Wedgits: Put Away Your Other Building Materials and Make Way for Wedgits

05/05/2009 at 10:30 AM ET

Okay, parents.  Put all of your other building materials away right now and make room for Wedgits.  

These brightly colored geometric shapes allow kids to stack, nest, and design in new and creative ways. They are a perfect toy for multi-age households, as the possibilities for play are limitless. For the younger set, the shapes can be stacked (and of course, knocked down) and kids can begin to work on color identification. As they get older, shape recognition, as well as understanding the spatial relationship between shapes begins to happen as the child manipulates the pieces into various designs and patterns. My husband, still an engineer at heart (though not in profession) can sit for hours with these blocks, and they have fascinated kids at our house from 12 months-7 years (not to mention all of the adults who have called me into the room to “see what I’ve built!”).

Originally, our set did not come with the green building board and I would highly recommend getting a set that comes with this. It makes the building more fun, have more possibilities for size, and also prevents instability. On the other hand, I don’t find the design cards that helpful. Right now, my kids enjoy making their own. Although I see the benefit of being able to replicate a pattern or follow directions, I don’t feel like that is something that I want to make them dependent on right now. However, Wedgits are used in various ways in schools, including geometry lessons and for teaching kids how to follow a plan, and I suspect that the cards are most useful in these scenarios. Additionally, though I have not tried them, there are now even more advanced sets for older kids that include wheels, etc.

The bottom line is that Wedgits are fun!  They are easy to hold, and they provide a perfect answer to every child’s need to build and destroy…and build and destroy…and build and destroy. But the tower looks different every time, as shapes are fit and matched and nested in different ways, and kids themselves become the architects, the builders — and their creative imagination is stretched every time they play with them.

The Starter Tote, which contains 20 blocks and a building board, sells for $45. The board is sold separately for $15 as well, so you could buy the blocks separately (either more or less) and add the board, which, in my opinion adds a lot of value to the toy.

— Lisa

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Kristin on

I had never heard of these before a friend got them for my 3-year-old. They’re so cool!

Erika on

my son loves these! i have to admit so do i :]

marla on

these are such a fantastic toy, for boys or girls. i love sitting w/ my kiddos and creating things with them. wedgits are awesome!

Adele (UK) on

My daughter had 2 sets of these 2 years ago when she was 4 & loved them. She would spend ages making loads of different shapes & finding different ways to make them look like symmetrical patterns.

Danielle on

They’re so addictive.