Mary Stuart Masterson Expecting First Child

05/07/2009 at 01:30 PM ET
Scott Wintrow/Getty

There’s a baby on the way for Mary Stuart Masterson! The actress, 42, confirmed her pregnancy at last evening’s Rainforest Alliance 2009 Gala in New York City.

Married for three years to Jeremy Davidson, “I’ve been trying to get pregnant for a long time,” Mary admitted.

With an October due date for her baby, Mary is looking forward to finding out what she’s having — “soon!” she laughs. “I haven’t started any [nursery decorating] yet. All of it is internal at this point.”

Source: Life & Style; PEOPLE

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nimbusi on

very unflattering dress

Sarah on

I LOVE HER!! Congrats to Mary and Jeremy, they will be amazing parents

Michelle on

yay! congrats!

Leslie on

Very happy for her and her husband!

Marisa on

I LOVED her in Fried Green Tomatoes;it is still my favorite movie! Congratulations, Mary and Jeremy!

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clippers on

Yeah!! Congratulations to Mary and her husband. How exciting to finally be having a little one.

Michelle on

So happy for them. Congratulations!

Mary Beth on

Loved her in “Some Kind of Wonderful”. Congratulations!

Jackie on

I am so happy for her. She is a great actress and she will be a great mother.

Sofie on

Wow, congratulations! She sure is brave having her first child at 42!!

Corrie on

I love her! So great to hear that she’ll be a mom – I’m sure that she’ll be a great one. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sammy-xx on

She is in two of my faveorite films ever, Benny & Joon and Fried Green Tomatoas at The Whistle Stop Cafe. She is a terrific actress. Congrats to her and her husband.

Edna on

I love seeing that women older than I am are pregnant. I also love her. “She sure is brave having her first child at 42!!” Seems like such a strange thing to say. I think it’s just the circumstances of her life that have led her to this. As someone in my mid-30s who has not yet had a child I don’t think the desire to have a child goes away simply because some people seem to think you are getting too old to do it. Good for her. I wish her all the happiness in the world.

kait on

Is there any relation to actor Danny Masterson by any chance? Just curious. But congratulations!

Julie on

Oh yeah! Congratulations to the couple.

โ€œShe sure is brave having her first child at 42!!โ€ I don’t see why it is any more brave than at any other age, unless of course it is dealing with silly comments like that. Life happens.

Lori on

If you want to see her at the age of 9, she has a small role in the original Stepford Wives.

sat on

huge congrats! love her!

eternalcanadian on

Oh wow, what a surprise. I agree with Sofie and disagree with Julie and Edna. She is brave to have her first kid when she is 42 and the chances of genetic disabilities and miscarriages are very high. Good luck to Mary and her husband for a safe and healthy pregnancy!

Shannon on

Why is it that someone announces something wonderful like this, and the very first thing someone says is that her dress looks bad? Jeez!

I think it’s wonderful that she’s expecting. It sounds like she’s had a hard time getting here, so it must be very exciting for her! Congrats to them, she’s a great actress!!

Delilah on

I am so thrilled for her.

Sofie on

Ofcourse she must be brave….it’s a fact that ALL the risks of pregnancy and childbirth are (a lot) higher when you are over the age of 38. Stand by my comment 100%.

Rachel on

Congrats to Mary!! My fave movie is also Fried Greed Tomotoes!!!

For those of you who are criticizing her for having a child at 42, shame on you all. You don’t know how young she was when she was trying to conceive. Maybe she had a hard time. I am 33 and my hubby and I are having are hard time trying to get pregnant. Infertility sucks and it is very depressing. I know many ladies who had children in their early 40’s and the children turned out just fine ( i.e. my hubby’s mom was 41 when she had him and my bf’s mom was also 41 when she had her). Get over it.

So don’t be so judgemental unless you know what that person has gone through!!!

Alice on

Maybe (I’m just guessing) the child could have been conceived vรญa egg donnor. As I’ve conceived this way too, I’ve been explained that the pregnancy risks are related to the age of the eggs from which come the embryo, and not to the age of the womb. I beg your pardon if I didn’t explain it correctly (my clumsy english…)
Anyway, being a mother comes after the birth, that’s the important part of it. And being the daughter and grandaughter of women that had children as late as 44, I know for sure that a fifty-something can be a great teenager’s mother.

Sofie on

Criticizing? Judgemental?

I did’nt know that stating a FACT was criticizing! I payed her a compliment by saying she was brave…..because I personally would not take the chance of having a baby at such a “mature” age.

shidley on

Ayyy, the joy of message boards. You get the sweet, you get the sour. Congrats to the happy Mother to be who has much to look forward to!

Sarah on

Ditto with Marisa (#5). I too LOVED her in Fried Green Tomatoes and still my fave movie!! Great minds think alike. Any chance calling the little tyke “Idgie”?? (just kidding).

Congratulations!! ๐Ÿ™‚

theonlyguyhere on

I wondered why there aren’t any guys posting here, so I just assumed that it was because the news of the pregnancy has broken many male hearts… then I realized what the URL of this site is!! (LOL)

But speaking as a man who had a crush on Mary back in the SKOW days, I will still say CONGRATULATIONS to the happy couple. Mary, have a safe and successful pregnancy, you will still be hot through it all. And Jeremy, you lucky SOB, take good care of your family. I know you will because if you don’t, Mary will break your face! lol

meghan on

sofie – the risks are not high as you stated – they are simply higher than say a pregnancy being carried by someone in their twenties. get YOUR facts straight.

Jenny on

I like her dress.. she looks great. I’m very happy for her. She got married at age 39. She said they had been trying for awhile. It probably took a few years. You aren’t as fertile at that age and it isn’t always easy to conceive. I’m sure if she met the right person earlier in life, she would have gotten pregnant earlier. You never know how life is going to go. Yes.. the risks are higher as you get older.. but plenty of woman give birth to healthy babies.

Sonya on

Sofie – you really should not be so rude and ignorant. Hopefully Karma will not come and get you over this.
Infertility is very painful to so many women. They do not choose this. They did not do anything to deserve this. Before you pass judgment, think carefully.

Ella on

OH, first thing I noticed was the dress…and wished I’d had something so adorable and comfortable looking when I was pregnant last year! Been a fan for a long time. Very happy for her!!! Had my first a little over a month from 40 and he is healthy and no genetic disablities…wishing the same for her baby!

Sofie on


Read my comments again and YOU get your facts straight!

CelebBabyLover on

Sofie- I’m pretty sure that Meghan meant to say “the risks are not AS high as you stated….”

Carrie Jo on

I’ve been a huge fan of hers for EVER. I’m so thrilled for her and her husband!

Lavender on

That baby will be lucky to have a mature 42-year-old mother.

I just had my first at the same age and wouldn’t change a thing.

jools on

Sophie whoever you are….You sure do have some giant chip on your shoulder.