Meet Blakesley Grace Sutter!

05/06/2009 at 09:30 AM ET
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Meet Blakesley Grace! Bachelorette couple Ryan and Trista Sutter introduce their baby girl, now 4 ½ weeks old, in the latest issue of Life & Style.

Posing with their daughter and son Maxwell Alston, 21 months, Trista shows off the nursery and dishes on her delivery — she went into labor three weeks early, despite a scheduled c-section — choosing the family name Blakesley, and being the only successfully married pair from the ABC reality show.

Click below for photos and a few interview highlights!

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During your first pregnancy, your pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome caused quite a scare. Were you worried you’ve had the same problems again?

I just made sure to pay really close attention to my body and keep aware of things that might not feel normal. If I felt weird or like something was wrong, I didn’t chance it. I had one scare, and it turned out to be dehydration.

Other than that, my doctor told me to take two baby aspirin a day, which I did, to prevent pre-eclampsia and HELLP. Thankfully, it worked!

When Max was born, you had to be put under general anesthesia to have an emergency c-section. How were things different this time around?

This birth was so much easier. Blakesley was born three weeks early, and I did have another c-section, but I didn’t need general anesthesia. I just walked into the hospital and put my gown on, and then my doctor came in and said, “Okay, it’s time.”

I didn’t know you could just walk into the delivery room, because the last time, I was wheeled in on a hospital bed!

What was the best part of the delivery?

Being able to hear her cry when she came out and then seeing her right away. With Max, I was under, and I didn’t wake up until several hours later. But this time I was able to hear her first cry and see Ryan there too.

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How did you come up with the name Blakesley?

It’s a family name. Ryan really loved the name Grace. At first we were calling her Gracie, but then we decided to stick with Blakesley.

How does it feel to have a little girl? Are you already having fun dressing her up?

First of all, I feel so blessed to have a boy and a girl. I can’t really dress her in girlie things yet because she’s so little, but trust me, I’m getting excited! But for now she’s wearing some of Max’s old hand-me-downs, like his onesies.

How much sleep are you guys getting?

Not so much! I mean, she’s a pretty good sleeper and sometimes sleeps for four or five hours at a time. But mostly, she’s up every two hours from the time she feeds. I try to take little naps when she sleeps. I also try to sneak in some sleep when Max is with Grandma or taking his own nap. Any new parent will tell you it’s hard, but it’s expected. And it’s a small price to pay to have her. It’s definitely worth it.

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You and Ryan are the only couple from the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows to make it to the altar and start a family. What’s your secret?

You know, it’s so hard to say. I will acknowledge that it’s difficult. You meet under these crazy circumstances, and then you get separated for three months, which was super hard. And I think some people just think they’re ready and then when they see the person again, they realize those feelings just aren’t there. I didn’t set out to be the only Bachelorette to get married. I just feel lucky and blessed that my life turned out this way.

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Source: Life & Style

For more from the interview, pick up the latest issue of Life & Style, available now.

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Lis on

How sweet. But little Max needs a haircut! 😉 And I definitely prefer Gracie over Blakesley…that is just such a mouthful for a first name!

jessie on

cute family!

Eliza on

Lovely pictures, they’re a gorgeous family. I agree with Lis – Blakesley is definitely a bit of a mouthful!

Bumbles on

Being from the UK I have no idea who these people are but they seem like a sweet family. I have to say though I don’t like the nursery decoration especially the stripey walls!

Megan on

What a beautiful family. Cute nursery, too! She is so lucky to have found love against all the odds of reality tv shows.

Rachel on

They are a beautiful family.

Tamara on

what a gorgeous family! and a stunning nursery!

Marilyn on

Bumbles: Trista & Ryan were on a TV show about 5 years ago called The Bachelorette in which she tried to find a man out of a group of about 20-25 to spend her life with. It worked out for them as they’ve married and stayed together.

brannon on

cute picture of max

Bumbles on

Thank-you Marilyn! Wow not many reality stars stay together and get married, have 2 kids and still look really happy, I like them more now 😉

Alice on

They could just call her Blake for short. I like that they chose a family name for their daughter, but I do agree that Blakesley is a little difficult to say.

Ashley on

What an adorable family picture. I love how they are all touching eachother with the exception of Max and Blakesley touching. Mex has grown so much since the last time I saw a picture of him, he is a beautiful little boy!

Liz on

adorable! And I absolutely love her name!

Kristen on

I love this family! They are so adorable. And I love Max’s hair, maybe they are letting it grow out?

kmb on

i really love the nursery, so bold yet pretty. i’ve always loved trista and ryan ever since i first watched the bachelorette- what a beautiful family they’ve created! blake is cute for a nickname.

Mom of Boys on

I guess I am one of the few that love her name. I think it is different and beautiful. And not completely off the wall.

I like the nursery, it isn’t my fave bcuz she was trying to go with the chic and then they have a crazy painted dresser over in the corner. Ha for some reason I have to have all matching furniture, but it is just one of my pet peeves 😉

Bex on

I love them, and this nursery. It’s Max’s old one (they didn’t repaint, or buy new furniture or anything), so Max probably got a new room to prepare him to be a big brother, and then his old one got a pink over-haul. So sweet!

Brooklyn on

Beautiful family! Max is adorable and his Blakesley!! I love Blakesley’s nursery too!

Morgans_Mommy on

Gosh, they make beautiful kids.

I’m also in the minority and like Blakesley’s name. It’s different, but not completely out there. 🙂

Erica on

Still hate the name Blakesley, but they really are a beautiful family. Max is so adorable!

adc76 on

I am pretty sure her middle name is grace, as in amazing grace, not gracIE. When you say the name blakesley grace it fits together so wonderfully! I love the name and have added it to my favorite list if i do ever have a girl! That is such a beautiful family, its almost sickening:) I love the stripes on the nursery wall. its grabs your attention!!

babyboopie on

I really do not like the name Blakesley nor am I a fan of the couple, but they do have beautiful children and that is one gorgeous girl.

Jenny on

What a beautiful little girl. I like the name… I think it’s different but not too out there. I love using family names.

Judith on

They are a beautiful family. I hope Trista goes back to blonde hair, however. I think she is prettier, with the blonde hair.

Lis on

adc76 – in the article it states:
“Ryan really loved the name Grace. At first we were calling her Gracie, but then we decided to stick with Blakesley.”

Sam on

I’m not a huge fan of the name Blakesley, but I don’t get why people are saying it’s so hard to pronounce!

nosoupforyou on

What a beautiful family. I really prefer Grace over Blakesly. It seems to go better with “Max” too.

Max needs a hair cut.

Ali on

Don’t like the name Blakesley, nor Grace and don’t like the nursery ( it makes me dizzy) but the children are adorable!

SAR on

They can always call her Gracie, or Blake if Blakesley is too much of a mouthful. Blake used to be thought more of as a boy’s name, but not so much anymore…there’s the actress Blake Lively, for instance.

Very beautiful family. I’m glad they now have a boy and a girl.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I’m with you Lis too, prefer Grace/Gracie by a mile and like name Max, but am biased as we have a nephew called Max!, but seriously did always like the name anyhow, although very popular/common now a bit. He’s a cutie Max Sutter, but poor Blakesley, mouthful full of a name, you wonder if they said it out loud beforehand, lol. A fun game I’ve heard of is they say to test names by calling at playgrounds to see what it sounds like, lol…each to their own, but it would put me off, being so long-winded. You can tell we’re into shorter names ourselves, having a Sam!, but everyone diff and it obvously has meaning for her which overrides I guess the fact it’s a bit different/long to other people (although I know some like it of course, all subjective!)….I’m glad she had a more positive birth experience; we were same, I had preeclampsia with son Sam, over 6 weeks early, in Neonates, emergency c-section and like Trista had a general anaes. so wasn’t able to see/hear our son being born, neither was hubby, had to stay nervously waitingin hallway with my mum. Wasn’t ideal but 4 1/2 years on he’s doing well and 2nd birth with daughter in Jan 08 was natural and only 8 hours from waters break til her arrival on new years day, a great start to year! Nice strating new year with little girl as sun came up. Felt I missed out last time, although c-section was required at time, I wasinduced and his heartrate dropped, didn’t have a choice and safety of us was the priority at the time but this time I was follwoed by high risk unit and didn’t develop preeclampsia again, thankfully. Can relate on that side of things and also not having more due to high risk pregnancy and a bonus having a boy then girl, but just glad she’s ok and here with us to complete the family…

FC on

Blakesley is an adorable little baby. I’m just waiting to see who she takes after. Big brother Max is just a cute little blond carbon copy of his daddy, Ryan! 🙂

L.J. on

What a beautiful family, indeed! Max is adorable with his long hair, and Blakesley is a pretty, elegant name. It’s sure better than some of the other “trying so hard to be unique” names some of the celebrities are pinning on their little ones.

Brittany on

what a great family photo Blakesley is a cutie.

Mrs. R. on

The name is growing on me. I’m a teacher, so there are a lot of names that sound strange to me at first that end up sounding very natural.
I used to think it was a bit pretentious, but understanding now that it’s a family name, it makes it a lot more normal sounding. Her personality will probably end up determining what they call her.

Sarah on


The title of the article is “Meet Blakesley Grace Sutter”.

dawn on

congratulations!!! yay!! glad everything was un eventful.

g!na on

aaw! cute baby girl! I like her nursery,it’s so colorful! wow,Max’s hair is turning red he use to be more blonde. Cute family!

lax on

I hope they call her Blake! That is my absolute favorite girl name! Anyways Max is adorable, and so is Blake! They whole family is stunning, and so is her nursery!

adc76 on

i think that Gracie was a knickname for Grace because they loved the name grace. if you read what was written, they even spelt what they were calling her differently than what her middle name is…”Ryan really loved the name GRACE. At first we were calling her GRACIE, but then we decided to stick with Blakesley.” In reality i believe its grace without the IE. anyways i think blakesley a cute name..but that is just me! My son’s name is unique. I have never been one to follow the typical top 100 list of names:) I love the long hair on max. makes him look so much more grown up. Max is a spitting image of his daddy!

Peggy on

The kids are absolutely adorable! I love the nursery, I also went with striped walls, although my childrens room is yellow and white striped. It also worked well for both my daughter and my youngest son.

Stephany on

adc, I think (and I think this is what Lis is trying to say) is that if they had opted to use Blakesley’s middle name as her first name, they would’ve called her “Gracie” instead of “Grace”, which is, as you said, a nickname for Grace. But they aren’t so it’s a moot point. They will be using Blakesley for her name. Lis was just saying (I think! Correct me if I’m wrong) that she prefers her middle name rather than her first name.

Anyway, they are a beautiful family and Max is getting so big! The name is slowwwwwly growing on me. I do love it’s family significance, though.

Rebecca on

adc76, of course Gracie was a nickname, they were going to call her by her middle name, only using Gracie instead of Grace, but then decided to call her Blakesley, which is her name. Lis said nothing wrong, she’s saying she prefers the middle name to the first name.

motherless hulagirl on

This family definitely has the good lookin’ genes down!
I love her name, love Max’s sweet face, and I’m so happy to see Ryan and Trista work so hard at their marriage.
Way to go guys!

rainbowtotz on

Cute kids, but Blakesley, sounds like a boys name….and difficult to say?? Wish them all well though :0)

Lis on

Stephany and Rebecca – yes, that’s what I was saying! Jeez, didn’t know my preference could cause such confusion! LOL 😉

Trista said they were at first calling her “Gracie”. I’m just saying I’d prefer to call her Gracie (as they started out doing) than Blakesley! Just my opinion! Hope that clears all the Grace/Gracie confusion!

(And, yes, I am well aware her middle name is Grace, not Gracie!)

claudiazz on

Am I the only one that thinks Max resembles Trista? He has her same closer set eyes. I think the little one looks like she will resemble Ryan.

Shannon on

Awwww!!!! They are too cute! Little Max is getting so big, and he is such a perfect combination of Trista and Ryan! I remember rooting so hard for her to pick Ryan on the show, and I am so happy to see that they have made such a wonderful, love-filled life for themselves now.

I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of the name at first, but now it has completely grown on me, and I love it! It sounds to me like more feminine version of the name Blake.

Terri on

I appreciate the name since it is a family name. Looks like little Blakesley has Ryan’s eyes as well, just like her brother.

Niko on

Beautiful kids. Max is no doubt a Ryan mini-me. Blakesley looks like both Ryan and Trista to me. I’m glad so many people like that name or are warming up to it now. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it. And I can say the name just right. Its not difficult for me to say at all. Its NOT a bad name by any means, just unique. I actually like it more than Satyana or Seraphina. Besides, Blakesley can always be shortened to just Blake.

Diane on

Not a fan of that name

denise on

Blakesley looks just like Max did when he was a infant. I think they look like a combo of each parent. Blakesley is not a mouthful! It’s 2 syllables. Blake-slee. I love the name, first for being her mom’s maiden name and second it sounds very regal.
Love Love the family. They keep it real

nosoupforyou on

I got the magazine! They have pictures of both Trista and Ryan when they each were babies. Max looks just like Trista and Blakesley, like Ryan.

Trista describes a vasectomy as “major surgery” in the article, which is so not true.

A vasectomy can be done in a medical office in 20 minutes and then the guy goes home.

Jax on

LIS –Max DOES NOT need a hair cut… thank god your not my mother in law

Traci on

What a beautiful family. I am so very happy for them and that Tristas pregnancy and delivery went much better this time. Both the children are gorgeous! I am happy that they have endured the test of time of the reality set up shows…I think it’s great!

VEO on

The nursery is a little too busy for me, but i LOVE the name Blakesley, and it goes so well with grace! My best friends sister is named Blakelee Danyelle, and everyone either calls her Blakelee or B. Congrats to the family!

CelebBabyLover on

nosoupforyou- I’m guessing that Trista meant that vasectomy seems like major surgery compared to the Essure procedure she went through. A vasectomy can indeed be done in the doctor’s office, under general anesthesia, and in a very short amout of time. However, it involves making incisions. Although the incisions are small, an incision is an incision.

The Essure procedure, by contrast, can be done in a doctor’s office WITHOUT anesthesia OR incisions. What happens is that the doctor inserts a metal coil into each falliopian tube via the woman’s, er, natural opening. Scar tissue then grows around the coils, eventually blocking the tubes. So far, the only side affect that’s been reported is some PMS-like cramping right after the procedure.

Jax- I agree! Max’s hair is adorable! 🙂

Amanda on

I love the pictures, dislike the baby girls name and it bugs me how mom, dad and baby all match and Max sticks out like a sore thumb. Why couldnt he be dressed in white also?

Aimee on

Awwwwww beautiful family. God has blessed you with two beautiful children!! Congratulations!

Lisa S on

I love this family…Ryan is gorgeous, Trista is beautiful and their children are a wonderful mix of them. I like the name Blakesley because it’s unique and sounds sort of “wealthy” in a way, but at the same time, try saying Blakesley Sutter quickly. Every time I tried to say it, the last name came out Slutter instead. Probably not the best thing for a girl to want to deal with.

Morg on

Blakesley is an adorable name and she is adorable! Max is so cute too. I love this family and they are great role models for what a great marriage is.

Alison on

I am soooooooooo happy for them P.S. the name is adorable

Rona on

Who are we to tell Trista and Ryan what name to call their beautiful daughter or how their son should wear his hair?

Blakesly is perfectly lovely and unique in a world full of Amys and Stacys. As for Max’s hair – he’s a lovely child and I don’t know what hair length has to do with a person’s development.

Shouldn’t the only thing that matters is that both children are healthy and happy?

Julie on

I think that the two children, Max and Blakesley are soo cute. I mean, I cannot believe that they have been the only successful couple out of “The Bachelorette” but I think that Jillian and Ed in the next year, will be great 2. The children of Trista and Ryan are absolutely beautiful and I’m glad that they are happy, healthy and just a great family. Congrats, Trista, Ryan and big brother, Max!

sara on

Blakesley is old southenglish name. this name meens tree very beautiful tree.