Beyoncé and Nephew's Paris Pose

05/06/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

Beyoncé, who’s in Europe on her “I AM…” world tour, stops for a snapshot with mom Tina, sister Solange and 4 ½-year-old nephew Daniel Julez outside the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris on Tuesday.

The singer recently shared that she’d like to follow in her sister’s footsteps and become a mom someday — but not yet!


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Mrs. R. on

Cute family pic, but can someone explain to me why the little guy is showing his two fingers faced backwards? I understand the ‘peace’ sign, but the fingers backwards look suspiciously like an obscene gesture I learned in Italy. Is there a non-offensive version of this gesture I just don’t know?

Jeanie on

I think he’s adorable and looks quite like grandma in my opinion


Cute family!! They’re all gorgeous but I must say their mom Tina looks incredible she looks so young and now I see where they got their beauty from 🙂 Daniel is adorable with his sunglasses

Rachel-Jane on

Mrs R, it’s not just an offensive gesture in Italy! Here in the UK it’s very rude too, it’s called the ‘vicky’. Urban myth has it that it originated because when archers were caught they’d have those two fingers cut off, so archers would display the fingers before battle to show their enemy that they could still fire away!

However, I’m sure that little Julez doesn’t mean anything offensive by it and is simply copying Grandma, just messing it up by accident!

J-Lin on

Are you people serious?

He’s four giving the piece sign!

Aniah on

I have never heard of anything bad being associated with holding up two fingers (forwards or backwards). I’m in America so maybe it’s just a non-American thing???

Cute family photo 🙂

Skipsie on

Daniel is so adorable, I love his little shades!

When I went to school (I’m eighteen), you weren’t allowed to stick your two fingers up because it was taken by teachers that you were swearing at them, same with using your middle finger. I live in London btw.
I don’t think thats what the boy is doing though, I used to do it so many times when I was trying to do spice girls girl power peace sign, and would end up “swearing” at my friends lol.
Daniel is so adorable, I love his little shades!

Eliza on

Yes, in many countries that’s an obscene jesture (and yes, people are being serious about that J-Lin), but it isn’t offensive in America – it’s just a backwards peace sign. So he isn’t doing anything bad. 🙂

Sharon on

His sunglasses and gesture seem a bit too gangsta for a 4 year old.

Chicki on

Just to clear up the controversy, Julez’ backwards peace sign is just the “cool” way to say peace — although I’m a bit surprised to see somebody so young making that gesture! A lot of people in the hip-hop culture use this as a cooler alternative to the regular peace sign — that’s all! How some people could think that his family would teach him something profane is beyond me! In other words I’m sure that Solange’s family is not aware of the other meanings of the gesture!

Ria on

Rachel-Jane & Skipsie are right in saying that it’s considered the same as putting up your middle finger (in the UK). I’m going to sound a bit ignorant now and say I was surprised that this isn’t the case everywhere (i.e. in the US) – you learn something new everyday lol. Anyway, I agree, I doubt Daniel Julez (great name :)) was intending to swear at anyone. @Skipsie again, I was exactly the same when I tried to copy the spice girls….the amount of times I got into trouble for attempting that move in the school playground.

In regards to the photo, Daniel is beyond cool, and Mom and daughters could be sisters. Solange looks fantastic – loving the dress, the hair, the earrings…..

g!na on

Come on! he’s just a little boy! He was probably doing his little rock moves! lol.

maria on

Daniel is such a cutie lil boi

MiZz MuFfEtY on

PeAcE OwT!!

melissa on

this is such a cute picture!!!!!!!!! i love this family!! leave the little man alone please hes just a little boy throwing up the peace sign!

Sammy-xx on

Cool Dude !!!
He’s lickly to have picked it up from his Uncle Jay, he’s always doing it.

In the UK yes flipping the Vs is not a thing for a 4 year old to do, but I’m sure he’s not doing it for the Brittish meaning.

iluvallbabies on

In Australia its really rude too! Its basically like sticking your middle finger up at someone!

BUT- I dont think he is doing it in that way- he has obviously seen others do it or got it mixed up with the peace sign!!!

Mrs. R. on

I in no way meant that I thought that Julez was actually TRYING to be offensive. I knew he was just striking a pose. It’s kinda cute that he’s showing his attitude.

I was just wondering what it might mean because I’ve seen a lot of people do it in pictures, usually hip hop folks now that I think of it. I knew it was offensive in Italy, and wondered what other connotation it might have in the US (because while I live in CA, I still have no idea).

I totally get the ‘cool’ peace sign meaning now.

luckymurre on

Solange looks good, but quite over-dressed for an exhibition. Just strikes me as strange. Sometimes I think people try too hard to look chic when they’re in Paris…

J on

/facepalm Well look at that lil thug-life nipper throwin up gang signs…lol!

(yes I know it’s not a gangsign. Athough the family must be so pround that he now copies and takes on the thug-life bored looks in photos.

Trendy on

Very cute family. They’re all gorgeous..

dee on

First off, holding up two fingers in either direction is not an offensive sign in the US. Secondly, he doesn’t look ‘gangsta’ it’s more a move that I’ve usually seen suburban tween girls make when trying to look cool when taking pictures. And J, your post in my opinion is highly ignorant.

jjj on

I know he doesn’t mean anything by it but she really needs to teach him not to do that while they’re in Britain!

Cory on

Cute picture!
So weird that this is a rude gesture in Italy and Britain. I live in Germany and I have never heard that it’s rude to give someone a backward peace sign! Guess you learn something new every day!

Rachel-Jane on

I didn’t mean that he was TRYING to be offensive either. I actually said “However, I’m sure that little Julez doesn’t mean anything offensive by it and is simply copying Grandma, just messing it up by accident!”. Myself and others who were commenting on the backwards V being an offensive sign were merely answering Mrs R’s question and commenting on cultural differences.

ang on

i can just see him at 20,probably lookin’ pretty much the same as he does now lol. i can’t wait for the tour i got mosh pit tix!

allison on

Sharon, I agree! And listening to his mom in interviews, she probably is so proud and thinks that it is cute.

martina on

Well, peace sign or not – I think there is WAY too much gangsta thing going on. He is still a baby! I am a little shocked, to be honest.

kai on

I was totally confused, because Solange looks SO MUCH like Beyoncé in this picture lol. And of course the little guy is ‘gangsta’;) he’s cute!

Monique7 on

This is a gorgeous photo of their family. Julez is adorable:) Can’t wait for Beyonce’s tour this summer!!!

J-Lin on

Sharon and Allison – what is “gangsta”? When did the peace sign become “gangsta”? Are the Beckham boys “gansta” when they throw up the peace sign? Is Miley Cyrus “gangsta” when she gives the peace sign?

Lis on

I agree with Sharon and Martina. And J-Lin, it’s not just the “peace sign” that gives the “gangsta” vibe. It’s his stance and facial expression as well.

However, I do have to say that he is a little cutie! And I have seen him in commercials, etc. with aunt B. and he is adorable. This pic just makes me wonder how long he will stay so cute and innocent…?

Jas on

Nice picture. And there is nothing “gangsta” about Daniel’s pose. The word gangsta is only being mentioned because of Jay-Z and Daniel are African American. I’ve seen plenty of people, adults and children, give the peace sign. Daniel is only 4 years old…he’s posing like most children do!

Zetta69 on

On April 30 there was a posting about sungalsses for the kiddies.. Now this little boy has on shades and people have decided he looks “gangsta”! How does his pose show this? Could he be tired or bored? Why must such a negative image be placed on this child?. I agree with Jas, these comments are being made because of who his uncle is. If you have seen anything about the Knowles family you know Grandma Tina isn’t gonna have that boy playing “gangsta” in her presence. Beyonce and Solange are faar from “gangsta”. Cute little boy, glad to see him on here!!

MZ on

jjj, how would they tell him not to make the peace sign if they themselves don’t know what it means in britain (they’re in FRANCE btw)? why would they even know about the alternate meaning? i’m half-brasilian and i didn’t know that the “ok” sign is a highly offensive word in brasil. since i hadn’t been to mom’s home country before she never thought to tell me. then i made the sign while talking to my young cousins and they all looked shocked, then burst out laughing and explained to me i should never do that again.

point is, when you travel to a country you can’t be expected to know every single thing about the culture. lighten up.

J-Lin on

Right on Jas. I hate how we label children and look for things that aren’t there. Daniel is no more “gangsta” (a term made up by the media to describe young black men) than Suri, Romeo, or Kingston. Get over yourselves and expand your world. It drives me crazy that in 2009 people have such small minds.

Emma on

To all the people commenting things such as “he’s a 4 yr old making a non-offensive peace sign” – yes, I totally get what you mean because you are american!! BUT here in Europe he is swearing!! I understand that he wouldn’t know that and because of that, I am not offended by it (or by his family for not stopping him using that sign). However, you all have to remember that the “american way” is NOT the universally accepted “right way” and stop shouting down european or non-american people for expressing their opinion on something that would be incredibly rude if our children did it (because they would know what it means)!!

kh on

i rarely comment on this blog, and usually think the discussions are pretty ridiculous.

BUT i have to totally agree with everyone saying he looks disturbingly gangsta for such a little kid!

and it’s not just the peace sign, obviously.

dee on

Thank you Jas, Zetta, and J-lin. I was trying to keep the race issue out of it all, but I know that’s where all the ‘gangsta’ and ‘thug life’ comments come from.

Tess on

I think the headline that CBB wrote is interesting. Solange, who is also famous, is in the picture with him and his aunt Beyonce, yet the headline is Beyonce and nephew? Solange is the mom, and I think she should be mentioned in the headline, or at least “Knowles family in Paris” or something similar.

brannon on

ridiculous conversation. he is absolutley adorable. gangsta? – seriously? because he has on sunglasses and is making the peace sign? guess my kid is gangsta too.

Callen on

People seem to be more interested in his 2 little fingers than his cute little face. I dont know why anyone could miss that cute little smile.

Lisa on

To all the people commenting things such as “he’s a 4 yr old making a non-offensive peace sign” – yes, I totally get what you mean because you are american!! BUT here in Europe he is swearing!! I understand that he wouldn’t know that and because of that, I am not offended by it (or by his family for not stopping him using that sign). However, you all have to remember that the “american way” is NOT the universally accepted “right way” and stop shouting down european or non-american people for expressing their opinion on something that would be incredibly rude if our children did it (because they would know what it means)!!

That sign was made by the English bowmen to the French during the Hundred Years years at Agincourt, when an English Bowman was captured his ‘bow fingers’ were alleged cut off by the French, the bowman therefore gave that particular hand gesture to the French armies to show that they still had their ‘bow fingers’ after being victorious at Agincourt.

SY on

I agree with Sharon, a bit too gangsta for a 4 year old…Then again, I have two boys and they are constantly pulling the peace sign in pictures, drives me nuts!

L on

OMG you people are absolutely insane & uptight

He is a little kid just trying to be “cool” he does not know the difference and who sits there and nit picks a photo before they take it..come on now!!!

Sidenote:: Juelz is so cute, looks just like his dad IMO

Sharon on

There is a difference between a peace sign and a smiling kid trying to be cute and get attention and a peace sign with an “I’m way too cool for this photo” and sunglasses not on, but just worn as an accessory. Race has nothing to do with it…it’s the facial expression. Obviously the smile isn’t missing because he’s uncomfortable in the photo or he wouldn’t be making a peace sign.

At the age of 4, I believe it’s in no way a reflection of the sweet boy, but of his environment. It’s a bit sad to me.

And I don’t buy into the “it’s 2009” business…you need to protect children and let them be children…there are many, many years when they can act as old as they like. It’s 2009, but I still support childhood! It never goes out of style! 🙂

Anna on

The peace sign is obviously not what akes him looks gangsta. It’s the attitude in the way he is standing and looking, some people find attitude in kids cute but I do not.

Also, please don’t pretend Europe is one country and has one view (of offensive gestures). I’m from the Netherlands and never heard of the peace sign being swearing.

kai on

^^Anna, that’s right. I’m from Germany and that sign doesn’t have a strong meaning to me. I meant ‘gangsta’ in the sense of ‘wanting to be cool’, sorry for using the term. Don’t see what the big deal is with this pictures.

J-Lin on

Sharon – Would you have the same comment if one of the Beckham boys had the same facial expression? I don’t see what’s wrong with his expression. He’s probably imitating the men around him. My brother wears that same expression in pictures and he’s a deacon in the church.

I feel kids need to be protected; protected from small minded people who have fears based on irrational perceptions.

Kay on

Did any of the nitpickers stop to think that maybe he was blinking during the picture, and that may be why his eyes are half-closed?
Do your children never look bored in photos?
Are we to take it that just because the little boy has cool sunglasses he is automatically trying to be gangsta? My white neighbor just got her son comparable sunglasses, so I guess she is trying to make her son gangsta?

I am absolutely sick of the subtle racism apparent in some of these comments. You KNOW that if that was Cruz Beckham or Kingston Rossdale, there would only be comments about how COOL the child looks.

He’s only 4 1/2 years old. Just because his uncle may work in the hip hop industry does NOT mean that he is immersed in that himself in his daily life.

AND, for those using his ties to Jay-Z in a negative way….well, Gwyneth Paltrow mentioned not too long ago that her kids call him “Uncle Jay” since he is such a good friend. Should we start looking out for the gangsta paraphenalia that the Martin children will soon be sporting?

Sharon on

A Beckham boy with the same facial expression? No, I wouldn’t have the same thought. A Beckham with the same facial expression and flashing the peace sign, sure, I’d have the same thought.

As many, many people have pointed out, it’s not the peace sign or the facial expression that seems “gangsta”…it’s the two of them combined. How many times does that point need to be made by us “small minded people?”

Emma on

I have to say that I am often disturbed by the racist undertones in the comments people make on this site. This child is only 4 and noone would be making a big deal if this were a white child making the same expression and using the same hand gesture. I’m sure the recism in these comments come from a purely subconsious place, but that makes it not less real. I think the use of the term gangster to describe a small child is alarming, not to mention racist.

Lis on

Oh Lordy, no one is being racist. Kay, your post is silly.

A on

It looks to me like whoever is taking the picture of them (the one they are all smiling for not the paparazzi) is squating down. The little boys eyes are squinting b/c he is looking down at the camera. It’s the same as if one of us was standing up and looked at something on the ground…our eyes would squint as well if we didn’t move our head and just looked with our eyes.

Chicki on

I agree with Emma and disagree with Lis. The comments about him looking “gansta” are extremely racist because gangsta does NOT EQUAL hip-hop!!! Hip-hop is cool, but the term gansta has a totally different meaning! Kai, gansta does not mean, “wanting to be cool” it has a much more serious connotation that would NEVER apply to a 4 year-old child!!

Emma on

I respectfully disagree Lis.

Nolene on

I agree with your comments Kay.
People- you should spend just as much energy doing some racial/cultural awareness training as you do analyzing photos on this website. Maybe then you’d be less careless at flinging out inappropriate and offensive terms like “gangsta” to a well-bred 4 year old.

kb on

OMG he is 4 years old people… you are mking a big deal out of nothing… We a.ll know that little kids emulate what they see and hear, just look at his grandmother.. geesh

Sarah K. on

I have to disagree as well Lis. Calling a black four year old “gangsta” because he’s showing a peace sign, wearing sunglasses, and not smiling? That has racism written all over it. Like Emma, I am not saying it’s conscious, but it exists on some level. The mothers who post here loveeee to point out when celebs have their children out in the sun without sunglasses and now all of a sudden it’s “gangsta”? How many kids on this site aren’t smiling? 40-50% easily, right?

In the other pictures of this scene (at another site) Daniel is smiling and goofing off with Beyonce. And because of one picture of him not smiling he’s called “gangsta” and he’s too immersed in that “rap lifestyle?” For people to get all of that from one picture taking is consciously or subconsciously racist.

RibbonInTheSky on

I have to respectfully disagree with those who think this little boy is “gansta” or is trying to look “gangsta”. If a peace sign, which is universally used by people of all ages and cultures here in America, sunglasses, and a facial expression (particularly this one) is what you think is gangsta, it is my opinion that you obviously don’t know what gangsta is. I don’t even think he is trying to be “cool” here. I think the expression on this child’s face is more likely one of boredom or of being tired. I don’t think he knows anymore about being “gangsta” than some of you do.

I’ve seen other shots of the four of them from the same set of pictures, on the same day, on another website. There were 4 other pictures, to be exact, and in none of the other pictures would you assume that he is trying to be gangsta, or even looks it. In one of the other pictures, he is holding his mother’s hands, the other arm is hanging down to his side, and he has a awkward fake smile that kids get when their parent tells them to smile for the camera and they do it because they are told but really could care less (you know that smile). Some kids don’t even bother to smile (can’t say I blame them – I don’t always feel like it either). Adults tend to have that “fake” smile more perfected. Anyway, he looks very bored in that picture too and it’s more obvious than in this one. In this picture you can tell that he is leaning up against his aunt (shoulder pressed up against her leg and head in her side). I don’t know, tired/bored maybe??? Gangsta, maybe not.

I have to say that I am slightly embarrassed to have studied this pictures as much as I have. But after reading some of these comments, I wanted to see if I could see the “gangsta” look that some of you see. Sorry, don’t see it. I wouldn’t say that some of you are racist, just a little ignorant. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Again, I just don’t think you know what “gangsta” looks like. And in the very least, we ALL are ignorant of how this little kids was feeling at the time and why he has this expression (or lack of one) on his face.

Anyway, y’all have a good evening. Don’t get yourself too worked up over this picture now, ya hear. It’s really not that serious…LOL

To those who are getting offended…free yourself from the opinions of others. Don’t let them get you worked up over nothing.

Amandamay on


My first thought when I saw this photo (Before reading any of the comments) was “That kid looks like an adult” No judgment, just “he’s dressed like an adult” – which I’m not a big fan of in general. Kids should be kids. No need to dress them like mini grown-ups. And I definitely think he looks like he’s trying to be “cool” – Which is odd for a 4 year old.

Aside from that, they are an amazingly gorgeous family!

RibbonInTheSky on

Amandamay if by “dressed like an adult” you mean shirt, jeans and a jacket, I fully agree. Adults do wear those. Oh and don’t let me forget the shoes. Adults wear shoes too which I’m sure little Daniel is wearing.

LOL…He looks like a regular kid to me. A rather handsome one to be exact. No wait, maybe because of his…no, just a regular kids. And thank goodness they don’t all look the same or have the same expressions.

Alex on

Beautiful family!

J-Lin on

RibboninTheSky – You are hilarious! I agree 100%

Your comments have made my day!

Jennifer on

I’m sorry that is not the universal sign of peace,in europe it means F*** you,Beyonce’s mother is using the universal sign for peace,nothing against this little boy,but he looks to me to be trying to be gangsta,no doubt because of the men he is around. I agree he should be encouraged to be more like a child,and act like a child,he is like a mini adult. Other than that it is a pleasant family photo.

Amandamay on

RibbonInTheSky – Wow, I thought I said my comment maturely and calmly. Just my opinion. Good to know others here feel the need to mock others’ comments and behave rudely.

And that is not a “kid” outfit. That is a mini version of an adult outfit. Solange can dress him however they want – She’s the mom. I was just stating that it’s a very mature outfit for such a little boy. I could see an adult wearing it.

(Now I will wait for your snarky response.)

Amandamay on

Oops, I meant “however SHE wants” not “THEY”


lala2 on


Yes, you people calling him “GANGSTA” need to go and find a life, yes a real life. I am so pissed off right now. Everytime there is a “white” child on this website, everyone talks about how cute they are. Now, this little “black” child is so OFFENSIVE AND GANGSTA. Wait, don’t forget dressed like an ADULT….

First, he is not your child! His mom can dress him anyway she feels!


I am so upset! I wish I was face-to-face with some of you!!!!!!!!

BrownBarBaloot on

I’m sure he didn’t mean it, but this is a rude gesture in many countries including here in Australia. He’s unwittingly saying ‘f*@! you!’ Hand turned the other way round, like his grandma, is the universal sign for peace. I’m sure if his mother realized, he wouldn’t do it!

Amandamay on

lala2 – If you read my post I said “Solange can dress him however she wants – She’s the mom”

I was merely stating my OPINION that his outfit is very “adult”. Excuse me for thinking I could have one.

Sarah K. on

“but he looks to me to be trying to be gangsta,no doubt because of the men he is around.”

Last I checked, you don’t know who he is around. The only men we have ever seen him with are his grandfather and uncle, neither of whom are “gangsta.” Unless you know something the rest of us don’t, please don’t presume to know how this child is being raised and who he is being exposed to. It comes across as ignorant.

Amandamay, I understand you’re entitled to your “opinion,” but it’s completely baseless. He’s wearing a hoodie and a jacket. These are very common things for children to wear. The hoodie doesn’t say or depict anything offensive. Gwen and Gavin constantly dress Kingston to wear his jeans slouching down below his waist (complete with a other “rockstar” accessories) and I have never seen one person ever comment that they’re trying to dress him like an adult. Dressing a toddler to wear slouching jeans seems like a bit more adult that dressing a four year-old in a hoodie and jacket. So why is this less acceptable?

And seriously people! They just made a four year old hang out in an art exhibit. He’s allowed to be tired and grumpy.

Tammy on

I never hear any uproar when other white celebs children throw up the “horns” sign.

Louise on

I agree with a much earlier post that it looks like he’s copying his Grandma’s peace sign and got it the wrong way around. It is however an offensive sign in some countries, and his “fed-up-not-impressed-with-Andy-Warhol” expression makes it look worse, but I very much doubt he knows that!! On another note, Beyonce’s outfit is great but what was Solange thinking with that dress?

Alex! on

It’s racist to call someone “gangsta”?
What a joke.

I am white and of Anglo-Indian and Irish descent. I call my little brother “gangsta” when he dresses in a certain way or tries to act like his favourite rapper Dappy (also white), from the UK-based group N-Dubz… I think some people should stop trying to find offense in everything. Yes, racisim does exist in our society but within in the word “gangsta”? Um, nope, I don’t think so.

But I have to say, what a good-looking family! (:

Kay on


it’s all about the context in which you use the word. Using it when joking around with your brother is different than using it to label a minority child that you don’t know based on his appearance and (in some cases) presumed lifestyles and influence.

RibbonInTheSky on

Oh Amandamay. I WAS trying to be funny but it’s really hard for me to take you ALL seriously when you are criticizing a FOUR YEAR OLD’s facial expression, clothes and backwards peace sign (however offensive it may be in your country, in his country it’s just a backwards peace sign). Did I mention that the object of your criticism is a four year old???

Anyway, this is really a cute photo. Beyonce & Mama Tina look great, Solange is always fab and little Daniel ROCKS!!!

QT on

Yes calling a African American boy gansta because he is not smiling & throwing up the peace sign is racist. I never see the white celeb kids called that on here. Gwen & Gavin are raising Kingston to be a rocker, I don’t see anyone attacking them.

Hip Hop does not equal thug or gangsta

simms on

God ppl… really over analyzing this…

For all the people making gangster remarks and what not… YOU NEED TO RE-EVALUATE THE PREJUDICES YOU MAINTAIN OF PEOPLE OF DIFFERENT RACES AND CULTURES…. yes STEREOTYPES ARE A BEING PREJUDICE! You are pre-judging someone based on your preconceived beliefs that might have nothing to do with the actual person. You don’t know him or his family so don’t label them because you see him wearing shades and a hoodie and posing for a picture. Think about what you would have thought if this was a white kid, because that is what it comes down to… please try to be more aware and conscious of your preconceptions as they prevent you from seeking true knowledge.

And @ Mrs R: In the Hip Hop world it is just a cool way of doing the peace sign, with no negative connotations like f*** U.

To everyone else: He isn’t doing it the ‘wrong’ way it just doesn’t mean the same thing it means in Europe. It isn’t to ‘gangster’ etc, children always want to learn fun little hand gestures …Sigh

lala2 on


YOU SAID IT PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You!

gayb on

you people have to be kidding me.the little boy is four holding up a peace sign thats all.stop looking so deep into stuff.i personally think hes a cutie

Macy on

May God in heaven bless Mrs.T. Knowles & family I’m very happy for ya much success.