Liev Schreiber: 'Nothing Fun' About Two Under Two

05/05/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
Bauer Griffin

It’s been a stroke of luck for Liev Schreiber since signing on to film his new movie Salt; With the majority of the filming in the New York City area — where the actor lives with his fiancée Naomi Watts and their family — the father-of-two has managed to stay close to home. Unfortunately for Liev, that often means little — or no — sleep. “I don’t remember the last time I slept like a human being,” he says.

While Liev may be grateful for the opportunity to keep things local, he admits with two boys under the age of two, life in the Watts-Schreiber household has been far from peaceful!

“There’s nothing fun about the age they’re at right now. Each one on their own is insanely fun, but the combination of the two of them after hours is chaos.”

Telling Time Out Kids that his two boys are “really close” in age — Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete, 21 months, and Samuel Kai, 4 months — the 41-year-old actor laughs that, so far, there has yet to be much brotherly bonding between the duo. “Well, right now it’s just brother-waking-up-brother, which is really the nightmare,” he shares.

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Source: Time Out Kids

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jashmom on

That headline really scares me!!!! I’m due with my 4th anyday now. And when this baby is born, I’ll have 2 boys under the age of 2 (not to mention a 6 year old and 4 year old right at the beginning of summer break).

But with that being said, since my children are all pretty much close in age, I do hope they grow up being close to one another. I agree with what Liev said, our house is also chaotic. But it’s a fun chaos (most of the time)!!! =)

sadie on

Ahh Liev, two under two sounds like heaven to me. Try three under 16 months – it’s insane!
Sasha is such a stunner. Can’t wait to see Samuel… I wonder if he is a mini Naomi with Liev cheeks, too?

Alex on

My sister and I are Irish twins (she was born within one year of me) and although it’s nice now we’re older and can share very similar childhood memories, it wasn’t fun when we were younger. I was a very mellow kid, just happy to bumble along doing my thing, but my sister was loud and demanding and wanted everything from me and our older siblings. My brother in particular (who is another year older than me) freely admits he hated our sister until she was about 10. With that in mind, I really think that age gaps between kids are relative to the children involved. If you have two close in age, there is no guarentee they will be happy little playmates, and with a huge gap, there’s nothing to say that the older one will, for instance, look out for the younger one. Liev and Naomi may well find that Sasha will be fascinated with his little brother and dote on him, or they may find the opposite. Fingers crosed that Sammy is a little more amiable than my younger sibling!

mia on

Ah Liev – why don’t you get some sleep and let the nannies take care of the children and quit complaining. I have 2 boys under 2 and no outside help – it’s not that bad. In fact, there are many things about it that are fun. Quit scaring the women out there who actually do get up and feed the babies at night!! :0

Marie Snyard on

Why not talk to Jen Garner who seems to get it right with her
two daughters who are the similiar age.. She seems to get it
right since Vi is 3 years old and likes attention in the middle
of the night too.. Where is Naomi in the middle of the night
sleeping while you have to get up and feed the baby boy…

It takes time and it will happen but mom has to be there too.

Monique on

Having had two close together and then a six yr gap before #3 came along, I have to say that having a toddler and a newborn is much more difficult, in my own point of view. Even when babysitting, having a toddler and a little baby together was always more difficult than having at least 3yrs between children. My SIL had 4 kids in less than 4 1/2 yrs and while it’s much easier now that they’re 11,10,9 and 8, it was bedlum when they were babies. She’s due in November with #5 and it’ll be interesting to see the difference in hew newborn experience with the other kids being older!

Jane on

I guess Liev didn’t get the memo that because he is a celebrity with some outside help with his kids, he’s not allowed to be tired or complain about parenting every once in awhile.

Shouldn’t he know he’s not allowed to have human reactions!!! Shame on him!

morgan on

2 under 2 scares me too. Im due with my 1st this August and you can bet hubby and I will be using every form of birth control available! When this one is 4 we may try again but no promises!

Courtney on

I had 3 under 3 for a while. The first 2 were 18 months apart and then had a 3rd 14 months later. WE waited almsot 4 years till we had our final child…

Its a blur, those first couple years…LOL

yoco on

Liev is filming Salt in NY with Angelina Jolie . I wonder if their kids have met. The twins are about 10 months now.

Becky on

I had 5 kids in 4 1/2 years: Daughter in Feb 04, twin sons in March 06, Son in March 09, and daughter Nov 08. It’s very very hard to have so many young children (some at the exact same age) and some just a little older and younger. But, when I see them all find something they can do together in their own way, (like pretending, or coloring) it makes up for the stress…well on most days. Today, so far has been a doozie!

Becky on

goodness, I have so many kids I mixed up their birth year… I meant to say ‘Son in March 07’ that one is 9 days less than a year younger than my twin sons… so for 9 days, I had 3 two-year old boys! my house is nuts!

sally on

is it just me, or does he ALWAYS have something negative to say? Yes – I’m a mom too. I get that we need to vent from time to time. And celebrities are people too, bla bla bla.

But honestly, he should put a few happy words in from time to time. Nobody put a gun to his head. Sheeeeesh. He probably has it easier than most dads.

Christie on

I don’t understand why everyone is up in arms about what he said. If you read the article he’s actually saying how there is nothing fun about the two together after hours and when the baby wakes up Sasha. What is so bad about that really? He obviously loves his children and who cares if they might have help – that is not a reason for them to also suffer through some of the tough stuff that us “regular” parents deal with.

Christie on

Ok meant to say that them maybe having help doesn’t mean they can’t also suffer through the tough stuff like us “regular” parents. Wasn’t sure if that came out clear or not – :).

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Much as Liev loves his sons I’m sure, would be hard work, effectively two babies, which is why we had a 3 year gap ourselves. Wasn’t keen on two under two, or even more chaotic/tiring, two kids under say 18 mths, no thanks…!, although I know things don’t always work to plan for people, but I knew I didn’t want to under even 2 1/2,although would’ve welcomed a bub if earlier than planned of course and adjust to a smaller gap but we have a just over 3 year gap and no regrets! Means we have older one now over 4 1/2 years and little girl’s now just on 16mths – and her big brother being older means no double buggies, sharing baby gear etc, toilet trained, and he’s out 3 full days at local pre-school. He starts school in Sept, when he turns 5 years, and works out ideal for us, as younger one will be 20mths and coming up to awkward two’s when he’s out 5 full days at Kindy, like personally having one at home at a time I have to admit. I worried that we had a bigger gap but then see people even on this site, celebrities who have a 5 or 6 year gap, wanted thenm to be close as siblings interaction-wise, and realise a gap of 3 years 3 mths no so big in hindsight (as in Sarah Jessica P’s case, although I know it’s been reported they tried for a while to get preg again so wanted less of an age gap with the twins on the way). I know some people like them around 2 years apart but there’s no guarantee they get on any better as I know people with smaller gap when they fought like cats and dogs. My mum always says the 12mth gap (there are two mums at local Kindy where they have only a year between their two, yikes) would be harder than twins and I agree, two at slightly diff stages, toddler and newborn so can imagine it harder work with two under 18mths as Liev and Naomi have as harder for a younger older sibling to understand instructions, whats going on, whereas over 3 or 4 find you can at least reason with them a bit more, and they can even ‘help’ at over 4 years, thankfully, our older son likes to help out and fusses ovber little sis, protective of her which is sweet. Mind you, celebrities can afford a nanny for kids but at end of day they’re still yours and mum still has to be up during night if feeding bub etc!! Underlines my relief/decision to have a closer to 3 year gap for sanity and enjoying each of them individually!

kai on

Has a lot to do with someone’s sense of humour. From the way I know him from interviews, he probably doesn’t mean it in a truely negative way. But I admit I’m totally biased, love them!:)

Chris on

I think he was joking, not complaining.

Liliana on

Of course if he said having two children under two was tons of fun, he’d be blasted for not portraying the reality of parenting youngsters (i.e. Rebecca Romijn).

Sarah M. on

I have a friend who has a daughter under 1. She and her husband are expecting again. Their kids will be 14 months apart! When asked if that was planned, she will freely say “NO!” She loves her daughter, and will love the next one, but she didn’t want her kids that close together!

koala on

I love this family. Liev is funny, let the guy say what he wants. He’s allowed to have an opinion about his own life!

jjs on

I suppose we would need to hear his tone of voice to know if he was joking a lot.

My kids are a year apart. My oldest was not sleeping through the night when the youngest arrived. I was TIRED for a long time. It is kinda chaotic. But, I didn’t really know anything else.

Now my kids are 3 and 2. I absolutely LOVE their age difference. It is so much fun to watch them play together, they are such good friends. So far, the fighting has been minimal. We will see how that goes! lol

I always knew I wanted my kids close together. I really think I would be bored if I just had one.

angelika05 on

I am so glad Liev was honest. My sister has 4 kids, each 1.5 years apart, and it was hell on wheels for a while. I will just stick to my one child…I know my limits and I am fairly certain I cannot handle more than that!

Anna on

I like his honesty and even if they have help if your 2 kids are crying in the middle of the night you don’t get to sleep.

Niko on

Funny how some people already jump to criticize Liev for “complaining” or making “negative” comments about parenthood considering the “Nothing Fun” heading was OBVIOUSLY taken out of context. Its not like they watched the interview and saw him angrily say “It’s not fun! I hate it!”. We don’t even know what question was asked before he made that comment.

“the 41-year-old actor laughs that, so far, there has yet to be much brotherly bonding between the duo”

This line alone should tell you that he’s clearly being facetious about his struggles at parenting two kids under two. And he’s laughing as he’s sharing. Sure doesn’t sound serious or pissed off, which is the mood of a complainer. He must love being a parent, especially after having yet another kid!. Some folks need to relax, seriously…

JK on

I’m right there with your Liev. My kids are 15 months apart and two under 2 is A LOT OF WORK!
They’re now 3 and 4 years old and it’s gotten a bit easier..they’re both boys so it’s not that much easier but those first 2 years were really tough on my husband and I but we got through it..
Check back with us in 10 years!

Mia on

I doubt he was truely complaining. Especially after having the older one recently so sick. I know a lot of times things are taken out of context when they are giving these interviews. We have all complained anyways, doesn’t mean for a second we are not feeling truely blessed most of the time. My sister and I were 13 mos apart in the middle of six kids, chaotic yes! mine are close to 4 yrs apart and it was wonderful. I think the first one should get a head start before bringing another one in, unless it is a surprise then you just love them and deal.

Angelia on

My first daughter Anneliese was only 21 months when my younger girl Jenna was born. Right now its a ton of work but I am loving it.

mccollegemom on

My first two children were seventeen months apart and then I had two more after that who were almost exactly two year apart. All in all, I had four children in six years. While life was hectic in the baby and preschool years, I miss it so much now! I have four teens now and I think because of their close ages they all are very close. It goes so fast sometimes. While I didn’t like the lack of sleep, I loved being home and playing with my kids! I hope Liev is able to get some more rest but most of all enjoy those boys while they are young and continue to enjoy each stage with its challenges and charms!

DD on

Liev is refreshingly honest and funny. It’s great to know that he is right there with Naomi. When you are in the thick of the newborn craziness, it’s really hard to focus on the positive, especially when you aren’t getting any sleep. My husband and I were pretty much overwhelmed for the first 7 or 8 months with our ONE child.

Mom of 2 Year Old Boy on

I honestly read it the way I would say it . . . basically he is saying “nights are tiring when one wakes up the other”. He isn’t necessarily complaining, he is just stating the honest truth. I believe from what I have seen and read, that Naomi and Liev are very good parents and very hands on with their children, so even with some outside help, they still do most of the work themselves. Honestly, I only have 1 boy, and I would love some outside help every now and then, if i could afford it. LOL I am a very sarcastic person, and I believe Liev is too, so I think everyone should cut him some slack, because “hearing” him say it is a lot different than just “reading” it . . . we aren’t catching the tone of his voice! But, like I said, I think he was stating the truth about nighttime and not complaining about it, because their days are probably a lot of fun, and tiring too!!!! LOL . . . You look like a good dad, Liev, and Naomi a good mom . . . keep up the good work!!!!

Jessica on

Hey, I don’t blame the guy. I have a nearly 4-month old daughter, my only child, and I’m exhausted! Even though my husband got up twice with her last night as she’s recovering from the flu, I’m still exhausted! Thinking of my SIL, who has a 4-year-old boy and a two-week-old girl, I mumbled to myself yesterday, “thank god I don’t have two!” I don’t know how I’d keep my head up. Nanny help or not, being a parent is hard and exhausting. If you do have a nanny, God bless you!

KansasRefugee on

I would think any parent who is doing their job is going to find 2 under 2 to be difficult.