Chyler Leigh Welcomes Daughter Anniston Kae

05/07/2009 at 04:05 PM ET
Vince Flores/Celebrity Photo

Chyler Leigh has welcomed her third child — stat! The Grey’s Anatomy actress delivered daughter Anniston Kae West eight days early on Thursday, May 7th.

Weighing in at 7 lbs., 1 oz and joining older siblings Noah Wilde, 5, and Taelyn Leigh, 2 ½, Anniston’s arrival makes young mama Chyler quite happy — “By the time this last one will be 18, I’ll be 45!” she quips.

Chyler, 27, announced the pregnancy in December, sharing the sex of the baby the following month. In February, Chyler said she and husband Nathan West had chosen their daughter’s name, explaining that they “have had an ongoing bet that whoever correctly guesses the gender, gets to pick the first name of the baby. The runner up gets the middle name.” Her due date had been May 15th.

Source: PEOPLE

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Julia on

Congrats to Chyler,Nathan,Noah,and Taelyn, Im sure Anniston is gorgeous

kelly on

is this the second celeb to name their baby anniston? or did she just release the name earlier and I’m hearing it again?

congrats to the family.

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them! And welcome to little Anniston. I love how they put 2 n’s in the name!

babyboopie on

Congratulations to Chyler, Nathan, Noah and Taelyn on Anniston! She is going to be beautiful!

Alex on

Congrats to them!

camille on

congrats! even though i liked more Aniston Kay that Anniston Kae 🙂

Mom of Boys on

Yeah congratulations!

Allison on

I like Anniston, maybe they’ll call her Annie. Happy early Mother’s Day to Chyler!

anon on

kelly they released the name a few weeks ago… I don’t understand why people over complicate spelling. Now that poor girl is going to have her name misspelled her entire life.

Sarah on

I have a friend (she’s 28) and she spells her name Anniston (spelled like the city in Alabama(. I don’t think it complicates the spelling. At least she didn’t spell it Anistyn.

T on

I love both names and the spelling! I might have to steal it from her 🙂


Emily on

I actually didn’t think they would end up naming her Anniston Kae in the end cos i hear of so many cases where people say what they are gonna call their kids and then don’t actually go through with it but i’m glad they did. It’s a cute name.

girlJordan on

I like Anniston a lot more than Aniston. It looks more feminine or something and you don’t associate Jennifer Aniston with it automatically.

lizzielui on

Anon, how is Anniston over complicated? Anniston, Alabama. Population 23,689.

Corrie on

I really like the name – the spelling is a lot prettier than the “Aniston Kay” that we were seeing everywhere. Congratulations, Chyler & Nathan!

anon on

Because of the famous actress people are going to automatically spell her name Aniston with one N. I’m pretty sure the majority of the population haven’t heard of Anniston AL, or at the very least they haven’t googled it like you guys. My aunts name is Kay and I adore it because its short and chic. I have no objection to the name, but I don’t understand people who have simple names like Taylor Ashley for example and the parents decide to spell it Taeler Ashli. What exactly is the difference if the sound is the same?

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I like it with the two ‘n’s as well for some reason, think it’s less of a mouthful and complicated than Blakesley Sutter, lol, also prefer Kae spelt with an ‘e’ instead of a ‘y’, more ‘modern’ perhaps than the traiditonal spelling, as it reminds me of an older era and my mother-in-law, being her name! I really like her other two kids names, love name Noah unfortunately my hubby not so keen & think I like her older daughter’s name to Anniston, but it’s kinda pretty sounding in some ways, reminds me of Addison but a bit diff I guess…

Jessica on

She is so beautiful, can’t wait for Grey’s tonight. I wonder what her kids look like, has anyone ever seen a picture of them?

momto3 on

I love the name Anniston.

lizzielui on

Yes Anon, but that isn’t the case here. As evidenced by Anniston, Alabama, which has been around far longer than Jennifer Aniston, there are in fact two different spellings of the name. Besides, People spell various names differently and it’s not really a big deal. Sarah/Sara. John/Jon. Derek/Derrick. Sean/Shawn. People trip over names and pronunciations all of the time. Even if someone spells the child’s name with one ‘N’ instead of two, I doubt it will cause a major disturbance.

lilly on

very nice name, love the spelling, and as long as the child knows how to spell her own name, then who cares if no one can. I think it looks pretty and i bet she is a pretty girl. Love all the name of there kids.

jackie on

jessica, people magazine did a feature on the family sometime in the last year that included a pic

Clara on

A little bit of trivia… John Aniston’s name used to be Yannis Anastassakis. When he came to the US, he decided to legally change his name to John Aniston and his inspiration was the city in Alabama.

Anyway, congratulations to the family! I love Chyler Leigh.

Alicia on

I’m so excited! Little Anniston Kae shares my birthday! Happy birthday Anniston.

anon on

John Aniston came to this country when he was a toddler and I’m almost positive that I read that his father did it for pronunciation/ assimilation purposes.

LuLu PingPing on

By the time my last one is 18, I’ll be almost 60!! LOL

Angelia on

I think the name is cute! Congrats to a young mama from another young mama!

sarahb on

i don’t know why some people are hating on the spelling of the name. who cares how they spell it? she is there kid therefore they choose how they want to spell it. some people are ridiculous!!

lovealva on



I really like the name.Congrats to the entire family.How do you pronounce Kae?like Kay?

Courtney on

Love the name, LOVE the spelling. Can’t wait to see pics!


Oh and I lvoe different spellings because they are DIFFERENT!!! I loathed having 6 Jennifers in my class and all these other names. My kids are Alysabeth, Allexandrya, Grace-Nichole, and Caden..;)When my last is 18 I will be 49….but with my first Ill be 43…lol that makes me feel better..:)

Harley on

Congrats to the very happy family 🙂 If she looks anything like Chyler when she grows up, they’ll be putting bars on the windows lol!

Alecia on

folks always spell my name differently, ie> Alicia, Alisha, Allysia, Alycia, Alyssia….young Anniston will be just fine

brannon on

pretty name. amazing episode last night!

Emily on

I love her on Grey’s so much! Congrats to them. 🙂

SS on

How do you pronounce Chyler? Is it Shy-ler or Kye-ler? I love that her son’s middle and last name are Wilde West…fun without being too ‘teasable’!