Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's Bronx Beat

04/28/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
PPNY/GSNY/Splash News

Who’s a big boy in the Big Apple? Ashlee Simpson-Wentz keeps a tender touch on her little man, 5-month-old Bronx Mowgli, during an afternoon out in New York City on Tuesday.

The family, including dad Pete Wentz, were loading up the tour bus before leaving for Boston, where Fall Out Boy plays a show this evening.

Bronx wears Splendid Littles Heather Grey Rugby Stripe Top with Ombre in Rasta ($40).

Click below for a close-up of Bronx!

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Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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Showing 52 comments

Natasha on

I think he is toooo cute!

Brooklyn on

Aww. Bronx is sure adorable. I love his little outfit.

Rebeca on

Absolutely adorable!

Shawna on

He is so adorable! He looks a lot like Pete. It looks like he has a little red in his hair.

Rayan on

Awe, he looks like a little man!! SO FRICKEN CUTE!!! =D

Bieta on

He really does have Ashlee’s old nose, with petes eye shape.

aurora mia on

That is one cute baby!

gianna on

He is so cute, he looks more like ashlee in regards to his eyes, lips and complexion, but his nose is pete’s. So adorable he is.

anon on

I think he more so has Pete’s lips and the nose is a mix on

He’s a cutie!

Ashley on

He kind of still has a conehead.

alexa kaelyn on

adorable bronx

erica on

He looks like both of them…I think Pete may dye his hair so who knows what his natural hair color is..and his nose maybe be Ashlee’s before the nose job. He’s a cute though

CTBmom on

Can’t tell really who he favors, but he’s a cutie either way!

Brooke on

He is adorable!!! I love his shirt.
In my opinion, I think he looks like Pete.

Crystal on

He looks like Pete to me. He’s cute!!

Erica on

He’s absolutely adorable! I think he favors the Simpson genes A LOT but I’m starting to see a lot more Wentz features coming through, definately in his eyes. He’s definately become my favourite celebrity baby, that’s for sure.

Sammy-xx on

To me he is all Pete. Pete was such a beautiful little boy, tan with tight blond curls. I wonder if Bronx will inherit his Pops hair.

Pete and his Mother in Joe Biddens arms.

He is so gorgeous, I love the name too. He suits it I think, hes a little bruiser.
Pete has a pic of him and Bronx as his background on his Twitter, he has the biggest grin on his face.

dee on

In the second pic, he looks exactly like his Grandpa Joe.

Bex on

He is so adorable! I think he looks like Ashlee and Pete.

Bancie1031 on

Aww he’s a cutie ….

Juliet on

He looks just like Ashlee. Lucky boy.

Nicole on

he doesnt look like either of them. Hes cute though.

Rachel on

He is such a cutie!!

Aitch on

one big aaaaaaaawwwwww!!

Doreen on

Awwww soooo cute!!! I still can’t believe Ashlee IS a Mom now!! I remember when she was on her reality show trying to get her foot in the door with her singing career! I love her music!

Jennifer on

He’s so adorable. Its cool too see how the genes mixed, some pictures he looks like mom, some he looks more like dad!

Lindsay on

He’s such a cutie.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

He’s a cutie, I can see both too – his eyes I think and her hair colouring etc, much as you tell earlier on anyhow. Still not a fan of the name, won’t grow on me I’m sure of that!, but as long as they like it, but I do wonder how Bronx will when older, feel sorry for him explaining it! Mind you, growing up as a celebrity bub and if he stays in LA in the wacky, image conscious, over thew top world that exists there, it’s probably the norm to have a way out name of course to be ‘trendy’!!

Isa on

He is too cute! I think he’s a good mix of both parents. In some pics, he looks more like Pete while in others, he resembles Ashlee more.

CelebBabyLover on

Sammy- Thanks for the link to the picture! I had no idea that Pete was biracial (his mother looks to be Indian or something similar). Or is he adopted?

Meream on

ohh i wanna pinch those baby cheeks. so cute.

Stephany on

He is deliciously adorable!

Valerie on

I think he has Pete’s nose and mouth. His eyes are a lot like his aunt Jessica’s!

BeckyPeabody on

Love her with her hair red. Little Bronx looks so cute. His little personality is already showing.

He does favor the dad as a baby a lot, from what can be seen in the “Joe Biden” photo with his mom and himself.

Shannon on

To me, it looks like he got Pete’s features and Ashlee’s coloring. Which makes for a great combo, he is just deliciously adorable!

Nina on

I believe his shirt is by Splendid.
My little guy has a onesie short set just like it (grey with variants of blue and green stripes)

Bella Mama on

he’s freakin adorable!!

lolita on

he is sooooooooooooo cute!!! and looks like he got the nose of his dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erica on

Just to answer the question up there, I believe that Pete’s mother is hawaian, while his dad is something like welsh or something.

anon on

According to wikipedia his mom is of Hawaian and Indian heritage, which to me shows on Pete. Strangely enough it seems like his mom is also named Pete according to wikipedia anyway. . His dad is German I think

Marie on

He’s so cute!!!! =)

Chicki on

I have to say that he doesn’t really project that “cute baby” look just yet – in fact he looks like a little old man to me! I’m not fond of his name either so…I guess the one positive thing I can say is I hope he gets his mom’s blue eyes and not her old nose!

Terri on

His eyes look brown in the first picture and blue in the second. Wish I could get a better look at him!

Ellery on

He reminds me a lot of how my little guy looked. Like an old man, white hair and those saggy, chubby cheeks. He is really cute. I think we can see that he is definitely as white as a sheet as Ashlee. My son got that from me too…lol.

Tasha on

Bronx is so adorable he kinda looks like my teachers baby

Heather on

no no no
Wikipedia is very unreliable and Pete’s moms name is Dale Not Pete. His dad is Pete. His dad is German decent and his mom is white, black and Hawaiian.

Angelia on

He is kind of cute, I think he will get cuter in time. I love seeing young mommies and their kids! I am a young mom too and love it.

Sam on

“if he stays in LA in the wacky, image conscious, over thew top world that exists there, it’s probably the norm to have a way out name of course to be ‘trendy’!!”

I think celebrities give their kids names like Bronx so as NOT to be trendy. But you’re right, in the end it IS the trendy thing out there.

Leah on

I wanna see a pic of Bronx in da Bronx!

Shirelle on

Bronx is cute but to me he dosent look like Ashlee or Pete.

Zora on

He has such a cute pout