Everleigh Gigandet: Bundled Up Babe

05/08/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
Splash News Online

No peeking! Everleigh Ray Gigandet stays undercover while out for lunch with Cam Gigandet, Dominique Geisendorff and a few family members on Wednesday in West Hollywood, Calif.

The Twilight actor, 26, Dominique, 23, and their 3-week-old then ran some errands, shopping for sunglasses and picking up art supplies.

Like Everleigh’s tie-dyed blanket? Check out this week’s Steal That Style: Tie Dye Trendsetters for more!

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alexa kaelyn on

everleigh is so tiny

Melinda on

I just love that blanket! Anyone know who made it or how to get it?

T on

Aw there so young! 23 and 26…what a neat age to experience parenthood.

Mia on

I just noticed it sounds like their baby girl, and AK’s son Everly have the same name. Cute 🙂

Brooklyn on

Dominique looks great! And once again, I love the name Everleigh!

Angelia on

T it is a great experience to have a child young! I was 21 and so was my dh. We are 24 now with a 3 year old and 3 month old. It is great.

Caitie on

I love the Dominique is nursing Everleigh while they’re out and walking around! Also, in some of the other pictures from this series, you can tell that Miss Everleigh wears cloth diapers!! It’s too cute, I love this couple so much!

Bauer Griffin blog also has the first picture of her adorable little face. They caught the picture as they were putting Everleigh in the car the other day! She’s GORGEOUS with dark dark hair!

Risa on

It’s refreshing to see a celebrity couple of their age starting a family. I too had my first child at 23 (my second recently at age 25), and in this world of 40 year-olds getting pregnant with their first child/children I’m quite the minority. My husband and I also both have successful careers – who says you can’t be a young and have it all?

Angelia on

ITA with what Risa said! I was very young when I had kids but we still have lots of fun, travel and everything is so much more exciting and meaningful when you have little ones to experience it with.

stephanie on

Lucky lady!!

Simone on

They look cute BUT iam not feeling that the baby isnt wearing any socks!!

About being a parent at a young age,yes it isnt a bad thing i had my first at 23 then 28 and at 34 and the older i got the more i embrased and enjoyed them and had a totally diff mindset on being a parent!!

Mina on

Awww! Tiny baby! I cant wait to see her!

@Simone: They’re in Cali & it’s warm, so I dont think the baby would need socks? Babies can overheat very easily. I’m sure the blanket & clothes she’s wearing are enough. =)

Cat on

Not everyone is mature or financially responsible enough in their early twenties to give a child what he or she really needs. I know a lot of people still go ahead and have kids anyway before they’re ready, but I don’t think it’s any less “refreshing” than someone like Halle Berry who clearly wanted children BUT waited until she didnt NEED a partner to depend on financially as well as finding the right partner to do it with. Many young couples are happy, but there are also more young couples who struggle to make ends meet OR to grow together as a couple and stay together. It’s a personal choice, but I find it offensive to think one is “refreshing” while the other is somehow not? Hopefully for Dominique, she already has some sort of profession in case their relationship doesnt survive and she needs to raise her son as a single parent. Not saying it WILL happen, but like you all said, they’re young….and he’s very cute and a new celebrity 😉

ann on

Have a baby whenever you want nobody cares. If you find that refreshing to see other people making choices that abstractly coincided with yours then you don’t seem all that happy with your decisions.

Angelia on

About the socks, I live in Southern Ca which is where they are. It has been in the 90s so the baby didnt really need socks.

Cat and some people are 40 and are not good parents and are selfish because they are used to doing things their own way for so long. Some of the parents who have had the hardest time adjusting were the older ones[that I have known]

Mia on

If they are in the mindset, and able to have kids that early-more power to them, but I’m 21, and still in the middle of school, and just starting my career. And I’m not in a relationship with anybody, so having kids at my age just wouldn’t work for me. Everyone is different. I have so many things I want to do both professionally and personally before I get married, and have kids. The whole idea of that world seems so foreign to me right now.

CelebBabyLover on

Angelia- “and everything is so much more exciting and meaningful when you have little ones to experience it with.” I’m sure you didn’t mean anything bad by that comment, but, to me, it seems a little insensitve towards people who either chose not to have children or cannot have them.

So just because someone chose not to or can’t have kids means there life isn’t meaningful or exciting?

I agree with you about the socks, though! I mean, she’s only three weeks old, for goodness sakes! I rarely see a baby that young with socks on.

QT on

Their blanket is cute.

Ann what is with the rude attack?? Saying something is refreshing now equates with being unhappy with your choices? Wow talk about a reach.

ann on

Sorry, not a reach at all. If someone having children young is ‘refreshing’ to you because YOU also have kids young then you clearly are looking for affirmation. Its the same posters saying the same thing whenever a moms first digit happens to be a two. Refresh means to restore to provide vigor. If hearing about two strangers and their personal choices does that for you then it doesn’t seem like you’re to happy.

Angelia on

Celeb baby lover, I didnt mean it in a bad way. I have always gotten so many comments about being too young and how I should have waited etc. So I get really defensive when I hear comments about how most young mamas have it rough, and its hard for them to dea.

Mia on

If having kids young works for you, thats great, but it definitely doesn’t work for everybody,and everyone deals with things differently. What works for you, works for you-for someone else, not as much- and that should be respected.

*On topic-the picture: She is a tiny baby, so cute.

izzie on

i bet cam absoluty adores that little girl. i too love the name everleigh. congrats 🙂

Angelia on

I think young couples are simply adorable. I too find it refreshing when celebrities have their children while they are you. I was 22 when I had my son and wish I had him a bit younger.

Lucy on

Aw their such a cute couple. Dominique looks so good. I love the name and cant wait for more pics of the baby