Seal and Heidi Klum Expecting a Daughter

05/08/2009 at 12:25 PM ET

In an appearance on Oprah today, Seal confirmed that he and Heidi Klum are expecting a daughter! The couple announced last month that they were expecting baby no. 4, due in October. Baby girl will join siblings Johan, 2, Henry, 3 ½ and Leni, 5.

Although Heidi said they’d be “happy with either,” she explained that “it would be a lie if I said we all weren’t hoping for a little girl — especially Leni because she would love to have a little sister.”

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T on

Yay!!!! I was hoping for a girl for them too!!! Now Leni won’t be the only girl. Exciting news.

elizabeth on


Laura on

Awww congrats to them! I’m sure Leni is really excited.

Dach on

Congrats to Seal and Heidi! So Leni will have a sister to play with.

brannon on

sure to be stunning – as all of their children are! cant wait to hear a name!

Lucy on

Yay! I was hoping for a little girl as well!

Ellen will be happy she guessed the gender correctly 😉

gianna on

That’s good, they probably knew it was a girl already when they mentioned wanting a girl in usweekly last week. Will be interesting to see a bio daughter of their’s she will probably favor seal and her brothers in looks I bet. Wonder when the due date is, i’m guessing around october.

Lesley on

Good for them! 🙂 That will be one adorable little girl for sure!

I just hope this doesn’t turn into another “celebrity is horrible for stating they’d like a child of a certain sex” debate.

Lynn on

I’m so excited for these two! I wonder what they’ll name her.

Jas on

Aww…how beautiful is that. Congratulations to the whole family!! Two girls and two boys!! 🙂

Whitney Sterk on

ooh! I hope she has the coloring of Henry but looks like Johan – she will be a killer hottie baby – Heidi Klum has always been my favorite SUPERMODEL!

Rossi on

congrats a girl! i just want to see her hair. i hope they try to style it and not let is look a mess. the boys’ hair is a mess at times. on

I’m so happy for them and little Leni…she’ll love having a sister!!! Congratulations!

Max'sMom on

I was just thinking of them! haha
I am pretty sure she knew it was a girl when she appeared on Ellen. I am really happy for them! I too am expecting a daughter late October & after having a son, I feel blessed to have both!

Sarah on

Oh that’s wonderful!! I’m so excited for them! I’m sure she will be an absolutely beautiful baby, just like their other three children! Congratulations!

Brooklyn on

Yay! I was hoping it would be a little girl!

Ashley on

Rossi your comment was a bit ignorant. The boys have black hair…it’s suppose to look like that. Have you ever brushed a black person’s hair? It very difficult and hurts sometimes. Besides the boys hair is gorgeous.

Congrats to Seal and Heidi! And of course Leni because now she has a girl playmate!

Lissette on

Aww congrats to them! Cant wait to see what the baby looks like!

Jessica on

I can’t wait to see her and what her name is. CONGRATS to HEIDI and SEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L on

Yay this is so exciting, cant wait to see their little lady!!

babyboopie on

Oh my god, I am so happy for Heidi and Seal! Wonder what they’ll call this new baby girl! Awww, a little sister for Leni! She’ll love that, as will Henry and Johan!!

Lis on

That is just such exciting news!!!! So could their lives be more perfect?! I’m so jealous – LOL!

…..BUT, how fun would it have been if they kept it a delievery surprise??!!! Imagine the thrill in the delivery room! 😀

Erika on

OMG I’m so excited for them, especially Leni. I remember my sister was born when I was 4 1/2 and I was so excited for another girl. They also have such beautiful boys, I can’t wait to see their daughter and what they name her. They seem like really great parents, and Seal is such an awesome guy for making Leni his own daughter. I bet he can’t wait for another girl, he seems to have her wrapped around his finger!

Viv on

Yeeeessss!!!!!! I was sooo excited to hear the great news that their having a lil girl!! That’s GREAT! Congrats to the Samuel-Klum clan!!!

JMO on

That’s awesome! This baby is surely going to be gorgeous and yay for Leni on getting a baby sister!! Love this family 🙂

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clippers on

Oh my gosh!! Woohoo I’m so excited!! I cannot wait to see this new little angel. My goodness, she is gonna be gorgeous!!

Erica on

Ashley, Rossi’s comment was not ignorant in the least; she’s actually got a point. I’m a black woman so I’m well versed in the trials of hair care–it really isn’t that bad, there’s no need to exaggerate. 🙂 Although it is true that our hair is curlier and thus more tedious to maintain, it wouldn’t hurt for Heidi and Seal to spend more time on Henry’s hair. His texture is different than Johan’s and although beautiful, always looks dry and a bit unkempt. I’m so happy for them but I also hope they realize that their youngest children’s hair will only get thicker, possibly coarser, and will require more attention as they age to look their very best.

Katie on

How wonderful! They are an amazing family and I only hope for the best in a happy and healthy pregnancy. Congratulations Seal and Heidi!

sushi on


Allison on

How awesome! So excited for this family and to see their new baby girl!

Mia on

Yay!!!! Congrats to them 🙂 Ironically, the song “Just A Girl” by NO DOUBT came on as I read this haha.

Patrice on

Oh my gosh!!! I can hardly believe it! I am sooo happy for them about this (of course, any healthy baby is good news) but they reallly wanted another little girl : ) Congrats you guys. Just goes to show you, that sometimes the good ones do get rewarded!

Harley on

That is AWESOME! I always did like it when the sexes evened up in families lol. I’m sure she’ll be beautiful 🙂 As for the hair, it’s always different when you have girls. You seem to want to play with it more. My godson gets his head shaved every 2-3 months because his mom doesn’t have time to care for it when it’s long (he’s a very mixed kid lol). I’m sure htey know the challenges entailed as the boys get older, at the very least, I’m sure Seal is well versed in that department.

Either way, congrats to the very happy family!

Dahlia on

Rossi’s comment WAS ignorant. I am white, but have two biracial children, and their hair is beautiful. I wash it and brush it, but its impossible to make it look any different. If there is any strategy out there to make it look more “kept”, it would be far too time consuming… Besides, I wouldn’t even WANT to change my babies’ hair, its adorable just the way it is, and Johan and Henry’s hair is also adorable. I don’t see anything wrong with it, and I don’t understand why people feel the need to pick on a baby’s hair and his or her parents’ grooming abilities.

Patrice on

Whiney Sterk: I’m sure your comment was meant to be sweet and harmless, but I don’t think it’s very appropriate to start saying what color we hope the new baby turns out to be. I’m a mixed race person and it just seemed a little bit…I don’t know.

NikNak on

I agree with Erica. (not about Rossi’s comment since I didn’t see it because it was removed)

Wish them all the best


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– CBB Staff

NikNak on

@ Dahlia. There are plenty of full Black children who don’t wear relaxers whose hair looks healthy, conditioned and combed, and NOT like Johan or Henry’s hair.

I assume it’s too time consuming for you, but not in general.

mmh on

Aaaaaaah!!! That just makes me smile!! (Not that a boy announcement wouldn’t have; I just wasn’t expecting to hear this today!!!!!!)

jamia on

Actually I’m a black woman and agree with Erica. With a little girl, it will be even more important to know how to style her hair so she learns to love her hair and more importantly so she knows how to do her hair. I am sure Heidi and Seal will seek out assistance if they need it. The important thing though to me is love and this baby is certainly wanted and hoped for and will be so loved, regardless of her hairdo!

NikNak on

@CBB staff, missed it thanks.

No, it doesn’t seem ignorant. I’m Black, wear my hair natural, no chemical relaxers. A lot of my other family members also don’t wear chemical relaxers. Our hair only looks like Henry or Leni’s hair when we’ve not combed it for a few days and just got out of bed.

Erica on

Dahlia, I appreciate that you found the comment ignorant but I still don’t. Not all black and/or biracial kids have the same hair texture and needs (Henry and Johan don’t). Perhaps your children don’t require added moisturizing/styling and if not, consider yourself lucky! Caring for ethnic hair is inherently more time consuming but it’s not an excuse not to properly take care of it; in fact, anyone of any race with curly hair will tell you it’s more time consuming but they deal with it. Henry and Johan do have gorgeous hair (as does Leni and surely their sister-to-be) but I have seen Henry’s hair look dry and matted often. It isn’t just a matter of aesthetics but healthy hair, which is even more important for a little girl as she would presumably want to keep it longer than her brothers. This whole conversation could be moot as the new baby might be bald til her second year. 🙂 But if Heidi and Seal honestly aren’t sure how to care for Henry’s hair, they should consider taking him to a beautician who does.

Silvermouse on

Congratulations to Heidi and Seal. . . 2 boys and 2 girls wow!

robinepowell on

Now they’ll be “even Steven” and it’ll make her oldest daughter extremely happy for them. Congrats to the whole entire family.

Melanie on

The bottom line is, Johan and Henry are BEAUTIFUL little boys (just as Leni is a gorgeous little girl) and however they–or their parents–choose to wear their hair is their business. Did you ever think that the boys like their hair the way it is and Seal and Heidi are giving them independence and letting them choose?

Maybe Seal and Heidi aren’t as materialistic as the rest of you are either–they clearly choose to focus on promoting inner beauty than outward. It’s a refreshing break from the world of people who choose to debate A CHILD’S HAIRSTYLE.

FC on

So it’s a girl? I’m so happy. Leni’s gonna have that sister to play with, help dress, et cetera. I can’t wait for this baby, and I just think it’s nice to have a set of boys and a set of girls. :)Hmm, when the baby arrives, it’ll be 3 on 3 if I include Heidi and Seal. 😉

Kelsey on

I knew it! I’m so excited for the family,especially Lena! How exciting to finally be having a little sister!

SH on

Erica, Heidi and Seal probably DO take care of the boys hair in the proper fashion. I’m not black, however, I DO have 4 kids under 5 years old and let me tell you….5 minutes after you bathe them sometimes it looks like they weren’t even bathed! If you think about it a lot of times when we see pictures of those kids they’re at the park playing. Even MY sons hair (he has blonde curly “white person” hair) looks dry and matted. If you have a toddler who rolls around in who knows what at the park or wherever you are, their hair is gonna look a little disheveled now and again. They are beautiful boys and they always look VERY well loved, and I’m sure they’re VERY well taken care of, don’t worry.

kait on

AW! I am so happy for them, now their family is definately complete!

Marilyn on

Maybe they could just cut their hair or trim it.

Monica on

a girl! i had a feeling it would be a girl. as for the hair, i am black and my hair looks like henry and johan’s when it is wet. yet, my parents never let mine or my siblings hair look that dry. When we turned two we all started going to the salon weekly. Dahlia, taking your children to the salon is quick and easy solution to your hair problems.

Kelly on

Yeah! I was hoping they would have a little girl especially for Leni. Can’t wait to see the new baby! Congrats to the family.

Jo on

how come no one is freaking out when they said they wish for a girl just like Jamie Oliver wished for a boy?! just wondering…

Dahlia on

I’m not so materialistic to take my children to the salon, sorry. a 17 month old and a 3 year old (my kids), in my opinion, have no place in a salon. I completely agree with 44. Melanie and 47. SH
First of all, Johan and Henry’s hair look fine. However, if some of you think it looks bad, what do you expect a 2 and 3 year olds hair to look like? They’re children for god’s sake! Even if you do their hair, its going to get disheveled again after playing in the park, etc!

I can’t believe some people are so materialistic and judgmental. The people on this site love to complain about everything. Jeez! Johan and Henry are both very loved and well taken care of, and thats all that matters. If you are looking to find imperfections on a baby, that is just sad. There are more important things to worry about than hair, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with Henry and Johan’s.

Worry about your kids.

collette on

Ahh how lovely, a little girl so they will have 2 of each, i really love this family… i have a mixed race daughter that has very similar if not the same hair and colour as Henri/Johan and with a tangle teaser brush and a mixed chicks leave in conditoner my daughters hair is done in minutes so i dont understand why certain people are saying it takes ages to do i wet hair put product in and brush through creating beautiful well moisturised curls, black/ mixed race hair is naturally more dry so it will be more visable to see and so what if they havent done it i dont do my daughters everyday either doesnt make me a bad parent!!!

Lisa on

I am happy for them!! I wanted them to have a girl but I do admit, I would have liked it to be a surprise for us. Of course, they have every right to know the sex but I think it is one of the fun parts when the fans don’t know the sex. Now, all we have to find out is the name of the girl.

Ana on

could this family get anymore perfect! lol
they must be over the moon! 🙂

Lis on

Marilyn, my thoughts exactly.

A haircut would be a simple solution to the “unkempt” hair issue… Duh.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I agree Lisa, exciting though that they’re getting the little girl together and Leni a little sis! We found out the gender 2nd time around simply to experience something diff,had no preference and we said we thoguht she was another boy!, but wanted to get head around what we were having, the dynamic, and to enjoy knowing in advance, still enough to look forward to meeting her. Was fun as she’s our last, had a surprise with son, but when we found out ‘girl’ we didn’t tell people except immediate family, no cousins, aunties, close friends, etc. I had a friend have a girl in Dec who did the same as she liked the idea; they had a surprise first time too & found out last time but kept it quiet from everyone but her family too. Have no regrets finding out, was fun having our little ‘secret’ and saying her name,although if we’d had a 3rd as like to mix it up would’ve had another surprise, but liked both experience. Not having a 3rd anyhow, too expensive/busy for us! Not for everyone but we wanted the element of surprise when other people were told, and after already having a son people were happy for us, and would’ve been if we’d had a 2nd son too long as all ok, but a girl was icing on the cake I guess. Congrats to Heidi, Seal and soon-to-be big brothers and sis!

scherriea on

i am so happy for them..i was hoping that this bundle of joy would be a girl, since they are considering this to be their last pregnancy..i am gonna miss seeing heidi pregnant,because she looks so good..she is one of thos women, nicole richie being another, who looks like they should always be pregnant..they always have that “glow”!

Helen on

I reckon the girl will have 4 names as Henry’s 3 other names are Günther Ademola Dashtu and Johan’s are Riley Fyodor Taiwo.

How sweet

Laura on

I’m so happy for them! They have a darling family.

Erica on

Since when is it “materialistic” to take care of your child’s hair? Hand me a $3 dollar bottle of conditioning detangler spray, $2 shea butter, a wide tooth comb and 15 minutes a day and you’ve got a child with well-maintained healthy hair. The fact that Henry’s hair needs more care is NOT a bad thing or a slam on his parents…the only way to learn is for people who know to tell you! Considering that Heidi’s hair is very different from her sons it would only be natural she would need some guidance on this issue.

And the only reason I suggested a salon was a few poster’s insistence that caring for black hair is too involved/difficult…it’s not, but if that’s how you really feel then yes you should take him or her to someone who can do it. No one’s saying these children should have a crazy elaborate hair regime–my hair was way longer, thicker, and curlier than these two children when I was young and my mother never complained about the extra time to keep it healthy and healthy-looking. Quite frankly, I don’t understand why some of you are taking such offense to comments you don’t personally agree with. You defend the choices of two celebrities in one breath while calling people you don’t even know judgmental and materialistic in the same one! Just like everyone else celebrities are not perfect.

Moore on

How does taking your children to someone who knows how to handle their hair equal to being materialistic, dahlia and melanie?

Taking care of your hair as an extension of your whole self is good grooming (which has nothing to do with a hair style). If you can’t do it or don’t have the time then someone else can and that includes children.

It has nothing to do with chemicals and other processes. It’s going and learning what you can do for the health of your child’s hair. No one said it would have to be a regular event. If you can’t handle something, you get help as needed.

Help that people here have said they need would be in the form of a kid friendly salon. It’s up to their parents to decide that but still how is that materialistic?

Bieta on

Being mixed myself (black and south east asian mix), I have hair similar to Johans. I have noticed how dry and tangled thei hair often looks in pictures. I know this lady who has a black adopted son and she does NOTHING with her child’s hair and she refuses to because “She likes him looking like a jungle boy”. To each his own, but I hate seeing little black children looking unkempt and hair is a BIG part of that. If you don’t have that type of hair yourself in can be a little bit different at first but not THAT difficult. I was so happy when Angelina finally started doing something with Zahara’s hair. She looked so much neater and comfortable. Trust me having a birds nest is NOT fun. I mean, braids, dreads,or just a buzz cut SOMETHING.

Lisa on

Yes! I am so happy for them!!!

Michelle on

I am so thrilled for them! Heidi and Seal seem like such devoted, hands on parents. How sweet that they’ll now have two of each! 🙂

Emma on

So great!! Leni will have a sister. I loved having a sister growing up.

Kevia on

This is in response to Dahlia: Ok first of all who’s says anyone on this forum is materialistic. I didnt see anything ignorant in what some of these members said. You act as if they called them a bad name. All they said was that they needed a haircut. I’m biracial myself, and even I agree they need a haircut. There are ways you take care of biracial kids’ hair without spending too much money. Therefore you’re little “materialistic comment” was both unnecessary and uncalled for. What you feel is best for your kids, others may feel differently.

And as far as your little comment on “Worry about our own Kids,” here’s the thing: these celebrities put their lives out there for the world to see, whether it’s photos taking of them, interviews. Therefore, if people dont like what they see, they are going to make comments.

meghan on

Why does every appearance by the Klum/Samuel family on this website devolve into a debate about haircare with every poster acting like an ethnic haircare expert? I thought comments criticizing appearance were not allowed?

Erika on

Okay let me just say this- I HATE long hair on boys. I think it looks rediculous and I would never let my kid do that. That being said, I don’t think Henry or Johan have ‘girls’ hair at all…I think it looks like boy hair and looks adorable. The only thing that would bother me is brushing it….it looks impossible to brush. But yet, they must do it, because their hair is not full of knots.

Kevia on

I apologize to everyone, including Dahlia. I’m going through a really tough pregnancy (mood swings), and I just feel irritable today. I just think taking care of your hair is a part of your hygeine, but they are not my kids.

Congrats to Heidi and Seal on the new addition.

brannon on

yet to see a picture of anyone in this family that makes me think anything other than …WOW. they are all beautiful and those little boys are just perfect. i continue to be amazed at the number of perfectly well-behaved, impeccably groomed children all of the people on this blog have…it makes me feel so bad for my son who got stuck with me as a mom. he went to school today with his curls unbrushed and his socks on inside out because he was so proud he had put them on by himself (2 yrs old). poor guy.

erin h on

I’m so happy that they are having a girl. I can’t wait to see her and hear her name. She will be beautiful as are her three siblings. I am happy for them, I love this family. Heidi and Seal always seem like they are so in love. Congrats!!!

Mrs. R. on

two and two! How nice for them! All their children will get the experience of having a brother and a sister! That’s so lovely!

Moore on

Kevia,I agree with your comment and also see taking care of your hair as hygiene. It doesn’t make sense to me not to.
You didn’t need to apologize for your mood swings or your comment at least not to me. I didn’t find it one bit offensive. I wish you all the best with your pregnancy and hope you have a wonderful delivery (whenever that it is) 🙂

Juliet on

I am so happy for them!

Aniah on

You know what’s funny? This little girl might have straight hair. I know several bi-racial families where at least one of the children was born with straight hair.

However, if this little girls hair is anything like her brothers, I hope that Heidi and Seal learn how to take care of it. The boys can always get their hair cut off (like daddy) but she might not want too lol.

Anywho…I can’t wait to see what this little one looks like. I’m sure she will be beautiful!

Molly on

I saw Seal on Oprah today, he was cute.

HOwever i dont see nothing wrong with the hair conversation. I personally dont know anyone with hair like that, and i wasnt aware of the problems hair like this brings. Its good people discuss this and that, so others can learn about other problems even if it doesnt directly affect them. i like to know about other things, too.

Me on

congratulations! they must be so pleased.

Alex on

Congrats to them!

Mary-Helen on

Aw…Leni will be so happy to have a baby sister!

daniela on

Yay! I may get flamed, tarred, and feathered – but I’m SO happy that they are having a girl! I really wanted to see what their bio baby girl would look like – now it’s really going to be a long wait! 🙂

Anna on

I’m curious to see their little girl.

I think the boys’ hair is cute and it doesn’t look unkept to me. For the people saying Heidi should get help because she is white and doesn’t know black hair…she has a black husband!! I’m sure he knows how to do their hair.

Leslie on

That’s awesome for Heidi and Seal! Now they’ll have two of each. Congrats to them both and baby-to-be’s big brothers and sister!

Melanie on

Moore, if you actually read my post, I NEVER said taking your child to a salon was materialistic. I said all the people who were judging a CHILD’S HAIR were materialistic. Honestly, who the heck cares about a kids hair? It’s not your kid. If it’s really important for you to have your child’s appearance be impeccable, then go for it–obviously it’s not for this family. And the bottom line is BOTH BOYS LOOK JUST FINE THE WAY THEY ARE. There is absolutely no reason to judge 2 and 3 year old boys.

sinclair on

“I’m curious to see their little girl.

I think the boys’ hair is cute and it doesn’t look unkept to me. For the people saying Heidi should get help because she is white and doesn’t know black hair…she has a black husband!! I’m sure he knows how to do their hair.”

huh? her husband is bald, number one (*therefore, she’s not learning about black hair care from Seal). two, how can you assume Seal knows how to deal with their hair? Again, he’s bald and has been for a while–and how do you know he even touches the boys’ hair?. I don’t know many dads who do hair. It rarely looks like they put moisturizing products on those kids’ hair, something which is super important for thick, curly hair. As someone mentioned earlier, for the boys, the hair can always be shaved, but both Heidi and Seal will hopefully get the right products for their daughter, as she probably won’t go for the shaving her head route. there is a way to wear supercurly and thick hair, while having it look HEALTHY. Johan and Henry’s hair isn’t any more difficult than some with straight hair, it is a matter of taking care of it as it needs to be, and not being in denial about having kids with different hair. Unfortunately, sometimes parents of bi-racial kids adopt the “we’ll let our kids wear their hair wild” mindset, thinking they can wash their kids’ hair and not use any products to address issues of dryness, tangles, etc. Big mistake.

Alice on

YES!!! I’m so happy about this!! It’s not my baby but never mind… they wanted a girl, they will have it what a great way to complete the family! 😀

BeckyPeabody on

Well, what a testament to the handsomeness of these kids, that despite a little controversy over the maintenance of their hair (which also happens with Cindy Crawford and Sarah Jessica Parker)they are still such delightful looking children.

I personally think that Johan has hair that looks a lot like Kobe Bryant’s daughter. The older one with the ringlets. The only difference being is that Kobe’s daughter has hair that can be showed off with bows and ribbons, while “boy” hair is never “showed off” and often the beauty is hidden. But, his hair itself is just gorgeous. Especially the way that it glistens in the sun.

I love Henry’s hair as well. Especially the way that his hair color and skin color are a match. Almost like Beyonce.

Heidi Klum shows up prominently in all of her kids.

Moore on

Melanie, I think you might need to calm down with all the caps.

No one is judging the child, they are talking about his hair care which to some of us is viewed as hygiene. If they think the child’s hair is often matted and unkempt in photos,then you know what, they have the right to view it that way without being called materialistic. I could very well call you judgmental.

Maybe Seal and Heidi aren’t as materialistic as the rest of you are either–they clearly choose to focus on promoting inner beauty than outward. It’s a refreshing break from the world of people who choose to debate A CHILD’S HAIRSTYLE.
– what I got from actually reading your comment, and yeah I did waste time reading it, was that you thought worrying about hair instead of inner beauty was materialistic. So maybe my question to you should have been “how is hair care materialistic?” But since you think judging hair (but only a child’s?) is materialistic then problem solved.

PS: no one said anything about looking impeccable. Hair style has nothing to do with hair care. Maybe thats where you’re mistaking health for materialism.

Denise Briggs on

SOOOOO happy for them!!! What a wonderful family!

Melanie on

You’re a little too much. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. The thing that you’re forgetting is that these children are 2 and 3 years old and what they look like affects you in no way, shape or form. Think about that before you start judging people again–if you need to say anything at all, why can’t you focus on the positive? It’s amazing how people find the smallest things to nit pick ESPECIALLY (yep! all caps…oh no!) when it doesn’t affect them at all.

jessie on

congrats to them! I’m a little late on the comments about hair, but i have to agree with some of the other posters. Johan and Henry have beautiful curls but they would probably benefit from using different hair products(carols daughter for example) on their hair and their future daughter’s hair if her texture is similar to the boys. it’s not materialistic to not want your child’s hair unkempt. i think anybody who has a child that’s mixed, especilly mixed with black, should read up on how to take care of ethnic hair. i am black and one of my best friends is half white and half black and to this day she has issues with her hair because her mother didnt know how or what to do with it. with boys maybe you can let it grow out, but with girls it can be more difficult because her hair will probably be longer.

Moore on

Try and find something in my comments where I stated how I feel about the child’s hair or no sorry where I judged the child’s hair and also where anything negative was said about it. I didn’t. Why? Because you’re actually right about something. It (his hair in general) has nothing to do with me.
I have commented on your calling people materialistic, have commented on what I think about hair care in general, and the fact that I can still ( but did I?) call you judgmental but nope didn’t say anything of my personal opinion on the child’s hair, your’s or anyone else’s.
If any comment can be seen as negative, it would be yours in which the term materialistic and its use as an insult originated in this thread.

Looks like the only thing you got from any of my comments is the fact that you use caps. Good job.

Another thing you’re right about is that we’ll just have to disagree and I do so that’s fine.

BeckyPeabody on

What some of you may be missing, is that long curly hair whether it’s like “Little Orphan Annie” or a Greek God, is pleasing to the eye to many of us. Terms like “unkempt”, “matted” are just a subjective judgement. There is no evidence that there has been any lack of attention. In fact, Dolly Parton’s comment comes to mind, where she says “It cost a lot of money to look this cheap”.

Hair conversations are really interesting and can be a lot of fun. But, in the final analysis, we have to be careful not to insinuate negligence, a lack of hygiene, and to presume that straight hair is the only standard of beauty. Curly hair was once all the rage. Now the pendulum has swung and flat ironed/board straight hair seems to be the fashion. But, the appreciation for curly hair in children will always delight the heart. As well, shiny straight hair.

Also, speaking of fashion, there was once a time when men put “pomade” in their hair to achive a certain look. To some, it is attractive, while to others, it is not. But to those of us who may not have cared for the “wet” look, it wouldn’t have been appropriate to assume a lack of hygiene. Some men and women just happened to like that “wet” look. I think Stephen Colbert is one of them.

In short the “wet look” is not a marker for a lack of hygiene, and neither is the “freshly shampooed” look.

cas on

YAY! so glad for them! now it will be even for them 2 boys 2 girls!

Emma on

Just for the record, I think the boys hair looks beautiful – it’s the way nature intended it to be. I’m absolutely sure the “hygiene” aspect is taken care of (i.e they wash their hair frequently). Geez – let kids be kids, there’s no need to be worrying about hair styles so early!!

Van on

I am very happy for the both of them. What a wonderful thing to have such a large family.

As for the comments about hair. It is silly that we have one person make a comment on the style that I believe both parents favor which would be natural and long. All the while we have another person claim to know all about textures of “black” hair. if they don’t want to put products in their children;s hair so be it. The children are biracial and that means that no one knows what type of hair they have. Let it go. The main point is that the family is healthy, happy and void of hair texture stupidity.

Erika, it’s RIdiculous. And honey not all black people have curly hair.

Sarah on

YES!!! I was hoping for another girl!!! Two girls and two boys, very cute! Congrats!! 🙂

simms on

God! Thank you Erica!! Because the comment that Ashley made did vex me a bit. My head doesn’t hurt from daily grooming!! And I am not even saying that they have to cut or style it but Henry in particular (having moren kinky hair) needs more moisture and conditioning, as do most black people to maintain a healthy head of hair. He would benefit from a daily moisturizer, maybe not Johan as much as his hair is naturally more oily. I do wish someone will tell their parents this though 😦 Its not just about looking good guys…

ANYWAY…. SOOOOO happy for them otherwise lol

simms on

How ever another thing to note is that kinkier hair doesn’t reflect light as well – giving it a dryer look, in addition, with kinky hair the lighter it gets the dryer it tends to look. So this could be just the case as Henry has ginger hair, either way a simple moisturizer will solve the problem to give him healthy curls 🙂

arisha` on

# 17 Ashley

Rossi your comment was a bit ignorant. The boys have black hair…it’s suppose to look like that. Have you ever brushed a black person’s hair? It very difficult and hurts sometimes. Besides the boys hair is gorgeous.

sorry to say it ashley
ur commet is a lil bit ignorant.
rossi is right those kids hair really look like a mess.
and as a black girl i know that my hair is not the same like white ppl. and its not very difficult to style it.
yes it hurts sometimes but tahst with almoste evry person.
and i think if heidi doesnt know how to work with teh hair maybe she can ask for help.
dont get me wrong i love heidi als a model and she looks like a very good and sweet mom,but her children hair is not like that from leni and maybe she just dont know what to do with hers sons hair.

But maybe heidi just like there hair like that i dont know but she really has a lovely family.

BeckyPeabody on

Actually Arisha, no. Henry has Caucasian hair, i.e. grows out straight from the roots, is ginger, then goes into a tight wave pattern. That’s from a stricly cosmetology point of view.

Henry on the other hair, has hair more like an Hispanic person. Silky, dark from the roots, and then goes into a wave pattern. So, hair with dual properties.

gargoylegurl on

I was excited to read this story and the corresponding comments…I thought they would be full of congratulations and well wishes. Maybe some stories about the sex of our children, etc. I was disappointed. It never ceases to amaze me how some people can turn something so joyous into a b*tch fest.

Aniah on

LMBO Arisha! Difficult to brush a black persons hair? Only if it is not taken care of which I would assume is the same for whites (tangled, matted etc).

CelebBabyLover on

Aniah- Actually, I agree with Arisha. I am caucasian (and therefore have what you call “white hair”) and wash my hair every other day…But it’s STILL often hurts a bit when I brush it. My hair is shoulder-length, very thick and wavy (in fact, “mop top” would be a good way to describe me! :)), so the brush often gets caught in it (let me tell you, when you have long, thick hair, you get some tangles in it no matter how much you wash it!).

I can very easily imagine that “black hair” is even more difficult to brush, since, in general, it is even thicker than “white hair”. Also, are you black, Aniah, or do you have black or mixed-race children or friends that are black or mixed? If not, then you have absolutly no way of knowing how difficult it is or isn’t to brush a black person’s hair.

As Arisha said, you don’t know how hard or easy something like that is unless you’ve experience it yourself.

Aniah on

I am black and I went from natural hair to relaxed hair and now I am back at natural. Black hair is not at all difficult to brush unless it is tangled or matted. Even then it is not very difficult (as long as it is not with one of those brushes that is often used during blow drying). I am thinking that you two must be talking about that type of brush- it sort of has the teeth that “combs” your hair. If so, I can see why it would be difficult (like a comb) but otherwise I don’t see it and have never experienced any difficulty.

I also have a mixed race child (black & white) and her hair is very thick and tangles often (thank God for Carol’s Daughter). Even so, brushing her hair is not at all hard to do. Combing is another story…

Amberlee on

Everyone is free to share their opinions on this site, that’s why we’re here but I can’t help to feel sad that the majority of comments on the thread/site are about the boys’ hair. I thought the topic was the announcement that they are having a girl-shouldn’t we focus more on that??? They seem to be a loving family -congrats to them on their baby girl. I think it’s wonderful they are having a girl. I hope to be so lucky!

BeckyPeabody on

Heidi Klum looked so cute in her cornrows. And her husband looked very attractive with his blonde hair. But, it is the look in their eyes, that constitutes real beauty.

I’ve seen hair like Johan as there are several bi-racial kids who have been at our pool. And when wet, the hair goes totally silky and long. The difficulty with combing his hair, has more to do with the length than the texture. And I’ll bet Henry’s hair softens a bit too.

Of course, there’s probably no more difficulty in combing out their hair, than there is, with combing long straight hair. There are a number of products that are geared to help with the comb out process. To my knowledge, most of these products are not ethnically marketed.

MABurke on

Just a quick question – has anyone who’s posted on the condition of the boy’s hair actually seen it up close and personal or are these assumptions that it is dry and or unhygenic based on the photographs?

I wish them all the best and am happy that they do not conform what some perceive as being the ‘norm’.

CelebBabyLover on

BeckyPeabody- I agree. My hair also appears less thick when it is wet. Also, in my case, it definently IS mainly the length of my hair, rather than the texture, that makes it difficult to comb (I used to have very short hair, so believe me, I know!).

CelebBabyLover on

Oops, I meant brush, not comb!


BeckyPeabody, why does your name appear on every blog involving bi-racial couples? And why do you feel compelled to opine as to the classification of the childrens’ hair? I don’t know where you are getting your information, but I can tell you — based on personal knowledge — that African (negroid) hair also “grows from the roots.” That is not a caucazoid phenomenon. Let us simply celebrate the beauty of this ostensibly happy family and refrain from assigning bogus classifications.

BeckyPeabody on


It’ tempting to refute you, because what you say is not factually correct. But, even were you comments factually accurate, it’s my personal perogative and choice to blog on certain topics. Please don’t presume to admonish me for my choices. Kinda overbearing doncha think. Not to mention creepy for taking such a specific interest in me, when clearly there are “regulars” on certain topics. Here, and on other boards. So what?

As to the merits. “Grows out straight from the roots”, has an entirely different meaning–“than grows out from the roots”. Can you grasp that? Please take the time, to read and post more carefully. The absence of a simple word–can lead to unnecessary discussion.

And speaking of a simple word, What’s with “ostensibly” happy in your prior comment. Talking about taking liberties with the truth. From what this couple says, and all of the people closest to them, they ARE happy. Do you know something that the rest of us don’t.

Didn’t think so.