The Spelling-McDermotts' Night Out!

05/01/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

Live long and prosper! Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott left the little ones at home Thursday night to take Dean’s son Jack Montgomery, 10, to the premiere of Star Trek. The trio posed on the red carpet outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles before stepping inside to see the film. Wonder if they threw up their best Vulcan signs?

Tori and Dean are parents to Liam Aaron, 2, and Stella Doreen, 10 ½ months. See their sweetest moments in our Family Photo Album!

Gilbert Flores/ Celebrity Photo

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Vanessa on

Great looking family. Jack is handsome.

crimpe on

Jack’s hat is super cool. What’s with Dean always pulling that squinty mean face?

ang on

i love this pic! i just finished reading mommywood-loved it, funny in many parts,but also some very sad stories.hope cbb might review it at some stage,given it’s all about your fave topic! there is a cute story about tori & dean visiting a preschool for liam and coming across deacon phillipe doing a toddler yoga class there.

lily on

Does Jack live with them full time now? What a great looking family 🙂

ang on

lily:his mother is back in L.A. now so he lives with them some of the time

french gigi on

such a good looking boy!

Randi on

I love love love this family!!! Dean is probabaly squinting all the time because of the flash bulbs going off in his face. I think it’s great they took his eldest son to the premier and made special time for him.

Jess from Ohio on

Jack is so handsome. I definitely see some similarities between him and Liam. I’m glad to see that Dean is still in Jacks life and includes him in his family with Tori.

Brooke Williams on

his ex’s name is Mary Jo. She lives in LA now and Jack visits on the weekends.

Brooke Williams on

Surprised at her dark roots—maybe baby #3.

Alex on

Jack is a spitting image of Dean! I doubt Tori is pregnant again. Look how sickly skinny she is. I hope that Tori isn’t suffering from an eating disorder.

CelebBabyLover on

Brooke Williams- I doubt it. Shortly after Stella’s birth, Tori said that, while she DOES want a third child, she plans to wait awhile. She mentioned that, after being pregnant for the better part of two years, she was ready to NOT be pregnant for awhile.

Anyway, Tori’s hair looked the same to me during her two pregnancies as it does when she’s not pregnant, so I’m guessing she continues to color her hair when she’s pregnant.

robinepowell on

Nice to see Tori & Dean spending time with his son Jack, just the three of them.

Funny how three kids look like Dean. :o)

Brittany on

that’s a really nice picture of Tori, Dean, and Jack.

KJ53 on

I went to Tori’s booksigning and Dean was there. Both are very, very nice! Even Dean signed my book lol. Tori does look MUCH thinner in person though!

Allison on

Dean’s son, Jack is a good-looking kid, really handsome, but in my opinion he looks more like his mother Mary Jo. I really don’t see much resemblance to his dad. Dean’s two kids by Tori look more like him.

Anna on

Is it just me or does this outfit make her look older? I think maybe it’s the necklace.

CelebBabyLover on

Alex- Not to worry! Tori recently said that she ISN’T suffering from an eating disorder. She explained that her weight loss is mainly due to her busy schedule (which often doesn’t allow her to grab a proper meal).

Lorus on

Jack is a good looking kid and looks a lot like his Mom. I have to agree about Dean though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile in a picture.

j.U.d.E. on

Allison! I think Jack is the spitting image of his dad! LOL! Everybody sees it differently I guess.

Bella Mama on

oh wow this boy is gorgeous.. i too love this family 🙂

mmh on

“CelebBabyLover Says:
May 3rd, 2009 at 1:15 am
Alex- Not to worry! Tori recently said that she ISN’T suffering from an eating disorder. She explained that her weight loss is mainly due to her busy schedule (which often doesn’t allow her to grab a proper meal).”

So, we should just take her word for it?!!!!!!! (And, like a few people pointed out before, saying you don’t have time for a proper meal is a bit of an eating issue in itself…)

stacey on

i love them as a couple. cant wait 4 their show to come back on! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

mmh- No, I’m not saying that. I’m just saying that she has said she DOESN’T have an eating disorder, so there is a chance that she indeed doesn’t have one.

Also, some people really DON’T always have the time to sit down and have a proper meal. My dad, for example, is a minister and sometimes gets so busy that he works right through lunch and doesn’t eat until supper. But guess what? He is one of the healthiest eaters that I know! Just because he sometimes has to skip lunch doesn’t mean that he has an eating problem!

Joy on

I am very happy to hear that Jack and his mom live closer. So Jack can be with his dad and new family more..