Sound Off! What's the Best Advice You Received from Your Mom?

05/05/2009 at 09:00 AM ET

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As parents, we get advice from all directions, but generally speaking, the advice that matters most comes from our own mothers. Brooke Burke says her mother taught her unconditional love, while Thalía told us her mother taught her pure happiness. And Tori Spelling? The best piece of advice she received was to not listen to the advice of others!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner (this Sunday, May 10th!) we want to know: What’s the best advice you received from your mother?


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Lisa on

When i told my mother I was pregnant with my first she told me somehting I have never forgotten.She goes”well,now you will worry about someone else your whole matter waht happens you will always worry.”Being a mom she knew she was 100% right.From the moment I was pregant I was worrying that this little creature was ok.Now she is 12 and my worries have changed form but they are alwasy there..a mothers love…ah!

Jen on

“Treat people the way you want to be treated.” 🙂

Lorelei on

My mom told me “Pick your battles and don’t sweat the small stuff”. With three kids if I battled over everything there would never be any peace.

momto3 on

I wish I could say some amazing advice my mom gave me, but truth is, she never did. Instead, I know first hand how NOT to treat my children. It was the things she didn’t do that have made me a better mom today. The things I wanted to hear and/or do (from/with her) as a child but never happened have now become daily happenings with me and my three boys. My own adivce is ‘be the mom your kids deserve’.

Alex on

Well Mother’s Day was nearly two months ago in the UK, so this is a little late for us lol, but the best advice I ever had from my mother was to consider a partner as more than just a partner, but a father too. She was right too, it matters little to a child if the parents love each other unless that equals effective parenting.

suze on

“don’t worry, it’s only a stage…..and the next one will likely be worse”….

Jess on

Mom told me to “cherish all the moments, all the little things, because one day they’ll be grown and out of the house and you’ll be missing them. Even the bratty adolescent moments where you need to punish them are just a phase that is necessary for learning and growth…their appreciation will come later and it’s all worth it.”

Katie on

My mom always told me to moisturize daily. She’s 54 and looks 40…I’m 24 and have the skin of a child. Great advice.

Now if it were advice that had nothing to do with vanity, I’d say Don’t sweat the small stuff would win…it’s so true.

Kelly on

I wish I could remember something My Mom said to me but died when I was 7 in 1998 But I’m sure she would say even today that just be yourself and don’t let anyone else talk you into doing something you don’t want to do. She’s was the greatest and I miss her very much.

Mari on

The best advice my mother ever gave me by example and words was roots and wings. A strong family to form roots and then wings to provide independence gradually as children mature. I hope to be as good a mother as she is.

anon on

Don’t loan people money, if you can afford to just give it with no strings attached. Never feel like you have to prove your worth to anyone, your value will always be evident. Do things for people without being asked and try to make the best out of what you’re given

Amy on

A lot of things in life are more important than money.

CBB Danielle on

My mother’s mantra was “you do the right thing.” No matter what everyone else is doing, no matter what you feel like doing, you make sure that you’re the one doing what’s right. It was often repeated during fights with my younger brother but I heard it regularly until I moved out!

Maybe it’s why I was a Girl Scout for 9 years (earned my Silver AND Gold Awards), did a lot of after school philanthropic stuff (Save the Children, Students for the Protection of the Earth and an anti-drug puppet show group) and why I studied criminology in college.

*AJ* on

My mothers best piece of advice was to not worry about what others were doing, you figure out how to do things your own way and what works best for you and your babies. Listen to ideas and pick the ones you think work for you and the children.
I think My dad was more a mom and dad in my life and he always taught me to always try to give them the best education in life. Push them to the limits and tell them to never stop working at becoming more intelligent. You can never stop learning things until your dead so take the oppurtunity and cease it!