Coleen Rooney on Baby Names: To Each Their Own

04/27/2009 at 08:00 AM ET

Since announcing her first pregnancy, Coleen Rooney, wife of Manchester United star Wayne Rooney, has encountered a phenomenon that most expectant mothers can attest to: “Everything seems to be all babies, babies, babies at the moment,” she blogs for OK! UK. Coleen recently attended the christening of a friend’s newborn, and soon thereafter learned that pal Gareth Gates and his wife Suzanne welcomed a daughter named Missy. “It’s a nice name, if a little bit unusual, though it’s not as odd as some — the week before Jamie Oliver called his new daughter Petal Blossom Rainbow,” Coleen observes. “I like it, it’s really girlie.”

“I know some people say it’s unfair to give children names that are so ‘out there,’ but I’m not one for criticizing — every parent should call their baby whatever they like.”

That said, Coleen said it’s doubtful that she’ll settle on an unusual moniker for her own son or daughter. “Would I call my baby Rainbow or Sunrise Rooney?” she asks. “I don’t know if I would.” There’s still plenty of time for Coleen and Wayne to decide — and from the sound of things, the couple aren’t in a hurry!

“I haven’t thought about names yet as you change your mind all the time…Besides, people always say you should wait until you see what the baby looks like before you think about what to call it.”

Baby-on-the-way is due in October.

Source: OK! UK

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melanie on

I totally agree with her that parents should be able to name their kids whatever they want–some of the names are too far fetched for ME but they’re not my kid! plus, I’ve heard people (like soleil moon frye) say that they LOVE their unusual moniker so you never know.

But, on that note, I don’t think Missy is an unusual name–I know TONS of Missy’s and I think its actually quite popular and “normal”…

Rachel-Jane on

I’m not a fan of Missy, but I do like Petal. Colleen always comes across really well, I’m sure her child will have a beautiful name. As for seeing what it looks like first, I really hope the baby looks like her and not like Wayne!

D on

I totally agree with Coleen! To each their own! I find some of names too wild for me, but they are not my kid, other names I really like.

Not sure why this is but when your preggers people always ask you what the name is and some like it and others have NO problem telling you they hate the name right to your face. That is why I am being so mum on the name this time around. Sometimes you don’t want peoples 2 cents!

babyboopie on

Yes I know, when my son was born, I told my family and friends in England (I’m English but live in Paris) that I named my son Pierre and some of them loved it but others didn’t and so I can understand the sentiment of people naming their child whatever they want- but there should be boundaries-because some names do border on cruelty- such as Moon Unit, Peanut etc.

Sammy-xx on

I like unique names, I always hated at school hearing ‘Sammy’ and 5 people shouting ‘YES’.
But theres unique kirky names and there is boardering on child abuse names. But like Coleen says each to their own, you can always change your name or just get people to call you something else.

I can’t wait for this baby, I’m sure it will be beautiful. Not to sound cruel but some of the most beautiful babbies have 1 or both parents that arent. So with a beautiful Mummy and a not so much Daddy baby Rooney will be gorgeous. Please don’t take that the wrong way I mean it in the nicest way.

danda_lion on

Her comment about “Missy” is funny. It’s very common in the US. I’ve known lots of Melissas called Missy.

Lauren on

There are baby name websites that will take the most popular names of the moment and provide several names that are very similar, but more unique. I think that’s the perfect way to go about picking a name that’s classic while suiting the child’s individual taste. Adrian for Aidan, Arabella for Isabella, and Eva for Ava are a few of my favorites.

Melanie on

Do you know the addresses of those websites? I would love to check them out–that sounds like such a cool idea to come up with classic but different baby names! Thanks!

Me on

Danda_Lion; over here in the uk its fairly uncommon, especially as a given name, it is definately more of a nickname here. i agree-each to their own! x

Lauren on

Hi Melanie,

The site I looked at was link is the first under the Parenting section of CBB’s blog roll towards the lower left of the screen. Click the link, then click on the section titled Baby Names. You’ll find tons of lists of types of baby names to look at (hipster, spiritual, elegant). In there is the list of alternatives to popular names. It’s a really cool site if you’re bored one day and want to browse. FYI-a LOT of celebrity and celebrity baby names made the hipster list 🙂


Terri on

I had my first name changed legally when I was 5. I’ve thought about changing it back, but it’s not easy or practical as an adult so I just leave it as is. Honestly I wish that it was never changed.

melanie on

Thanks! I’m excited to check it out…is that lame?! haha

Sanja on

Melanie -here’s another link to a great name site: