Michelle and Matilda's Playground Playtime

04/29/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
Doug Meszler/Splash News Online

Rest stop! Matilda Rose Ledger, 3 ½, takes a snack break with mom Michelle Williams while making the most of a beautiful weekend in Brooklyn on Sunday.

The pair played on the equipment before heading back home to cool off!

Matilda is Michelle’s daughter with the late Heath Ledger.

Matilda wears Crocs Mary Janes in Cotton Candy ($20).

Click below for a second photo!

Doug Meszler/Splash News Online

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Bieta on

It was a beautiful day in brooklyn sunday, sunny and breezy but kinda hot. Its so funny me and my friend were talking about Michelle’s style of outfit. Tons of women were wearing shorts with ankle boots. On the catwalk it may look chic but in real life is just looks really really silly.

Michelle on

Michelle seems like such a great, hands on mom and little Matilda is just adorable!

But I always feel that twinge of sadness when I see her pictures — she is such a mini-me of her dad and it’s such a shame he’s not here to see her grow up.

Brianne on

I love the two of them. Michelle seems so down to earth and a wonderful, doting mother. Matilda is truly one of the most beautiful little girls I’ve ever seen – and the spitting image of her wonderful father, who I am sure is watching down on her every day.

I know most celebrities truly hate the paparazzi (on a seperate topic), but as Matilda gets older, I’m sure she will be happy to have as many photos of her and her daddy as possible – I remember a great one CBB posted of her with a hat and sunglasses sitting on Heath’s shoulders, may he rest in peace.

Sarah on

Such a beautiful little girl, and Michelle seems like an amazing mother. She is very hands on and is very dedicated to her daughter.

It totally looks like Matilda is asking her mom for something in the second photo! Like “mom please”!!!

Ava on

She is so cute..Is it me or does she look like she is 5 years old…I love the crocks..

Maddy on

i do think matilda looks much older than 3 and a half…and so much like her daddy. 😦

Meg on

My goodness, she is so tall! And she is absolutely beautiful. I love that she looks adventurous and like she would be so much fun to talk with!

Tessa on

Matilda is SO tall. Adorable!

HeatherR on

Still just the spitting imagine of her late father! How bittersweet.

Anon on

Omg I always for she’s 3 n half! She looks like she’s 5 or 6. I was just like that as a kid. I’m almost 6ft now!

Laura on

Matilda is beautiful! And very tall. I agree with whoever said it looks like she’s begging her mom for something in the second picture. It breaks my heart her daddy isn’t there to see her grow up. 😦 She’s definitely his female version.

j.U.d.E. on

Everytime I see a picture of Matilda I am so amazed at how much she looks so much like her dad! Gorgeous!

Am I the only one who absolutely doesn’t like this haircut? It was the same Suri had for an eternity.. I think with this haircut you just don’t see the kid’s face. It’s so closed. With a different haircut (away with the bangs!) Matilda would radiate beauty even more, if you could see her whole face. Now, the bangs stick to her forehead I constantly want to brush them aside to open up this girl’s face. It would be much more iluminating, fresh, luminous if she had her forehead free of hair and flowing golden hair. It’s all too square for my taste..

Just my opinion…

j.U.d.E. on

It looks like it’s already summer there! Wow!

Is it me, or does Michelle look pregnant in that second picture?

I have a question about the dark glasses. Almost every celebrity wears them. I guess it’s because of the paparazzi (or us, looking at the paparazzi’s pictures..), but I don’t quite get it, because it’s not like people don’t recognize them anymore. So how does wearing dark glasses help?

theyearofasking on

i can’t believe how big matilda’s gotten! and i’m so happy that michelle has found love again (with spike jonze). she deserves to be happy.

NIxx on

They are both so beautiful!

cas on

matilda looks a little like mom in this photo

Sam on

Matilda’s bangs are not in her eyes.

judew on

Sam, if this is a comment in reply to mine, I never said they Matilda’s bangs were in her eyes (Suri’s were!). I said it’s a similar haircut to Suri’s and one which I don’t like, because you always only see part of the kid’s face. It would be so much more pretty if we could see Matilda’s entire face and if she had longer hair or a different haircut where her hair wasn’t glued to her forehead.

Again, just my opinion.

jinni on

I’ve heard that the paps get paided less for a pic of a celeb with glasses than one without glasses. So the celebs are probably trying to make their picture worth less money.

B-Lyn on

Matilda is adorable, but I really wish Michelle would give that child a new haircut.

E on

Wow! Isn’t she tall for that age?

j.U.d.E. on

Really jinni? WOW! I didn’t know that. It makes sense I guess, but hm.. rather sad really.

B-Lyn, ah! I’m so with you on the hair-cut issue (see my previous posts)! Of all the haircuts there are, Matilda has had this one for ages and it covers her beautiful face far too much!