Carnie Wilson's Sunday Service

05/05/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
Sam Sharma/Pacific Coast News

After Sunday morning service at the United Methodist Church, Carnie Wilson ran errands in Sherman Oaks, Calif. — including a trip to the grocery store. Due with daughter Luciana in June, Carnie, 41, says big sister Lola Sofia, 4, is more excited than anyone!

“Lola’s really, really thrilled. She was with me when I took the pregnancy test, and when we looked at the stick, she started jumping up and down, going, ‘Mommy, you’re pregnant!’ She’s so excited for this baby to come.”

Carnie can currently be seen hosting The Newlywed Game on The Game Show Network. She also recently gave us a peek at Luciana’s nursery — check it out here!

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heather on

So much for trying to not gain much weight during pregnancy!

Bonnie on

Wow Heather, that comment was really insensitive. I couldn’t imagine being as pregnant as she is and having someone say something like that to me. Everyone can make plans to have a perfect pregnancy but we all know that sometimes that just doesn’t happen. She should be focusing on the wonderful and joyous occasion of bringing her new little daughter into this world. I,for one, am thrilled for her!

Ashley on

Heather it really isn’t surprising that she has gained a lot of weight she has always been a bigger woman.

I’m surprised your comment was displayed it was a tad rude.

Mandy on

Wow. How did Heather’s comment make it through? Is that not insulting Carnie’s appearance?

girlJordan on

Her pregnancy seems to have gone on forever!

Crystal on

I agree with Heather! She is very large to be due the first of June. I know that Carnie has struggled with her weight most of her life but she’s BIG!!! They say that overweight people should only gain like 10-15 pounds during their pregnancy and it seems like she has gained much more than that!

Julie on

Heather thats very insensitive of you to say. I think she looks awesome and happy for the baby to come and that’s what matters.

em on

I don’t think she looks so terribly heavy. She is only 5’3″, so a lot of that is baby popping out anyway this late in the game. The dress/top she has on gives an impression of a little more weight than she’s probably gained too.
But, best wishes to her for health and happiness in her family!

Lis on

Heather, I think you put it nicely as to what everyone else is probably thinking!

Ellen Smith on

Heather: I agree with you. This is a woman who went through gastric bypass surgery to deal with her weight issues and it seems as though she said “to heck with it” when she became pregnant. I would not be surprised if she had gestational diabetes. Also, the outfit is completely unflattering, pregnant or not. Also, Crystal is correct in her assessment of weight gain during pregnancy for heavier women – 10-15 lbs. at most. And before all of you come crashing down on me, my husband is an obstetrician who specializes in high risk pregnancies. I happen to have gleaned a few things from him.

gianna on

Heather you are right, she is very large. It seems from the minute she annouced her pregnancy she looked big. She is gonna have a hard time losing the weight. As of last month she had already gained 45lbs she said, and she isn’t due too june. 45- 50lbs on a thin person is not that big, on an overweight person, any doctor will tell you not healthy at all.

wowfornoobs on

CBB–why was Heather’s comment put through?

Jessie on

I think that Carnie was being very responsible by losing some weight before getting pregnant. A recent study has indicated that women who lose weight prior to getting pregnant and who have a lifelong stuggle with weight will be at increased risk of gaining more than the recommended amount of weight during their pregnancy, so Carnie clearly isn’t the only one. Carnie looks happy and I wish her all the best!

Jessica on

I love how every time there is a picture of her, people say “oh it’s just an unflattering outfit”. It’s not the outfit people, she is terribly overweight.I don’t think she looks pregnant at all. Hope she teaches her daughters better eating habits. Hope this baby is a healthy one, studies have shown that overweight women have a higher incidence of pregnancy complications.

Viv on

Wow! Carnie is really BIG! It’s gonna be so hard for her to lose weight, BIG TIME!

Jae on

I honestly was surprise to see how big she got, but she IS short and she does look happy! so who cares?!
She can work on it again after the baby is born. Only 4 more weeks or so….it could also just be the angle that the picture was taken… good luck to her!!!

anne on


Lauren on

Let’s not blame Heather or CBB here— Carnie Wilson has very obviously gained way too much weight for her pregnancy, and I don’t think that anyone is surprised by this. My good friend is due the exact same time as CW, and she has gained 15 pounds so far.

allison on

Heather, Ellen smith and others- I agree totally! Whats wrong with saying that? It’s obvious and to the women saying that she looks great- you are the reason that the average size of a woman in the US is a 10-12. Totally ridiculous!

T on

We are all adults just ignore the comment…

I have to admit she said what I was thinking. I just wouldn’t have posted it.

T on

To add to my earlier comment considering how overweight Carnie used to be she is holding her own! It could be worse (that what I tell myself) and the fact that she is only 5’3 makes her look larger. I just hope she doesn’t struggle after Luciana’s birth. I’ve heard women like Halle say it was harder to lose weight after 40.

girlJordan on

I used to love coming to this site bit now all I see are rude and mean comments. It’s wonderful that all the readers of this website are so perfect and feel they have the right to judge other people.

Jessica – not all people who are overweight eat too much or eat unhealthy foods. Everyone’s circumstances are different and I’m assuming that most people wouldn’t choose to be overweight if it was that easy.

Show some compassion, for pete’s sake.

Jessica on

GirlJordan, since Carnie, underwent Gastric bybass surgery to lose weight, to make her EAT LESS, obviously her problem is one of eating too much. Of course people, don’t choose to be overweight, as people don’t choose to be drung addicts. Food is an addiction for some people, and they need help. I’m not sure where you’re getting your information, but people are overweight because they do eat too much or they have eaten too much. It’s actually quite simple. Sure some people have physioligical issues which make their metabolisms slower, but it still comes down to an issue of too many calories. I wasn’t insulting her, just stating the obvious. Life isn’t all fluff, and all these Americans making excuses is why America is the fattest country in the world.

Ellen Smith on

I was not trying to be meanspirited. However, it is dangerous to gain excessive amounts of weight during pregnancy. This is a health issue, not an image issue. And to those who comment that “she’ll lose the weight after the baby is born” – that is only half the equation. The weight she carries during the pregnancy is posing the greatest risk to her health and the health of her baby right now.

Bonnie on

Ellen Smith, my father is also an obstetrician, so I guess I’m just as experienced as you! I’m sure her doctors, the ones actually qualified to make such statements about her weight, are monitoring her properly. I stand by my earlier comment. She has acknowledged her weight gain previously, so why should she be hassled by complete strangers. I would never in a million years make such a hurtful comment to my friend, so I don’t think that it’s appropriate to do it under the veil of annonymity.

Rebecca on

I know exactly what Carnie is going through. I am a large woman to begin with, but with my first pregnancy, I gained 50 lbs and had the baby, then six years later, had gotten pregnant with my second baby, still really didn’t lose that much from the first, and gained 50 lbs with her. I still am a large woman now, 17 years later, so please don’t be hard on Carnie. I know exactly what she is feeling! Don’t think she doesn’t know people are talking about her. As long as her daughter is healthy, she can lose the weight again, if she knows she won’t be getting pregnant again.

Hea on

Oh come on you judgemental fools. Look at her face, her arms and her legs here: It’s really not as bad as some of you claim… She is not a blob or whatever you think she is. Give or take some remaining extra pounds of excessive skin post the bypass, and a few extra pounds due to pregnancy, she looks perfectly normal for a larger woman who is heavily pregnant.

Kim on

I cannot believe how harsh and judgmental you people are! Who are you to criticize her weight? How would you like it if somebody said you have an ugly face??

And to Allison–are you saying that a size 10-12 is overweight? I thought that was an average size and it depends on the women’s proportions.

girlJordan on

Wow, Jessica – another assumption – not everyone on here is American. I guess you assuming that we are just proves how small minded you are being.

My best friend and my sister are both serverly overweight. One has a heart condition and one has thyroid disease. Both eat healthy, one can’t exercise because of the strain on her heart and the other is on so many medications to control her thyroid and her hormones that she retains fluid etc and it doesn’t matter what she eats.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you don’t know Carnie or her family, so I guess it’s really none of your concern how much weight she has put on or whether she teaches her daughters healthy eating habits. I don’t know her either, but I hope she teaches her daughters to be nice, respectable human beings, who don’t judge others based only on looks, when they have no idea what else goes on in that person’s life.

Hea on

And here I always thought I was a Swede living in Sweden. Talk about a wake up call, Jessica. I wonder which state I’m in..?

Jessica on

girljordan, I actually have thyroid disease, and I take medication everyday, I too have a hard time controlling my weight, but I do, with diet and excerise and my medication. So I don’t buy that as an excuse for a second 🙂

Brooke on

Wow, i think that heathers comment was kinda rude, could it be, that a celebrity is actually looking normal while pregnant, everyone is so caught up in the ” perfect hollywood pregnancy”, not everyone has a glow and has this i love pregnancy attitude.. Trust me, pregnancy does’nt always give you a glow!

girlJordan on

Jessica – I really don’t care whether you ‘buy that excuse for a second’. You have absolutely no idea of the circumstances of my sister’s illnesses (yes she has more than one) or what medication she is on but really if being so close minded and biggoted works for you then great. Each to their own.

My sister struggles within herself every single day and it’s nice to know that there are hateful people like you out there who can make her life that little bit harder.

Susan on

Carnie’s weight has been discussed ad nauseam on this site. I get that part of ridiculing celebrities is to make ourselves feel a little bit better…but come on. We all get it. Carnie is heavy. She was pre-pregnancy, she is during pregnancy, she’ll have a tough time losing the weight after pregnancy. I’m sure she’s perfectly aware of this without random CBB readers pointing out the obvious. The same ridicule and back and forth takes place every time a picture of Carnie is posted. I say no more pictures of Carnie until after she gives birth. I’m sure we can all survive the next 4 weeks without disparaging her further.

ALibrarian on

You people are so ignorant! You all sound like your in grade school making fun of the fat kid. Your words really do hurt and people like you are the reason why girls struggle with eating disorders. Try walking a day in the life of an overweight person.

Tori Spelling’s too thin, Carnie Wilson’s too fat. My god, you people are so judgemental it makes me sick.

Cammie on

Very well said Susan!

babyboopie on

Carnie has literally doubled in size since the last post of her on here- guess that will be one big baby! I sincerely hope she will stick to what she said in the last interview.

Cammie on

wow, Jessica, you ARE extremely rude and have no compassion. All I have to say is WOW. Unbelievable

aroundthewaygirl on

I’m the wife of an Obstetrician. Whatev. Kinda like I can see the moon from my window so that makes me an astronaut. I find that while Carnie is big, she doesn’t look as huge as I imagined and looks a lot like my friend, who was a “skinny minnie” pre-pregnancy then put on 90 pounds while pregnant. I think Carnie looks pretty good and wish her much luck with the new baby and if she wants to take the weight off, I wish her luck with that as well.

Silvermouse on

Susan, you show some true insight and have a great idea.
But apparently CBB loves to see women fight with one another like little school girls and likes to get more visits, which equals some rude posts.
Let people act immature about things. It only makes them sound ignorant of issues. (I myself have been ignorant I hate to admit)
I also agree with you ALibrarian, some women I guess are just jealous of curvy women I suppose and feel the need to stick labels on them as being lazy because they’re afraid of curvy women’s assets.
I think Carnie looks beautiful no matter what she looks like.

Jessica on

Seems like some women are overly sensitive, I stated my opinion, if you don’t like it, well then tough. To the Swede, I’m pretty sure I didn’t say everyone here was American, I said Americans make too many excuses about their weight, that’s why it’s a country where most adults are obese, and now it’s affecting our children. Sometimes unpleasant things need to be said. It’s a shame you have to be so PC that doctors are afraid to tell patients that they’re overweight because someone might be offended. People need to take responsibility for their health and if you think I’m rude for saying it, then I’m guessing you should probably get off your computer and go for a jog.

Erin on

Maybe shes having multiples?

girlJordan on

See, Jessica, I was trying to help. You’re obviously uneducated when it comes to weight and other medical issues. If things were as simple as you think they are then people wouldn’t need to go to medical school.I guess scientists can stop researching for new drugs too, seeing that everyone with similar diseases all need to be treated the same.

Oh and I would go for a jog but considering I’m not American and it’s night time it will have to wait until the morning.

I’m leaving this thread once and for all. Your close-mindedness is making me closterphobic.

morgan on

Wow, i was unaware of how many psychics is medical degrees commented on this site! Why would you think she has gained too much weight or has GD? Do you go with her to her OB appts? She has struggled with her weight throughout her life, let her be.

I am in my 7th month and have gained 30lbs already. I work out daily and have a personal trainer. My blood pressure is perfect, I have no aches and pains, no GD and have not had any complications. I even sleep great still. I would hate to hear what you would say about me!

Lola on

Its so easy to judge someone based on their outside appearance especially with celebrities. But we don’t know her, we don’t live with her. All we see is this picture and judge. So people can say whatever they want but that doesn’t mean that anyone knows the reality of the situation. It doesn’t matter what you know medically. YOU DON’T KNOW HER SITUATION. So lets not judge and assume that she has all of these medical problems. If she doesn’t want to be thin and likes her self curvier that the women who are normally on this site than let her be. The only thing that matters is a healthy baby. Im pretty sure she is doing just fine. So let’s just celebrate the pregnancy instead of judging someone we don’t even know. It’s just a waste of time.

Hea on

She’s very short, someone said 5’3, and it’s probably a big baby or, for all we know, two babies in there. Give her a freakin’ break. I’m sure her surgery has done the trick. They usually do.

girlJordan – I’m following your lead, Jordan. It’s after midnight after all. Nighty night!

Jessica on

Bravo, for twisting my words oh so poetically. Im impressed that you were able to take “go for a jog” into something about people who aren’t Americans. It’s not about going to medical school, it’s a sad world we live in if we need drugs to keep us from being overweight. How are you trying to help? By telling people it’s ok to overeat and not exercise, drug companies will have a pill to keep the weight off. You’re in denial.

Lindsay on

As much as I agree that Carnie looks to have gained too much weight for this pregnancy, I take offense with Allison who was equating obese people with the average clothing size 10/12. I wear a size 10 and I would hardly call myself fat. I believe Kim said it’s all about proportions. I would totally agree. I have a huge bust so naturally I would have bigger hips. It’s all about eating right and exercising, so who really cares if you wear a size 2 or 12. I know a girl who is a size 0 and she eats cheeseburgers everyday. But to get back to the bigger point here…Carnie has obviously struggled with her weight but I believe she is using her pregnancy to pig out as it looks like she gained about 50 pounds or more. If she was eating the right foods, then she would not be this big. But everyone looks different pregnant so maybe we should all leave her alone.

brannon on

wow. pregnant woman bashing. i used to be so happy that cbb was one place pregnant celebs could come to read nice things about them while pregnant as opposed to other blogs/threads/tabloids that do nothing but bash even size zero mommy-to-bes. so much for that. i am once again glad i am not a celebrity.

NikNak on

@Silvermouse, CBB doesn’t like to see anything. You are the one starting a fight over someone stating their opinion. If you don’t want a “fight” then don’t respond to someone else’s opinion.

I’m all for disagreeing with people, but I don’t feel it’s right that you should want to come in here a limit someone’s speech just because YOU don’t like it.

Anyhoo, I think she is larger than a normal pregnant woman, celebrity or not. And the fact that she’s 5’3 just says that she doesn’t need to eat as much for her constitution.

As long as her family’s happy, I’m happy.

Bieta on

Carnie did it to herself by making her weight a public issue.

Chris on

Give her a break. She’s pregnant, it’s not like she can go on a diet right now anyway. I’m sure she’s being monitored by her doctor and knows how much she’s gained.

Anyway she looks so happy and excited. Here’s to a great birth and a healthy baby, Carnie!

Moonmoth on

She looks like she has gained too much weight, she’s discussed publicly how she eats cake mix right out of the box, her habits haven’t changed clearly. Now she’s pregnant and complety let herself go, I guess on some level, she knows after she has the baby that she’ll have the nutrition specialist, personal trainers, yoga guru, acupuncture clincian, mediation specialist, hairdresser, in home, staff spa treatment and whatever else it takes to get the weight off make herself feel good, so she may as well throw her healthy living out the window.

Mommy Duty on

I’m sure she’ll work on the weight after she delivers. Some bodies just hold on to those calories and gain more weight during pregnancy. Seems that those who formerly had weight problems are more susceptible to that.

Kerri on

This entire thread is really sad. As soon as I saw the number of comments, I knew there had to be a weight battle going on.

I really can’t believe the kind of comments getting posted here lately.

allison on

Lindsay…While I don’t mean to offend you, It’s just a fact. As time goes on childhood obesity and adult obesity has become more and more of a problem. Listen, I’m 5’8 and wear a size 4 (and I have been pregnant) and while I don’t think that that is average and thank my genetics for a good portion of it, there are far to many excuses for being overweight in this country. I’m just tired of women who are overweight giving them, because frankly there are many things that can be done about it, like portion control and working out moderately. It’s really not that hard. Carnie is known now for her weight struggles and it is only natural for someone to comment on it.

Sarah M. on

I would really like to know where common compassion/empathy has gone. Aside from a few (girlJordan, etc.), everyone is SOOOO negative on here. Yes, you can have your opinion. But you can state it without making others feel bad or making yourself look rude and ignorant.

Here’s to a healthy baby for a BEAUTIFUL family!!

nosoupforyou on

Carnie is over weight even for pregnancy. She has had gastric bypass. That does not mean she is not a nice woman or a good mother.

Size 10-12 for a woman of average height is not over weight.

danda_lion on

” girlJordan Says:
May 5th, 2009 at 2:43 pm
Her pregnancy seems to have gone on forever!”

– I think she announced it earlier than a lot of other celebs do.

Molly on

Heather was not critising Carnie, she just stated the fact. Should she say Wow, Carnie is so skinny? Well she’s not. She really looks overweight to me, but as long as she and her baby are healthly, i guess its ok. And Carnie has been quoted that she kind of gave up on her diet when she got pregnant and doesnt watch it as carefully as one would imagine. I am 5’7″, I look about 2.5 thinner then her (with a due date approx two weeks after hers) but I have to watch very carefully what I eat and control portions. And despite of that i developed Gestational Diabetes.

Trinh on

WTF cares how she looks? Who are we to sit and criticize, hidden behind our computers while others have w/ no idea how we look. I love celebrity babies, but I’m w/ most folks when I say I am so tired of posters spewing controversy over every little post. She is what the average American looks like. Maybe overweight, but we have no right to point and judge. Omg, give me a break. She’s carrying life inside of her.

meghan on

I’m shocked that so many mean spirited comments were moderated and posted. I guess fat truly is the last acceptable predjudice!

Chris on

allison Says:
May 5th, 2009 at 8:08 pm
“there are many things that can be done about it, like portion control and working out moderately. It’s really not that hard.”

^^^But for some people it is hard. I’m not overweight myself but some people are predisposed to being heavy. It’s called genetics. Just like you said about your own size…”thank my genetics for a good portion of it.” So if genetics is mostly responsible for your size, why can’t genetics be mostly responsible for other people’s? It works both ways.

fuzibuni on

thank goodness carnie wilson is a strong woman.
i hope she can shield herself from many of the judgements expressed above.
even people in this thread who are trying to defend her come off as unintentionally hurtful.

Society at large has a big problem with food, body image, and emotions… the reason why this post is filled with such strong feelings and opinions is because it touches home with so many of us.
There needs to be some real education and understanding done in this arena before things get better.

Lacey on

It’s sad that whenever Carnie comes to topic, it’s about her weight. I wouldn’t say she looks “healthy”, but I can’t pick on a pregnant lady.

Nicole on

Comments like the ones that are on this post are the reason I’ve stopped visiting CBB so much. There is WAY too judging going on. I like being able to comment to post what a cutie pie someone is or something, and usually like to read other people saying it too 😀 but instead, it’s negative stuff WAY too often.

Aubriegh on

I am wondering why all the mean spirited comments are being allowed..I thought there was no bashing or name calling on CBB..guess we are back in jr. high. I am sure Carnie is most definitely in touch with the drs and i’m sure if there were a problem she would be on bed rest, whatever she would need to be healthy and keep her baby safe. Lets just call it a happy picture and hope for a happy and healthy baby and look forward to a cute name!



PJ on

Post 65 didn’t you know, it’s all just “opinions” they are giving? 😉

PJ on

I do feel for Carnie though, she admitted to still eating horribly, only slowly throughout the day due to the gastic and not being able to eat a lot at once. I know she has said that food is still an issue so people need to cut her some slack. It’s not just about losing weight when it comes to food habits.

What I don’t get it how on other boards regarding weight and size when the issue comes up others will comment about how it’s not good to just let yourself go and blame cravings, yet when people civilly say that on this thread they get picked on.

Silvermouse on

Actually a lot of people dislike all the negative jabs at celebrities, NikNak. Why don’t you bitch at all those other people who were obviously not being sarcastic like I was?
This is starting to sound worse than Perez Hilton. At least Perez Hilton is comical to read. This just sounds like high school all over again.
Best wishes to Carnie and I think Luciana is a beautiful name 🙂

Jane on

Wow, CBB, I’m very surprised that Heather’s comment made it through. It’s plain ol’ rude. There was no need for what she said.

pghgirl on

wow i can’t believe the majority of the comments in this post made it on. the things jessica and heather said especially. i’m not saying anyone is “right or wrong” but wow. and people wonder why young girls develop image issues and why so many women, size 0-16 etc, think they are fat. some people do have medical problems that can’t be helped with diet, exercise and medications. some people are on medications that they would die without but that make them gain weight.
Carnie looks happy, doesn’t that count for something?!? she knows her weight needs to be properly taken care of, uh hello, she had surgery didn’t she. who knows what her doctors are telling her or what she’s doing everyday. she admits she doesn’t always do what she’s supposed to do. she is never going to be a tiny woman, she doesn’t have the body type. she is pregnant though, she didn’t just eat too much. some woman gain more than others, not always a bad thing.

Emily Jones on

I love that she looks so happy and relaxed that far along in her pregnancy! I’ve had three kids, and each time at around the 9 month mark, there is no way I’m getting dressed all cute and doing my hair! LOL!

Carnie, you look beautiful, and I hope you are enjoying your last month of pregnancy!

Anna on

She doesn’t really look pregnant, just overweight. I know it is difficult to lose weight or watch what you eat but gaining this much weight is unhealthy for her and for the baby.

So even if she looks happy, that doesn’t mean she is being healthy.

CelebBabyLover on

Erin and Hea- Uh, read the post. She is having ONE girl, whom she’s naming Luciana. If she’s having twins, then why has she referred to her baby in the singular in her interviews?

Rosalie on

For the peson who said size 10-12 is overweight you obviously have body image issues. Go speak to any doctor and they will tell you that is a ‘normal size’.

I am absolutley disgusted by some of these comments. No wonder why so many women starve themselves to be thin!

matt housh on

wow i bet all the women on here that arfe bitching about her weight are stick thin, hmmmmmm, bet they are a perfect weight and if they have had children gained the exact amount of weight they should, if u not noticed i am being sarcastic! ii hate small minded narrow people who comment about someones weight and think its acceptable, well to all those women on the board i hope you never gain weight excessively whilst pregnant, or god forbid have a chunky child because god help them!!!

allison on

Excuse you Rosalie- Not only do I have a wonderful self image- I said in my post that 10-12 was AVERAGE for a woman in the US. And unless you are almost 6 feet tall- that is big. Period!!!

allison on

And while Im here, let me remind you ladies that carrying weight in your stomach is the absolute worst place to carry it! It is harder on all of your internal organs and usually is a tale tale sign of someone who just plain overeats!!!

Jessica on

Allison, I guess you and I are the only one’s here that realize that being overweight is unhealthy.I never called her names or said anything derogatory. I just said she looks terribly unhealthy, and she’s admitted to grossly overeating. Everyone here seems to think they’re overweight because of genetics, or a disease they have or whatever. Ok, how about the 99.9% of other people who are overweight because they eat too much and don’t work out. I don’t think Allison or I were trying to offend anyone. While I don’t agree that a 10-12 is big, why are Allison and I being crucified because we advocate not being overweight. How many of you sit at home and watch the biggest loser, with a bag of chips in hand?