Jennifer Garner on Violet's Honey Fun

05/05/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
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While making the rounds in support of her new film Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Jennifer Garner last week showed off some seriously skinned knees which she suffered after falling during a recent jog. She tells Live with Regis and Kelly that the day of the accident was filled with ‘oh no’ moments, however. As husband Ben Affleck tended to Jennifer’s injuries — applying band-aids and neosporin — it dawned on the couple that their 3-year-old daughter Violet Anne had gone missing. “We said, ‘Where’s Violet? Has anyone seen her? What happened?'” Jennifer recalled.

“You know when a 3-year-old has been left alone for a while? We walked into the next room — we’re in a rented house, by the way. Sorry people that we’re renting the house from, I’m about to tell you something you’re not going to like. She had a jar of honey, upside down, empty. She was going like this [makes a swimming motion].”

Although Violet had indeed dumped honey all over the carpet, the furniture and even Jennifer’s computer, the 37-year-old actress says she couldn’t be angry with her daughter. “She was fascinated by it,” Jennifer explained. “You can’t even say anything about it.” In addition to Violet, Jennifer and Ben are parents to Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 4 months.

Source: Live with Regis and Kelly

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Natasha on

Obviously I wasn’t there so I don’t know the whole story haha but I think I would’ve disciplined my kid for that one 😉

nan on

uh-oh…this could be as big as the “throwing food on the floor in a restaurant” debate!! lol….

Cece on

Hmmmmm….. I guess if you have nannies, maids etc… you’re thinking this is a mess but I don’t have to worry about it. For average middle-class Mom’s I think a bit of anger is a normal response when they’re the ones to clean it up!

Natasha on

Nan, haha I hope not 😉 But it’s not like I really care either, she’s their kid not mine 😛

Y on

Yeah, I guess it’s not that big a deal when you’re a millionaire and your kid spills honey all over your computer…it’s like replacing toilet paper for them..must be nice.

SH on

yeah, easy for the parents who make millions to not get mad about thousands of dollars of damage that their 3 year old makes. any other parent who has honey on their computer and carpet isn’t gonna say “oh i’m not mad, look! she’s so fascinated!” yeah. don’t see that happening in the real world. most parents would be pretty darn mad. hope she doesn’t bring violet (who thinks that behavior is ok) to other peoples houses because they’d be pretty mad too. my 3 year old son like to do destructive stuff like that and i let him know that he can’t do stuff like that because, while i may not care about certain things, (i mean things happen with a 3 year old), he can’t go to gramma’s house or auntie’s house and be destructive. it’s called manners and you have to teach them young IMO. i do see where jen is coming from though, you can’t sweat the small stuff with a 3 year old, and they’re going to wreck things, it’s just a matter of time…but carpet and a computer aren’t small to most people.

MZ on

Cece do they even have a nanny? I don’t think I’ve ever seen pictures of them with one. I think Jennifer was just thinking that there are 2 ways to respond to the situation: with anger or with love. She didn’t say she didn’t discipline Violet for it, just that she didn’t get really mad over it. I think Jennifer probably was the one to clean it up.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

ITA SH!, alright for them, but kids need discplining too, choosing your battles, I would discipline for his one!

beth fortin on

cece, really? i think her response was appropriate. sometimes it’s so unbelievable you just have to laugh. sound a little jealous, you do!
nevermind. the green eyed monster is the worst kind.
btw, i am a very middle class mom myself. and i would have laughed and then disciplined. it was hilarious.

Lauren on

Yeah…not really seeing the humor in a toddler’s fascination with spilling a jar of honey all over thousands of dollars worth of someone else’s property and then portraying it as cute behavior on national TV-without telling the person whose property was damaged. Good for them that they can be so cavalier about how to treat other peoples’ belongings.

Ann Downs on

I did this with honey when I was 5 – and kind of put it on the dog. My mom was pissed and I got quite a wack – for making a mess and wasting honey!

Domi on

Chill, guys. While Jennifer said she couldn’t be “angry” with her daughter, she never says she didn’t discipline her. My parents did a lot of discipline with me that wasn’t angry. We had a lot of “sit down and explain why I shouldn’t have done X or why Y was a bad idea” discussions, which taught me more than them yelling at me would have.

Not getting angry with her is different than not disciplining her. Also, don’t assume they don’t care about discipline because they “make millions” – that’s a little unfair, since you don’t know them, you don’t know their finances, and you don’t know how they really reacted in the situation.

Alice on

I understand what you mean but we’re not sure she did any real “expensive” damage. I close my laptop when I don’t use it and if I dump food on it it’s no big deal then. I don’t think she would let Violet get away with destroying a computer… she seems quite down to earth usually.

Maggie on

eh-she probably ‘niced’ it up for the interview too. 🙂 but it was their fault, they left her alone- so how can you be that mad if you weren’t watching your kid. Trust me, I have left my 3 year old innocently enough to grab my baby or answer the phone- amazing what they can do in a matter of minutes!

The Laughing Stork on

Usually when a little girl wanders off for that period of time, the cutting of hair/bangs is involved… 😉

Laura on

How do we know that Violet thinks pouring honey over things is OK? Jen said she didn’t get mad but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t scold Violet or explain to her that she isn’t allowed to play with things like that and certainly not pour it on the floor and the computer. Just because she didn’t get angry doesn’t mean she didn’t teach Violet that it was wrong.

Liv on

I agree with everyone. You can’t sweat the small stuff, but I would have at least given my child a time out. How is your kid suppose to know it’s not appropriate behavior if you don’t tell them it’s not okay? I feel bad if they did have a maid clean it up because that would be a big mess.

kris on

I’m just going to say that I’ve seen plenty of damage done at friends houses by their little ones. It happens. As far as it being a rental, I’m sure they took care of cleaning the mess. Whatever that may have entailed. My youngest gets into all sorts of stuff if I leave him alone for to long. It’s generally in their nature. Not saying you don’t talk to them about it but she just said she couldn’t get mad. And, let’s not forget they are dealing with a 3 year old who is adjusting to a new baby in the house. Lots of changes going on for that little girl.

Natasha on

It says that Jen said “You can’t even say anything about it.” so I assume that means she didn’t discipline her.

Stephany on

Where are people getting this assumption that Violet was not disciplined? All Jen said was she “didn’t get angry”. This does not mean she didn’t explain to Violet that what she did was wrong. Plus, I doubt Violet did it on purpose and it’s good to make it a learning experience as well!

Sarah M. on

As others have said, she never says that she didn’t discipline Violet, just that she didn’t get mad. There is more than 1 was to discipline a child. And, working with children in many capacities for many years, I’ve found that children learn more if the discipline is done in a way other than anger.

I don’t think they have a nanny, either. (I may be thinking of another celebrity family, though.) So we don’t know if the mess was left for someone else to clean up. I would guess that they did it themselves, seeing how down to earth they seem the majority of the time. Even if they have a maid that cleaned it up, maybe they payed her extra for it. When I bused table, a family came in with a baby. By the time they were done, the floor and table were COVERED with food. As they left, they gave me $20 for my having to clean up extra mess.

Liz on

My daughter did something like that not too long ago and it didn’t make me mad either. I’m pretty calm about most things though. She didn’t mean to do anything destructive. Shrugs. Thankfully the TV has the remote and we don’t have to push the buttons on it very often. It’s still sticky in the buttons. smiles

Gigi on

Hello, did anyone read the whole post? Natasha is right. Jen said, “You can’t even say anything about it.” That implies she did not even discuss it with Violet. Maybe she worded it wrong but that’s what Jen said and from the rest of the quotes, she implies she thought it was funny, not necessarily a big deal. Also I have kids and leaving them alone for a few minutes shouldn’t mean they take something and spill it all over the place. My kids aren’t angels but even they know that’s a bad thing.

Sarah M. on

There is a 3 year old with a new baby in the house! Maybe she’s acting out. You can’t treat her like a demon child for that. Aside from that, it is an interview. Maybe she said something about a discipline of sorts, but it didn’t make the final cut for the interview. Maybe the interviewer changed her quote slightly. Unless you sat in front of Jen for the interview, you don’t know every last word that was said!

MZ on

OK I have never dumped honey on a carpet before, but is it really going to RUIN the carpet? I doubt that is thousands of dollars worth of damage, as someone suggested. Honey isn’t necessarily going to ruin a computer, either. If it’s a desktop it could be wiped off the monitor and a keyboard can be replaced for $15.

Keep things in perspective people.

Nan on

Sarah M: Jen’s comments were made LIVE on LIVE with Regis and Kelly. Not much chance for the “interviewer to change her quote” or leave things out!

Sarah M. on

Nan, I must not have read that part. Thanks for pointing that out to me. But, even then, sometimes you just have to laugh. As MZ said, I doubt the damage was that much.

Caitie on

Personally, I think all of you parents who have it absolutely right and do everything perfectly, never make a mistake, have absolutely perfect angelic children should start publishing books so that the rest of us poor, uneducated, don’t know how to do it right people can learn.

Susannah on

I remember my mum telling me to always distinguish between wilfully disobedient behaviour and childish immaturity. The former needs more strict discipline whilst the other requires a gentle word but lots of patience. It was a great lesson for me to learn when I was getting frustrated with my daughter dumping her milk down so hard it slopped, or the first time she drew on the freshly-cleaned carpets with her new crayons – those were instances of childish immaturity. I suspect Jennifer Garner is able to distinguish between the two. If it was a consistent pattern, that’s a different story but it doesn’t sound like this.

christina on

Jennifer can’t win for losing on this one. People are criticising her because hey think she didn’t discipline her child. I can only imagine the critical tone of the comments if Jennifer had said she was so furious that she took off her belt and whupped her good over it…

Chris on

I doubt Violet understands that they are renting some else’s home. To her it’s probably just the place where she lives. Also how does a 3-year old open a jar of honey?

koala on

All the Jen fans will hate me saying this BUT…I remember Ben’s story about Violet pushing a glass of water over deliberately in a restaurant. I have a 3 yr old and he would not do that or spill honey all over a floor or a computer. They may be fascinated with honey but they are not so “childishly immature” that they would think its ok to pour the honey all over the floor or table. Violet is, compared to all the 3 yr olds I know, a bit of a “handful”.

Grace on

There’s a huge difference between being wicked and being curious, and for a three year old, the intent really does matter.

If your kid has opened your laptop, poured honey in it, and when you discover her mid-act she looks defiant/caught/guilty, then you sort of know she did it intentionally and that’s a problem. If you walk in on your child fascinatedly examining honey as it comes out of the jar, and it looks like the vandalism is secondary to a toddler exploring this strange and gooey new substance that doesn’t act like normal liquids… That’s a different matter entirely. One deserves the wrath of god, the other deserves a stern talking-to about why we don’t conduct experiments without asking permission and finding a safe place.

It’s all about intent, and from the sound of it, Jen’s saying Violet wasn’t being destructive, she was being curious. You have to admit, honey IS a pretty unusual substance to encounter.

…oh, and as for the rental, as long as it’s been cleaned and brought back to the rental standard, they should be fine.

Natasha on

Caitie, you can buy mine online! 🙂

Gisela on

I hope she just meant you couldn’t say anything negative about it. What you can do is let Violet discover how tricky cleaning up honey can be. Not by making her do it herself, but trying together for a few minutes before you call in an expert. I don’t think that would be inappropriate for a three year old.

g!na on

I’m beginning to think Violet get’s away with a lot!lol. First, the story about throwing a whole plate of food in a restaurant and damaging a rented room with sticky honey! I’m going on a stretch here but i think she might be a handful! he he! Violet seems to be a bit mischevious but very cute! I would get very mad if i walked in a room covered in honey & a damaged pc! I would not have the money to replace it!

Angel on

I saw the interview when it aired and I don’t remember her stating she didn’t get angry. I got the impression, based on Jennifer’s facial expressions, that she was amazed that out of all the things Violet could have done she chose this.
As others have said, she didn’t say one way or the other if she disciplined Violet or not and she wasn’t asked. I don’t consider her saying “You can’t even say anything!” as proof she didn’t. When I watched it I took the comment to mean she didn’t even know where to begin to explain to Violet why this was bad. I think some are reading a little too deeply into it. It also helps to see her tell the story because she looks amused and exasperated at the same time.

Sam on

“I feel bad if they did have a maid clean it up because that would be a big mess.”

Wouldn’t that be the maid’s job though?

Sam on

Yes, the do have a nanny. I’ve seen her photographed picking Violet up from school, taking her to the play ground, etc.

Sam on

” then portraying it as cute behavior on national TV-without telling the person whose property was damaged. Good for them that they can be so cavalier about how to treat other peoples’ belongings.”

I’m sure they payed for the damage. If they were really trying to hide the damage they did then Jennifer wouldn’t have announced the story in public. I don’t think it’s a big deal for the people who owned the house if they got new carpeting out of this.

Grace on

Oh for heaven’s sake. Yes, they’re wealthy. Yes, they can pay for help, or for a professional carpet-cleaning service. But I’ve known plenty of wealthy parents who are extremely grounded while raising their kids to respect money, and plenty of working-class parents who are complete loons when it comes to drawing boundaries for their kids.

It’s fine to be envious of people with nannies or crazy disposable income, but insisting that it somehow informs their ability to raise their kids is — well, not very flattering towards the commenters.

pghgirl on

wow everyone jumped on this. so what if she didn’t get angry, she was dealing with a 3 year old, getting angry with her wouldn’t help. she never said she didn’t do anything about it, she just didn’t know how to react. now if Violet was say 8 years old then yes a different reaction would have been better but she’s 3, of course she was fascinated by it. it’s not like she did it on purpose knowing she was ruining things. sometimes things happen that you can’t help but not get mad at, depends on your personality. looking at the big picture, spilling honey all over is not that bad, she could be doing much worse things and obviously Jennifer is choosing her battles so to speak. she also never said what Ben’s reaction was, he is the parent too.

Anna on

I would definitely “say something” if my 3-year-old did that! I’m surprised at all these “middle-class” moms who say they would just laugh it off…

SH on

MZ, If you had to replace carpet, furniture, and a computer, then yeah, it could definitely be thousands of dollars of damage. If it was little drips of honey everywhere that would be no biggie…but Jen said that the jar was empty and that Violet was making a swimming motion. Sounds like a pretty big mess to me…

And like I said, things happen, believe me I know – I have 4 kids under 5 years old, and I am not claiming to be the perfect mother. You have to leave them alone sometimes. I’m constantly cleaning up SOMETHING that they’re in to! I was just saying that while YOU may not care that they’re wrecking YOUR stuff, you still can’t let them get away with it because then the kids think that’s ok behavior at grammas, aunties, school, restaurants, etc…And I do believe that 3+ is old enough to know better in MOST situations. I’m not saying beat the kid…but I think a parent should discipline and show anger so they know that it’s not ok to wreck things like that. Who else will teach her? JMO

jen on

I have 4 daughters and I am glad to hear I am not alone. My 3 year old is always into something anytime she gets a few minutes alone.I hope it gets better.

Kat on

I take it to mean she can’t say anything negative about it.

I agree… it’s a 3yr old and a jar of goo that comes out easily when it’s open… really, a mess is expected when those two are combined.

Do you clean them up and discipline them by having them help clean up and telling them not to get into stuff without Mommy and Daddy helping, of course…. but do you get all mad, angry, and read the kid the riot act… no.

Heck, I’d have grabbed the camera first… nothing funnier than a super sticky kid covered in something.

g!na on

SH- I completely agree with you!

Nanny-Emma on

It’s completly up to Jen how she handles a situation like this. A friend of mine left her 2 year old for 5 minutes and returned to nappy rash cream EVERYWHERE, carpet, all in the TV (needed to be replaced) all over him. She went balistic and even broke down in tears as she just didn’t know what to do. I would of loved to of seen Jen’s reaction at the time. I bet she was too concerned with the damage to discipline Violet properly lol.
I absolutely adore Jen and Violet is gorgeous but I have to agree with some of the comments above suggesting Violet sounds like she gets away with a lot. I hate to judge but she still has a pacifier (not in public but I’ve seen it in her mouth when she gets inside the car) and appears to still be in diapers. I think 3 is harder age than ‘the terrible 2’s’ anyway. Again, I hate to sound judgemental because I love how happy Violet is all the time. She’s just a bit of a rebel is all 😉

By the way to those who asked ‘do they even have a Nanny’. Yes they do, certain sites that show pictures of the kids without the Parents (which I think is wrong by the way) have shown Violet with her Nanny numerous times.

Y on

I guess I am just not seeing the humor in a 3 year old child getting honey everywhere..What is funny about that?
And for those of you who say that you would be laughing if you caught your child doing that, I somehow doubt that.

Jeannie on

At least the fire department didn’t have to be called this time! Remember a couple of years ago, in another rental, Jennifer set off the fire alarm by “cooking hot!”

Thank goodness Violet didn’t try to feed the honey to Seraphina.

About the nanny, I seem to recall Jennifer saying that the nanny doesn’t live with them.

Sarah on

A very normal mommy moment in my experience. I don’t think I would have reacted with her sense of calm though. I probably would have cried.

dmj on

Not getting upset about honey everywhere? I want what she’s having! Is it valium, prozac, what?

itstartedwithafish on

How hilarious ! Good for Jennifer that she could see the comic side.

And how lucky they were, it was only honey,… you can wash that out so easily.
Not like the dark blue shoe cleaning paste my little sister used to “fancy up” my light-coloured new shoes… and the carpet while doing my shoes.

I never understood how my mum could keep her calm then.
I was off my rocker the moment I saw it (there was a 13 y age difference between the two of us,- my late younger sis and I) and got sent to my room because of it.
Now I know she was right.
I didn’t do anything wrong, my shoes were in the clothing “room” with the door shut and my little sis just did her “baby thing”.
Didn’t have the money to get new shoes, so I was the girl with the augly shoes for a year.
And my mum learned to put the shoe-cleaning stuff up, way up on the highest shelf. Helped with the babies that came after that lol

Jennifer is right, – honestly, you can’t say anything about it… because you’re SPEECHLESS lol who in their grown-up mind could have guessed something like that happen ? lol

Bangs cut, piggy-tails cut, walls painted,- event wallpaper ripped off… every family has their own share of experience what kids can come up with exploring the world.

Too good I don’t have honey around but I am sure I will learn something new from every child in my life ;o)

kai on

53 comments? are you serious?? Good grief.

mmh on

“At least it was only honey”?!!!!!!!!!! It takes me about two baby wipes to get a little honey off my son’s hands (don’t worry, he’s over a year old!). I would have probably had a nervous breakdown thinking about getting a whole jar off of my carpet… But that’s just me, I guess!!!!!

J on

Lol you people have no sense of humor at all. If you saw the show you would know it was just a funny light-hearted commented. Stop taking everything so seriously…..jeez!

PJ on

Are some of you people serious? What don’t people nitpick here regarding other celeb’s and everyday parent’s parenting ideas and skills?

Honestly, she spilled and paddled in honey but they cleaned it, maybe paid for the damange and then moved on. Some of you act like Jen and Ben should be dwelling on it still. “No use crying over spilled milk”, any of you ever hear of that? Youcan also take that saying literally.

txgal on

Man, I was hoping she’d say how she got it out of the carpet. I was curious bc that stuff is hard to get out of carpet.

CTBmom on

When my son was 3, I ran upstairs to fold some laundry while he was eating his lunch. I heard an “uh oh” from downstairs and came running. My son stood at the bottom of the stairway blocking the stairs…a dead giveaway that something was wrong. I picked him up and moved him out of my way. At first I didn’t see anything wrong, but then I looked towards the kitchen and there sitting in the doorway leading to the kitchen was a brand new gallon of milk spewing like a fountain from two sides. I stood in shock looking at the “milk fountain” for a second or two and then ran and grabbed it and put it in the sink. Of course more than half the gallon now was puddled on the tile in the kitchen and seeping into the livingroom carpet. I was surprisingly calm. I got the mess cleeaned up and then I set down with my son and asked him what had happened. He said “I was trying to get my straw”. I was confused “your straw?”. Yes, he said “I was trying to drink my milk and the straw fell into the jug.” Oh, okay I replied (like that explained everything). He said, “I couldn’t reach it with my fingers, so I got a knife and cut a hole to get it out…but I still couldn’t reach it so I cut a hole on the other side.” Then I understood. He had thought it would be cool to use a straw and drink directly out of the milk jug, but the straw had slipped into the jug and he was unable to reach it, so was clever enough to try to go through the side of the jug. It was such a 3 year-old thing to do, that I wasn’t mad at him for the mess. However, because of the danger of using a knife, I did explain to him how dangerous knives were and that he would get a spanking if he touched them again (and of course I moved them higher and where he didn’t know where they were) and then I put him down for a nap because at that point I need a break. My point is kids this age are trying to figure things out and are also very impulsive that they don’t think or understand the consequences of their actions. Jen handled it very well I think…getting angry wouldn’t have solved anything, as I am sure that Violet was not trying to be destructive.

Angel on

Nanny Emma, Violet is potty trained. Jennifer has talked about training her. Also, Violet has unintentionally (I’m assuming anyway) shown the paps her “big girl undies” as my mom called panties. Also, many preschools will not accept kids that are not potty trained. So, I don’t know where you’ve gotten the impression she hasn’t been trained. Unless you’ve confused Violet with Leah Remini’s daughter or Suri Cruise. I haven’t seen Violet using pacifier in quite some time either.
Honestly, I think Violet is a typical 3 year old. 3 year olds are a handful. I don’t think being a handful is proof she gets away with a lot. It’s proof she’s a kid!

Bri on

So, koala – you’ve heard two stories about Violet acting like, imo, a typical toddler and she’s been deemed a “handful”. The comments here (for the most part) are totally ridiculous and as usual, the story has been blown WAY out of proportion. I’m not a “Jen” hating on you for saying that, koala – just a logical mother.

Becky on

HAHA! I know what she means, except I was mad. Well, more shocked than mad. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I left the room for a second and came back and found my daughter had gotten into the fridge. She was sitting on the kitchen floor with a container of yogurt she was eating and had gotten the milk out (but couldn’t open the lid), got the ketchup out (but didn’t do anything with it, thank god), and put an egg on the top shelf of the fridge. I thought that was all that happened and was pleasently suprised at how neat and tidy everything was. She was scolded for getting into the fridge when she knows she is not supposed to but all in all, I was pleased. And then….about 30 mins later I went to check something on our new $1000 laptop. I open the screen and saw it. She put an egg on the keyboard, and shut the computer!! There was smashed egg all over, oozing out the bottom. Needless to say the computer was dead. Thank god for warratnies! They coulnd’t believe it. They were laughing at me. I was the only one who has brought a laptop back for repair with an egg smashed on it. I can laugh about it now. 🙂

Meream on

AGree with previous commenter. Sometimes, humor is the best way to respond to a difficult situation.

babyboopie on

Humour may be the best way to respond to ‘difficult situations’ sometimes but in THIS situation, I would NOT find it funny because it is a rented property, with their personal belongings- no matter if they can replace all of those things, it’s still the principle of it, that Jen thinks it’s just funny that Violet (who somehow managed to open a jar of honey) did that. I would have been horrified! If my son did that, I would have explained clearly to him why dumping honey all over a laptop and carpet was a naughty thing to do etc…I understand every parent is different and have different circumstances but a bit of common decency and manners wouldn’t go astray…
I just hope they cleaned it up themselves (Jen and Ben) and phoned the owners of the property to inform them and for them to send the bills for the damage.

anne on

i dnt have kids but i have a nephew who is 3 years.i cannot see him pouring honey allover the place and his mom or me going oh this is fascinating?NAUGHTY CORNER ANYONE?

Lis on

CTBmom – your 3 year old had a KNIFE???!!! Now that is enough to warrant some SERIOUS discipline/punishment. That is extremely scary. I’m glad nothing more serious than spilled milk happened…

Christine on

I think this a good lesson in “not sweating the small stuff”, and it IS just stuff folks. Yes she made a mess, yes Jen should (and probably did) talk to her about it, but getting mad and freaking out? Over carpet? Is that really worth it?

Nanny-Emma on

Angel, I’ve seen pics with her with Pull-ups on leaving her Nursery within the last month. Same with the pacifier. I’m not judging at all, I don’t know her circumstances. Good for her if she’s potty training but I have seen her in a pull-up recently.

As for being a handful. I’m sure she’s fine. I look after 2 different 3 year olds. One is a ‘handful’ as you might say (but he’s lovely) and the other in comparison is an angel. I can totally see my first 3 year old doing what Violet did lol. He absolutely loves exploring everything. His parents give him a pacifier when they’re around, he pretty much runs the show with them. Once again I don’t know what Violet is like or how Jen parents her, I’ve never met them but Vi definitely sounds like ”my” three year old lol.

In all fairness though she has got face it would be hard to get mad at!

Sarah M. on

CTBmom – You have a VERY creative child. A knife, not safe, but he was just trying to find another way to drink the milk out of the carton.

I agree with Becky. Even though a situation may seem terrible now, later on you can laugh at it and realize that (in the grand scheme of things) it’s not that big a deal. As for the pacifier and pull-up. Maybe they just had an extra pull-up in her bag and she had an accident at school. My, now 6 year old cousin, had his pacifier until he was 4. It may have been a big comfort item for Violet. She sounds like a “normal” 3 year old to me. 3 year olds are curious with new things. And when they want in something bad enough, they will find ANY way into it. Somehow!

Ria on

@txgal – easily the best comment.

I’m going to sit on the fence on this one and say that whilst I agree Violet needed to be disciplined, there’s not really anyway of telling from the interview that she wasn’t. From watching Regis & Kelly videos on the net (we don’t get it here in the UK *sniff* and I love Ms. Ripa), the interviews aren’t that long. And I have a sneaky impression, that sometimes the interviewers talk to their guests beforehand (or at least someone does) to get some idea of what’s going to be said (could be wrong but hey :)). Taking this all into consideration, a) Jen probably couldn’t have sat there and told the whole story (i.e. how she disciplined her and what have you) due to time constrainsts, and b) perhaps someone told her to condense (sp?) the story.

OK, I shall stop rambling now 🙂

Susannah on

Koala – seeing as I am the poster who drew the distinction between ‘childishly immature’ and wilful behaviour – are you a child development expert? Honestly! It bugs me so much that 3 year olds are expected to behave in ways that are developmentally beyond them. Also, I think it’s pretty ridiculous to typecast a child as a handful based on two stories. Don’t forget, we may see the pics, we may hear snippets, but we have no real idea as to how celebrities raise their families.

koala on

Well, ironically enough, I am a clinical child psychologist! But realx, my comment was from my mother mode not my professional one. We don’t tend to see children for extreme honey dispersion! Look, I was not saying she IS a handful I was saying the stories HER PARENTS tell make her SEEM to be a handful IMO compared to the many many 3 yr olds I know. I am NOT saying she is a brat or a bad kid, I am saying she sounds like a “handful”…I meant it as a fairly affectionate term and I do honestly stand by my comment that most 3 yr olds would stop somewhere between the taking of the honey from the cupboard and the spilling an ENTIRE jar on the carpet and computer and think…”This might get me into a teeeeensy bit of trouble.” Sure, I can think of two 3 yr olds that I know who might not, but they are also adorable, lovely, lively handfuls. If my comments really irritate you, you should enjoy the fact that my youngest shows every sign of being a complete handful also!

koala on

By the way, I think your mums advice on discipline is excellent, even if we seem to disagree on the honey isssue. I bet she’s a great grandma.

natz on

So many perfect mummies out there with 3 year olds that behave perfectly!! How I’d love to be a fly on the wall in your homes! You know what guys, you cant always respond in irritation or anger. Relax!! She’s only 3! I wonder where the conversation would be now if she’d said she was so angry at Violet over spilling honey!!! mmmm, I really wonder!

itstartedwithafish on

how to get honey out of a carpet:

Hire a washing-vacuum-cleaner. Actually we bought one when we had our first son because we had carpets everywhere and so he could crawl around without us worrying too much about mites and stuff…

and since honey ist just a sugar you can get it out with a little perseverance… jelly and other sugary stuff, too, btw ;o)

Rosy J on

Wow! I find most of these comments ridicious beyond measure. First and foremost, I would never venture to critize any parent regarding how they chose to handle a situation regarding their own child. Secondly, Ben and Jen, as the parents are responsible for any damage caused by Violet. Way too much is being placed on this scenerio and it is solely their responsibility. What the heck do we care, it is no skin off our noses. I am frankly surprised that it sparked such a lengthy discussion. It makes me wonder if it has anything to do with a need to discredit them as parents. God forbid, celebs are considered good parents. It sounds like a bunch of jealous people with a need to be as good as or better than celebs. The nerve!

Terri on

I think I would have found it funny about 20 years later! At the time, not so much.

Emma on

OK, firstly if I was Jen I probably wouldn’t care too much about the damage as I’m sure they can afford to replace it if necessary! Secondly, when my eldest was about 3 we took up our lounge carpet and replaced it with wooden flooring because of all the gunk he’d dropped on the carpet which we couldn’t properly get out! He was never “allowed” to do that and was always told off for it but a 3 yr old will be a 3 yr old – and if they’re not I’d be worried!