Howie Dorough Welcomes Son James Hoke

05/07/2009 at 01:15 PM ET
Damon Tucci

It’s a boy for Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough and wife Leigh! James Hoke Dorough wasn’t due until June, but arrived at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 6th. Weighing in at 4.5 lbs. and 16 ¼″ inches long, James’ middle name is in honor of Howie’s father Hoke, who passed away last year after a battle with brain and lung cancer.

According to a statement on the Backstreet Boys’ site,

“Both Mommy and baby are doing great and Howie D is an ecstatic new daddy. They’d like to thank everyone for their well wishes!!”

Howie and Leigh announced the pregnancy in January. Although the couple chose a delivery surprise, Howie’s family was open about their wish for a boy, since there wasn’t a male to carry on the family name. “I think everybody would love a boy,” Howie said at the time. “We’re just hoping for a healthy baby.”

Source: Backstreet Boys

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Tiana on

i was JUST about to email this to you guys, you’re fast! lol

congratulations to Howie and Leigh. I bet James’ is gorgeous

Myam on

Congrats to them! Great news. 🙂

Mommyof3 on

Congrats to the family! I bet they are over the moon with joy for this wee little one:)

Mariel on

OMG another backstreet baby!!

Bee on

aww another Backstreet baby ♥ James is the cutest baby name I love it 🙂

Congrats to Howie and Leigh!

Sarah on

Congrats to the happy family!
I like the name James, it’s classic and simple and never goes out of style.

Jenni on

what a tiny baby. But congrats to Howie and Leigh, they will make GREAT parents and I hope that James continues to do well

Erika on

Aww I hope he is doing well. Congrats to them and what a wonderful way to honor the baby’s grandfather!

alexa kaelyn on

congratulations to Howie and Leigh. but I really don’t like the name James

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clippers on

Awww congratulations to them!! My goodness, he’s such a little munchkin. I hope he’s doing well.

Ryan on

haha! another backstreet baby boy! Those buys sure have some strong Y sperm swimmers…there is yet to be a little girl born amongst the bunch! Congrats to Howie and his wife!

Christina on

Congratulations Howie and Leigh. I bet he is a gorgeous baby boy just like his daddy. I can’t wait to see pictures of this handsome little guy.

Brooklyn on

I love the name James! Congrats to them!

Alex on

Congrats to them on the arrival of baby James! I just realized the BSB members who have kids all have sons :).

Ailyss on

I KNEW they’d have a boy!! 😀 I’m so happy for them!
Congratulations to the Dorough and Boniello families and welcome to baby James!!! 😀

Denise on

Congrats to Howie and Leigh and sweet baby James!!!!!

Mandy on

Congrats! How funny that all the BSB’s have boys. Are they trying to start a BSB the next generation boy band? Cute! Maybe one of them will add a daughter to the bunch soon. That would be sweet.

Gisele on

I’m sooo happy for them!!
congrats Howie and Leigh, James is such a beutiful name!

Theresa on

Congrats to them! Considering that James is a month early glad that they are all happy and healthy and enjoying life. I was sure it was going to be a girl guess I was wrong.

dominique on

awww….he naed the lil guy james!!!

That is AJ’s middle name!!! i bet Aj is ecstatic the lil guy sorta has his name!!

Someone needs to have a girl(either biologically or through adoption)…thats too much bsb baby testosterone…3 boys in a row. WOW!!

Janet on

Howie was/is my fave of the BSB! Congratulations!! I bet he’s as cute as dad!!

lale on

Best wishes Howie and Leigh!!!
And welcome to the world to the little one!!!
I’m so happy, another backstreet baby!!!!

eternalcanadian on

Oh my goodness, such a tiny baby. Premature boy babies have it tougher. Hope it gains weight fast and is deemed fit and healthy to leave the hospital soon.

Denise on


Ebonee on

Howie has always been my favorite BsB member, so I am super excited about this! Congrats to Howie and Leigh, babies are blessings, but I think this one is extra special to their family, due to the recent death of his father. I am so happy there is now a boy to carry on the Dorough name. I can’t wait to see baby James, I bet he is so handsome!

Paula on

YESSSS! I knew it was a boy!!! Congratulations, Howie & Leigh!

Telma Almeida on

Wow!!!Congratulation Howie and Leigh,welcome to the world little angel,that god blesses you always!!!Kisses.I love BSB Forever!!!!!!!!!!

Crystle on

I am so happy for you congrats make sure you take lots of pictures Howie because kids do grow up pretty fast lol

sam and freya's mum on

Congrats to them! As the mum of a 3 pds 9oz premmie 4 1/2 years ago, I know how scary it is, not easy seeing them in Neonatal care. Our son was over 6 weeks early and it all happened quickly due to pre-eclampsia, thankfully was ok with daughter 2nd time around and Sam is starting school in Sept and doing well, although little for his age, but we tell him good things come in littel packages, as the saying goes! No other probs developmentally and does make you appreciate health of your child moreso after a stressful start, not that parents without premmie bubs do worry about health of course, everyone does, but means we took things less for granted I guess, as it wasn’t smooth sailing but now is fine. Glad for them they got their little boy! A nice, normal name too, not a huge fan, but prefer it to John, and nice that middle name as meaning for Howie too, being after his late dad.

Tanya on

Welcome to the World James Hoke Dorough! Although I always wished Howie would have a little girl named Caroline after his late sister, I`m happy now that they`ve got a little son to carry on the family name. I`m sure the baby is gorgeous and can`t wait to see the first photos of little James. I think its cool that they named their son after both Howies father and bandmember Alexander James “AJ” McLean! The backstreet babies names flows great together: Baylee, Mason and James. Maybe they will be the next generation boyband?

Ailyss on

To those who say baby James was named after AJ, we don’t know for sure. Of course James is AJ’s middle name, but that doesn’t mean Howie and Leigh named their son after him. Maybe they just liked the name.

Ailyss on

From Howie’s Tweeter, here’s why they named their son James

James is the name of my great grandfather on my dad’s family and Saint James was the church we got married in. He’s now our little St. James9:49 PM May 8th from web

Aj asked for us to name him after him so being such a nice bsb i did. lol Actually we both loved the name before he said anything.9:48 PM May 8th from web

Ailyss on

Howie’s Twitter is

Jóh Mclean on

Today, James completes 1 year of age! it is very beautiful, just like his father Howie. and he has the most beautiful smile in the world!

Jóh Mclean on

James Hoke Dorough … HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! 1 year old, time goes fast … and he is so cute, just like Howie !