Nahla Aubry Sports Some Shades

05/05/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

GSI Media

She’s too cool for school! Nahla Ariela Aubry, 13 months, got hold of mom Halle Berry‘s sunglasses while leaving the Barefoot Cafe in Los Angeles on Saturday. The two enjoyed lunch after a shopping trip in Century City Mall.

Halle recently shared that she planted a vegetable garden in her backyard and took up online shopping to shield her family from the paparazzi. But at boyfriend Gabriel Aubry‘s urging, she’s taking her little girl out for more fun day trips!

See pictures from Nahla’s first year in our gallery, Nahla Ariela Aubry: Fun at One! If Halle wants to get Nahla some shades of her own, she should check out our latest Steal That Style feature, Protect Those Peepers!

Nahla wears Splendid Little’s Boho Voile Romper ($53; available here in red).

Click below to see a photo of Nahla and Halle together at Century City.


Nahla wears See Kai Run shoes in their Sara style ($38). Halle pushes Nahla in a Baby Jogger City Mini stroller in stone/black ($230). Check out our review of the City Mini Double here.

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emes on

beautiful mother-daughter duo!

Natalie on

Such a beauty! How can a one year old have perfectly arched eyebrows? Adorable.

Y on

She is so cute!

Julia on

Nahla is so adorable πŸ™‚

Max'sMom on

I am glad that her dad is urging her to take her out more.
Kids love being out & about, it is also good for them.

Lis on

Absolutely gorgeous little girl.

However she looks so funny in the second photo! She looks like she couldn’t be more relaxed in her stroller πŸ˜‰

babyboopie on

Nahla is beautiful, but how could she not be with two stunning parents? Love her!

Haylo on

She’s a beautiful child, she looks just like Gabriel to me, other than her coloring, Halle gets none of the credit!

Cortney on

Her eyes are perfect! Blue /Gray? How adorable! My question is, with all these celeb kids around and the cameras running after them, I would be making my kids wear shades all the time to block out all the flash bulbs…Wouldn’t all the lights, that usually makes people see ‘squares’ hurt their eyes?

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clippers on

My goodness, what a beauty!! She looks so much like her daddy except with Halle’s coloring.

gianna on

She looks exactly halle to me, same nose, mouth, hair and complexion, only thing I see of her dad is her color eyes.

LBoogie on

Halle has a beautiful child and should not shield her from life because of those paparazzi hounds….IGNORE those hounds!

FYI on

Cute pix CBB, hard to believe how fast Nahla is growing up. Thanks!
Nice spin on Halle saying Aubry commented on her being addicted to online shopping buying clothes for Nahla. He never said that she/they needed to get out more though it was implied. The interview was given in Feb/March. Halle, Nahla including Aubry have been seen lots prior to the interview as well as after.

CTBmom on

Nahla is (not surprisingly) beautiful. I bet she’s going to be absolutely stunning when she grows up.

Meream on

Wow, look at her eyes! Very beautiful.

yoco on

I saw the video of this shoot on E news Halle was cursing out the paparrazzi. There were about 20-30 guys outside the store. Halle was screaming” Back the F… up. This is a child” Halle was really angry but fortunately the baby was not upset.

jacky on

isn’t she adorable!

the second picture makes me want to collect money to buy halle a new bra

FC on

Now, I would love to see Nahla in some shades. She’d be stylin’, I’m sure. But I just wonder if she’s one of those babies who detests wearing hats/glasses and prefers to fling them around or, as she’s doing in the first photo, chew on them? LOL, still cute photos of them.

Blue on

Yoco, I saw that video too and totally agreed with Halle’s frustration. I don’t see how they do it because those papparazzi would drive me insane! Luckily it didn’t seem to faze the baby too much.

T on

Its sad that Halle feels stalked!

I think if a celeb is really serious about shielding their family from the paps they’d do like Demi Moore. She took her girls and raised them primarily in Ohio, Iowa or Idaho (one of those places)? She got her girls as far away from Hollywood as possible and hardly ever had to deal with the paparazzi.

FYI on

#15 there are pix on the internet of Nahla being upset…fortunately they’ve not been plastered all over the place. Yes, it’s unfortunate the times when she is actually stalked. She really may want to consider moving out of California for Nahla’s sake. Didn’t she supposedly buy a vacation home in Quebec? If so, why isn’t she there more?

Mimi on

I agree with T. Stars should consider moving if they want privacy. I so respect Demi and Bruce for leaving Hollywood at the height of their careers to raise a family.

Also stop going to hot spots. Do you notice that we only rarely see Nicole Kidman’s daughter. Nashville isn’t a hot spot so they get some privacy.

Nahla isn’t the only baby getting stalked.

Other babies we rarely see include: Bronx (Ashley/Pete), Emme & Max, Christina Aguilara’s son. We also haven’t seen Brad & Angie’s twins in awhile.

cas on

nahla is beautiful!

Ashley on

FYI I am sure she doesn’t go to Quebec often because it’s a vacation home and Halle probably wants to be near her mother.

I think it’s sad the photographers hound celebrities for a good shot. It would be nice if they could take a couple and then leave the families alone. But then again we add to the need for getting a good photo because we log onto sites like CBB everyday just to see the latest shots.

anon on

She’s halle except in the eyes. She’s going to be very tall and her hair seems to be curling up/getting darker.

anon on

actually she kinda just looks like halles mom( i just googled a pic of her).

Lisa on

Nahla is gorgeous!

Chris on

She looks just like Halle’s mother and Gabriel.

isacutie on

She is so cute. I love her curly hair.

Sarah M. on

Cortney – I recall reading an interview that about Romeo Beckham, son of David and Victoria. They stated that he had epilespy and that the falshs could actually cause him to have a seizure. We didn’t see a picture of him for quite a while after that.

Yoco – I can also understand her frustration. It would drive me crazy to have someone following me around with a camera all the time. She should, as someone suggested, move out of the hot spot. But I don’t think that cursing at the photogs, especially with Nahla there is appropiate, either. Nicole Richie doesn’t like them, but instead of cursing at them, she sings to Harlow to distract her. I would think that cursing might scare the child even more than the photographers!

Nahla is a beautiful girl, though! And I totally respect celebrity’s who keep their children out of the limelight!!

FYI on

Ashley#24-good point, whether it is supposedly a vacation home or an actual residence or just a rumor last Fall w/Aubry saying how great it would be to be near his family, I really don’t know, but the blogs were having a field day. She probably wants to be near her mother for support generally and when Aubry’s away working. If she/they do have property there, she/they haven’t been there much, if at all,guessing from of all the photos we’ve seen on here, etc.

Mimi#22–agree with you. At some point, for Nahla’s safety and well-being, it would behoove her to move out of Hwood only coming in town to attend events etc. She can still have her film/other career without living in LA or NYC (which she’s always had an apt and generally uses when in town for business). She work something out with her mother. There’s really no reason for her to stay there, unless she’s afraid to leave her comfort zone.

Anne on

Is it me or she looks like a darker Suri Cruise

Lani Mercado on


Morgan on

Is it just me or are we, the viewing public not creating the demand for the photos? It seems kind of convaluted to be a member of the very public that’s “clamoring” for pictures of these Celebrity Babies to then suggest that someone move their family to shield them from paparrazzi feeding our demand? Kind of a juxtaposed situation, no?

Sarah M. on

Morgan, if you think that it’s so awful for the paps to want pictures (and some of them are ruthless-which is NOT okay), then why are you on this site? Because, by simply looking at this site, you be your own definition, are part of the problem. (It sounds like I’m trying to be rude, but I’m really not! Just curious.) While I, too, would like to see these adorable photos, I don’t think the families should have to feel stalked in order to see them. I would just like to see some cute photos every now and then. I would rather not see the same baby every other day. I would hate being followed around every time I left my house!

simms on

I watched the video and Halle didn’t curse she said “this is a child, back up” repeatidly… She let them take pics earlier in the day while shopping and then coming out of the resturant they were blocking the car and surrounding her….

I don’t think she should have to move to a different home- she should have the right to her own personal space just like anyone else. Take the pictures, fine, but respect the person instead of just treating them as a cash cow.

T on

Halle, Nahla is absolutely beautiful! I hope more children are in store for you and Gabriel πŸ™‚