Heidi Klum Says Fourth Pregnancy Will Be Her Last

05/06/2009 at 12:30 PM ET

In a Monday visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Heidi Klum dished on how her fourth child with husband Sealdue in the fall — came to be. “We weren’t planning, but we also weren’t not planning either,” she explains. “We were kind of leaving it open.”

“We were always looking around the table and always thought one more would be nice. We kind of took it one baby at a time and every time we thought, ‘Yeah, one more and that’s it!'”

Unlike with her previous pregnancies — Heidi is already mom to daughter Leni, 5, and sons Henry Günther, 3 ½, and Johan Riley, 2 — that feeling is gone. “Now is the first time I feel, this is it,” Heidi adds. Host Ellen DeGeneres then performed several wives tales to determine whether baby-on-the-way is a boy or a girl, and all signs point to the latter! While the couple don’t yet know what they’re having, Heidi revealed that an ultrasound later this month will give them the answers they seek; For now, at least, it seems as though Heidi suspects that Ellen’s predictions are correct.

“I have much more muffin top than I had before, and before that. I don’t know. When I was pregnant with Leni I was bigger all around, and had more muffin top. [Or] maybe I’ve been at the pie shop too many times!”

When she’s not indulging her sweet tooth, Heidi says she’s suffering from “pregnancy brain freeze,” a phenomenon that expectant moms know all too well! “I don’t know what it is, I always forget things,” she admits. “It’s always like, the words…where are they? I know they were there before, where are they now? Like, where am I again?”

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Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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JMO on

Let’s not forget that Ellen’s little old wives tales proved to be wrong with both Halle Berry and Minnie Driver!! So if Ellen says it’s a girl I’m going with a boy LOL!

collette on

I love this family, im thinking boy too, but maybe she already knows as she is quite far gone to be having a sexing scan although im not sure how far along you have to be in the States but in England its 20 weeks unless you pay privately and then you can find out from 16 weeks, anyway its gonna be a beautiful babe and as long as its healthy thats the main thing.

Lis on

Oh, I so hope that it is a girl!!!

And…what does she mean by “muffin top”???

Laura on

I think girl

Lorelei on

“Muffin top” is the delightful skin left over from pregnancy that has a tendency to hang over the top of pants.

Congrats to this beautiful family!

Emma on


Kudos to her to being open about the muffin top. Every mom knows about it all too well!.

Ava on

Does Leni have a middle name?

becky on

dont we all love our mother muffin tops? Especially tucking mine in my pants, ha!

The Laughing Stork on

I’d give anything to have HER “muffin top.” Definitely more bite-sized!

CelebBabyLover on

Ava- From what I’ve read in the CBB archives, no. CBB once responded to some one else who asked the same question and said that, indeed, Leni’s name is just Leni Klum. 🙂

Char on

No I dont think Leni has a middle name her full name is Helene Klum but I think that is it. Strange as the boys have multiple but I think that is because of Seals heritage. She is beautiful and I hope it’s a girl.

CelebBabyLover on

Char- No, her full name is LENI Klum. I don’t know where the Helene rumor came from, but I’ve never heard Heidi use that name, nor have I heard it in any reputable source.

gianna on

I think it’s a girl and she already knows it’s a girl. And yea I think this will be her last child, most people don’t go past 3-4 kids nowadays.