Meet Ciel Taylor Lamar!

04/29/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
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Could she be a model in the making like mama? Niki Taylor and Burney Lamar introduce their daughter, 8-week-old Ciel, in a photo released this week.

Weighing in at 7 lbs., 8 oz when she arrived on the morning of March 4th, Ciel is a special blessing for the pair, who struggled to conceive. Now proud parents, Burney, a NASCAR driver, calls fatherhood “amazing.”

β€œShe smells so good. And, this is going to sound funny, but even her breath smells good when she cries. And her crying is the cutest thing ever. She makes the sweetest faces. She is absolutely perfect.”

Ciel is the first child for Burney and the third for Niki, who is also mom to 14-year-old identical twins, Hunter and Jake.

Ciel is wearing a white luxe layette set by Bloomers Baby ($68), included in a Jewels and Pinstripes Celebrity BUMP Bag.

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CTBmom on

Awww. She is beautiful! Congrats to the proud parents!

Viv on

Wow what a gorgeous babygirl! She’s so perfect, I love smelling my 8 month old breath too!!!

Mallory on

She’s so beautiful!! Not surprising, though, with parents like that. )

Chelsea on

She’s beautiful (not hard to see why with parents like that)!

It must be great after having only two boys for so long to finally have a little girl!

rw on

Beautiful family! does anyone know how you pronounce her first name is it “see-el”, “seel”, “si-el” ,”chi-el”?? Just wondering because I love the spelling, very feminine.

Denise Briggs on

What a beauty !!! So happy for them !!

babyboopie on

It’s See-el! She’s beautiful!!

tamara on

Hi Rw, I’m French, and Ciel is a French word meaning Sky.
You can pronounce it like the letter “C” and then the letter “L”. So your proposition “See-el” is right.

christina on

Very happy for them. Always been a fan of Niki’s!


Awww she’s beautiful!! That’s such a sweet picture they seem so in love with their baby girl.

TV on

Was kind of hoping that they would name the baby after Nikki’s late sister. But I like the name Ciel too. Congratulations to Nikki, Burney along with Hunter and Jake. She is lucky to have a family that has overcome so much over the years to have her.

g!na on

beautiful baby girl! I always admired Niki Taylor growing up with her when i was in my teens! I was so sad for her when sister krissy died!

Christine on

I wonder how her delivery went. She said that she couldn’t have a csection because of her scar tissue from her car accident and she also cold have an epidural because of the rod in her spine.
In any case – the baby is here and safe!

Stella Bella on

I love how their wedding rings are right next to each other in this shot! Very sweet!

Paige on

She’s beautiful. Just like her mother.

Kim on

That’s a beautiful name…a baby’s breath is the the sweetest thing ever…

cas on

such cute comments from him…=)

Jennifer on

Aww…what a beautiful baby girl!

Malik's Mommy on

Gorgeous family, love the name! Congratulations!!

eternalcanadian on

So cute, and what a nice picture. Ciel has quite light hair so she takes after her mum and such red plump lips! Maybe some day Nikki will go into detail how Ciel was born because we all know her internal scars and the metal rod in her back would have made for some challenges during the birth.

SAR on

Ciel is a precious baby, and it’s obvious her parents adore her. Hard to tell who she looks like — she appears to have blonde hair like Niki, though.

I’d love to see a family pic of Ciel with her gorgeous parents and her handsome older brothers; I bet the boys dote on her. I used to houseclean for a family with two preteen boys and a two-year-old girl — the boys just LOVED their baby sister.

Regarding Burney saying Ciel’s breath smells good — that doesn’t sound funny at all. If Niki is breast feeding, then Ciel’s breath would smell like mother’s milk, which I’m told is sweet. Also, babies are completely pure and innocent and, yes, sweet.

Niki and Krissy’s older sister, Joie, has a daughter that she named Erin, which was Krissy’s middle name.

Meghann on

Ciel is gorgeous!!!! I have been waiting to see her. Niki is stunning!!

CelebBabyLover on

Christine- She never said she COULDN’T have a C-section, just that, if she DID have to have one, it would have been very risky to due to all the scar tissue.

Eleonora on


Jae on

How sweet is that?! the way he describes his love for his daughter.. so precious!! Just something special about a daddy & his little girl! I LOVE watching my husband with our daughter.
The baby is soo cute!

FC on

Ciel is a little beauty, just like her mama. And I love that almost smile that seems to be on her face. πŸ™‚


Ciel is gorgeous and I really love her name.Burney looks so in love with his little girl.I’m very happy for them.

JMO on

I have never really heard of this name before nor knew how to pronounce it until now but I really like it. Flows nice as a middle name for many of the girls names I have chosen! Just may be my future daughters middle name someday πŸ™‚

Diane on

That quote from Nikki just got me all teary eyed…sorry ,I’m pregnant and I’m a little emotional!

ericka on

that child was bound to be beautiful…and well she is.

gianna on

she’s so cute, and in this picture looks like nikki.

Tina on

shes a cutie:).

aleshamom4 on

so precious so blessed, Congrats to ALL!!!!

ColeeAislingg on

Ciel is such an unusual name, but i like it. She’s gorgeous. πŸ™‚ <33

Diane Juarez on

Congrats! She’s beautiful! Hoping to see Burney back out on the track! (my brother used to work with him, SW Series)