Russell Crowe Teaching Sons Empathy

05/01/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
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Having spent a nomadic childhood in Australia, moving from town-to-town with his parents, Russell Crowe is grateful that his successful acting career has enabled him to stay put with wife Danielle Spencer and their two sons Charles ‘Charlie’ Spencer, 5, and Tennyson Spencer, 2 ½. “My kids are growing up in a much more affluent environment than my wife or I experienced in childhood,” he notes. The couple make it a point, however, to keep the boys connected to the way the rest of the world lives.

“I remember Charlie went to school one day and when he came home I asked him how it went and he said, ‘They don’t have a lot of toys.’ That struck home so we do try and make sure they can empathize with people who are not in their situation.”

There are some luxuries that are too good to pass up, however! Charlie is particularly excited about Russell’s turn as the title character in the upcoming film Robin Hood; So excited, in fact, he tagged along with dad during pre-production costume fittings. “The costume department, run by a dear friend, made him a set of chain mail,” Russell recalled. “Needless to say, he was very happy about that.” If he’s allowed to watch the film, it will be just the second time Charlie has seen Russell on the silver screen; the only other was Silver Brumby, a children’s film Russell says he made “way back.”

“He’s very confused by it because in the movie I’m running and galloping around on horseback, chasing a horse, but when he’s with me on the farm, I just call and the horse comes.”

Russell, 45, can currently be seen in State of Play. Robin Hood is slated for release in March 2010.

Source: Scotland on Sunday

— Missy

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happymom on

Isn’t Mr. Empathy the guy that threw a telephone at some poor hotel employee??!!

Bridgid on

He is such a brilliant father. Nice read, thanks, Missy

Ryo on

Wow, happymom, I guess you still do the same less-than-excellent stuff you did before you had kids too, don’t you? Everyone always talks about how their kids changed them and made them a better person and made them grow up and then refuse to believe that others have changed for the better, too. I have always gotten a very loving father vibe from Russell and it really does seem like he has grown up.

macca on

Crowe shows every sign of being a dedicated and loving father. He’s to be commended, not continually criticized for an incident he says he deeply regrets, that happened several years ago. Nothing of the sort has happened since.

Francisca Susi on

Amen to that, macca. Yes, Russell has his own faults. Who doesn’t? That “poor hotel employee” wasn’t so innocent at all. I believe he has changed for the better man he is now. A loving father of two beautiful boys, a loyal husband to his beautiful wife. He’s happy and calm. He adores his family more than anything, owns a rugby team in Australia, his movie career keeps on soaring high. Leave it at that! Russell Crowe is not just a great actor, he’s also a passionate and loving man, a great family man. I’m so happy to see him now. Look at that picture of him and his son, Charlie. Just melts my heart. How he loves him so. 😀

Natasha on

Happymom, I’m glad you’re perfect!

Russell sounds like a great father.

Jennifer Mc. on

Russell Crowe was married with a child when he assaulted that hotel clerk. So you can forget that defense. Nothing gets me more disgusted than Russell Crowe fans who to this day continue to blame the victim in this case and continue to make excuses for Crowe. What is wrong with some people? Nothing that clerk said or did justifies what Crowe did.

Children learn what they see. I hope these children never see their daddy in anger mode.

zara on

you might explain the throwing telephones at people’s heads episode… but how about the time he cussed out some guy who cut his acceptance speech at some awards ceremony? or the time he punched out his personal trainer on some film because the guy told him that his outrageous flirting with an attractive extra was the talk of the movie set ? and these are just the incidents his security and pr team couldn’t cover up.

he is a brilliant brilliant actor who clearly adores his boys … but the dude is tragically deluded if he thinks he is the guy to dole out empathy lessons.

Dagi on

Nobody is perfect and when Russell wants to teach his boys what he can’t do himself, why should we blame him for that. Maybe he wants them to be better than he is.
Some people are lucky that their lifes aren’t that public than Russell’s is.
He seems to love his family and he’s an incredible actor.

I can’t wait to see his new film.

Niko on

Happymom must be a grudge-holding, judgmental person. Noone is a saint. People CAN change. Its apparent that parenthood has changed Russell for the better. Has he ever misbehaved publicly since that phone-throwing incident? How many times has he apologized for that? And we’re talking about an incident that happened 5 years ago. Its 2009, move on already! Jeez

RC on

russell crowe is great
…a bloody phone crock doesnt define anything about the guy.
i have thrown more phones than i can count….who hasnt thrown a phone at least once?
i say he is THE BEST.

Jennifer Mc. on

Well, the point being made was that Crowe was already a parent when he committed this crime so parenthood obviously had not changed him. Perhaps he has had anger management since then but it has only been 4 years – not that long for someone with a long history of violent behavior and he does have a violent history.

People are only pointing out his problems and the contradiction of the article in the face of his history and because the article is obviously just some publicist PR.

Sometimes uber fans really have blinders on when it comes to their favorite stars. It wasn’t that long ago I saw Russell on some late night talk show backtracking on the apologies he made at the time when his criminal case was still pending and his civil suit hadn’t been settled yet. If there was an agreement not to further discuss this I hope it worked both ways because Russell sounded like he really hadn’t been that sorry. I couldn’t believe he was going there. For someone still not completely back in the good graces of Hollywood it was just foolish.

Anyway, cute kid.

Natasha on

I’m not a Russell lover, but I do think he’s a good dad. Just like some others said, people CAN change and who hasn’t made mistakes in the past?