Rebecca Romijn on Life With Twins: 'It's Just Fun'

05/01/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
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The first few months after a baby arrives are tough on almost every mom, and with twins — it only stands to reason — doubly so. Rebecca Romijn was braced for the worst, but has instead found that caring for Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip, 4 months, is far easier than she ever dared to dream. “They’re really smiley and not fussy,” the 36-year-old Ugly Betty star dishes to Extra! in her first interview since giving birth. “For four months old, it’s supposed to be really difficult but I have to say, it’s just fun.”

Another pleasant surprise? How easy it’s been to lose the baby weight. “I think within the first three weeks, I took off like 35 pounds without doing anything,” Rebecca, who gained 60 pounds overall, reveals. “I haven’t been able to work out that much because I have twins, [and] it’s impossible to get back into a regular schedule.” To that end, breastfeeding has been her biggest ally. “[It’s] the very best diet I’ve been on,” Rebecca says, adding,

“It’s amazing. It’s like you have to eat 5,000 extra calories a day or you can’t produce enough food for them. So, that’s been fun as well.”

The breastfeeding relationship with her daughters has been put to the test as Rebecca shoots the new film The Love Child outside Toronto. “It has been complicated for a number of reasons,” she explains. “Our hours have been really late and we’re working outside of Toronto in Hamilton which is about an hour away, and I am still nursing [the babies] around the clock. So, we have to do a lot of milk runs.” And although she’s back on set, Rebecca is quick to clarify that looks can be deceiving. “We’ve got Spanx underneath almost everything,” she reveals. “I’m not pretending to be back to the shape I was in beforehand anyway…I still have a ways to go.”

Click below to read how Rebecca makes time for romance after baby.

Husband Jerry O’Connell earns high marks from Rebecca. “He’s so awesome,” she raves. “He’s just like totally on diaper duty.” The couple make a point to make time for each other, however, despite the chaos of life with their newborn twins.

“Because the grandparents are here, everybody switches off when they are taking care of the babies and it’s working out perfectly…[Jerry and I] will end up sneaking away for an hour even if it is just around the corner from the hotel.”

As was evident during Jerry’s February appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the girls are easy to tell apart. “They look completely different,” Rebecca observes. “One looks just like Jerry…Her name is Charlie and the other one looks just like me…Her name is Dolly.”

“She’s a blonde and Charlie is a brunette and I think they are both just gorgeous.”

Source: Extra!

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ana on

So glad she is enjoying Motherhood. It is great to hear someone have such positive views, especially with twins!! great on her for nursing around a difficult schedule!

Christina Bledsoe on

I am 5 foot 1 and 90lbs and I had a 11.7 lb baby (10.2 my other son) in which at that point I weighed 130. I would say within just a few weeks I too was at my normal weight without having done anything. A lot of people told me it was due to breastfeeding. I am glad that they are having a great time with the twins.

Vernon Decossas on

It is great that someone has such positive views. I’m glad for her. Vernon Decossas

jeanne on

Life with twins is fun–this is such rubish–I have twins and am still feeding them at 14 months–Life with twins is “Hard” make no mistakes about it. I have 6 kids 4 of them were singletons–and two at once is way way harder than one. Bet she has loads of help or no way would she say “Life with twins if Fun” Please

Laura on

I’m sure life with twins is hard there is no doubt. But what she means by fun is probably that they are cute and she loves them so much and can have fun with them sometimes. Also because they are her first babies she hasn’t ever had to just have one and realize how much harder it is with two. My sister has always said that she wants a set of twins first because it is hard but it doesn’t seem unnaturally hard to you than it would if you have a single child first. Personally I’ve never had any children so I really can’t say how much fun or how hard they are! I have babysat a lot though and I can certainly see how they could be both hard and fun at the same time.

Alice on

Jeanne, she only has 2 babies, you have 4 more!! of course it’s harder for you!
She has no one else to run after and apparently, the grandparents are very involved too. I don’t doubt it’s hard (she does “complain” about the nursing schedule) but I’m willing to believe it’s fun! 🙂

hillary on

she is just trying to be positive about twins i think- and let’s face it, she prob. has help! i would imagine that it is much easier with a nanny or something….

bren on

She is so sweet. I have always liked her.
I would have to agree with alice, she only has the 2 so for her Jeanne it might seem really fun and easy and I think a persons attitude has a lot to do with things seeming easy. She obviously has a more positive one then some people and isn’t going to complain. I have noticed this in so many situations even if you have to fake it till you make it. Being positive has a lot of power in my opinion and I think anyone with that many children should feel grateful, not all of us have it that easy. Some of us struggle to even get to have one child!

Sadie on

I’m sure it is “fun” for Rebecca. It would be “fun” for any mum of twins who could afford to hire help to catch up on sleep, clean their house, cook dinner and escape back to a film set and away from the house for a while! I have twins too, and mine are smiley and not fussy either, but there’s no way any regular mum of twins would describe life with twins as fun (not to mention being back at work already!) unless she has a stack of help. in the case of twins, one plus one does not equal two, it equals ten.
I think it’s great Rebecca is being positive, but to say “it’s supposed to be really difficult but it’s not” is an insult to mums of multiples everywhere!! Every mum of multiples would give their right arm for even a few hours of hired help, but sadly few of us have the means and plough on largely on our own, day in, day out.
Laura, no offence, but your sister’s theory made me laugh!! A first time mum is a first time mum and I am very grateful for having had a singleton to practice on before my twin girls came along or I would have been lost. Jennifer Garner’s recent comment about, “if only we could be second time mums the first time around” is so very true.
I’m glad Rebecca is having a good time with her girls though.

aroundthewaygirl on

My twins are lots of fun. Good for Rebecca. People really shouldn’t project their own unhappiness onto other people. If Rebecca thinks her twins are fun, I say, yippee for her. She should enjoy this time as much as possible because they turn into surly teenagers before you know it. 😉

Mary-Helen on

I kind of got back into shape right away after having mine, but I never gained alot during pregnancy (I gained 20 with my first and 14 with my second). But I hate when these celeb women talk about how breastfeeding makes the weight magically fall off when they’ve gained like 60 – 70 lbs. That doesn’t just happen and it makes it really hard on women who gain alot and then the weight doesn’t magically melt away with breastfeeding. My good friend gained 80lbs and couldn’t understand why all of these celeb women claim that the weight melts off with simple breastfeeding while she was doing that, eating healthy and excercise. Admit you had help via cosmetic procedures or claim you did 4 hours of pilates.

megan on

Umm I think people need to give her a break. How do you know if she has help? Even is she does who cares? The fact that she is nursing them exclusively is hard in and of itself- most moms to twins don’t nurse for as long as she has. Don’t be jealous of her positive outlook- help or no help.

Sadie on

I don’t think anyone is projecting unhappiness on Rebecca, aroundthewaygirl. But a bit of realism would be nice here. Twins are a blessing, but are a LOT of hard work for the average mother. Of course a comment that like (“it’s supposed to be really difficult, but it’s just fun”) is going to irk mums of twins!! Celebs don’t live in the real world, they live extraordinarily privileged lives. It would be nice for them to acknowledge that sometimes. Obviously Rebecca has never had two small babies needing a cuddle at the same time because that is not fun, it’s heartbreaking.

Anna on

I agree with aroundthewaygirl. So because you don’t think having twins is fun, Rebecca is not allowed to think it’s fun?

I like her positive attitude, maybe that’s just her look on life. You have people that like to complain and you have people that look at the positive things. Good for her!

Loving them... on

If Rebecca had all this help, that you are speaking of… It doesn’t matter. Because Rebecca Romijn-O’Connell is still breast feeding. Her HUSBAND said: ‘They do the double football hold’. That means a double cuddle… All day long! Kudos to her!!!

Sadie on

Oh Anna, you are missing my point. Believe me, for the most part I am a very positive person and I love my twins to bits. And I am very thankful for them, But mothering twins in the real world is a rollercoaster of emotions – ups and downs. There is a lot of guilt and exhaustion that occurs when you have one set of hands and two babies. That part of twins is not fun and I’m sure much of it is alleviated when you can afford help. I guess I prefer it when celebs keep it real, rather than create an image which is essentially an unattainable fantasy in the real world. Sorry if that sounds ultra negative to you, but I have been up all night tending – or trying to tend – to two sick babies. Not exactly what I would call fun!

Bitsy on

I also have exclusively breastfed twins, 10 1/2 months (and 3 singletons, ages 2 1/2, 6 and 8 years).

I’m really glad that things seem to be going smoothly for this Hollywood mom, and something tells me that she had to wait to conceive these precious little lives. So she probably is being positive, perhaps just thankful for whatever twin challenges she may be dealing with day to day. Singletons are hard enough – esp. the first ones – but twins are doubly hard.

And no doubt, she does have help. (Geez, how could she even go to work? She has help, ladies with panties in wads.) I think her husband has been pretty available to help out too which most “regular, everyday American” moms don’t usually have the extra perk of. . . Regardless of how easy or fun a mom thinks having twins is, we just ought not to compare ourselves to one another or to Celebrity moms and dads. That’s why I think this entertainment website is ridiculous sometimes. No need to get our panties in wads over defending these Hollywood privileged peoples. . .

And I’ll say one more thing: If I’m correct, Rebecca Romijn used Clomid at some point in trying to conceive (not that these twins were necessarily conceived that way). I think Clomid can be a great help to women struggling with infertility, but I have been made aware that fertile women are asking for Clomid so that they can increase their chances of having twins. Is this ethical and why do so many people want twins these days? It IS HARDER – especially if you have no Nanny, no live-in granny, a lazy or absent husband, are out of shape, unwilling to face all kinds of possible complications, and generally are just having twins to get attention for yourself or because you think it makes you special. It’s no different than Octomom.

So to the other twins mom, I just want to say – I agree with you that having twins and taking care of them yourself without all the extra help and not as much monetary income IS harder. And how many of you would say doing hard things was fun? Ha.

Set Rebecca Romijn in Podunk, America in a 12′ X 16′ living room with basic cable, no designer clothes (just Walmart brands), no jetsetting (just a camping trip twice a year to the local lake), no nutritionist or chef to fix her specially prepared meals (she would have to plan/shop/and fix her own dishes), no spa treatments (except a cut n curl down at the local beauty shop), a mini van to drive around town, a husband who works from 7 am until 6 pm everyday, has to pay her own bills instead of getting an accountant to take care of these things, no nanny, no grandparents nearby, and two crying babies who can’t get on a schedule and are biting her nipples every two hours. . . well then, would it be fun?

Rebecca’s “REAL” ain’t real to any of the ladies posting here. I’d be having fun too, Rebecca!

Anon on

If Rebecca were to be complaining about how difficult life with twins is, she would be raked over the coals for not enjoying it enough or not being grateful enough just to have two beautiful, healthy baby girls. Let her make her comment and have her opinion! Congratulations to Rebecca and Jerry and I hope they continue to have a world of fun with their baby girls!

CelebBabyLover on

Mary-Helen- Breastfeeding DOES help some women lose weight!

HollaUp on

Yes, CelebrityBabyLover, but not ALL women lose weight because of breastfeeding. The idea that breastfeeding automatically leads to weight loss can leave some women feeling like they’re doing something wrong. It’s like telling women that breastfeeding is fun or easy. When it isn’t, some women figure they’re doing it wrong and give up (especially young first time moms). For some women, breastfeeding is awful and, if they knew that was a possibility, they could just push through the downsides of breastfeeding without feeling inadequate. Breastfeeding is like giving birth, it’s easier for some than others. I’m happy Rebecca has found a way to breastfeed her twins while working. She’s clearly committed and seems genuinely appreciative of the blessings she has. Good for her.

jay c on

Jeanne, I have twins and two older singles. My twins were FAR easier that my singles. They are alot of fun! Congrats to Rebecca and Jerry…Their babes are beautiful!

Breastfeeding mommy on

I am sick of celebrities telling the world how much they gain and how much they lose! I gained 70 with my first child and lost it all within 6 months while bottle feeding. I then gained 35 pounds while pregnant with my 2nd child and have lost ZERO pounds while breastfeeding for 8 months now. I still weigh what I weighed after I delivered! I have been waiting for 8 months now for it to magically disappear and it hasn’t. After dieting and watching my milk disappear, I just decided that I was going to have to be fat and happy until my baby boy weaned himself. There is all the time in the world for me to be able to fit into my skinny jeans but only a year to nurse my son. I cry at times because I still have a flabby tummy and dimples on my thighs but then I see my son’s smile when he sees his food source and then it brings everything into perspective. Women are too hard on themselves! And yes I am one of them!

jeanne on

ok Whatever people I am a mom of identical twins and twins does not equal fun. I love all my six kids but with Twins its mostly about survival and rarely about fun. Like another twin mom said it would be nice if these hollywood types was realistic–but their reality is so differents from non celebrities. I agree that people who conceive their twins thru ivf (which is most of the times in hollywood) they may have a different threshold for finding them tough to deal with. But as I know from talking to multiple mom’s that as someone else said “having twins is not like having 2 its like having 10”.
I am not unhappy on the contrary am very happy.
But I do not have time for BS especially when it comes to raising kids.

aroundthewaygirl on

I still say people are projecting their own unhappiness onto celebrities. There are a boat load of twin moms with no help or celebrity trappings who are having a ball with their twins and who are not interested in telling everyone within earshot oh, this is hard or such and such is so awful and constantly complaining. Rebecca is having fun with her babies and all moms should have fun with their babies and not worry about who is keeping it real. Who decides who keeps it real? My reality is very different from the next woman whose reality is very different from the next woman and so on. This keeping it real is to me nonsense. If Rebecca is having fun with her babies I take her word for it and wish her many more fun days.

Amy on

im glad she is enjoying it but i was surprised she returned to work so soon i thought she would just take some time out to be a mom especially as she had twins and she has had a very busy career!

Daisy on

So just because having twins can be difficult a person can’t describe first-time motherhood as fun?

Tee on

I honestly can not believe some of the comments I’m reading here. Every single person on this earth is different in some way, shape, form or fashion. If Rebecca is enjoying her twin baby girls and doesn’t find it to be hard work, then all power to her! Yes, multiples often create more work than singleton babies. Yes, the odds are that she has help. But as somebody already pointed out, she is nursing twins around a complicated work schedule. That in and of itself means that she is doing more than sitting back and rocking her babies while everyone else is doing all the “work.” For those of you that are saying that raising twins is not fun- satisfying but not fun- I don’t know what to say. Everybody is different and I’m really glad to know that Rebecca and her husband are enjoying their babies. I think a lot of Moms could take a lesson from her.

kcdayspa on

its about time she had a life let her be!

CelebBabyLover on

Bitsy- Just because Rebecca goes to work doesn’t mean she has outside help. For example, perhaps grandma and grandpa watch the babies while Rebecca works, or an aunt or other relative does.

HollaUp- So Rebecca should pretend breastfeeding didn’t help her lose weight just so “regular” moms don’t get the wrong idea?

Anon- ITA! In fact, I remember when Angie Harmon talked about how difficult her pregnancy with Emery was and how, frankly, she hated the pregnancy. People jumped all over her for that! I have no doubt that, if Rebecca had complained about how hard it is to be a mother of twins, people would have still raked her over the coals, saying things like, “It can’t be THAT hard for her since she probably has help,” or “She should just be grateful she has two healthy babies!”.

People claim they are sick of celebs claiming how hard it is to raise children, yet when a celeb like Rebecca says they’re having an easy time rasing kids or that “twins are fun”, people complain about that, too!

jeanne- I don’t think it’s fair to say that MOST of the twins in Hollywood are concieved via IVF. First of all, IVF is NOT the only fertility treatment out there! IUI (Intrauterine insemination), fertility drugs (like clomid), and other fertility treatments also increase the chances of twins. Even ICSI (intercytoplasmic sperm injection), which involves injecting a single sperm into a single egg, increases the chance of identical twins (due to the fact that the egg’s “shell” is being tampered with, and thus there is more of a chance that the egg will split in two, creating identical twins).

Also, I think all the twins being born in Hollywood are actually a combination of several things, including the following:

-Celebs waiting until they are in their late 30s or early 40s to get pregnant. Older women have an increased chance of having fraternal twins naturally (it has something to do with the fact that, somewhere around age 35, a woman’s body begins releasing larger amounts of a chemical that signals the ovaries to produce eggs, thus increasing the chance that two or more eggs will be released at once).

-Fertilty treatments (they obviously ARE the cause of some of the twins in Hollywood. Some celebs, such as Marcia Cross and Geena Davis, have even been very open about the fact that their twins were concieved using fertility treatments).

-A family history of twins (if someone on the mother’s side has fraternal twins, her chances of having them are increased.)

-Simply getting lucky and concieving twins naturally.

It is also possible that there is literally something in the water. There has been some speculation that increased amounts of hormones in food is increasing the odds of having twins.

Cheryl on

Rebecca must be having a ton of fun with her twins. I suppose that’s why she is already back working long hours on a film set when they are only 4 months old.

jemstar on

I’m a twin. I don’t have twins but my sister does and I know how full on they are. It’s obvious to me that some of the twin moms here got offended not because Rebecca is enjoying her twins, but because of how she said it. She said everybody told her it would be hard but it’s just fun. If Rebecca was at all humble she would have mentioned in the next sentence that yes, perhaps she does have it a tad easier than most new twin moms though. As another poster said why do so many of you jump to the defence of celebrities? Instead of trying to understand where a real mom is coming from? There are no resources out there as is, the last thing we need is celebrities creating the myth that twins are easy and moms of twins need no help. Twins are fun but they are also exhausting, it’s total BS that they are just fun and nothing else. Brad and Ange acknowledge that, J.Lo acknowledges that. Great that Rebecca is enjoying her twins, too bad she can’t be a bit more honest about it. Some people just feel the need to project a perfect life out there.

jeanne on

Hey celebabylover,

It is not more common for older women to have fraternal twins unless they have had many previous babies. This is a fact. As a Mom of twins I know the facts. And what I meant by IVF was in fact any assisted pregnancy ways. Not just IVF,
I am a mother of twins and only Mothers of twins know all others have no idea.
Mothering twins can sometimes be fun–but its not “just fun” for those of us who are raising them without round the clock help.

Saying they are “just fun” is so unreal I wonder if she is spending anytime alone with them at all???

I breast feed and am still breast feeding my twins at 14 months because it suits me–I have six kids and after the twins I am done–done because the Twins have worn me out–I love them to bits — but there has not been much enjoyment in raising them thus far just mostly managing them.

Again, only twin Mom’s have any idea how all emcompassingly difficult they are!!!

Mary-Helen on

CelebBabyLover, it HELPS, but no woman magically melts away 60 lbs in 6 weeks breastfeeding. Like I said, I have two and didn’t gain alot and yes, I lost weight fairly quickly, but I also took my oldest for a walk in her stroller every day and was more careful about my eating habits and it still look me 4 months to lose the last of it. With my youngest, I only gained 14lbs and she was 8lbs 10oz @ birth so it wasn’t much to lose and again, breastfeeding was a factor, combined with walking my oldest to and from school and a short walk every day on weekends. It wasn’t just breastfeeding. To claim that breastfeeding makes pounds melt away in a matter of weeks sets an unrealistic standard for real women, who are struggling enough in a role as new mom and trying to fit in old jeans. I had a good friend who was miserable and fell into a huge depression because everywhere she went, there was some “news” piece on how a celeb mom “woke up thin!” after breastfeeding for a few weeks while she was working out, doing weight watchers and breastfeeding and still couldn’t drop the weight. Even if they had a cosmetic procedure done, why not @ least make it sound realistic by claiming they hit the gym once or twice?

Carrie on

To all of you ladies who are condeming Rebecca for saying her twins are fun, shame on you. I think she waited a long time for these babies and is enjoying every minute. I have 3 kids myself and while every minute may not be ideal I try to look on the positive side and am just thankful they are here. I hate when people complain about how hard taking care of their own children are. Maybe you should have thought of this BEFORE having them. No one said it was going to be perfect day after day. If I were you I’d worry less about Rebecca and her babies and more about your own miserable self and your kids.

BeckyPeabody on

Good for her. Refreshing.

zara on

The twins are “fun” for this celeb because she doesn’t look after them 24/7 and get lots of stimulation and company etc at work. And i totally get that…. who wouldn’t look forward to seeing their tiny little babies at the end of a long day on set?

for most mothers of multiples, however, who ARE responsible for their babies 24/7 and who are almost always doing it without grandma, grandpa, daddy and the nanny it MUST be a lot less fun and a lot more undiluted slog. And were i one of those mums i too would want to projectile vomit after reading this little sound byte.

CelebBabyLover on

jeanne- From “The older you are when you get pregnant, the more likely you are to have twins. This may be because of an increased ovulation of multiple eggs, resulting in more dizygotic or fraternal twins.”

That said, all I was trying to say is that I think it’s more accurate to say that about HALF of the twins in Hollywood were concieved via some form of fertility treatments. The other half are probably concieved naturally, whether due to family history of twins, advanced maternal age, or just plain luck.

M on

Firstly what we should all remember is that each baby is different as is each woman’s body. For example my ‘aunt’ recently had a baby and she cries alot and doesn’t fall asleep for long during the day unless she’s in mum’s or dad’s hands, while my sister’s daughter was a very easy baby…she rarely cried etc.
And about people losing weight by breastfeeding like it or not some people do. I don’t know why we like attacking other’s…her life is what it is, just because your’s isn’t doesn’t mean you should attack others.

April on

Mary-Helen I don’t think it’s fair for you to say “no woman” or never because that is just not true. I am a naturally thin person, always have been, and was actually underweight when I got pregnant at age 28 and gained 50 lbs. It honestly all melted off within seven weeks and I can tell you that truly because I had a horrible delivery with stage four tearing and did not leave my bed for weeks. There was no working out in fact I could barely walk out to my car. It was just a very lucky combination of breastfeeding and good genes. My sister is the same way.

Emily on

Congratulations to Rebecca, I think it’s great.

First of all: if people are liable to be offended by a celebrity’s luxuries or benefits in life, then perhaps they shouldn’t be trawling Celebrity Baby Blogs?

Second of all, Rebecca was stating her own reality. I saw no offence in what she said. Every experience is different! As a totally different example, everybody I know told me how hard it would be to have wisdom teeth removed. “It’s going to be so painful…your cheeks are going to swell…buy lots of painkillers.” Yet, my own experience was virtually painfree. No pain after the first hour, no bleeding, no swelling. There’s no crime in finding your babies “fun”, and in fact it’s commendable. I’m not suggesting for a moment that it’s easy – but there’s no reason to criticise someone who is (a) simply being honest and (b) actually enjoying their children – no matter their wealth or luxuries in life!

In fact, luxuries and wealth and all of those privileges that come with being a celebrity are such a shallow basis with which to form judgements about things. Celebrity mums still have feelings, they still have equal potential to experience post-partum depression, they still feel anxiety and guilt and stress like the rest of us. They still work (and hard, too, if we forget for a minute that they do get paid handsomely for it) and still have marital relationships to work through. To make snap judgements about how “easy” it is for celebrity mums is downright rude, and to assess their comments based on your own life is just silly.

And also: if Rebecca had come out and said “The twins are impossible, I’m not coping, it’s so hard, I don’t know what I’m doing, it’s horrible” then everyone would have jumped on her about how rude she is about her children, how unfit she might be to be a mother, how ungrateful, how she’s not happy to have two gorgeous, healthy baby girls, and how it’s offensive to mothers who can’t bear children or whatever.

So how can they possibly ever win?

Emily on

Jemstar… This article was written based on an INTERVIEW. Lots of things are said at interviews. There would have been plenty of other comments she made that weren’t included, and possibly comments that didn’t necessarily paint a “picture perfect” scene of her life. (And if she didn’t…and it was all roses…then good for her!) This article was just a summary; a way of telling a particular story. It’s probably not good to judge (not that it’s ever really good to judge) unless you’ve read the entire thing!

threenorns on

i agree: if she thinks it’s fun looking after twins, who is anybody else to argue? just because something is “hard” doesn’t mean it can’t be “fun” – how easy is it to create something out of stone or metal? how easy is it to renovate a house or dig up the yard for a new garden? it’s bone-aching, back-breaking labour but those who do it, do it because it’s “fun” – ie, “emotionally satisfying”.

i have one child and there’s been days i want nothing more than to put my head through the drywall – she’s 2yrs old – but i still think being her mother is “fun” because, overall, it IS.

as for the breastfeeding/weight loss commentaries, i, too, didn’t lose any weight from breastfeeding – in fact, i gained right back up to my pre-delivery weight within weeks.

of course, i also ate like a bloody horse with a tapeworm. anybody else think that maybe if i’d stuck to a normal, healthy diet, i’d’ve lost that extra weight considering my daughter was triple her birth weight before she even started solids at 5.5 months?

CelebBabyLover on

Emily- ITA! When my dad was going to have his wisdom teeth pulled out, he, too heard horror stories about how painful it is to have your wisdom teeth removed, how you definently need lots of painkilers afterward, etc. However, when the day finally came for my dad to have his wisdom teeth, guess what happened?

He walked out of that dentist’s office as if he had just had his teeth cleaned! He suffered virtually no pain or bleeding, his cheeks didn’t even remotely swell up, and although he got the prescription for painkillers filled, he ended up taking exactly zero of the painkillers!

Experiences, whether it’s having your wisdom teeth out or raising children, do indeed differ from person to person!

threenorns- I agree with you as well! I know a lady who creates carvings and sculptures out of metal. Obviously it’s very hard work at times, but guess what? She does it because she WANTS to, and she enjoys virtually every minute of it!