E & I's Baby Bungee Bouncer

05/09/2009 at 09:00 AM ET

One of the smartest purchases I made as a mother of infant twins was the Bungee Baby Bouncer ($40) by E & I.

Given a tip from a fellow mom, I found the bouncer online and was eager to set it up. There are two separate pieces: the part that hangs from the doorway and the harness that is strapped on the baby. The metal clamp hooks onto the top molding of most doorways and beneath it sits the bungee cord and wooden holder. You place the baby in the adjustable safety harness that comes complete with a thick Velcro closure topped by a buckle closure for additional safety. Then hang the harness straps onto the wooden holder. It sounds complicated, but it only takes seconds. And my twins loved it.

It was the only toy or activity that they would be happy with for more than a few minutes at a time. Starting at four months and continuing until they were almost nine months old, my twins used the Baby Bungee Bouncer at least three times a day for up to 30 minutes at a time. I’d put on music and they’d dance, bounce and laugh in complete joy. I would hang toys from the straps for them to shake and they loved kicking at balls and toys at their feet. In the meantime I took the opportunity to devour a sandwich or restock the diaper bag. And considering they didn’t always nap on the same schedule, sometimes it was the only moment of peace I’d get all day.

Plus it’s easily portable since there are no screws and the pieces lie almost completely flat. So the bouncer traveled with us to both sets of grandparents and a few friends houses to help keep the babies (and adults) entertained.

— Sarah S.

Note: Availability is very limited so you may need to hunt around but start with the search results at TheFind.com.

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ingrid on

these baby bouncers are very bad for hips and spine of a child, so if you really feel the need to buy one, please only allow the child to be in it for 10 minutes/day tops and start using it when the child already is able to sit alone without support, and not before that time!

jacquiej on

Ditto what Ingrid said. I would also be very cautious of the clamp on the molding – what if the molding came loose and the whole thing collapsed under the weight of the child? Most things that “help” a baby stand are not developmentally appropriate for longer than 10 minutes at a time because they don’t allow the child to see their feet and begin to understand HOW their bodies work to do certain things, i.e. “my legs are helping me stand and if I move them this way, etc”. Babies learn the most moving around on the floor by themselves as they are able.

Mary on

Our kids used it even when they could stand!! They love it!!!! The would bounce all day and then be exhausted. Perfect for when your in the shower or cooking or cleaning!!!! I give 2 thumbs up on this!

Anna on

Just thought you would like to know that this product has been recalled. The knots on the back that hold the child in have untied and children have fallen out.

April on

The recall was 9 years ago and everything has been fixed. There wasn’t a reported injury and the recall was volunteer. It’s still in the CPSC listing because they are never removed.


We used this for my girls and they love it. I wouldn’t leave them unattended in it though, ever.

Chris on

To Mary ,
You put your baby in that to shower , what if it feel on him/her
Jumped in it all day

Laura on

I got this for my son, but he never loved it like I thought he would. Plus, it was so hard to fasten it around his waist–he never would lay still long enough to get it secure. It was a struggle! But with another baby I bet this might be great.

TC on

Man I guess I should be grateful I’m alive today (note the hint of sarcasm) I had a johnny jump up when I was a kid 26 years ago and I had no ill effects from it.

Can’t we have one post without negative remarks?

I know it’s not the bouncer in question but target sells some similar if you can’t find the baby bungee bouncer

jacquiej on

My comment wasn’t intended as negative – just informative. I work in the child development field and I just like everybody to be informed of the possible negative affects of things. I agree – the equipment used with me 35 years ago was in no way safe but now we have the knowledge that tells us those things were not a good idea. I see people everyday that use exersaucers, swings, etc. for infants. Does that make them bad people? No. Do I tell them not to do it? No. I tell them limited use is okay with supervision. The problem with infant “containers” is that people misuse – children in there before they are able to hold themselves upright, infants in there for hours on end, etc. As long as they are limited in use – no problems.

TC on

jacquiej I’m also in the child development field and I don’t see a problem with a bouncer, exersaucer, swing, or any other item marketed for babies along those lines and I never said the johnny jump up my parents used wasn’t safe. In fact I believe it was.