François-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek Celebrate Wedding Weekend

04/27/2009 at 12:30 PM ET

Congratulazioni! Newlyweds François-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek board a water taxi with daughter Valentina Paloma, 19 months, the day after their wedding in Venice, Italy this weekend.

Although the pair were officially wed in a civil ceremony on Valentine’s Day, the couple celebrated with more vows and a reception on Saturday. Click here to check out Salma’s beaded gown!

Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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Randi on

I looked at this picture really quick and thought it was Selma holding Suri. There seems to be a tiny resemblence between the two. But both are beautiful children

gianna on

Valentina does resemble suri a bit, the nose and hair. She also looks a bit like matthew mcconaughey’s baby. Anyway valentina is a doll, she has her dad’s nose and expression, but her eye shape, smile, complexion and dark hair is more salma. I saw pics of francois son, he looks just like him. I love salma’s wedding dress, and she is gorgeous. Hope they have another baby soon.

Chicki on

Valentina is slowly morphing into her dad! Not a bad thing at all – I have to say she’s looking less and less like Salma as time goes by – she’s such a cutie!!

Keedee on

Love seeing pictures of Salma and her little one. I wonder if she’ll be a Salma clone when she’s older (hope so!). Her wedding gown was GORGEOUS!!!!

Snow on

I also thought it was Suri Cruise. Really similar looking celebrity babies.


I LOVED Salma’s dress so my style!!! She looked gorgeous!! I would have loved to see a picture of what Valentina was wearing! he he

anyway…I think Valentina looks like her father, but with her mom coloring…not a bad thing 🙂

FC on

Snow, I agree. It looks like she’s taken Suri’s hairstyle now, the more her hair grows out, though it does look like someone cut her hair that way. I’m still trying to figure out who she looks like but she seems to be a mix. I can see her Mom from the nose up, and her father everywhere else.

But anyway, Salma looked beautiful in her civil ceremony gown. No real shocker there, but I liked what she wore.

SouthernBelle on

Salma, while always beautiful, looked especially stunning in that gorgeous wedding gown. That style is SO my type of wedding gown and is SO similarly shaped to mine it’s unreal (with the cost of mine coming nowhere near the cost of Salma’s gorgeous gown I’m sure…LOL!) Valentina is a sweetie and growing up so fast! And, Chicki, I totally agree with you that Valentina looks more like her father every day. If you look past the hair color, you have a little female François-Henri! I think Salma is one gorgeous lady! Little Valentina is a beauty in her own right and I absolutely LOVE her name!

Sarah on

Salma’s wedding gown is simply gorgeous…like her!!
Congrats again to the couple!

CelebBabyLover on

Well, this should answer the question a poster had a week or so ago about whether or not Valentina sees her half-siblings. In their article about the wedding, PEOPLE mentioned that Valentina and Francios’ other kids were all part of the wedding! 🙂

Sanja on

Gianna -I’ve been wondering what François’s older children look like. Do you have the link for the picture of his son?

Barbara on

If you follow 30 Rock, you’ll know why I laughed at Salma in her wedding gown and thinking about her saying “Don’t you have a Slanket somewhere you should be filling with your farts?” in her beautiful accent. She was fabulously funny on that show.

Good for them.

Michele on

I am so happy for her! She is beautiful and so is her little lady. I would love to see her have another. Just beautiful!

jazzie on

Salma looked beautiful in her wedding dress. I really like her, and wish her much happiness.

georgiagrl on

There are great pix of the whole family, including his children at the french blog called famille2star. Just google under blogs that name and it will come up. Very attractive kids who’ve been somewhat of a mystery thus far.

CelebBabyLover on

Is Mathilde a boy or a girl? I’m asking because I looked at the blog that georgiagirl linked, and the only kids I could see other than Valentina in the pictures were two little boys! Here’s a link to one of them:–10-_jpg.html

At any rate, the boy on the far right of the picture looks like a male version of Valentina!

georgiagrl on

Mathilde is a girl, french for matilda. There’s photos on and Just search salma hayek