Julie Bowen Welcomes Twin Sons John and Gus

05/08/2009 at 02:05 PM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

It’s double the joy for Julie Bowen! The actress and her husband, Scott Phillips, welcomed twin boys — John and Gus — early this morning, Friday, May 8th, in California.

The twins join big brother Oliver McLanahan, 2.

The couple announced the pregnancy in November. In March, Julie confirmed that she was expecting twin boys and gave an April due date. Guess John and Gus preferred to cook a little longer!

The actress, 40, is known for her roles on Boston Legal and Ed, and has also appeared on Weeds and Lost. Her new comedy, Modern Family, was just picked up by ABC for the fall season.

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— Ulrica Wihlborg

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Jasmine on

I love the names!!! I really love Gus and wanted to name my next son that but felt people would be like “huh?” I’m glad I’m not the only one that sees the charm with that name.

Also I’m happy for Julie that she was able to carry her twins so long! I hope that are well and I’m sure they are beautiful!

alexa kaelyn on

Congratulations john and gus are you serious

Marilyn on

Isn’t it unusual to carry twins up to the due date, let alone longer than the due date? This is the first time I’ve heard of this happening (past the due date birth). Maybe they were really due to May all along. I like the names.

Hilary on

Marilyn, I am thinking that they were really due in May also but she said April since twins usually don’t make it to their due date. Glad she was able to carry them for so long, but I bet she was really ready for them to be born!

babyboopie on

I love the name John but not Gus. It reminds me of that hapless sweeper in Eastenders! I would have thought she would have gone for names such as Samuel and James especially with a name like Oliver. Congratulations anyway to the couple and big brother Oliver!

Brooklyn on

Oh. Interesting names..not my syle, but in any case congrats!

Lacey on

This is the first i’ve heard of twins going overdue. Maybe she said the due date(gestation for twins), but from her LMP, she didn’t go overdue. Congratulations!!

mmh on

My son’s nickname is “Gus” (I called him a Grumbly Gus as a colicky infant) and it has stuck (only between me and my hubby) so anyway, I love it! John, Gus and Oliver are not the combo I was expecting, but I do like all of them!!!

zeitgeist canada on

John and Gus…

girlJordan on

I love love love the name Gus 😀 And I like Oliver too but I think John is bland.

Alex on

I may be in the minority but I really love all of her sons’ names. They’re classic.

brannon on

As an Oliver mommy I am always curious about sibling names – not what I was expecting but cute – glad they arrived safe and sound!

Lis on

girlJordan – I am with you all the way…LOVE Gus (it’s on my “list”) and Oliver is so cute too. John does seem “boring” compared to the two…maybe they’ll call him Jack? I LOVE JACK!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Not a fan of any of the names, esp John, too bland IMO, but they obviously do so that’s main thing. Well done getting so far along, bet she’s sure glad they’re here safe and well and it’s all over but with newborn twins & a two year old will be all starting now I guess, the real work! Busy with 3 sons under 2 1/2, yikes. All the best!! I always think of her in Ed series, didn’t really follow the other series’ she’s been in.

SY on

My friend grew up with their family said that Julie Bowen probably named her son John after her dad John Leutkemeyer (he’s known as Jack). I hope they call him Jack, but I’m just partial because my older son is named Jack 🙂

Leila on

I love all the names! Oliver, John, and Gus! All three of the boys names make an awesome sibset! Their names remind me of the Mary Poppins movie!

Alice on

Twins aren’t always premature. My twin and I were 3 days overdue and weighed 5-12 and 5-15.

fergette on

I’m with those of you here who like Gus and Oliver but not so much a fan of John. I personally can’t imagine creating a person unlike any other human who has ever graced this planet then call it something as common as John. But that’s just me, I’m a proponent of individuality. But then again, these days with all the off the wall names some are choosing, John may end up in the minority. 🙂

sat on


Courtney on

I like the names! I really like Gus, it goes so well with Oliver. And I like JOhn, its my husbands name and my son’s middle name…:)

Congrats to Julie, Scott and Big brother Oliver!

Juliet on

I love the names.

Shaunie on

Not really a fan of the names, not my style… when I hear Gus I automatically think pet cat or dog, not baby. (also the case when I hear Charlie Sheen’s & Jerry O’Connell twins’ names)LOL

April on

Gus is one of my all time favorite boys names!

Tara on

Congrats to the family!

I like John a lot, great classic name. Gus is a great nickname but I wouldn’t choose it as a first name…I would have named him Augustus or Constantine and called him Gus so he had a more mature name for his adult years.

Jaclyn on

Jack & Gus – how Cinderella 🙂

I like all the names, John is not nearly that popular anymore. With playgrounds filled with Braedens, Haydens, Jaydens, Cadens, and Aidans he will positively stand out. Classic!

Alex on

I love her kids names. Congrats to the family!

Melissa on

How funny! My husband is “August John Lastname, III”. He goes by Gus and his middle name is John! He hated his name growing up but now appreciates it more!

kmb on

adorable names, and i’m sure they’re adorable boys as well! refreshing to hear names that aren’t so common, i agree with jaclyn. congrats to the family!

eternalcanadian on

Great news. Not sure about the names, but at least they weren’t named Peanut and Pilot! Hehe.

It sounds like Julie carried to term. She would have been at least 2 or 3 months pregnant when she made the announcement in November so maybe she miscalculated the due date or they expected an early arrival since it was a multiple birth.

j.U.d.E. on

I like Gus! I don’t like John and Oliver. Pretty boring.

Stephany on

I’ve been waiting and waiting for Julie Bowen to give birth! I love the name John – very classic and with so many out-there names bouncing around, I like it. I’m sooo not a fan of the name Gus. But that’s just me, I just don’t like it.

Congrats to the family! They are sure going to have their hands full!

LT on

My son’s name is August and we call him Gus – he’s such a Gus! Everyone loves Gus – it’s such a happy, hang-out kind of name. The name has become a lot more popular – we know a couple of other kids named Gus (it’s become popular like Sam and Max).

MomE on

Awww…. John and Gus are great names! John is so classic! And I work with a Gus who is just the nicest, funnest guy! I love that name!

Sarah on

How cute to welcome her twin boys just 2 days before Mother’s Day!! Congrats!

Carol on

Julie, I’m happy that you’ve found happiness since Boston Legal finished but I do miss you. You and Candace Bergen were the two most beautiful women on Boston Legal.
Congrats. too, on our three children.

Mary-Helen on

I like Gus, but I don’t understand this celeb trend of giving their kids nicknames for names, like Bob instead of Robert, Sam instead of Samuel/Samantha, John instead of Jonathan, etc. I mean, it’s better than Apple or Moxie Crimefighter but still. Oh well, I guess if that’s what they like, then more power to them.

Texas on

People….she has every right to name her kids WHATEVER she wants to. Who gives a damn if you like them or not.

John is just as good as Gus.

CelebBabyLover on

Mary-Helen- Actually, Charlie Sheen’s father referred to baby Bob as “Robert” on live TV (I forget what show it was), so it seems as though Bob’s full name IS indeed Robert. 🙂

brannon on

guess i am the opposite…don’t understand giving kids ‘formal’ names if you dont planning on calling them said name? (ie. robert if you plan to call him bob?) as a teacher, i always have kids rushing to tell me what they are called before i announce their ‘real’ name. seems like it would make more sense to name them what you are going to call them. another example is the moynihan baby – john edward thomas but called jack? seems confusing unless named after someone, then it makes sense. just my opinion 🙂

Mary-Helen on

I can understand the formal names. My friend named her son Maxwell because Max is definitely a little boy name, but Maxwell sounds mature. I think “Sam” sounds like a child’s nickname, but when working, a young woman would rather be “Samantha”.

Like I said though, if it’s what they like, go for it. I tried my best to pick names that can’t be shortened down and my daughters hate nicknames, but that’s my preference.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Brannon I agree. What’s the point. That’s why we named as son Sam (is even just Sam on birth certificate, not Samuel), as we figured we’d shorten it and hubby preferred shorter version & I don’t mind it – and now we can’t imagine him as a Samuel, a bit posh sounding for our cheeky 4 year old! I understand having the longer version for say when they’re older, having the option in work situations etc, but he and we, family etc now don’t know any diff after 4 1/2 years and here in NZ you often see a lot of Samuels we know of shorterned to just Sam anyhow – but I agree why not just name them the shorter version. My sis is the same, has a Max and Jake – as she figured she’d shorten say Maximillian or Jacob anyhow and as a teacher herself she’s just keen on shorter names, probably experience from teaching kids with unusual names so leans to the conservative side. We prefer it on a boy personally too – don’t like Sam on a girl, maybe biased but a few friends have said the same thing, that they consider it more a boy’s name, bit tomboyish on a girl maybe…? Each to their own, I have nothing against a Samuel but was compromise in our case and it’s stuck – figured he won’t have to spell his name, it’s a common, older name but we like the ring to it as it’s not like the many Jacks, Jacksons, Thomas’s etc – don’t find so many Sam’s, that we’ve experienced anyhow. I do like diff names and loved Noah too but hubby didn’t. Having said that, I also vetoed names he suggested too, so it was fair!

M on

Mary-Helen, John is a proper name in it’s own right it’s just that it has this strong association with Johnathan

Lenna S. on

Love the name Gus. I have a grandson due in August that will be named August with the nickname being Gus. My great uncle’s name was August as was my grandfather’s middle name. Which variation do you prefer for a boy: August, Augustine, Augustus or Augusten?