Natascha McElhone and Sons In Full Bloom

05/01/2009 at 06:00 PM ET


One year after losing husband Martin Kelly to a heart attack, actress Natascha McElhone is optimistic about the future — both for herself, and for the couple’s children Theo, 8, Otis, 5 and Rex, 6 months. “‘My kids are still flourishing [and] it’s remarkable to me,” she tells The Observer. “And [they are] growing and learning more and more.”

“I did think that if perhaps the roots of the tree were gone, the branches would no longer flower, but they are. It’s remarkable.”

There are daily challenges, however. It is important to the 37-year-old actress that the boys’ way of life prior to losing their father carries on uninterrupted. That lifestyle — which Natascha describes as “not absurd but definitely privileged” — includes private school. “I want to keep them there because I don’t want Martin going to be synonymous with our life changing…and it may be for the good or for the bad but I want the stability of their lives to remain intact for as long as possible,” she explains. “[Theo and Otis] are both at schools they really love; they have really great friendships. Also, I want to give my baby the same opportunities they have.”

To that end, Natascha admits that she’s “up incredibly early in the morning,” and that she goes to bed “incredibly late at night,” just working to keep the family  financially afloat. For now, that includes filming Showtime’s Californication, about to shoot its third season.

“For me, it’s a few months of the year, in summer, in LA. It’s the kids’ school holidays. It’s a no-brainer. It’s wonderful. It’s not like signing your life away.”

Financial worries aside, the life of a single mom with three young sons is not for the faint of heart! “‘It really is [a handful],” she admits. “I won’t say it’s not; it is a struggle, but one which I hope to rise to — or they tell me I do, which is very sweet.” Making her job easier is the warm welcome Rex has received since his birth five months after Martin’s passing. “The baby is so delicious, it’s ridiculous,” Natascha raves.

“My oldest son, he’s like a little old man sometimes, he was holding him in his arms they other day and said, ‘I can’t look at him, Mummy, he’s too cute.’ So he’s very loved by everyone.”

Source: The Observer

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M on

“For me, it’s a few months of the year, in summer, in LA. It’s the kids’ school holidays. It’s a no-brainer. It’s wonderful. It’s not like signing your life away.”

Maybe it’s just me, but that quote sure doesn’t suggest anything about “financial worries” or bending over backwards to stay “financially afloat.” I’m not sure where the financial concern angle of this story is coming from!


It’s in reference to part of the article at the source link – more info is available there.

– CBB Staff

isacutie on

I really admire Natascha and wish her the best. Rex really is so cute!

brannon on

that quote is way tooooooo cute. what adorable boys.

eternalcanadian on

I agree with Theo that Rex is “too cute.”

I find the comment, “I did think that if perhaps the roots of the tree were gone, the branches would no longer flower, but they are. It’s remarkable” is a bit misleading.

The roots are there. They are very strong, and because Martin and Natascha established some very strong roots of the tree that is why everyone is “flowering” even though Martin is not there.

Zosia on

It’s Natascha’s comment on filming Californication. She lives in London, so with the new baby and situation she could have wanted to leave the show.
Instead she decided to take part in it for financial reasons as well as the fact that this way her kids have great holidays.

Nikki on

‘I can’t look at him, Mummy, he’s too cute.’

How adorable! One of the nicest quotes from a child I think i’ve ever heard!

I’m glad to see that Natasha is coping well, it can’t be easy. I would imagine there are both good days and bad. This situation made me think of Liam Neeson and my heart just goes out to Natasha, Liam, and all of their children too.

Anna on

I don’t think anything of that statement can be misleading, because that is how she felt. She obviously thinks of Martin as the root in that statement and he is no longer there.

I find it distasteful to criticize her explanation of her thoughts and feelings when her husband died.

Christine on

I agree with everything Anna said.

It was nice to “hear” from her. We really haven’t since her husbands passing and I think it’s wonderful that she seems to be doing so well.
Continued best wishes to her and her amazing children!

Marie on

I would encourage you all to read the full article here:

It is, as the journalist says herself, a profoundly moving story.

kate on

i’m glad to hear natascha and her family are doing well. she seems really classy and baby rex looks a lot like her. eternalcanadian – you simply reiterated what she said in her statement. there is nothing misleading about her words. what you said is the same thing she conveyed, just worded differently. i like her statement about the branches still flowering, very true and bittersweet. all the best to them.

danielle on

I really admire her, her story is so sad, such a horrific thing to happen to any family. I can’t even contemplate it happening to me, its too awful. I really think she’s doing a terrific job and is to be admired for keeping things together so well for her family.

aleshamom4 on

God Bless Her and Her Precious Sons!!!!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

ditto to your comment Danielle! I can’t even imagine being that strong myself, I get sentimental and would have lots of ‘what ifs’ etc, as it’s not the situation she imagined of course, must have hard times dealing with that, and that her husband is missing out meeing Rex too, but she seems to have a good attitude, despite her grief. Guess you never know how you’ll deal with stressful situations until you’re in them. Obviously they miss him and talk about him as she said, which is great. Sounds like a wonderful mum to her 3 boys. Sad for little Rex never knowing his dad, I’d find that hard to deal with,the kids’ grief, but I’msure his mum and two big brothers will fill him in about their dad when he’s a bit older…