Ziggy Marley is Unfazed By Fatherhood: 'I'm Not the Frazzled One'

05/08/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

Johnny Black

Let’s get together and feel all right! Much like many of his dad Bob Marley‘s carefree reggae tunes, Ziggy Marley has taken a similar relaxed attitude toward life — so much so, that the father of five admits to Cookie that stress is not a part of parenthood for him. “My wife [Orly] is the frazzled one; I’m not the frazzled one,” he says. When Ziggy feels that his child is getting the best of him, he simply takes his time out to re-group, “but it only lasts for a second.”

That said, despite being the self-proclaimed “loose one,” the 40-year-old makes it clear that he will also step up when it comes to disciplining his brood. “I’m the good cop and the bad cop,” he explains, adding that the couple have made the decision to share the same parenting responsibilities. “I’m versatile,” Ziggy notes. One area where the musician tries to stay stern? Food! While Ziggy is a vegetarian, he admits that his kids often ask for some protein in the form of meat, something he is particularly “picky” about. Occasionally though, he’ll oblige. “I’m kind of cool — I let them eat some meat,” he reveals. “It’s all good.”

While the children may get their way when it comes to eating meat, Ziggy is quick to draw the line at raising disrespectful kids. Citing the most important piece of advice he received from his father as “listen to your daddy,” he is determined to teach the same principles to his own fivesome.

“It’s very important that we instill some respect for the parents. In America especially, the kids are unruly, screaming at mommy and daddy, running the show. Let kids know we guide them. When kids question me, ‘Why?’ [I tell them that] it’s the rule because I say so.”

No worries, however — Ziggy reveals that the family have plenty of fun in the great outdoors. Limiting their children’s TV intake, the couple instead busy their kids with martial arts lessons and park playdates. “When it’s warm out, we find scrap pieces of wood and build things,” he says. “It’s kind of like an adventure outside. We have fun with whatever.”

Clearly elated with fatherhood — Ziggy wishes he could “keep on having” children — the proud papa delights in watching his kids develop their own personalities from a young age. “Even though they’re children, they have their identities,” he notes. “They have good hearts and they’re loving,” he adds, and with the ability to nurture a family, Ziggy admits nothing is missing from his fulfilling life.

“Children are not a burden. ‘Oh, I wish I had done this that I can’t do now.’ I don’t think like that. Children are wonderful and they add to my whole life. I don’t think about what I could have done or think backwards or think about what-ifs. I move ahead, and there isn’t anything I wish I [had or] hadn’t done.”

Ziggy is dad to Daniel, 19, Justice, 17, Zuri, 13, Judah Victoria, 4, and Gideon Robert Nesta, 2. His first children’s reggae album, Family Time, is available now.

Source: Cookie

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Sammy-xx on

Well that was the best surpise I have had this year. As a huge Bob Marley fan (HUGE) it’s always nice to hear updates on his kids.
He is so talented, just like his father. I have Dragon Fly and Love is My Religion on all during the summer.
I love his attitide towards parenting, Oh what I would give to be a Marley just for 1 day.
I love the names of his kids aswell, like Stephen’s kids there is influences from Bob in them.
The little girl in the picture is beautiful, she looks alot like Rita.

kait on

He is a dead-on image of his father! His kids are so beautiful.

Lauren on

Ziggy really does look so much like Bob. I wonder how familiar his kids are with their grandad’s music? I know so many people who would kill to call Bob Marley grandpa :).

meghan on

Great interview! I wish Bob could see how his children have flourished. They all seem like such nice and genuine people!

Ashley on

Just wondering, were you implying in the article that kids can’t get sufficient protein from plant sources?

MZ on

no ashley i think what they were writing is just what they said: the kids sometimes want some of their protein to come from meat. 🙂

Denise Briggs on

My boyfriend is straight from Jamaica and says respect is huge there from the kids. When he sees unruly children here he can’t believe how different it is here. He says for discipline for his kids all he has to do is “give them the look” and they don’t think twice lol.I mean unruly children are everywhere but an interesting cultural difference to note.

Anna on

I just downloaded the album – it is really cute. Especially the song with his son Judah!

cas on

he sounds like an awsome father and has a great way of thinking and dealing with things

Sammy-xx on

Bob Marley Feb/06/45 – May/11/81
Having a full day of just Bob Marley, with the occasional Ziggy, Damian, KyMani and Rita Marley. Like every year, perfect way to spend the day.