Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick Expecting Twin Daughters

04/28/2009 at 07:00 PM ET
Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Move over Carrie Bradshaw, there will soon be two new girls in the city! Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick are expecting twin daughters this summer.

A statement released Tuesday by reps for the Sex and the City star and her actor husband reveals that the couple are “happily anticipating the birth of their twin daughters later this summer with the generous help of a surrogate.” It goes on to read,

“The entire family is overjoyed.”

The baby girls will join big brother James Wilkie, 6 ½. Sarah Jessica, 44, and Matthew, 47, have been married 12 years.

Source: Associated Press

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morgyn on

I was actually flabbergasted when I read this. I thought they were just going to stick to their little boy! Nevertheless, congratulations!

Twins…that will be something new…

Rayan on

Congratulations to the family!!!!!


What a surprise!

cas on

wow!! amazing!! that is really awesome

lexi on

congrats! so excited for the couple! i’m sure their son will love being a big brother!!!

Shawna on

Congrats to them! They must be so excited!

jen on

wow. this is a shock.
i really expected to see a divorce headline in people
before this.
congrats to the growing family.

Sammy-xx on

WOW this may be the biggest celeb baby shock I have heard.
How great for them. I had always hoped they would have another, James is such a gorgeous happy boy they seem like such great parents.
Too little SJP’s the fashion world is in for a treat in about 15 years time.
Congrats to them, James and their families.

I am soo happy right now I can’t explain, another SATC movie and twins.

missy on

I’m so happy for them! James is adorable and I can’t wait to see what their little girls will look like!

alexa kaelyn on

congratulations to Sarah Jessica Matthew and James

Tessa on

Oh my heavens, this is exciting! Congratulations to them.

kmc on

I am so happy for them!

ashley on

That is wonderful!!! I thought that they had to be thinking of a second. That is awesome that they are having two girls!!!

D.D. on

I don’t think I’ve ever been so shocked by a pregnancy announcement! I’m so happy for them!

Allison on

Wow, saw that on Twitter and thought it was a joke!

Always thought they were just having one – how fun!

Kaela on

Wow! That was an unexpected announcment. Congrats to them!

Lacey on

NO WAY!! I’m shocked! My mouth dropped to the floor.

Brittany on

congrats to them 🙂

Amy on

SO unexpected!! I actually gasped when I saw it on US Weekly’s homepage. Congratulations to them!

Charity on

Jen, I’m with you. I’m shocked! Congratulations!

Mina on


Something always told me SJP & Matthew would get a girl one day & now she’s having 2! I remember in an interview years ago that she said she hopes to have a little girl one day & give her all the clothes & things she collected from Sex & the City. Oh gosh, these girls will be beautiful!! James is probably so happy!

sinclair on


**nearly faints from shock**

Sanja on

Wow! That came totally out of left field!!! I was just watching their picture at the Tribeca festival and SJP is in a tight dress and was like ‘where in the world is she hiding two babies’ before I read about the surrogate.


Lacey on

To add..
Eat that tabloid rumor about divorce!

Angi on

WOW! That is the only word I’ve got. How wonderful!

Morg on

Congrats! I never thought they would have any more kids…..but I guess I was wrong!

morgan on

How exciting for them! How exciting for James to become a big brother. Congrats to the family!

Chris on

What a surprise! I figured they would be a one-kid family! Congratulations to them!

bookwormchloe on

Good grief, I didn’t see this one coming at all! Congrats to Sarah and Matthew, and good luck to the surrogate with the pregnancy. I am presuming the surrogate is carrying the babies? Are they Sarah and Matthew’s biological children??

Shonce on

OMG, AMAZING news considering I heard about an impending divorce on the radio!

Viv on

Are they sarah & matthew’s biological children? why do they have a surrogate?

Mia on

oh my god!! that is so exciting!! congrats to the whole family, didn’t see this one coming 🙂

mary on

wow. i too am speechless. i had been hearing so many rumors about their marriage on the rocks. how exciting for them!

aurora mia on

Oh…I am gonna cry!! I just adore that family…bravo!

Lauren on

Like everyone else, I’m shocked! In a good way! Two girls…too cute! Congratulations to the family and their loved ones.

Megan on

Well that’s one headline I was not expecting to see.

Alice on

Uh, it’s none of our business if the twins are or are not their biological children and as to why they would have a surrogate.

Congratulations to Matthew and Sarah and James Wilkie too!

fergette on

WHAT?!?!?! Woah! I don’t know why, but I really figured they were done with one. Congrats!! 🙂

tippythepoodle on

awww congrats! That’s awesome! With a surrogate is it a donor egg too or do they take sjp egg and mb sperm? just wondering

BeckyPeabody on

Sweetness. I’m overjoyed for the two of them. Their adorable son James will now have siblings.

Erika on

OMG I totally wasn’t expecting this! Good luck to them with twins! How exciting!

Kids Crack Me Up on

Congrats to them!

Bugs on

I’m so happy for them!

martina on

Fantastic! SJ will have her hands full for sure 😉

Kayla on

Maybe because she is 44 they are using a surrogate. It greatly reduces dowms and other complications…Congrats

ma74 on


ChelseaLee on

OMG! That is FABULOUS news! I always hoped they would be able to have more children. I remember her talking about how she loved growing up in a huge family. So wonderful!!!

paula on

It could either be SJP’s eggs or a donor’s (not the surrogate’s). We’ll probably never know and it doesn’t really matter, anyway. In any case, it’s very exciting and I wish the all the best!

Bex on

Congrats to them! I wonder how little James will react to being a big brother to twins 😉

daniela on

Wow! Now this is a shocker. I always got the feeling they only wanted one kid – now they will soon have three!!! Congrats to them – I can’t wait to see the new babies…I love twins! 🙂

Rachel on

Did they use a surrogate with James? This is very exciting news!!!

robinepowell on

Congrats to them both. I remember reading on CBB, a few monhts ago, that she wanted to have another baby but it wasn’t happenning. I guess Sarah couldn’t get pregnant on her own a second time.

Another set of celeb twins, there must be something in the water, lol! 😛

Bancie1031 on

WOW ….. like someone else said (I believe it was Megan) that wasn’t a headline I was expecting to see ….. but CONGRATULATIONS to their family ….. I’m happy for them and wish them the best with the girls 😀 I bet that Jessica is in complete awe at the thought of having not only a girl but twin girls!

Juliet on

What a great surprise! Congrats to the happy family. I can’t wait to see the little girls.

Mariel on


IntendedMom2Be on

Congrats to Sarah, Matthew and James. As a mom-2-be also expecting twin girls in the fall via a surrogate I think that it is wonderful for a celeb to take about it and not hide it!

I don’t know what their situation is but our surrogate is carrying mine and DH’s biological children, but it can be done the other way with a donor.

EMO on

NEVER saw this coming.

Also, Kayla, if they’re her eggs (and with a surrogate, they could be), then using a surrogate wouldn’t matter with regard to a lower risk of Downs Syndrome or anything else.

And whether they are/aren’t her eggs, I’m a little surprised they went with a surrogate as opposed to her carrying them – but who knows maybe they tried and it didn’t work out.

Congratulations to them, either way. They seem very grounded as parents.

I’ll be very interested to see what Sarah/Matthew say on this if anything. On one hand, I can see them not really getting into it, but on another, it’s such a surprising situation, I feel like at some point, them may address it. (Of course, that could be a ways down the road…)

Have to say though, I think this has surprised me more than any announcement I have ever seen on CBB.

Sara on

WOW!!!! I am floored.
Congrats to the Parker-Broderick clan.

Caryn on

Didn’t see this one coming. Congrats to the family!

Lauren on

wow amazing news!!! pregnant at 44 and with twins.. there must be huge health risks involved. I was in my early 20’s when i got pregnant with one and i was already exhausted enough.

Still Life in South America on

What a surprise, right?!? I’m so happy for them.

Krissatina on

Ugh. Congrats on the babies, but I wish people would stop doing this sort of stuff on a moral level. I know I don’t speak for everyone, but I think it’s so immoral to use IVF, surrogates, whatever. I think they’re fine parents but why couldn’t they just adopt? I feel like this spoils my happiness for them.

Kerri on

Wow, I didn’t see this one coming! How exciting for them.

Me on

Lauren, Sara Jessica is 44, but I’m betting the surrogate isn’t.

Lauren on

oops! i just read the article.. shes using a serrogate >.<

Chelsea on

WOW! I’m totally shocked (in a good way)!!!

I’m so happy for them!

Brooklyn on

To some previous comments..Sarah herself is not pregnant. It says: “…generous help of a surrogate.”

Anywhoo. Congrats to them!

Chelsea on

I mean this in totally nice way, but it’s nobody’s business but their’s if they did or didn’t use SJP’s eggs. I’m assuming they did and besides, these little girls are Matthew and sarah Jessica’s no matter what.

Taylor on

Lauren, it says there’s a surrogate. SJP isn’t pregnant.

dickieangenson on

OMG! I feel like I just found out my good friend is pregnant! This is great news for them, no? I am so happy for her.

Jeni on

Lauren, it says with the help of a surrogate, which means Jessica isn’t the one pregnant, the health risks were probably one of the reasons she went with a surrogate, among other things I’m sure.

Congrats to them! =D

JC on

Sarah Jessica isn’t pregnant. They are using a surrogate as per the post. Congrats to them! I know Sarah Jessica talked about having more kids in interviews and having a daughter to pass down clothes too!

Sarah on

I am in complete shock! Congratulations to to Matt, Sarah and James, these little girls will be so loved =D

Tina on

it is with a surrogate! people need to read the article.
Congrats to them:).

twisted on

This is wonderful news. In the case of a surrogate it could be that Sarah could produce eggs but not carry them, so they could have used her eggs with Matthew’s sperm and with the help of a surrogate to carry them to full term, another miracle of life!! How wonderful for both of them and big brother James Wilke!! It doesn’t matter how life is produced, the important thing is they will be raised with love and by parents who have their priorities in order.

Tina on

uhh wow! i am so annoyed with certian comments! it is PERSONAL and if they wanna have more kids with a surrogate then thats their choice. uhh! UHH! she doesent have to say A THING about it.

Aitch on

wow! how exciting for this marvelous couple and son! I am so happy for them!

mary on

Lauren, you need to read the post again. SHE is not pregnant.

Brooke on

I literally had to read this twice. This one blew me away….

anon on

Wow. Unexpected. But cool! GOod for them.

Chelsea on

Oh gosh, I’m sorry for all the grammatical mistakes in that last post. Anyways, the gist of what I’m saying is that it’s up to SJP and Matthew to share or keep to themselves facts about the surrogacy. Speculation just bothers me…those are their children no matter what.

I’m really happy for them! SJP can pass on all her fabulous clothes!

anon on

Actually nvm I didn’t read the entire thing. Not that using a surrogate is BAD it just makes it a lot less shocking(most 44 yr old women can’t carry twins!) Still super cool and good luck!

Shelby on

WHAT!? I had no idea that this was coming, a pregnancy…let alone twins!! Not that I should be surprised 😀 with the twin epidemic but oh my goodness how exciting! I am tearing up with joy for this family and they are sure to be 2 well dressed little sweeties.

Shelby on

Clearly didn’t read the whole post before I posted but I was so excited. I am glad that they are going the route of a surrogate to expand their family…what a blessing! Sorry for my mishap in posting

Doreen on

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! More twins!! Tons of multiples in the world now with the help of Hollywood and of course Octomom! They just keep coming and coming….lol

L on

OMG i can’t believe this, how exciting…im so happy for SJP!!!!

Beverley on

All I can say is WOW. Congratulations and best wishes to the whole family.

michelleanne on

Oh how exciting!! I love that family I am so happy for them all!!!!

Randi on

Omg I was just in shock I had to remind myself to breath this is so exciting. They are going to be the most fashionable little girls in town. Congrats to them they already are such a wonderful and beautiful family. Now only if this pregnancy will carry over to SATC can’t wait for that next year..

Beverley on

I would like to add to my other comment that it doesn’t matter whether these are their biological children or not, they are their children in their hearts, and that is all that matters. My husband is adopted, and his parents couldn’t love him more if they were his biologicals or not, and I think the same for Sarah and Matthew. They will be the parents no matter what. The rest is insignificant and none of our business. I am so overwhelmingly happy for them. These babies were obviously planned for them and will be greatly loved. That is all I ever need to know about it. Love to Sarah and Matthew.

Jackie on

How exciting. I am so happy for them. I guess the people who hinted that their marriage was on the rocks were wrong. Congratulations to the whole family.

courtney on

Krissatina: As someone who has just become pregnant with IVF, I have to say with all my heart that you really can’t understand until you’re faced with the very personal consequences of infertility. IVF does not preclude adoption, and adoption is so beautiful and important, too. Furthermore, as someone who has adopted my husband’s daughter, I know that there are so many (resolvable) complications in raising a child who is not yours by blood. Having both adopted and gone through IVF, I have to say that the world isn’t perfect, we are faced with not very elegant problems, we have to do what feels right for each of us, and who are we to judge. Congratulations to SJP and Matthew.

Whitney on

Courtney B Vance. and Angela Basset used a surrogate and the babies were biologically hers and his.

I am super excited. I LOVE SJP always have and always will….

cb on

Good for them!

Molly on

Krissatina what do you know about IVF and infertility that you are making such smart comments?

Sarah on

I’m really happy for them! I imagine Sarah will have a lot of fun dressing up her little girls in the years to come. They’ll no doubt pick up on her good sense of style.

Congrats to Sarah, Matthew and big brother James!

Kelli on

Wow…SO did not expect this announcement. Congrats to them!!

Nicka on

Good for them! How exciting. They will be such fashionistas, I’m sure! 🙂

Sara on

I am happy their are expanding their family, yet so irritated by the celebrity twin craze. All these women focus on their careers and then all the sudden want an insta-family. When will it end?

Marilyn on

At first I thought Sarah was pregnant with them and I thought, how can this be so…I just saw her in a photo from yesterday and she was as thin as usual. Then I read about the surrogate. This is such great news. I wasn’t expecting this one!

Molly on

Sara, I dont think Sarah wanted an insta-family. Her boy is alrady 5 years old and she’s been trying to get pregnant for years. I’d hardly use the word instantly. As for the twins, when one does IVF its common that they put back 2 embryos. I had 4 due to a really bad quality and only one stuck which is what we thought. In some cases, both stuck though. I dont think its anything called craze about this …

kait on

Awww, I was thinking just the other day if she was going to have another baby. Something has got to be in Hollywood’s water with all these twins. Congrats 🙂

french gigi on

lovely news!

God bless them all, including the surrogate.

Molly on

kait: there is nothing in the water of Hollywood in this case. First, SJP lives in New York, second, when you use Surrogate the only chance to get her pregnant is to do IVF. That has nothing to do with the water, no matter how much water she’d drink, her surrogate wouldnt get pregnant without medical intervention. They simply put in two or more embryos and two of them luckily stuck.

ljc on

Wow, this is a shocker. Didn’t see that coming. Congratulations!

Jess from Ohio on

Well THAT was a shocker to me! Congrats to the wonderful Parker-Broderick family! I wonder what names they’ll come up with? Hopefully they’ll be classic names like James is.

Heather on

This is the most exciting baby news I’ve heard in a while. Such a surpise. Congratulations. God bless their surrogate.

Isa on

Wonderful news!

Definitely wasn’t expecting to hear an announcement from these two but I’m so happy for them. They seem like such great parents to James and I know they will be just as wonderful with their daughters.

alice jane on

I was not expecting this at all, but I am so happy for them!! Sarah and Matthew seem really happy being parents, and James seems pretty happy as a result. I can’t wait to see the girls and see what their names are!

Kelly on

WHOA! This came out of nowhere! They are such a beautiful family, so excited to see they are growing! CONGRATS!!!

Mrs. R. on

I can’t wait to see how they dress these little angels!
What a lovely surprise to read about, and what a lovely event for their family. They seem grounded, despite the media reports of infidelity and a rocky marriage. They certainly have always seemed to make the right decisions for their son. Their interviews and their behavior show they really put his interests first. It’s lovely! I’ve always loved them as a couple.

Kate on

Anyone who suggests they should’ve just adopted oviously knows very little about domestic adoption. It involves years on a waiting list and thousands of dollars for a healthy infant.

Anyway, if the children are biologically their’s a surrogate doesn’t reduce the chance of Down’s or other defects because it would still be her eggs.

marlee on

How exciting. I love that they’ve chosen to expand their family. I wonder what names they will choose? Perhaps something classic to match James (named for paternal grandfather). I like Elizabeth and Catherine.

Amillia on

SJP is 44-years-old, rich, talented and SMART! I would do the same thing to have a baby (or two) if I were her. It may or may not be Sarah’s eggs or even Matthew’s sperm but SO WHAT – they get twin healthy baby girls! Way to go Mr. and Mrs. Broderick & Family!


PS Heather (#106), I second that. “God bless their surrogate”.

Colleen on

In New York, it is illegal to hire a paid surrogate. So either someone is acting as the surrogate and not being paid, or the contract was done in another state. This news came totally out of left field for me. I was completely surprised. I thought they would stick with one child, congratulations to them on expanding their family!

PrincesseEmma on

Wow, this is such a surprise! How lovely!

Sarah on

Ok this tops Jessica Alba’s pregnancy as the most shocking/unexpected pregnancy ever!

Ryan on

WOW! Quite the PLEASANT shocker!!! I thought she was done after James for some reason…but this is AWESOME news! I always imagined SJP with a little girl (a tiny Carrie Bradshaw! How precious!) and now she is going to have TWO! This is just fantastic! Sooooooooooo happy for her and Matthew!!

hannah2 on

happy for them.

actually incredibly jealous because i looooove babies but i loathe pregnancy!

surrogacy worries me though… because babies form relationships with the mother en utero and so i worry that they must register the loss of their mother (the woman that carried them) when the familiar heartbeat and voice etc just disappears after they are born. i remember seeing a discovery channel show on a surrogate who carried triplets for another woman. when the babies were born early and tiny the surrogate (who was recovering at a separate hospital) agreed to pop in every day just so they could hear her voice and be held and feel her heartbeat…. apparently the doctors thought it was important for their health and survival.

also, i remember watching my children in their cots and seeing them do little actions (like my sons double kick which landed on my ribcage throughout my third trimester and freakin’ killed) and sounds (hiccups etc) that i remembered from when they were inside me…. the relationship starts so subtly but it certainly starts before physical birth.

BUT i should emphasise that i have never been in the situation, know really nothing of it and am simply voicing a vague sense of unease for the purposes of discussion

Alexandra on

And the 2009 baby boom expands x2!!

Congrats to them!

g!na on

congrats! to the family! I always had a crush on Matthew growing up! lol.

Eleonora on

I’m so happy for them!!!
Such a surprise!!!

mamakay on

In response of IVF being immoral. After 13 years of trying for a baby and three IVF attemps, my husband and I were blessed with our baby girl. We used donor egg’s due to the quality of mine. No one has the right to judge people on the way they want to create their family. My doctor recommended pregnancy for me because of a health issue. Until you know all the facts, be sensitive to other people’s feelings regarding this topic.

Skipsie on

Is it wrong that this is the most excited I’ve been…Ever? Lol
Congratulations to Matthew, SJ, and James!!

Rosalie on

I knew that they wanted more kids. SJP has said so since James was born. I suspect they may have been having issues with conceiving. I though they would probably adopt. But this is just as wonderful. Congrats

jessica on

This is what I love about this website, The moment I load it up I’m hoping for a yellow box holding good news.. and suprising news is always the best.. and this is definately a MASSIVE shocker for me. No matter how many of those silly rumours go around I always believed this little family was happy together. Congratulations, it’s great news, can’t wait to see them.

Bumbles on

Got the shock of my life when I heard this news on the radio this morning! So happy for them as they seem to be very hands on parents with James so can’t wait to see the little girls.

kait on

Molly, it was a sarcastic comment. Hollywood as in celebrities, but still thanks for informing me.

Emily on

Um, Molly, I don’t think Kait was being literal..But Krissatina, you were being literally offensive and judgmental and no one is interested in you bringing someone’s wonderful news down by judging their methods.

amy on

aww how exciting, imagine playing dress up in that wardrobe!

Aelys on

Wow! I sure didn’t see that one coming! Like others, I thought James would grow up an only child. Congratulations to the whole family

ang on

where the hell did this come from? lol little james is in for fun times ahead with 2 girls.congrats to them =)

Michelle on

Everyone is acting like they are the first celebrity couple to use a surrogate. I mean get over it! I am happy for Sarah Jessica and Matthew. Those two little girls will be extremely loved!

Petra on

It would have been a really shocking news, if SJP was pregnant herself. It would be WOW! But using a surrogate makes it far less interesting, actually I am surprised that people are so excited…

Grace on

Gosh, what lovely [surprising!] news! I’m expecting triplet girlies this summer, so I can sort of relate!


Alex on

I don’t think I’ve ever been more shocked by a baby related announcement! I think with all the headlines that this couple has made over the past year I definitely didn’t expect that they’d be having more children! But it’s a wonderful thing, James will have two sisters, Sarah will have someone to pass on all the Carrie things to (imagine that wardrobe!) and Matthew will finally be outnumbered! A lovely surprise! Congrats to everyone.

chrissi on

ok wow. was not expecting that. congrats to the happy couple x

Meream on

shocking but incredible news! congrats to them. 😀

JP on

Molly, I just Kait’s comment to mean that there were more twins on the way regarding celebs, not the literal breakdown you gave us…lol!

krissi on

Congratulations to the family!!! What a wonderful news! I’m happy to hear that their marriage is fine, I’ve never believed those breakup rumours…

Alana on

Absolutely wonderful news! Congratuations to happy family. They’ll have so much fun with twin girls! I bet James can’t wait to meet his sisters !

babyboopie on

Mon dieu, what great news! I am also shocked by this, but it’s great they’re expecting two daughters- wonder what they’ll call them!

Hea on

What happy news! Congratulations to them all!

Sofie on

Can’t wait to hear the names!!!

Michelle Z. on

How wonderful for them! SJP has taken such a practical approach to dressing JW (dressing him in hand-me-downs, and he always looks like any other little boy), but I wonder if all that practicality will fly out the window for girls? It will be fun to see.

Julie on

As a current surrogate carrying twins for childless couple, not all couples have the option to adopt. My couple is originally from one country but living in another country right now because of work. They can’t adopt from their birth country because they aren’t living there right now and if they try to adopt from their current country where they live, it could take up to ten years. They are much older than a traditional couple and spent many wasted years listening to fertility doctors tell them they had a chance to conceive on their own and not to go the adoption route. Therefore, by the time they sought my help it would have taken them into their late 50’s to adopt, if they would be allowed to do so at all.

I was shocked to see they were using a surrogate as well (SJP and MB) but after reading some of your comments it made sense, I hadn’t given some of your ideas some thought. My agency will not allow a couple to use a surrogate unless the intended mother is physically unable to carry children on her own. Someone had said that it was rare to see a woman in her 40’s carrying twins; that is simply not true. You see more and more woman in their late 30’s early 40’s carrying twins because of IVF and medical intervention. Actually, I recently read a study that said more twins were born to women in their 40’s than any other age bracket.

I wouldn’t doubt they were using an egg donor. A lot of fertility clinics will not allow an intended mother to use her own eggs once she has matured over 42 years old. Their eggs simply are too old and the success rate is horrible.

I’m curious to see if they say anything about the woman who is doing this for them. Just my morbid curiosity. She’s due to get her babies around the same time I’m due to pass my twin charges over to their parents.

Nika on

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I just wanted to check CBB to see if there was any news, and all of a sudden I see this headline about SJP and Matthew and I couldn’t believe it, I nearly fell off my chair!!!
It’s great news, I couldn’t be happier for them! Somehow I thought they would stick to one child but I can totally see SJ with two girls (I can see Carrie with twin girls too btw 😉 )

Can’t wait to see the happy family together in a few months! These girls will have the coolest mommy!!!

Congratulations to the family!!!!

martyna on

WOW – all I can say now 🙂 Good for them . Wish them luck !!!!

Sally on

It’s silly that I feel so happy about this, but I am! I remember seeing Sarah on a talk show a couple of years before she had James and she was so open about her desire to have children. Something about the way she said it just struck me as so genuine and sweet. I wish them lots of luck and happiness!

JMO on

Wow this totally comes as a shock…..more twins? seriously?

But congrats! Cause I know they’ve wanted more kids so that is kinda of nice!

CTBmom on

Totally wasn’t expecting this, but how exciting and wonderful for them! Congrats!

TracyG on

As usual, there are some really ignorant comments…can’t people just say “Congratulations” without all the very intimate or personal questions?

And Kristinna: How lovely that you can have your own babies. How lovely that you haven’t experienced infertility that is more and more common these days. I am VERY offended at your comments. Adoption is wonderful (and in fact, I am a foster mother myself) but seriously most people want to try to have their own baby first. There is NOTHING wrong with that. To be told that you can never have any children or any more children is devastating and I hope you never have to hear those words from an OB. Trust me, you don’t know the half of how it hurts!

Congrats to Sarah J. and Matthew!!!! I have a feeling her little girls will be the best dressed in the entire state! LOL!

Lena Stern on

What a surprise to read that they are expecting some more babies as I thought that their marriage is more or less over.

Lena Stern on

What a surprise to read that they are expecting some more babies as I thought that their marriage is more or less over.

Lena Stern on

What a surprise to read that they are expecting some more babies as I thought that their marriage is more or less over.

Lena Stern on

What a surprise to read that they are expecting some more babies as I thought that their marriage is more or less over.

bungalowbliss on

Wow. Wow. WOW!!!

Yay and congrats to one of my very favorite celeb families!!

Adrianne on

Congrats to them

You know, all of this makes me wonder if the tabloids got the whole “affair” thing wrong from the start. Maybe the “other woman” that he was spending so much time with was the surrogate. Supposedly it started in November (baby due in the summer…that makes about 9 months)and they never commented on it because it’s none of anyone’s business!

Jaclyn on

I am so happy for them.

Stephany on

Like a lot of you, my jaw dropped when I saw this announcement! WOW! I am so, so surprised but I am so, so happy for them! Twins, no less! How exciting!

Lisa on

Congrats! :o)

Jade on

Yayyyyy…congrats to the family!!!! SJP and MB are my favorite couple. I never understood why people expected to see their divorce announcement? Just because they dont show PDA, doesn’t mean they’re unhappy!!

This is the biggest celebrity baby shock for me till now!!! But I’d consider it a pleasant surprise 🙂

Lis on

I’m speechless!!!!!!!!!!!
How unbelievably exciting! How can I be so happy for people I don’t even know, LOL??!! 😀

txgal on

Adrianne “You know, all of this makes me wonder if the tabloids got the whole “affair” thing wrong from the start. Maybe the “other woman” that he was spending so much time with was the surrogate. Supposedly it started in November (baby due in the summer…that makes about 9 months)and they never commented on it because it’s none of anyone’s business!”

I thought the exact same thing!!!! It has to be a different type of stress (wonderful as it may be) to have someone carrying your baby and that may account for all the inaccurate reporting. Congrats and I bet those girls will have a better wardrobe than me 🙂

Jas on

I was watching Fox Five NY this morning and I caught the tail end of this story. Congratulations to the whole family!! What a great addition or shall I say additions to the family. 🙂

eternalcanadian on

Interesting! I think Sarah is awfully brave to see her husband have children with another woman. Good luck to them and and hope the surrogate has a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Donna on

At 44, SJP’s eggs might not be viable, but Celine Dion Had her husband’s and her own fertilized ovum frozen for the possibility of a future pregnancy. It doesn’t sound like this is what SJP and her husband did, so my uneducated guess is that the babies are most likely not hers biologically, but so what? They’ll be hers anyway.

Rachel on

eternalcanadian….what do you mean by ” I think Sarah is awfully brave to see her husband have children with another woman.” They are still her daughters even though they will be born by another women.

mmh on

To those bashing Krissatina — actually, in some religions it IS immoral to do IVF or use a surrogate. So, it may not just be her opinion, but her religion. Just a thought…

jazzie on

So happy for them! I hope the babies will be healthy and happy and I wish them all continued love and happiness.

Lis on

How cute would it be if she named them

Ellen Smith on

It’s doubtful the eggs used were Ms. Parker’s. This is the Marcia Cross scenario all over again. I also think this is a career move to keep rumors at bay about Mr. Broderick’s sexuality.

nosoupforyou on

Wow, they are old enough to be grandparents!

Harley on

I’m with everyone on the shock factor lol. Congrats to them 🙂

txgal on

mmh, “To those bashing Krissatina — actually, in some religions it IS immoral to do IVF or use a surrogate. So, it may not just be her opinion, but her religion. Just a thought…”

But how sad and narrow minded of Krissatina for being rude and negative just because people have different religious beliefs than her. I believe a life is beautiful no matter how it comes about. To each his/her own.

Kelly on

mmh, I WILL “bash” Krissatina for her rudeness. I’m embarassed for her to have those views, I really am. I can’t believe there are still people who think that in this world. I don’t understand why CBB would let that comment be posted, it’s SO offensive.

Some people here are entirely too judgmental, it’s so pathetic. Worry about your own lives.

LL65 on

WOnderful news! Congratulations to the family.

H Knight on

I have never commented on this site before but feel obliged to now. It annoys me the way that most people say “when are they going to have a baby” or ” about time they had another one”. It can take a long time to conceive a child, if at all. Obviously the ones who just expect people to have them don’t realise the difficulties that people face. COngrats to the SJP family- great news x- a baby is a blessing however it comes

bungalowbliss on

Adrianne and eternalcanadian, the father does not actually sleep with the surrogate mother. There’s no reason for SJP to be concerned about an ‘affair’ or MB having sex with this woman.

Alex on

Wow. I commented earlier, but have just noticed the Krissatina comments. I honestly didn’t know there were still people in the world who thought like that and considered it acceptable to evidently be proud of having that view. It literally feels like Krissatina is disgusted by SJP and MB’s choice to use a surrogate. News flash, not everyone in the world has to adopt, they are not morally obligated to do so. And since Krissatina has said nothing about a religious stance, I’m inclined to believe it is just venom spouting from her mouth. What a horrible thing it was that she said. I’m quite disgusted.

DT on

Wow some of you are really uninformed about the surrogate process. I’m happy for them. I think it’s great. Those girls will have wonderful lives. I can’t believe all the judgment that is passed down on the choices made by those struggling with infertility. Grow a heart people.

LocaBanana on

I don’t know if this is accurate, but I could have sworn I saw an article mentioning that Sarah Jessica Parker had fertilized eggs frozen due to their struggles.

Either way, it doesn’t really matter.. Your kids are your kids regardless of how they got here!

I’m so excited for them!!

momto5 on

Just because they are having twins does not mean their marriage is not on the rocks people. I hope they aren’t two little Carrie Bradshaw’s-please.

momto5 on

Her eyes and curly hair but with Matthews dark hair-gorgeous.

New Shoes on

Perhaps Krissatina was trying to be incendiary with her remarks. Perhaps she wasn’t. But she is entitled to her opinion. CBB may not be the appropriate venue to air such opinions, particularly in a birth announcement. But her concerns are still valid (I’m not saying correct) and are not necessarily narrow-minded, religious views. FYI, there is this whole area called bioethics that explores whether or not we ought to do things even though we can with our science/technology. Bioethics is not just religious rhetoric. It is a very important field of study (though some scientists would disagree). IVF and surrogacy are two of the issues. There are valid arguments on both sides. There are also very strong emotions involved which understandably make this a very sensitive subject for some. And a site dedicated to celebrity pregancies and offspring is probably not the best place to hold such discussions.

Congratulations, Parker-Broderick family! May your surrogate have a healthy pregnancy and may your two new daughters fill your lives with new wonder and excitement and love.

Marie on

Wow… That’s great!!!!

RedLady on

Wow. I’m kind of surprised and shocked at reading these comments before, and was moved to write even though I’ve never commented before. SJP has been trying to get pregnant for many years now. I have seen her myself (I used to live in the same neighborhood as she did in NYC) buying pregnancy tests over the counter. She has obviously wanted to have more children for a long time. Infertility is such a struggle, and however she and her husband have decided to have more children is wonderful — and also really none of our business.

Emma on

Awww – how lovely! In response to other comments on them using a surrogate – I would think that there is probably some reason that Sarah is not carrying the babies herself, a health aspect that is none of our business and therefore we don’t know about. Maybe she has repeatedly tried IVF and failed for example? Personally, my main worry for them is that the surrogate mother might “sell out” on them after the birth (i.e. sell stories to the media for extra money), although I am sure they have chosen their surrogate mum carefully. As for Krissatina’s comments – women who can concieve naturally are lucky and adoption is not always as simple as you may think. Also, there is nothing to say they may not adopt later, in addition to the twins. A baby (or babies) is always a blessing & I’m sure SJP & Matthew have gone through a whole lot to get this far & must be incredibly excited. I wish them all the best in the world and can’t wait to hear that the babies have arrived safely xx

Mia on

Wow, what’s with the explosion in multiple births among celebs? I heard the other day that twin birth are on the rise nationally (and naturally), but it seems much more prevalant among those in the entertainment industry. Wonder if it’s fertility treatments(?), cuz the ones who are having twins seem to be a bit on the older side.

Mia on

So… I guess that means they’re not divorcing, at least not for now.

Shannon on

I too was floored by this news. I know they had wanted more kids, but I still wasn’t expecting it! How wonderful for them to be having 2 new little ones! I was also thinking the same things about the Matthew “affair” rumors-what if the woman he was seen with was the surrogate? Big haha to the tabloids on that one, if that were the case!!!!! : )

On a more serious note-I don’t usually comment on other people’s comment, but I CAN NOT believe the things that Krissatina said. I pray that you never have to go through infertiity and struggle to have your own child. Just because someone is incapable of carrying their own child does not mean that they are obligated to go adopt one, no matter how wonderful it is to do so. I am all for adoption, but if someone is able to have biological kids, whether they carry them, or have to use IVF or surrogacy, then that is their right, and who do you think you are to judge them for that? I understand people are entitiled to their own opinion, but on a subject as sensitive as infertility, it’s usually better to just keep your mouth shut.

Terri on

No, it isn’t anybody’s business, but of course people are curious about the circumstances. Nobody is implying that the babies are any less theirs if they did use donated eggs. I don’t think the topic is something for people to be made to feel uncomfortable discussing or being curious about. There’s nothing wrong with surrogacy. Congratulations to the family!

Lynn on

This was not an announcement I was expecting to hear. Congratulations to Sarah Jessica and Matthew!

Patrice on

Normally, I am VERY morally opposed to surrogacy, but I just love SJP sooo much : ) However, weren’t these two having tons of marital troubles last year? IF the reports were true, this is not a good idea. Babies are not band-aids, and should never be used to try and save a marriage.

kim on

Congrats to them! I hope this fills them with new love. Maybe going through that rough patch made them realize how much they meant to each other.

Patrice on

Kayla: Using a surrogate alone does not reduce any GENETIC disorder like Downes Syndrome. The egg would have to be from a donor in order for the chances to be any more greatly reduced. But we shoudn’t even be thinking about that now. Congrats!

Allison on

Wow! I didn’t see this one coming at all! Congrats to the Parker-Broderick Family. James Wilkie is such a little cutie – bet the girls will be just as adorable.

Holly on

old enough to be grandparents?? NOSOUPFORYOU?? They are only in their 40s. That is just ridiculous. Give people a chance to live their lives, why the rush to have kids if you are young?? Most people would consider people in their 60s as “grandparent age.”

GiannaG on

I don’t get how anyone can be morally opposed to IVF and surrogacy, given the heartbreaking circumstances that usually forces people to choose these options. What a selfish, thoughtless mindset.

MCC on

Julie–what an awesome thing you are doing to help someone else realize their dream of having children. You should be commended for your selflessness (even if you are getting paid).

I just don’t understand why anyone would think it’s your right to condemn anyone’s way of having a child. Your body = your business. You don’t like it, shut it.

Dawn9476 on

I hate this notion that SJP and MB are too old. Geena Davis was 48 when she had her twins. Joan Lunden has welcomed two sets of twins via surrogacy in her fifties.

Regarding why so many celebrities are having twins, some of it has to do with In vitro being involved. Multiples are very common among women who have undergone in vitro. For ohers, it could simply be their age. Women over 35 have a greater chance of carrying twins if they conceive naturally.

Lauren on

I agree with all that this is the LAST pregnancy announcement I expected to see. Nevertheless, I am ecstatic for them-I always hoped they’d have more children, especially a girl. Now they’ll have two, and though I’m not a fan of SJP’s style most of the time, I’m very curious to see how she’ll dress these girls. I can;t imagine the swag they’re going to get!

As for the ethical argument, New Shoes is dead on. Bioethics is an extremely critical area of study that questions whether it is morally ethical to use scientific medical practices to our advantage even if it is possible to do so. As New Shoes said, IVF, surrogacy, prenatal adoption, etc. all fall into that category. There are legitimate arguments on both sides, and while it is a broad subject that needs to be talked about, a celebrity baby website where everyone makes uninformed comments based solely on emotion with no facts to back them up is far from the appropriate place to do so.

olliart on

Twins!! How sweet – congrats to them both =D

Adele (UK) on

I am so happy for them!! I was in total shock when I heard the news this morning, but they are already fantastic parents & I bet James will love having 2 little sisters to help look after.

Lea on

I´d find it worrisome, if none here would question things such as surrogate mums.
It´s unnatural (scientists prove again and again, how important bonding is) and some persons get rich on the expense of desperate parents and surrogate mothers.
SJP is a role model, just as all the other Hollywood mothers, who go for twins by IVF or who adopt children.
I´d wish more hollywood mums would send an other message across…get an education, but don´t wait until the very end with your wish for children.
I´ve worked in a fertility clinic and we had young couples as patients, but the majority was older than 35.
Surrogacy and twin pregnancies are not optimal for children!

Ryan on

I am curious to know if the eggs used were SJP’s. That’s going to be a question we all have for a while. Maybe even until we see the girls growing up to see if there is a resemblence. Not that it matters! Just curious! 🙂

Ava on

Just curious, Roughly how much does it cost to adopt?

Cathryn on

As for the statement “Bioethics is an extremely critical area of study that questions whether it is morally ethical to use scientific medical practices to our advantage even if it is possible to do so. …’IVF, surrogacy, prenatal adoption, etc. all fall into that category.'” A woman should be able to make choices about her body and fertility without the rest of the world thinking it is their place to comment (abortion is legal in my country so why would we have such a problem with CREATING life?!!!). I am so tired of people judging people for having to have children through assisted reproduction. ART is not a choice, it is a long hard road that no one would choose. I can’t imagine not having my daughter because of people like Krissatina and bioethics committees. You have no right to make decisions about my reproduction!

Sara on

i would never have seen this coming, but i’m really happy for them 🙂

M on

great news for them! james looks just like jessica. maybe the donor eggs that were surely used here will allow the babies to look more like daddy! 😛

Lauren on

“ART is not a choice, it is a long hard road that no one would choose.”

I see. So you were forced against your will by an outside party to seek the help of reproductive technology to have a child you did not choose to have on your own. Thanks for clarifying. Thanks also for perfectly illustrating my point that until people can grow up and learn to talk about subjects like this without getting hysterical, there is no point in doing so. Educating yourself on this issue-both sides of it-is the only way to keep from being as ignorant as you claim others are.

nosoupforyou on

Most people do not have children in their 40’s. In fact to even get pregnant at that time, the majority have to use reproductive technology and such pregnancies are considered high risk. When the girls are 12, Matthew will be 60. Yikes!

GiannaG on

Cathryn, the sad thing is people like Krissatina and those who consider themselves experts on bioethics really don’t give a damn about your pain. They don’t have to do it, and probably conceive children quite easily so once they’re happy, nobody else’s pain means anything to them so they sit in their ivory towers and turn up their noses at what some people go through, claiming to have the right to tell others what’s ‘morally’ right. If they had to go through it, the wouldn’t be so COLD. I bet if such people had to walk in those shoes, they would sing a much sweeter tune. As for the ‘why not just adopt’ sentiment, adoption isn’t like swinging by the grocery to pick up bread as some people seem to think.

houstondivas on

Sweet!! So sweet!! I love this couple and so wish them the all the best in life.

Emily on

My best friend just adopted a baby. All situations are different, but in her case, it was about $20,000. They did not pay for birth mother’s medical care though because she had insurance. It was with a local agency. There is also a small adoption tax credit that can help with expenses. Hope this helps!

On a different note, I am shocked and saddened by the rude and ignorant comments on this thread. No one should presume to know anything about anyone else and his or her situation. I think adoption is a wonderful and beautiful thing. I also don’t see how anyone can think that bringing a baby into the world is immoral, whether done through IVF or not.

Cathryn on

Lauren, your logic makes no sense. If people want a child and cannot on their own, then yes, they are forced to turn to ART. I’m not interesting in arguing with people like you. Obviously you have not had to experience something like this and therefore cannot understand and that is OK. I am not hysterical or ignorant, I’m actually very well educated. I’m just saying that people have no place in other peoples reproductive business and I stand by that.

Cathryn on

GiannaG I totally agree!!

Patrice on

GiannaG: I do not have to explain my feelings about this to anyone, especially a complete starnger like yourself, but many would agree that is a “thoughtless mindset” that you carry by reacting so harshly to a harmless comment that someone made. Not everyone has to agree. Thats what so great about living in a free society!

Georgia41 on

“Most people do not have children in their 40’s. In fact to even get pregnant at that time, the majority have to use reproductive technology and such pregnancies are considered high risk.”

I’m curious, are you an Ob/Gyn???

I’ve know PLENTY of women who have gotten pregnant naturally well into their 40’s………I was 38 1/2 when my last daughter was born, my Mom was almost 41 when I was born.

Check your facts before you start offending people……….

Furthermore, none of you know the true facts regarding this couple using a surrogate, can’t we just offer them congratulations???

Patrice on

GiannaG cont.: Not everyone who beleives in there being limits on medical intervention in the reproductive arena has had an easy go of things! Why are you so adamntly (and angrily) against people being allowed their own feelings in this matter? I would say that you are just as guilty of generalizing others as you claim those who disagree with YOUR PERSONAL opinions are. So disagreeing with surrogacy or IVF naturally must mean you’re a young, fertile, person blessed with children many times over right?

JMO on

I can’t believe the arguments going on. Who cares how or what they did to get these babies…the bottom line is two little lives are being brought into the world and SJP and MB are going to be their parents!!

We can argue the ethical, immoral, etc. issues until our heads explode. But just like we did with the octo-mom we have to eventaully move on! I for one don’t give a damn if they used IVF, his sperm, her eggs, the surrogate mother…and nobody else should either. It’s their business so find something better to do with your time then criticize them and other woman on how they choose to have their children!

I’d also just like to say (on a positive note) that I think naming one of the baby girl’s Parker would be absolutely adorable 😉

kmf on

Just curious- to those who are stressing the importance of the baby’s bond with the mother while in utero, and therefore saying the oppose surrogacy, how would it be any different were they to adopt? The baby would still have a bond with a woman other than the one raising them, so adopting a child would be ok?

Not trying to cause drama, I’m just not seeing how surrogacy is bad, but adoption is good when it comes to the mother/child bond.

paula on

Lea, we adopted my son when he was 8 months old, and therefore I didn’t carry him and I didn’t breastfeed him, and yet he is probably more bonded to me than my other two whom I did carry (with the help of fertility treatments, btw.) So to suggest that if you don’t carry your child, you will not bond is just ignorant.
Also, everyone’s experience is different. Some of us don’t find the right person until our mid-thirties and/or try for a few years before we realize we will need some help in getting pregnant (which might in turn take a few years). Some of us have had multiple losses, no trouble getting pregnant, but trouble staying pregnant. To suggest that everyone waited until the last minute to start a family, is again, ignorant.

kmf on

Just wanted to add- beyond happy for these two! Congrats to them! 🙂

GiannaG on

Patrice, no one who has ever actually had to deal with infertility could EVER look at someone else going through the same struggle and turn to them and say..”Oh no, dear. IVF is wrong. Surrogacy is wrong. It’s too bad about your troubles, though. That must suck.”

People who’ve been through it usually have compassion for others when they hear about it, and they usually support any legal means that people use to conceive. As a matter of fact there are even some people who’ve never had problems that are able to understand how tough it is. Go figure. Usually, though, those who claim to have moral reasons not to agree with it have never had the issue and are fine with OTHER people being prevented from utilizing medical intervention, if they could stop them. Maybe there are infertile people who are against IVF and surrogacy, but unfortunately, I’ve never met one.

Of course you’re allowed to have your own opinions, neither I nor anyone else here has said otherwise. It’s a free country, so by all means go ahead. And of course I don’t want an explanation as to why you’re morally against it. Ain’t none of my business and in any case I’m not interested.

Petra on

This discussion is far too emotional to be taken seriously. Some brave posters who rightfully point out serious ethical issues are hystericaly bashed, while most of ladies is simply carried away by the imagination of two sweet dolls in trendy clothes.
One wouldn´t expect here discussion of Nobel Prize laureates, but this is too much, time to start skipping over discussions.

New Shoes on

Whoa, whoa, whoa, everybody! When I brought up bioethics, I was not trying to belittle anyone’s pain stemming from infertility or to tell anyone that their children born from IVF should not exist or anything ridiculous like that. Infertility is a tragedy. It brings with it immense pain that cannot be fully realized until you have walked through it. And no, adoption is not as easy as we might wish for it to be. I hope that we can all agree on these things.

I was not saying that Krissatina was right or that I share her views. I only brought up bioethics to point out that there are legitimate arguments for both sides of these issues. Bioethics is a critical field of study, one that is not limited to reproductive technology. We should educate ourselves on all sides of the issues and engage in civil (and candid) dialogue about medical ethics. BUT this site is not the appropriate venue. That was the whole point in my previous post.

Isa on

I’m shocked by such negativity in a thread announcing the impending arrival of two new babies. I don’t see the reasoning for such hostility.

A child is a person’s child no matter by what means they’ve entered into this world. If Matthew and Sarah Jessica want to expand their family it’s THEIR choice. Children who are adopted or arrive via surrogacy are no less a parents’ children than if they were conceived naturally.

I fully understand that in some cultures and religions, surrogacy and IVF are seen as wrong. Although I don’t suscribe to such beliefs, I accept a person’s right to hold them and would expect those individuals to respect others’ decisions regarding how they choose to reproduce.

For the poster who said she doesn’t see why people are excited since Sarah Jessica isn’t even the one who is pregnant, I don’t understand your logic. Would you not be happy for a woman who adopted a child because she did not go through pregnancy? Doesn’t make sense.

Finally, the claims about Matthew and Sarah Jessica’s age are ridiculous. Yes, when the girls are 12, Matthew will be 60 but when Heidi Klum and Seal’s fourth child arrives, that boy or girl will be 13 when Seal is 60. Nobody felt the need to say he was too old to raise children. Also, where were these negative comments about age when Marcia Gay Harden, Geena Davis, Holly Hunter, and Marcia Cross were expecting? All four of them were 44 or older when their twins arrived.

I just don’t understand why there’s a double standard for this couple.

TracyG on

@ Lea:

You said “I´d find it worrisome, if none here would question things such as surrogate mums.
It´s unnatural (scientists prove again and again, how important bonding is)”

So do you feel that ADOPTION is “unnatural?” By your standards, people shouldn’t adopt either because A) they didn’t birth the baby themselves (so it’s unnatural) and B) however will anyone bond with a baby that isn’t born from them? (as you implied in your (IGNORANT) statement.

Have any of you that are so against surrogacy or IVF etc, ever had a doctor look you in the eye and tell you that you are UNABLE to have children? NO? Well honey, live a few minutes in the shoes of those of us who have and then spew your ignorance.

Yes, it’s your opinion, but to judge those without first hand knowledge about infertility or never having been told that you can’t reproduce is just wrong on all levels. Until you’ve BEEN THERE yourself, please keep your “opinions” to yourselves.

raxberry on


Lea on

The difference is, that you are playing god and that you make a decision.
Unwanted children are already there (and that is sad enough)…a baby carried by surrogate mum needs to get created.
That´s an ethical question and it is something those children will know about. I´d so hate the idea, that the woman, whose hormones have (co-)formed me, was just sharing this exciting journey for money. But that might be my view only. Hopefully those little girls aren´t like me.
If older children get mentally abused by their parents, hardly anyone would say “That´s none of our business”
I don´t say that surrogacy is bad for the children automatically.
But it´s such an big elementary controversial issue, that IMO it needs to get discussed again and again…

kai on

Petra, my thoughs exactly. Thanks.

Lea on

I am just trying to see it through the eyes of a child. A mother (also an future one) should always prioritise the well-being of her child.

Besides SJP and MB already have a biological son. So they actually aren´t compareable to those, who can´t get children, no matter how much IVF, they try.

Di on

I really resent people who say “keep your opinions to yourself”. This is website is a blog that invites people to make comments. If you do not like the comments fine but this website is a forum where people could express a variety of opinions.

I believe that surrogacy does raise a whole host of ethical issues. First, is the money aspect. You are essentially paying someone else to carry a child for you in other words you are renting a womb. What kind of woman would carry another child for money? How much money is she being paid? I could not imagine going through a 10 month pregnancy only to have the child at the end of it be handed to someone else. It is illegal in this country to pay money in exchange for a child but surrogacy in some sense is like that i.e, I’ll give you 20,000-30,000 if you carry my child.

Lastly, I do not see how someone would feel comfortable allowing their child to grow in the womb of another. You’re basically counting on the fact that woman will eat properly, avoid drugs/alcohol and otherwise act super responsibly for 10 months. What if the surrogate screws up and exercises poor judgment, will the couple get their money back. What if she miscarries, can the parents get a refund.

Alex on

Congrats to them! I assumed James would be an only child.

Mommyof3 on

Congrats to the family, I bet they are just thrilled to have not 1 but 2 daughters to join their adorable son!

I just wanted to say my 2 cents worth about this “gone too far, taken out of context” discussion. Honestly WHO cares how they concieved, who’s eggs they used, who is carrying them…all that matters is the family is pleased with the outcome and everything goes well for them all.

I wish them all the best! I can’t wait to see what they name them!!

Sanja on

I wasn’t going to get involved in this discussion, but can’t help responding to TracyG:

-Yes, there are some of us who can’t have any more children (just like SJP and Matthew we have a son and are unlikely to get pregnant again) and are also against any form of medical intervention or surrogacy (which is illegal where I live, btw).
That however does NOT mean that I’m against OTHER people using these means to have children, it only means that WE (me and my husband) are not comfortable with it and have decided against it (we are looking into applying for adoption and fostering as a way to expand our family).

As Petra has said, people struggling with infertility are too emotional to discuss this topic without getting upset, so this really isn’t the place or the time (since this is a pregnancy announcement after all) to get into why and how of bioethics, religion morality…, BUT everyone has a right to an opinion and they have the right to express it, even when it’s not something other people like to hear or agree with.

Rachel on

It ticks me off how multiple births are now cheapened thanks to all the celebrities getting medical help to get pregnant.

Natural twins/triples, etc. just aren’t special or mystifying anymore.

theyearofasking on

wow! i thought this was just a silly rumor until i came onto cbb to confirm. congrats to them!!!

TracyG on

You are all entitled to your opinions, but I don’t have to agree with them either. And my opinion is just as valid as anyone else’s whether you agree or not with how I stated it.

I was responding to Lea’s specific quote in my post. I DO think her opinion is ignorant because she has NOT BEEN in those shoes. To state that people can’t bond with children not born of their womb is just preposterous! It happens all the time…it’s called adoption. But some people want a biological child and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If you don’t agree with surrogacy that’s fine, but for some people, it’s the only way for them to have their own child. You just don’t know what it’s like until you’ve been there. You can’t even imagine what it’s like….emotional doesn’t even cover it. Some people are basically stating that if a woman can’t conceive then she should just suck it up and not pursue other options. That in itself is just wrong.

For whatever reasons, SPJ and Matthew decided to use a surrogate and it is nobody’s business but theirs and their surrogate WHY they did.

TracyG on

I am just trying to see it through the eyes of a child. A mother (also an future one) should always prioritise the well-being of her child.

Besides SJP and MB already have a biological son. So they actually aren´t compareable to those, who can´t get children, no matter how much IVF, they try.”

So Lea, let me get this straight in my head to be sure I understand you….

SJP have a son already so they shouldn’t want more kids? They shouldn’t want to expand their family because the “one” they have should be enough for them? Again…ridiculous. Whether they adopt or use a surrogate to expand their family, it is THEIR RIGHT. Nobody has the right to tell them they can’t have more kids no matter HOW they get them.

How is SPJ not “prioritizing the well being of her child?” What does that even mean?? Her and Matthew’s future children will be loved unconditionally and won’t want for anything…they’ll be given the best life they can get, what more do they need?

Are you trying to imply that the children of adoptive/surrogate parents won’t feel that they belong or loved the same as bio kids? Or that SPJ’s kids will “see” something other than a loving mother and father?

Please enlighten me…I must be missing something here.

nosoupforyou on


You don’t have to be an ob/gyn to use your brain. I have a graduate degree in medical social work.

And, no, most parents of newborns are not in their 40’s nor halfway to 50. I can’t help that you are offended by the facts.

These two can choose to do whatever they want about their reproductive choices. However, I can express my opinion.

Molly on

Lea when you say that a baby carried by surrogage must be created unlike teh baby that is already out there, do you think that baby carried by a bio mom doesnt need to be created? That she kind of gets in Walmart or something?

eternalcanadian on

My comment was based on the assumption Sarah’s eggs were not used because if they were, the term to use is gestational carrier (no DNA connection to the embryo). Since the word surrogate was used, the surrogate has DNA connections to the embryo and Matthew’s sperm was used (thus my comment of Sarah seeing her husband having children by another woman). If it was Matthew’s sperm and donor eggs, then gestational carrier should be used, and there’s a difference because usually no one knows who the donor of the eggs is. In this case the surrogate is someone they’ve been involved with for the past several months out in Ohio and they’ve paid her quite a bit of money for both her eggs and to carry the embryos to term.

shana2488 on

…I seem to be the only person who had no idea that Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker had been married. Huh. Good thing I decided not to go with that Public Relations Specialist. I’m SO out of date with the celebrity gossip! XD

That’s okay, though. I don’t believe it immoral to have a surrogate mother. If you want kids, you shouldn’t be ashamed to have a surrogate because you can’t do it yourself.

Congrats to the couple!

CelebBabyLover on

Lauren- I’m pretty sure that Cathryn just meant that, for most people, ART is a last resort rather than just some decision they make “off the cuff” so to speak. In otherwords, most people don’t just say, “Oh, I want to have IVF, it’ll be so much fun!”

paula on

I think people use the terms “surrogate” and “gestational carrier” interchangeably. I wouldn’t make any assumptions based on the fact that they use the term “surrogate”.

Sam on

I’m not surprised at all! SJP always said she would welcome more children. I remember reading a long time ago that she came from a big family and loved children.

Sam on

“I know I don’t speak for everyone, but I think it’s so immoral to use IVF, surrogates, whatever. I think they’re fine parents but why couldn’t they just adopt?”

Not everyone is ABLE to adopt.

I can see why one might think it’s immoral to use IVF, but what is immoral about using a surrogate?

Sam on

“Adoption is wonderful (and in fact, I am a foster mother myself) but seriously most people want to try to have their own baby first.”

Children you adopt ARE your “own.”

Sam on

“I also think this is a career move to keep rumors at bay about Mr. Broderick’s sexuality.”

Do you really think that they would go through the trouble of having twins and raising them for 18 years for career reasons? Whether or not Matthew is gay/straight/bi they had to have really wanted more children to do this.

Sam on

“I can’t believe there are still people who think that in this world. I don’t understand why CBB would let that comment be posted, it’s SO offensive.”

People should be allowed to express their opinion, whether everyone agrees with it or not. While I’m sure Kristanna’s opinion offended a lot of people, why should she be censored?

Sam on

“Wonder if it’s fertility treatments(?), cuz the ones who are having twins seem to be a bit on the older side.”

Your chances of having twins rise the older you get, whether they are naturally occurring or through fertility treatments.

kate on

great news!! i wonder if they are her eggs or the surrogate’s eggs? doesn’t matter, i’m just curious.

Cheryl on

Congrats to this family. I hope that she dresses the girls better
than she dresses her son. He could use a haircut and clothes that
match and fit. Sorry, but it just drives me crazy seeing him in clothes that are too short and not matching, now they have the money to dress him better and to cut his hair in a nice style.

FC on

Whoa, I thought I’d missed something when I heard this in passing on Extra! the other night. I was just like, “What? When? Where? Why?” and “Have I been under a rock?” LOL, but I’m so happy for these two. Twin girls? Best wishes to Sarah and Matthew!

It’s just been a twins extravaganza, and it doesn’t seem like the train is ready to stop anytime soon!

Audrey on

You have got to be kidding me. “it’s so immoral to use IVF, surrogates, whatever.” I have medical issues that prevented me from conceiving naturally so I used fertility treatments to conceive both of my girls. I happen to think I am a moral so until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes spare me the “immoral” talk.

Anne on

I really don’t understand some of these comments…an “insta-family?” You can’t go to a doctor and order a multiple birth. Given some of the circumstances (a surrogate, meaning they may have used IVF) twins was simply more likely. Celebrities may seem to have twins more often, but I think its just the other circumstances surrounding their situations. A lot of them are in their late 30’s and 40’s, which raises the chances, and they are able to afford fertility treatments if they need to, which also makes the instance of twins higher. And some are bound to have them just naturally. Why is it something to react negatively about?

And the whole morality debate! I have my own beliefs about lots of things. There are things I think are right and things I think are wrong, and that is how I live my life and how I raise my children to live theirs. I certainly don’t judge other people based on their decisions in these situations, even if it something I personally wouldn’t do (which I’m not even saying!). I just think people need to step back and worry about living by their morals rather than trying to impose them on others.

CelebBabyLover on

kate- If they didn’t use SJP’s eggs, then they probably used an egg donor rather than the surrogate’s eggs. From what I’ve read, most surrogecy companies don’t allow the surrogate’s eggs to be used for various legal reasons (mostly, the surrogate mother COULD decide she wants the baby or babies for herself, and if the baby or babies are from her eggs, it would be difficult for the courts to deny a request like that, since the surrogate would be the biological mother. Maybe someone else can explain it better.).

ericka on

My first reaction was CONGRATS TO THEM!

Then immediately it was …why a surrogate? They had James without a surrogate. She’s not that old…

momofone on

I think she’s using a surrogate because she could not get pregnant again, she supposedly had IVF the first time to conceive James so she probably had left over embryos that are being used noww. Either way, whether they are her eggs or donor eggs they are her babies. As has been said before on this site, SOME people can be very cold and unsupportive of ART and surrogates when they have absolutely no problem conceiving. This is very sad. I conceived my baby daughter naturally, but hemorrhaged after her birth and needed a hysterectomy to save my life. My sister will be my gestational surrogate when i decide to expand my family. It is my right to do so, as it is everyone else’s who decided to go this route. God bless surrogates!

Mattie'sMom on

@nosoupforyou: The fact that most parents of newborns are not in their 40’s, is due in part to choices (and societal expectations). In older generations in my family, it was very common for women to have their last child in their 40’s. Of my dad’s siblings, 5 of 7 had a child in their 40’s. Definitely no reproductive technologies involved!

@TraceyG: Even as an adoptive mom, I wouldn’t say that adoption is necesarily ‘natural’. It can, however, be a loving resolution to a difficult circumstance where bioparents can’t care for their child.

CelebBabyLover on

momofone is correct. I read in article on PEOPLE’s website a couple of days ago in which a friend of Matt and SJP said that SJP was trying to get pregnant, but it “just wasn’t happening”.

Julie on

Everyone was upset over what Krissatina said and I don’t disagree with them. What her attitude shows me is that she very clearly doesn’t understand what infertile couples have to go through in order to achieve the goal of being parents. Not everyone can adopt. That’s a fact. Some agencies will not consider a couple if their combined age is over 100 years old. Stupid, but true. Some couples just don’t have the means. And, what is wrong with wanting a biologically matched child? While adoption is ideal for some people, it isn’t for others and they just crave the biological connection. I don’t blame them.

She said it “spoils [her] happiness for them.” I’m sure they are losing sleep over it tonite, don’t you?

The hateful side of me thinks that the person who wrote that comment probably has oodles of children of her own and has never had to struggle to conceive. I know the people who I encounter who have issues with this topic never had to give their own fertility a second thought. Only those who have walked in another’s shoes can truly understand so I just let her comments go. She’s entitled to her opinion but I’m thankful that she is a minority voice, not majority.

koala on

I think people are allowed to have opinions about surrogacy and IVF…I am glad people think about it. Their views may hurt your feelings but thats life really. The fact is lots of people don’t think IVF is a good thing or surrogacy. I have heard scientific friends of mine questioning how IVF eradicates the selection of the fittest entailed in the best sperm getting to the egg. I have also heard discussions re bonding and surrogacy. I think its important for such angles on ART to be discussed instead of blindly accepoting it because we can do it. Just the same way that our society should have real discussions about whether childcare for small babies for long periods is a good thing. Just beacuse these discussions may make us feel bad about decisions we have made as parents is no reason to stop having them, its the resaon we should keep having them.Because parenting is SO important. And maybe CBB is the only place that some people will be exposed to altrenative views. I am personally still making my mind up on all these issues but am glad to see discussion.

Congrats to SJP and family.

chowchowpug on

Congrats! I think Jame Wilkie will make a good big brother. I would love to see if she named her kids Ella Rose and Olivia Katherine. They are cute antique names like James. Matthew, Sarah Jessica, James, Ella, and Olivia, it’s so cute!

Autumn on

Congrats to them! When I read they were having twins, I wondered if it was a surrogate or if SJP was really pregnant with twins. Anyway I wish them well in the future with their daughters.

gianna on

They have been married for so long, I often wonder why couple who want kids wait that long. It’s one thing if you don’t marry the right person until your late 30’s but different if you been with same person for so long. She had a hard time having james, so i’m surprised they didn’t get a roll on it much sooner. I wonder if they are using matthew’s sperm with sarah’s eggs or donor eggs. I guess when the babies are born, if they resemble sarah or not, you can tell, or maybe she will say it.

Carrie Jo on

Adoption is certainly not always the answer. Many agencies will not adopt to couples at their age unless they choose to adopt older or hard-to place children. Even when a child is placed with a family, the birth parents often have a long period of time to change their mind. It is extremely heart-breaking to have bonded with a child only to have it taken away through no fault of your own. It can take a very, very long time to even get placed with a child. Also, there are many who think adoption is amoral. It’s a very personal thing to go through and judging someone for how they grow their family is not a very nice thing to do.

I’m very happy for them and wish them all the best.