’t want kids!) is self absorbed. Just to make sure, I asked my DH about her, (he’s usually up on “hot” ladies) and he said she comes across as stuck up to him as well. So at least I’m not the only one. Or, I really do have my DH brainwashed to worship me and my opinions after all.
SO, to all the people who got their panites in a bunch, my comments were about HER and HER PERSONALITY, (and the fact that I want to see more babies~I think things have gotten a little off track since the site started having People magazine attached to it) NOT *YOU* or the desire/lack of desire for having children. Get over yourselves! Have some fun in life, sheesh.

Sofie on

I hope she changes her mind. We need more beautiful people in this world. It would be ashame to see her genes go to “waste”!!! LOL!