Jack Moynahan's Pigeon Pursuit!

04/27/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady — holding wife Gisele Bündchen‘s purse! — had some fun with John ‘Jack’ Edward Thomas in Vancouver on Saturday, chasing the pigeons on the pier before tossing his son up on his shoulders for a ride to Granville Island.

Tom and Gisele are in Canada visiting with the 20-month-old as mom Bridget Moynahan is currently filming her next flick in the city.

Bauer Griffin

Click below for another photo, this time with Gisele.

Bauer Griffin

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anon on

How cute!

melissa on

Jack’s a cutie!

aubrey madeline on

sweet baby boy

Natasha on

He is so cute and he reminds me so much of Tom!


He is so so adorable! Makes me want a child! lol

I have a question, why is it that Jack has his mothers last name and not his dad? (not trying to star anything, is just a question)

Kayla on

He is so cute……It would be nice to see just Tom and Jack spending one on one time together. I understand that she is his wife but father and son alone time is important.

Devon on

Granville Island is really close to my house, I bet John had fun in the Kids Market there! They’ve got a really fun looking playground too. LaneyGossip has more photos, and the ones where they are on the bus, that’s right near my house! It’s kind of fun to see your neighbourhood in pictures on the net :-p.

Rachel-Jane on

XOXO, I imagine Bridget didn’t want John to have Tom’s last name since her and Tom weren’t together. It’s really only convention that a child take its father’s last name.

Molly on

OMG we were on Granville island on Saturday too. I did not look out for them. I never have luck for the celebs lol like others
Love this photo !!

Natasha on

XOXO, I assume it’s because they weren’t in a relationship when he was born. 🙂

Chelsea on

Jack is so cute!

With the last name thing, I know my opinion means nothing and I know NOTHING of what went down with all three of them before Jack was born, but your dad is this famous NFL quarterback, and YOU DON’T have his last name!? That sucks IMO!

Natasha on

LMAO Chelsea! I never thought of that. I guess it could be a good or bad thing, I know Brett Favre’s nephew (Dylan Favre I think) plays football and he probably gets some slack because of it. Gretzky’s kid got a lot of slack in hockey too because of it.

Oh wellll 😛 haha

anon on

Chelsea… Your opinion isn’t important. There must have been a reason why his last name is Moynahan, like his father wasn’t interested in him until recently

eternalcanadian on

I saw all the pictures over at LaneyGossip, and they’re so nice. I was at Granville Island this morning and I come home to read about this. So funny!

Ashlee on

I’m assuming its because she and Tom were not married when he was born and she wanted her son to have her last name.

Crystal on

Anon-that was RUDE! Tom has always been involved in John’s life. He’s just recently become more public with their relationship.
Chelsea-Your opinion does matter. Everyone’s opinion matters. It’s always nice read what people are thinking. Anyway, I do understand where Chelsea’s coming from. Having the last name Brady would be a major advantage in the sports world but TRUST me….EVERYONE will know that John is Tom Brady’s son!!! Tom is so proud of him and of course the striking features. Besides if John wants Tom’s last name it can always be changed. Also, he may not want to be known as Tom Brady’s son! Michael Jordan’s kids struggled with having their fathers namesake and greatness. He might want to make a name for himself. The world is his oyster! I just ♥ him! He is sooooo cute!!

Estelle on

Actually anon, everyone’s opinion is important, even if what is being expressed is not something you particularly agree with. What an impertinent thing to say.

I like that John gets time with his father and his stepmother. As his father’s wife, Gisele will have a big role to play in John’s life and it’s great to see that they have a bond with each other.

Natasha on

Anon, your opinion is not important. Chelsea made a funny comment, get over yourself.

Jane on

I understand that Tom wants that his wife spend a time with his child, but he must to understand that Giselle is not John’s mother, his mother is Bridget and there’s nothing he can do about it.

anon on

With the signing of a piece of paper,a marriage license, Gisele is in Jack’s life. With the signing of a piece of paper, a divorce decree, Gisele is out of Jack’s life. One never knows how things will work out.

sat on

I betcha that Gisele will have a baby too soon!

Natasha on

Jane, I think that’s quite obvious and unless you have a statement from Tom (or you know any of them personally) I don’t know what the h*** you’re talking about.

Sheri on

This makes me smile 🙂 Sure is like a husband to hold his wife’s purse! My husband does that for me all the time 🙂 And you can see the love in Gisele’s eyes for this little boy … I think it can only be healthy for Jack to have his new stepmother love him that much ~ along with the love of his mother. Sounds like they are all working it out after such an ugly dispute when she was pregnant. So glad to see this …

megan on

its nice to see Tom actually with his son i’ve only seen like 2 pics of him with John. Im not a Patriots fan but this is sooo adorable

Sarah K. on

Jane, what made you think that Tom thinks of Giselle as Jack’s mother? Of course he realizes Bridget is his mom. He has never said anything even remotely indicating that he doesn’t respect Bridget’s role (I realize Giselle may have made questionable comments). But, Giselle is officially Jack’s step-mother. It would extremely unhealthy for Jack not to form a bond with her. Whatever is going on between the adults, Jack deserves to have all of the adults in his life love and support him. Step-parents are important too and I’m sure Bridget realizes this and does what is best for Jack.

And anon, Tom and Giselle have been together for over two years. I think their relationship is fairly stable. Besides, what is she supposed to do? Just ignore Jack indefinitely because she may possibly one day get a divorce? That is beyond impractical.

anon on

Bridget was with him for three years. Does that mean their relationship was fairly stable?

Sarah K. on

Oh and anon, considering Tom went to the hospital to see Jack when he was born I think it’s safe to say that he was always interested. When the baby was born, it was in the middle of the football season so Tom HAD to be with the Patriots by contract. He has a job and can’t just skip out. Once he got injured, he spent a lot of time in L.A. Both Tom and Bridget keep their private lives private so we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. But it has been revealed that they share custody 50-50 at least while Tom is in L.A.

Sarah K. on

Of course relationships end, but Tom and Bridget never got married. Tom and Giselle are legally married and Giselle is officially Jack’s step-mom. And also, you failed to address the part where it would be completely ridiculous and impractical for a step-mother to fail to bond with her step-child on the off chance that things don’t work out. Do you mind explaining the logistics of that? What isn’t she allowed to do? Can she not feed him, soothe him, etc? Should she just not address him at all? Where do you suggest they draw the line?

anon on

50-50 custody in LA is according to the gospel of Gisele. No one knows the truth.

Brooklyn on

Haha. I love how he’s holding her purse! I hope they are enjoying it here in Vancouver!

Natasha on

Sarah K., I completely agree with everything you’ve said; don’t waste your breath, some people just aren’t worth it.

Bieta on

Thats a bit contrived no? His dads famous so he should have his last name? Its not like his name is Montana or Nameth something thats instantly recognizable. Bridget does most of the rearing, they were broken up and considering they weren’t married there is no reason why he would have his last name over hers.

Bieta on

50/50 custody is impossible, this isn’t the old testament I’m afraid. There are two ways you can look at opinions, either they all matter or none of them do.

Erin on

I am sorry but if Tom was super interested in his son, he would have been there for the birth, its not like he didn’t know when it was going to happen.

brodie on

anon – im pretty sure gisele wouldnt make up something like that! that would just be silly. it would be most likely that they share 50 – 50 custody!

jane – who and where did anyone say anything about tom thinking gisele was the boys mother? gisele is obviously going to want a relationship with the little boy, are you just trying to cause conflict where it isnt needed?

just wondering why people are so quick to judge when it comes to this family? they appear happy and so does little jack.
if gisele wasnt seen in pictures being all loving with him, then she would probably be attacked by the media as being unloving.
i feel sorry for her.. she cant win. which is sad!

brodie on

maybe he wasnt welcome at the birth —- did you ever think of that?

Alex on

I think it is ridiculous that just because Tom did not marry Bridget because she got pregnant so many people deem him to be a person of poor character. Pictures are not indicative of how much time someone spends with their kid. It just means their picture was taken when they were out in public with their kid.

Furthermore, the story advertised is that Tom & Bridget broke up, and then Bridget found out that she was pregnant. If Bridget hadn’t gotten pregnant would everyone have thought it was so horrible that Tom had moved on with his life (started to date Gisele)?

So Jack doesn’t have Tom’s last name. I too thought it was a bit catty of Bridget, since I’m sure the boy would have had Tom’s last name had they still been together. Yet, that’s just my unfounded speculation. Again, that’s just my guess and opinion.

People, I’m sorry it takes two to tango. Tom didn’t get Bridget pregnant. They conceived a child TOGETHER. She was there when it happened! Who knows exactly what happened- a genuine surprise- perhaps failed contraceptive or perhaps the pregnancy happened on purpose or whatever. People get over it!

Stop making Gisele out to be the bad guy just because she loves her stepson. My goodness, women are far too territorial!! Love is love. Tom is Jack’s father. Bridget is Jack’s mother. Gisele is his stepmother. What do you think will happen when (if) Gisele and Tom have children? You don’t think it would be important to Gisele to make sure Jack feels equally loved when he is with his father and siblings? Oh Grow up people!

The only thing Gisele is guilty of is being the woman Tom loves, married, and a stepmother who seems to have sincere love and affection for her stepchild. She didn’t do anything to demise Tom and Bridget’s relationship. That happened before Gisele even came into the picture. Honestly, what was Gisele suppose to do? Tell Tom “Oh Tom, Bridget’s pregnant. You need to ignore all the reasons you broke up in the first place. You need to ignore what your heart tells you, and agree to put someone else’s desire (Bridget’s) ahead of your own for life.” COME ON! Give me a break!! Seriously.

Lauren on

wow Alex well put!

Natasha on

Tom was there at the birth.

kc on

Completely adorable photos! Love this family. 🙂

Terri on

I don’t think it was catty of Bridget to not give her son Tom’s last name. And yes, he probably would have Tom’s last name if they were together, but what’s wrong with that? Different circumstances call for different considerations. If she’s providing the majority of the care as a single mother, it makes more sense for them to share a last name.

annie on

Gee Alex, May be Bridget wasn’t being catty but considerate by not giving Jack Tom’s last name. It was clear by the time she gave birth that he was going to get married and not to her. She probably felt his wife should be able to name their first born son
Tom Brady III – I believe Gisele did say early in Bridget’s pregnancy that getting pregnant should be a mutual decision between a man and wife (who was being catty there). My kids have my last name because my husband likes it better

Sarah K. on

Erin, he was seen at the hospital carrying a bouquet of flowers on the day of Jack’s birth. Please get your facts straight before accusing someone of not caring for their child. Do people really assume from a couple of pictures and tabloid rumors (that have been proven wrong) that someone really isn’t interested in their baby? How absurd.

Also, about this whole name thing- before Jack’s birth, Bridget and Tom discussed baby names over the phone (I think Tom’s rep said that). So, I’m sure Tom was well aware that Jack would have her last name. It’s really not that big of a deal. It’s not like it makes him less of a father. Are mothers who don’t have the same last name as their kids less of a mother? This whole debate is just ridiculous.

Jane on

“I understand that Tom wants that his wife spend a time with his child, but he must to understand that Giselle is not John’s mother, his mother is Bridget and there’s nothing he can do about it.”

Jane (or, other Jane): What on earth would give you the impression that Tom doesn’t realize Bridget is his mother? Are you getting all of that from just one picture?

I fail to see how spending time with his son and his new wife gives off the impression that Tom doesn’t realize Bridget is the child’s mother. And I also don’t understand the comment from an earlier poster that Tom should be spending time alone with his son. How do you know he doesn’t spend time alone with his son? And what’s so wrong with Tom spending time with his child and his child’s step-mother?

Mrs. R. on

Very cute photos.

Bieta on

How is that catty?? Were they married? Is he more Tom’s than he is Bridgets? Is the Brady name worth more than Moynahan? To you guys it seems like.

S on

If I wasn’t married to the father of my children, I would have given the kids my last name as well- makes life a lot easier sometimes when the primary parent and the child have the same last name….I know all about this apparent 50/50 custody agreement, but maybe that wasn’t always the case. I hope they enjoyed Granville Island:)

Rosy J on

I don’t think its possible for this kid to be any cuter. He is soooo adorable. What a great pic of him chasing those pigeons. Absolutely priceless.

Bren on

Anon, I believe Chelsea’s opinion was much more highly respect then yours. That was plan rude! All your comments on here come from your own knowledge. You know nothing of their relationship. Many people are in relationships for years and no they are not stable. If both are happy apart and their son is healthy and happy then leave be. I think Chelsea was just saying that when it comes to sports and things later on it might just be neat to have your fathers famous last name. What a way to bring drama to an otherwise nice post but I am guessing thats what you needed, was some attention. Maybe you need a friend or two?

Chris on

Gisele seems to adore her stepson.

Di on

I agree with an earlier post- it would be great to see a picture of Tom and John without Gisele around given her recent comments. I did not have a problem with Gisele until she opened her big mouth and put her foot in it. What people fail to realize is that while we see Gisele as the step-mother, Gisele does not consider herself to be John’s “step-mother”; she considers herself to be his “mother”. Remember her quote about she feels John is her son 100%.

Its comments like that cause friction between biological mothers and step-mothers. I’m pretty sure that Bridget did not enter motherhood with the idea that some other woman who happens to be married to Tom would start playing mommy to her son. In this day and age, people get married as many two or three times
so a child could have two sets of step-parents.

Step-mothers needs to respect the bond between mother and child and not try to act like the child’s mother especially if she has custody. Because John is so young, Gisele has the power to influence and confuse him. For all we know, she could be saying to John “call me mom” even though she knows she is not.

Bridget has too much class to respond to Gisele’s ridiculous comments publicly but I hope she would have let her know in private how disrespectful her comments were and to back off. I certainly would have.

Kat on

Bridget is lucky that Tom is an involved dad to their son… cause it’s so hard for the kid AND the mom when a dad bales out.

Giselle is also really showing what a great person she is for treating this kid as her own when she’s with him and for not resenting Tom needing to put his child first.

melanie on

Personally, I think to each their own–it’s a great thing to have the stepmother involved. My parents got divorced when I was 3 and both were with their new respective partners before I could even remember–it has ALWAYS been a blessing to have both my stepmom and my stepdad in my life so I think it’s great that Gisele is making an effort.

HOWEVER, I definitely did lose some respect for Gisele when she made those inappropriate comments about John being hers just as much as Bridget’s. That is simply not true. And, honestly, completely disrespectful to Bridget. My stepmom has been involved in my life since I was 5 and I love her to death but she would NEVER say that I’m “hers” juts as much as my biological mothers. Does she treat me like I’m her own child? Absolutely. Does she love me and care about me? You bet. But she also realizes and acknowledges that I have my MOTHER and she could never replace her. It’s a thin line and Gisele fell off on that one. Again, this is just my opinion–but I haven’t been as big of a fan of Gisele as before she made those comments.

kc on

And I totally agree with everything Alex said @37!!

It’s 2009, and people need to get over the idea of staying together “for the kid(s)”. (Honestly I’m shocked that so many people still buy into that BS.) It is psychologically dangerous for a child if his/her parents are together but one or both does not want to be. Jack really is so much better off because his parents moved on with their lives.

Hea on

I don’t know how it works in America but in Sweden, when a child is born and the parents are not married, the child automatically receives his or her mothers last name. Unless papers are filed for the child to have the fathers last name. Nothing weird with that to me. When I have kids, they will have my last name. My future husband will have my last name. Maybe I’m rebellious?

alice jane on

Agreed, Terri. Not to mention, Jack has two of Tom’s names – Thomas and Edward. I think it’s kind of nice, not catty, that Jack and Bridget get to share a name too. I don’t know if that was even part of Bridget’s reasoning, but all the same I think it’s nice.

Anyway, Jack is SUCH a cutie!! Despite all the drama the media and just people in general create, Bridget, Tom, and Giselle must be doing something right because Jack seems like a pretty happy little guy.

Crystal on

California does have 50/50 custody. My best friend’s sisters live in Cali and their parents have 50/50 custody. I think it’s good because it gives the child the best of both worlds, being able to spend time with both mom and dad even though they aren’t together. What is your prob anon? Do you not like them? You seem to have a problem with Gisele, Tom and the family they have formed with Jack. If you do have a problem you need to get over it because they are trying to make it work and we as outsiders looking in and fans have to accept it! PERIOD.

mamabear on

Well said ALEX!!

I totally agree with you – I too think it was catty on Bridget’s part to not give the boy his father’s name. I, of course, do not know for sure, but it does appear to me as if she was trying to hurt Tom by denying his last name to appear on the child’s birth certificate.

I’m sure she was quite hurt by the breakup and she may have felt justified since she was now going to be a single mother.

In MY OPINION, I think it was rather selfish thing to do. She was in a “me” moment and not thinking how something like this might affect the child later on.

We can only guess why she did that, but in the end it is JACK himself, she will have to explain her reasons to.

Lauren on

I’m going to hear it for saying this, but how much of a dad (or mom, for that matter) can you be if you only see your kid on holiays, summer vacation and off-weeks from football? I’m sure Tom loves his boy, but nothing compares to being a on-scene parent. In the case of divorce, kids tend to do better if both parents live in the same general vacinity and have a civil co-parenting relationship. My friends who were raised with divorced parents love both equally, but acknowledge that the one whom they live with is the “real” parent. My best friend always says she adores her dad because he’s a sweetheart, but adores her mom because she was there making the tough decisions on her own for all those years. Regardless, as long as Jack is happy – that’s what matters.

J on

I can’t get over how some think it’s catty of Bridget to give Jack her own last name.

Wow Anon, you’re quite the bully.

rose on

i’m from germany and over here the child normally only gets the fathers name if the parents are married (and have chosen the fathers name as their last) which isn’t as important in germany unlike the US where you often marry with 21 or so.
i don’t even understand the fuss america makes about an mere document but i am not here to discuss that (but to me it seems like : oh married and child = great, unmarried and child = woe is the world this child will have no functioning family and all that)

over here many people have children together, with being unmarried, and the child automatically gets the mothers name but the parents can still choose and later on the child, which name they prefer.

anyways his son is cute he seems to be a great father though gisele could stop showing herself off with jack it becomes slowly obvious.

amerie on

why is he called jack if his name is john?

hcecilia on

Catty for not giving their son his last name? Bridget has the right to choose whatever last name she wants and it doesn’t have to revolve around the child’s father. Some of us single other choose our last name while others of us choose to give the father’s last name, even if they later prove that are far from worthy. It’s a personal choice and you shouldn’t knock her for it. And just because he’s a sports star doesn’t mean it will give him an advantage. Knowing that his father is a sports star is enough to get by.

babyboopie on

I can understand where everybody’s coming from, and this is only because we do not know the full story or truth but some people’s opinions were put across very well- and I can only say, that as long as Giselle loves John unconditionally as she says she does and that he is happy child who sees both his parents and is loved, there is nothing more to be said about this really. It’s in the past, it’s over and done with. It’s always sad that sometimes children’s parents are not together, because it’s always nice to be a proper family (if you understand what I mean) but now, they are a family ( Tom, Gisele and John) and it works. So leave them be. Let them get on with their lives and don’t dwell about how it all began!

Rachel-Jane on

I don’t think it was catty of Bridget at all! As I said earlier, it’s only convention that the child takes its father’s surname. If they aren’t together why shouldn’t Bridget give little Jack her surname? Many other single mothers do it.

Jae on

Just looked at all the pictures on laineygossip.com and they are so cute!! Jack is adorable. Seems to have a close relationship with Tom & Gisele. Which is real important!
Looks like they had a nice family day.
Being a die hard New England Patriot fan, NICE to see Tom looking so healthy! He’s looking Good!!!!!! Can’t wait to see him on the field!!!

martyna on

All I want to say is that you should not judge people so easily …

CTBmom on

I am not going to comment on the whole step-mother or last name thing….I just want to say that Jack is totally going to be a heartbreaker!! What a handsome little guy =)

brodie on

is it soo bad that gisele is a loving step mum?
why should she not be able to say that jack is her son 100%.
it appears that people have looked too far into the
comments she made..
i have a step son too & consider him to be 100% mine too.
i also have a daughter who is 100% mine too.
i would see it as unfair loving them any different!
how many people have actually been in the situation they are in?
you cant judge till you have been there yourself!

Isa on

I don’t find Bridget’s choice to give Jack her last name catty in the least bit. Under no circumstances is it required that a child have the same last name as his or her father. I know many single mothers who’ve chosen to give their children their name since they are the primary caregivers.

Also, if she was being so catty and trying to take a jab at Tom, why would she give Jack two middle names that, clearly, honor his father?

Lydia on

So people are saying that this beautiful little boy will be scarred because he has his MOTHER’S last name instead of his father? That is a load of bull. People seem to either be on Bridget or Tom’s side when it comes to this and it is fine. I just don’t see what the big deal is. Bridget and Tom were NOT together. It appeared as if Bridget was dealing with the pregnancy on her own for the most part and it appears that in the beginning she was his primary care-taker. Many woman give their children their last name to their children and it isn’t out of spite. Not that I am saying that is the case here because NO ONE KNOWS. It is all speculation. but I am sure they have their reasons.

Clearly Tom is not as outrage as most people are about it. Or if he is, then HE should have said something. But just being a child’s sperm donor doesn’t give him the right to have his last night listed on the birth certificate.

Now as for Gisele getting grief for loving that little boy — isn’t that a bit ridiculous. I think it is amazing she want to have that relationship with him. In the end it is a blessing for that sweet and happy little boy. He is clearly loved by his entire family. THAT is the only thing that really matters.

Sarah on

I’ve refrained from commenting on this situation in the past couldn’t stop myself this time.

Perhaps I’m reacting more strongly because of my own experience, but I work with children who are blessed if even one of their parents cares about them, so I find it incredibly distressing that people are criticizing a family where a child has *three* parents who love him and will do anything for him.

Criticism of Tom Brady and Gisele Bunchen seems to step from the circumstances of their relationship rather than the parenting. In the latest issue of “Vogue” she clearly refers to Jack as her stepson, yet gets blasted for saying she feels she loves him like her own. She is married to his father, a committment that she probably intends to last forever, and in marrying his father took on the responsibility of parenting his son. She loves him like her own, which is good, because too many times stepparent relationships change when biological children are brought into the fold. How can it be a crime to love, care for, and protect a child?

Children are not possessions and mothers are not the only people with feelings. There is no such thing as too much love. I can’t believe people would challenge that.

Vanessa on

Firstly, let me saw=y that Jack is friggin’ adorable! He reminds me so much of my son who was born a week after him. 🙂

Secondly, I have no clue what exactly happened between Bridget and Tom (and I assume that only they and close friends/family know), but that is the past and nothing can change the events. I’m sure the people who are complaining that she’s around too much would have snide remarks if she was NEVER around. Seriously folks, get over it. Would you rather her be uninvolved and mistreat this precious boy? Personally, I would be comforted by the fact that a step-mom felt such love towards my child. How can that be a bad thing?

Also, I was never offended by Giselle’s comment. I think she was genuinely trying to explain her love for this child and it was misconstrued completely. I’m such a huge fan of both Bridget and Giselle, so naturally I’m rooting for the both of them that all hard feelings have been placed aside and the three of them can raise Jack to the best of their abilities in a loving enviroment.

Penny on

Aww what a lovely looking family.
It’s funny that the parties that are actually involved in the situation have all moved on and seem happy to raise the kid together while people who don’t know the people or the whole situation are still hung up on the breakup.

Jennifer on

I think its great that Giselle loves this child. But I dont agree with her parading around with him and talking about him for publicity. Bridget keeps her son out of the celebrity eye and then Tom and Giselle put him right in it. You can say, “Oh they didn’t know that paparazzi were going to get shots of them.” Oh yes they do know, believ me they know!

Jones on

I see there’s alot of fans of Gisele and Tom…I am really tired of people saying Bridget should be happy that Gisele and Tom is in Jack’s life…and putting down the mother who gave birth to baby Jack….If Tom want a child with is last name his wife will give him one…

Because you like the “football player” and his wife does not mean you can over look the mother of the child.

Ryo on

Brigit had every right to give her son whatever last name she wanted to – especially since Jack has 2 other names that came from Tom, they’re just not his last ones. If Tom hadn’t been there for the pregnancy and Brigit knew that she was going to be his primary caregiver, why give him a different last time? Maybe Brigit just wanted to give her son her last name, and she would have given him a hyphenated name anyway, like Jolie-Pitt, if the pair had been married when he was born. Nobody knows for sure, and to declare it “catty” is fairly ridiculous.

Erin on

Yeah, carrying flwoers after the birth does not impress me and make me want to hand him an award for father of the year, and yes maybe Bridget did not want him there, as far as I know Giselle wanted to be there too, and Bridget said no way, which is appropriate, IF thats what happened.

And I read Giselles interview how she thinks of John as her child, his mother, yeah, whatever, thats so disrespectful to the person who had him, carried him, and labored over him, I think the icing on the cake with me was when Tom Brady married Gis in Bridgets church in Cali, classless all the way around, but I am glad he is taking an active role in his childs life.

mmh on

Not putting blame on anyone in this situation, but to the person who asked how much of a parent you can be if you only see your son on holidays, and don’t live in the general vicinity of his mother: Tom is UNDER CONTRACT to live where he does, at least for a large chunk of the year. I’m sure he’d love to live closer…

L on

Nobody knows what they do..dont do..think…dont think..everyone is so assuming and judgmental its ridiculous..nobody knows what their private lives are like

Its a good thing that they are all spending time with eachother…thats whats in the best interest of the child

Very handsome little boy too =]

Lexi on

Here is my take on this whole thing. Tom and bridget ended on a really bad note. They share 50/50 custody of jack and it just becoming more 50/50 because Jack is older now and Tom can have him for longer. Secondly, Tom was very upset my the way bridget annouced the pregnancy and the posed in a Tabloid magazine with headline “Life without Daddy”. How is jack going to feel about reading that when he is older.?? Yes it was a me moment for B but it was very low class of her to do.
As for Gisele, I think she enhances the relationship between Tom and John because she helps him to see beyond the hostility. Finally, i think that Tom is still kind of passive aggressive mean to Bridget and its his job to set the tone of the relationship between B and G. Its obvious that he has empowered Gisele to be the step “mother” of his child in anyway possible. I believe and its pretty obvious that Gisele defers to Tom in matters of Jack so if she seems territorial then its the tone Tom has set for her to have. Finally, I hate how we women sometimes like to act like men are these innocent creatures that don’t know what is going on and are never at fault. Tom and Gisele are most likely going to have children of their own. I think it particularly important that Jack have a very close relationship with Gisele now so when there is a new baby in the picture and when he get older, he doesn’t feel like an outsider. And Finally, noone can steal a child for their mother. that is ridiculous. I mean even when a mother goes back to work early and a nanny raises her child 10 hours a day. the baby will always recognize and prefer the mother. stop being insecure about your children showing love to other people or vice versa. children pick up on things like this and may think they are doing something wron!

Marie Snyard on

First of all it is not her purse it is called a DESIGNER DIAPER BAG
When Bridget and Tom broke up she announced that the baby is going
to have her last name not his…Single mothers are ALLOWED TO DO
THAT..!! In a tabloid she did not say that the tabloid said that
all she did say was that she was going to raise her baby as a single mom and that the baby will have her last name..And is John with out his daddy right now no..! Everything is fine between Tom
and Bridget there are no fights just a great family unit.. As for

martyna on

Lexi – as far as I remember the title of photoshoot in ok magazine was given by the magazine and bridget have got nothing to do with this

Lexi on

Calm down.
All i said that is Tom sets the tone of the relationship and he is not some innocent bystander to this.

Christine M on

Jones you are being a little ridiculous. Just because people are of the opinion that it is good that Jack is cherished by Tom and Gisele as well as Bridget does not mean they are putting her down. There are children in this world without even one parent to look after them. Jack has his mom and dad AND stepmom loving and caring for him. Personally I think this is a great thing and I’m sure that Giselle is well aware of the fact she is not Jack’s real mother but she loves him like he was her own.

SunnyDay on

It’s not just single women, some of us married women give our children our last names. Actually, I don’t know any single women who didn’t give their children the father’s name (even if he was long gone). Amongst our friends and colleagues, it seems to be married couples who feel secure enough to pass on the mother’s name or give their children a hyphenated name.

Perhaps Tom didn’t care what the baby’s last name was, but Bridget did. I hope when Gisele and Tom have a baby it has the last name Bundchen. Why shouldn’t it? Besides, I live in Boston and I want to see how Boston columnists’ heads would explode at that. Columnists here started referring to her as “Mrs. Thomas Brady” right after the wedding, even though she didn’t change her name, so it would be nice to see that bit of obnoxiousness smacked down.

eternalcanadian on

Wow, how did this post turn from commenting on cute pictures of a lovely family enjoying one of Vancovuer’s best attractions to some free-throw slap-down about Bridget, Tom, and Giselle’s roles in Jack’s life? What if Bridget was also married would you all be as critical of her spouse as a step-parent?

Natasha on

SunnyDay, that’s a way I had never thought of it. Personally, doesn’t really matter to me what Jack’s last name is, and maybe it didn’t matter to Tom either. Some guys would get all up in their chauvenist (sp?) ways but maybe Tom said hey you want him to have your last name, that’s cool with me. Who knows?

Maybe next time CBB starts a comment thread about these people, just don’t mention his last name is Moynahan, that really gets rid of a lot of drama. Most kids last names are even mentioned.


Wow, all these comments…lol

Anyway, my daughters dad is not involved in her life, he was when she was born (we were not married) now he moved to Mexico and he is married and has 2 children and is not involved in my daughters life at all, has not seen her since she was 1-2 years, she is 6 now. I really wish I would have put MY last name on the birth certificate instead of his it makes me so mad I put his (I was in Love I guess) I need permission for travel, her passaport everything…and he is such a jerk…and it is so difficult to get him to sign stuff.

Mariel on

hey!! we are all girls and we should not judge other girls because we dont know what we’re going to live tomorrow,
so relax and let the family, and THIS CUTE BABY just be happy
i think he deserve it

Sarah K. on

Eternalcanadian, I was thinking the same thing. When Kate Beckinsale said that her daughter thinks she has two dads (bio and step) everyone commented on how great that was and how lucky Lily was to have two dads to love her. But, now when it’s the mother’s role that is being “threatened” people are freaking out. What a double standard.

Jack will know who his mother is and Gisele being his step-mother will not change that. Accusing Gisele of trying to influence him and claiming that she might be trying to teach him to call her “mommy” is beyond ridiculous. Where do you people come up with this conspiracy theory nonsense?! She said she respects Bridget’s role as Jack’s mom but she loves him like he is her own. Isn’t that a good thing? Don’t you want the people around your kids to love them as if they were their own. Sure, maybe she shouldn’t have said anything- but people blew it way out of proportion. She never claimed to be Jack’s mother, not once.

Also Erin, you said that he wasn’t interested in the beginning so I pointed out that he was actually at the hospital the day Jack was born. So, what is your point again? Bringing her flowers wasn’t enough? Was he supposed to go through the delivery for her? He is a guy and the ex-boyfriend. All he can do is bring flowers and hold the baby AFTER the birth.

Do you people who are making these claims of the evil step-mother who is trying to steal Bridget’s baby actually have any concrete facts?

Sarah K. on

Also, I think people may want to look over my previous comment (#43) about this name issue. Tom’s rep said that both Tom and Bridget discussed names together. This means that the decision for Jack to have “Edward Thomas” as his middle name and “Moynahan” as his last name was probably a mutual decision. Why assume it’s because Bridget was being catty?

sushi on

Come on People! Jack has two women who love him, it’s something! and he doesn’t look lost to me, he seemed like a perfectly happy baby when he is with his mother, when he is with his dad, and when he his with Gisele.

Tracy on

Just my two cents but.. does anyone else notice how we rarely see Jack and his mom Bridgette? It can be weeks that we don’t see a photo of them (she does a great job protecting him from photogs) but.. weekly we see Tom, Giselle and Jack.. just seems like they don’t do a hot job of protecting him like his mama.. but then again.. she is the mom and she is fiercely protective of him and keeping his life private.. way to go for that Bridgette!!

Marie Snyard on



.... on


I don’t care for any of the three, but did you maybe think Tom and Gisele are much more followed by the paparazzi because they are more recognizable and famous. Bridget is very rarely photographed by herself because she is simply not well known.

M on

personally I believe since she is married to his father she is his mother…at least where I come from thats the situ…this whole stepmum/dad nonesense is just that

Mariel on


im agree with u
im a single mother too and single mothers sometimes make mistakes just because in the past were in love…
i put my boy my last name and after all i think was my best decision

Meela on

I am a single parent and my daughter has my last name because it makes it less confusing when children get to school and they have a different last name from their mother. And besides I also know many people who have children with different men and the children all have different last names, that’s seems really silly to me.

QT on

Marie what the heck r u talking about?? Tom & Gisele took. John out of the country w/o Bridget, so he has rights. She ment Tom sets the tone between John & his wife.

Some of you sound so bitter, like Tom broke up with you!! Gisele does not need to carry John around for PR! The paps have been following her for years, way before she even met Tom. Are Tom & Gisele not suppossed to take the baby out in public??

The hate thrown at Gisele for her sweet comments are sexist. As someone pointed out when step father’s feel this way you people applaud them. If Bridget’s husband said he loved John like his own – doubt there would be an uproar.

Tom does live near his son & sees him more than on holidays.

Jones on

Christine M…I see you are a fan…Now I think it is great that his father and step-mother loves him…but I was talking about people putting…Bridget..THE MOTHER OF JACK..down… because he didn’t have the last name of the father…so please don’t call people names…when I was also giving my opinion.

Melanie on

QT, I agree with you to an extent. As I said earlier, I grew up with both a stepmother and stepfather basically since my memory kicked in, ha! 🙂

However, I didn’t agree with Gisele’s comments (I don’t HATE her) but I also don’t think I’m sexist because I didn’t like her comments. To me, there’s a difference between saying you “LOVE the child like your own” and saying “the child IS yours just as much as the mothers”. If Gisele had said she loved John as though he was her own, I would have had no issue with that. And I certainly would have applauded her for that thought. Unfortunately, that’s not what she said. She said that John IS hers just as much as Bridgets…THAT is where my issue comes in. It’s just very disrespectful to say that when the mother is still involved.

And you are wrong about one thing. If a father had said what Gisele said, I definitely would not be applauding him for that. I would have the same reaction.

Carol on

Jack has his mother’s name because as an unwed mother she has the right to name the child whatever she wants. People seem to think that a child is supposed to have the father’s last name and that’s not true. I also think that Bridget is bitter because Tom didn’t want her anymore even after she got pregnant that’s why she didn’t give Jack the last name Brady.

Cathy on

Sheeesh! All the goosiping about last names and he wasn’t there for the birth and Giselle. You don’t know what happened during the difficult time of splitting up, pregnancy, new girlfriend, football season…etc. Relationships are hard enough especially when there are children involved. They look very comfortable together. Jack is always smiling. If he didn’t know his Father well enough he wouldn’t be smiling all the time. Bridget must trust Tom and Giselle with him and I think Giselle is a very good “Mom” to him. Other than the whole “situation” they look like a very content, happy, loving family. that’s all a child needs.

Sara on

I think Gisele and Tom are a joke. Gisele pretends to be the “mother” of this child and Bridget is very involved in his life. How dare her state in a nation wide magazine that just because she didn’t give birth to him that it doesn’t mean she’s not his mom. YES IT DOES. Get over yourself and have a child of your own. Quick trying to take someone elses away from them!

Jax on

I think Gisele needs to mind her own business and stop trying to play Mommy. This isn’t her son. If that were my child and I saw some other lady doing what Gisele is doing. Well, lets just say— she’d be filing for divorce!!!!!!

Alicia on

Man after reading all these comments I have to say…get a life people!!!
Its a photo of a dad and a step mom coming to visit his son and you have blown up, preached, read between the lines and acted rude and frankly like a bunch of junior high schoolers, Its ridiculous.
With all the garbage in the world why dont you just enjoy how cute he is and that hes got a lot of love in his life and let Bridget, Tom and Gisele woory about the rest….since theyre actually involved in it and you’re not.

Becky on

Wow XOXO, that sucks! I never thought of it that way. I could see a lot of pissed off guys being jerks about signing anything too. Can you change her name or would you need his permission to do that?

Christine M on

Jones I am actually not a fan of any of the 3 people involved in this discussion. And i didn’t call you ridiculous I said your opinion that everyone who was a fan of tom was putting down bridget was a little ridiculous. I apologise if it seemed otherwise

pr on

This situation tells you all you need to know about women, and why they will NEVER rule the world. Had the role been reversed. Gisele had the kid and Tom expressed his love for the kid as if he was his. Oh women would be drooling how wonderful for a man to love another man’s child. But a woman? Oh no. Women has been hatin’ hatin’ hatin’ on Gisele from day ONE. She can’t win no matter what she does. I remember a pic of them on a football field. Women were complaining that she ignored the child and she didn’t seem to be enjoying herself. Now she loves the child too much. She wants to steal the child from Bridget. I could not believe the raucous women made over Gisele’s comment in vanity fair. English is not her first language and it’s obvious she was trying to explain how she feel about the kid. So she game a long candid and honest answer. OMG! women went nuts. Had she gave a pre-packaged phony bs answer (typical of people in this country) oh it would have fine. Lol Unfortunately the media knows how petty and catty women are and they milked it for all it’s worth. All I heard on tv, print was controversy! controversy. I kept thinking she must have said she “hates” the kid. Thenn I bought the magazine read it and laughed. I said to myself they knows us so well and play us like violin. It’s so sad.

Sarah K. on

(1) “Quick trying to take someone elses away from them!”

When did Gisele try to “take” Jack? No really, when did that happen? Her loving her step-son does not mean she is trying to take him. If and when Gisele has biological children, would you rather she favor them over Jack? Does that sound fair to you?

(2) “If that were my child and I saw some other lady doing what Gisele is doing.”

Some other lady? Gisele is this child’s step-mother, not some stranger. What is she doing? Playing with him? Looking at him? OH NO!! Call DSS!

(3) “I also think that Bridget is bitter because Tom didn’t want her anymore even after she got pregnant that’s why she didn’t give Jack the last name Brady.”

Um what? Did Bridget tell you this? Tom and Bridget discussed names TOGETHER before the baby was born. The baby is with her most of the time and they probably figured it would be easier logistically for him to have her last name.

Wow, there is a whole lot of crazy in this discussion. The conspiracy theories people have come up with is beyond ludicrous. All I can say is that I am happy Bridget, Tom, and Gisele seem to be more mature and logical than some of the posters here. Jack has three people who love and support him, which is more than any child could ask for. He seems very happy and well adjusted, so move on people!

Aurora on

Whoa! When I seen this picture, I said, “Ah, cute!” Then I noticed 108 comments and thought that in the extended pictures perhaps they THREW the child in the water or fed it to a pigeon!(only way to explain SOOOO many comments!) Wowza!

Ava on

Aurora, I’m on the floor laughing so hard at your comment! I couldn’t agree more….

Sage on

Apparently alot of the mothers on here are very insecure about there relationship with their children.I am so tired Gisele needs to get out of the picture, she’s a stranger, she is trying to replace Brideget, she is brainwashing Jack. Many of you are acting like you are in the same situation.

Tom and Gisele are not a joke they are husband and wife. That means for people who really don’t know anything about families and love it seems. Tom, Gisele, and Jack are a family. Not your nuclear family but one none the less. So all you haters who would only love drama between these two parties get over yourself. I applaud both parties for being mature and puting who first Jack. Which by the looks of it if many of you were in this situation, you would not put your childs needs before your own.

Cheri on

That baby is very lucky to have two women that love him in his life. If I was his mother I’d be thrilled that his stepmother loved him so much. It’s how it should be.

SS on

It must be hard enough growing up the child of a celebrity or celebrities, but then to have the general public commenting on PERSONAL things that we know nothing about! No wonder why some celeb children become so messed up as teens and young adults. Imagine reading some of the above comments about YOUR family!

Di on

I am one of those people on this site who does not like Gisele so I guess all the Giselle lovers can skip the post. There is old saying that “good fences make good neighbors”. In my opinion, it is all about respecting boundaries. From my point of view, Gisele’s words indicate a lack of respect for Bridget as John’s one and only mother. Her quote was so dismissive and condescending it really reinforces the whole stereotype associated with step-mothers. It is not about being insecure it is about respect.

Gisele is Tom’s wife big deal. Let’s see if there are still together five years from now in the mean time Bridget is and will always been John’s mother. Her relationship with her son is not dependent upon being with Tom. Bridget and Tom are John’s parents. Gisele in no way should be considered the third parent. Gisele will never be on Bridget’s level.

When I see Gisele, I do not see just another person in John’s life who loves him. I see a woman who is intent trying to “steal” Bridget’s son. Of course she can not because Bridget has custody but when John is with her, I’m sure she acts and make believes that she is the mother until reality hits her that she is not when John gets handed over to his real mother.

Gisele is every biological mother’s nightmare. A woman who thinks that just because she happens to be married to the father at the moment means that she is now the child new mother. Amazing.

Sarah K. on

“When I see Gisele, I do not see just another person in John’s life who loves him. I see a woman who is intent trying to “steal” Bridget’s son…I’m sure she acts and make believes that she is the mother until reality hits her that she is not when John gets handed over to his real mother.”

And what facts is this conspiracy theory based on? You have never had a single conversation with any of the parties involved. She wants to steal John? She makes believe she’s the bio-mom? Really? Like I said before, I am so happy that Bridget seems to be more emotionally mature than some of the people on this board.

Illinoisan on

I remember when Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan were together, because it was during his two big Super Bowl wins. Ironically, after he left Bridget when she was several months pregnant for a superskinny Brazilian supermodel, the next year he won every single game all year until the most important game, the Super Bowl, which almost seemed like Karma to me, coming back to bite Tom, as it would have been a new record, never done before in the NFL, near impossible to do. Perhaps it is coincidence, but leaving your pregnant gf is a dirty thing to do. If she wasn’t pregnant, it wouldn’t have mattered, but as she was, there was new life, a child, that Brady left, and he should have taken care of her. If I was Bridget, I would have been hurt and angry, just like any other pregnant woman that has been left for a younger or prettier woman. The male is supposed to stay with the pregnant female, not leave her. In fact it is an epidemic in America, many children do not have fathers, which is very sad. However, I applaud Tom and Giselle for being involved in his son’s life, it makes him look better, like at least he cares, and I am sure Bridget wants the best for her son, which is to know his father and not be ignored by him. So even though things may have not worked out the way some wanted, they all love Jack and are moving on, which is a good thing. The boy is adorable and I am sure he is happy to know his father and step-mother. Things will work out in the end for all of them. 🙂

Di on

I totally get what you are saying. I do not see how any single woman would get involved and stay involved with a man who is expecting a child with someone else. I find the whole situation quite unseemly.

I would feel like the man’s place is with the woman who is carrying his child and if he does not want to be with her, he certainly is not going to be with me. At the very least I would wait until after the child was born to resume a relationship. How could Gisele feel good about traveling the world with Tom when she knows Bridget is at home pregnant with his baby. I can’t imagine going through an entire pregnancy without the father’s emotional support. Think about all the doctor’s appointments he missed; the first ultrasound. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline did the exact same thing. Shar gave birth during Britney and Kevin’s engagement. Can you imagine your boyfriend saying, “I’m taking off, my ex is about to give birth to our child, I see you in a bit”.

I could never be involved in that kind of situaiton. Also, how could you look at the child knowing you are part of the reason why his or her parents are not together.

Rebecca on

As a mom I think it’s awesome this little boy has so many people caring for and loving him. I’ve never been a fan of Giselle’s but I really think her comments may have been misunderstood. She speaks very highly of Jack, who is being raised primarily by his mother. To me that’s a compliment to the mom.

Sometimes things start off rocky but end up well. I believe this is one situation where the parents are all working together to make their little boy happy and secure.

AMber on

I think it’s wrong of Tom to put his child out in the spotlight so much, when Bridget has tried very hard to keep him out of it. I realize it’s outside, so it’s likely to happen. But, it’s like since he’s been with Gisele, that baby has been photographed more and more. And, it made me so mad that Gisele said that that child was like her own, and just because she didn’t have him it doesn’t make him any less hers…yes sweetie, it kind of does…

Sarah K. on

“Ironically, after he left Bridget when she was several months pregnant for a superskinny Brazilian supermodel”

False. Neither Bridget nor Tom knew she was pregnant when they broke up. According to both of them, they broke up at the end of November/beginning of December. Tom began dating Tom two weeks later. Bridget found out she was pregnant a couple of months after that. Gisele admitted to having reservations about it. But, it wouldn’t be healthy for Tom and Bridget to get back together for the “sake of the baby.” And, why do assume Bridget would have wanted him back? So, get your facts straight please.

Kate on

Hey, Di was right. Gisele did try to play “mommy” to Jack.
Read this http://www.nationalledger.com/artman/publish/article_272625784.shtml
A timeout for Tom? Star magazine takes a look this week at the Brady triangle and writes, “Losing a Super Bowl was tough for Tom Brady, but it’s nothing compared to facing his baby mama Bridget Moynahan’s fury! Bridget is livid that the New England Patriots quarterback’s new bride Gisele Bundchen, has been parading around their 20 month old son, John.”
“When Bridget found out that Gisele told John to call her Mommy, she blew up,” a source tells Star. “Everything was fine until Gisele started taking over. Bridget told Tom that his wife should have her own child and leave hers alone.”


Becky Says:
April 28th, 2009 at 6:46 pm
Wow XOXO, that sucks! I never thought of it that way. I could see a lot of pissed off guys being jerks about signing anything too. Can you change her name or would you need his permission to do that?

I dont know if I can change her last name Becky…I havent ask a professional. I wish I could though.

Di on

I hope that Star Magazine article is false because if it is true, Bridget and Gisele are going to have major problems down the road. Look, my assesment of Gisele is based on her words. You can say that she does not understand English or was misinterpreted but the quote is out there. I know that Star Magazine is a tabloid but one hand I can believe the story because it a logical extension of her comments.

If you believe and feel as Gisele does that John is your son and that it does not matter that someone else gave birth to him, which by the way totally diminishes the whole 10 months of pregnancy that Bridget endured, it follows logically that she would want to be called “mom” because generally children do not refer to their parents by their first names and by calling her mom, John unknowingly reinforces Gisele’s belief she is the mother.

At what is really sad is that John is so young and impressionable, he is does not understand the role that Gisele is supposed to play in his life which of step-mother. If John were older, I would not feel the way I do.

2 cents on

Personally from experience I think it is wonderful to see Jack’s stepmother be involved and loving towards him. Growing up I had a stepmom that is 12 years older than I, and was very jealous of me. I can’t imagine it ever being a bad thing when a child has so many loving people in their life. I would have loved to have had this myself.

Ndll on

You cannot have 50/50 custody when you live across the country from each other. People are blinded by wealth and celebrity here. Tom Brady was MIA during the entire pregnancy. The ratio of John with Tom photos to John with Gisele photos is about 1:3238974392. Giselle is pissed that Bridget was pregnant with Tom’s baby, and now she wants that baby. Bridget is the one who does ALL the heavy lifting. Showing up some weekends does not constitute anywhere near 50/50 rearing of a child. Splitting the week in half does. It appears to me that this is between Giselle and Bridget, not Tom and Bridget. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a wimpier man, or one less apparently interested in his child. Showing up for a flowery photo op at the hospital AFTER the birth does not constitute an ounce of support.

We’ll see where all this is ten years from now when Jack is a boisterous pre-teen, Giselle has all those children she wants, and she and Tom are or are not together. In the meantime, Bridget will be there for her child, just as she has from Day One.