Natalie Morales: Yes, I Still Wear Scrunchies!

05/01/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
Andrew MacPherson for PEOPLE for use on CBB

Posing for PEOPLE in our new Most Beautiful issue, the Today show’s Natalie Morales poses with her youngest son, 7 ½-month-old Luke Hudson. Also mom to Joseph ‘Josh’ Stockton, 4 ½, Natalie lets us in on her beauty secrets:

On having babies: [Pregnancy’s] made me appreciate my body so much more. Having children is really what we are made for as women and to be able to see how your body just knows what to do … Beauty is more about what you’re capable of doing with your body. I have always felt more beautiful pregnant. I fill out a little bit more, which helps! (laughs)

On her beauty routine: There’s not much of a routine, I’ll tell you that! On the weekends the hair’s up in a ponytail or a scrunchie — yes, I still wear a scrunchie! — and there’s no makeup. Sometimes you look better when you’re less done. Lipstick or Chapstick I [do] always have on hand because otherwise I feel washed out.

On teaching her boys: I am not walking the schoolyard thinking I am a hot mom! There was a time in my 20s when it was all about looking cute in a little black dress. Now it’s about what I am able to give my children: the confidence and the right attitude for life. That’s what beauty is to me.

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Erin M. on

Love the chubby lil cheeks!! Anyone know where I could find that skirts she’s wearing?? Love it!

Tess on

I’ve never heard of Josh being a nickname for Joseph. Is that unusual?

Jennifer on

Natalie is gorgeous, and Luke is so cute! I love watching her on ‘Today’ – she seems so down to earth.

Tess – Josh is an unusual nickname for Joseph. Joseph is a family name for them. Her husband’s name is also Joseph (he goes by Joe), and I believe his father’s name is also Joseph, so I’d assume for them, it’s a way to differentiate between the same name.

Amy on

I love that skirt too!!! Anyone know where it comes from?

Tess on

Jennifer – thanks.

eternalcanadian on

I have to say I wasn’t pleased to read this comment, “Having children is really what we are made for as women..”

Does that mean women are useful only for procreating? What does that comment say about women that do not have children either by choice or because they are infertile?

I just wish people would watch their words especially when they go around saying having children is the only reason women are viable.

Lauren on

“Does that mean women are useful only for procreating? What does that comment say about women that do not have children either by choice or because they are infertile?”

I just threw up in my mouth a little. Un-freakin’ believable…

Natalie looks gorgeous as ever, and I’m totally with her on carrying lip balm at all times. I’m not a big make-up person, but lip color is a must.

Em on

Calm down Lauren. Don’t get your granny panties in a wad! Eternalcanadian is right…. some people might get offended at that statement.

lulu on

Eternalcanadian is right. I’m a mother, can get pregnant, and am currently a stay at home mom–yet I didn’t like Natalie’s comment. Women aren’t just made for making babies. We have a lot more potential and can contribute a lot more to society than producing babies. Children are very special; however, they’re not our only purpose. I also didn’t like her comment on beauty being what your able to do with your body…so women who’s bodies can produce children don’t produce children? What about our minds, and hearts? I actually liked Natalie a lot more prior to hearing these dumb comments

Hea on

What’s a scrunchie?

CelebBabyLover on

Hea- A scrunchie is something that you use to put your hair up in a ponytail. 🙂

Michele' on

I agree lulu. I certainly liked her more prior to reading this article. I don’t like children, I don’t want children and I refuse to entertain the notion that I was put on this earth to bear children. Sounds like cave man era speak to me…or possibly the rural deep south?

Hea on

CelebBabyLover – Ahh, thanks for clearing that up!

lulu on

I meant to say “so women who’s bodies can produce children are the only ones who are considered beautiful? What about those who don’t produce children?”

Mia on

Well, regardless if a woman can have children/or decides to not have children or whatever the situation is, I think all she was saying is a woman’s body is designed to grow/carry/birth a child…where as a man’s body can’t. Unless you all know something that I don’t?….I don’t think it was anything to be taken offensively, just biologically speaking-thats why we have our parts.

Roberta on

I don’t think Natalie, a working mom who’s employed in an area where words misspoken can make or break you, would be one-sided enough to think the sole purpose of a woman is to procreate… that’s just so I’m reading between the lines. News flash…we have eggs, ovaries and a uterus…we are made to bear children but that doesn’t mean that’s our only purpose in life. I believe she meant our bodies were made to carry children…they are!!

madylane on

you guys are getting ridiculous. she did not just invalidate all women unable to procreate naturally. our bodies are in fact built for procreation. since cromagnon, women have functioned as the hearth and heart of a home. thankfully we are no longer confined to only that role.

anon on

panties in a bunch. Get over it. I’m pretty sure as a working woman she doesn’t think shooting out babies is all she’s good for.

alana on

Eternal canadian is NOT right! Natalie was making a comment about the physiology of our female anatomy, not a social directive. Freekin geez, let a woman celebrate the wonders of creation without squashing her like a bug.

PS: I am a stay at home mom, and I LIKE IT! Gasp!!!

Anna's Mommy on

It is my impression that Ms. Morales means that it is a natural thing for women to have children. We were designed to conceive, carry and care for our children with our bodies. It’s a basic concept.

12 Weeks Pregnant on

That little man is so handsome and he already knows.