Kathy Ireland: Not Afraid To Stop The Car!

04/25/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
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Many parents have threatened to pull the car over and make the squabbling siblings in the back seat get out, but not all will follow through. Kathy Ireland isn’t afraid to make good on the threat, however! The 46-year-old model and author recalls driving down the freeway with Erik, 14, Lily, 10 and Chloe, 6, when a fight broke out. “It was very distracting,” she tells Cookie. “My ugly mad-mom voice came out!”

“I had to get off the freeway, find a safe place to pull over, and make everybody get out of the car and sit on the curb. I stood in front of them to block the traffic, while I let them work it out.”

Although the kids were late for school, Kathy feels it was worth it in the long run. “They stayed there until there were sincere apologies and forgiveness all around.” That said, Kathy says her role in the family is not good cop nor bad. “As their mother, it’s my responsibility to love them, protect them, teach them and discipline them,” she explains.

Listing bedtime as her favorite family activity, Kathy admits it’s a “lengthy process,” but it’s also one she enjoys. First up is a bath for Chloe, and then the family — including Kathy’s husband Dr. Greg Olson — moves on to brushing teeth and completing their evening chores. “I love telling stories to our kids,” Kathy says. “My children’s books all came from family bedtime stories.”

“I read three books to Chloe, followed by a made-up story, a prayer, and a song. Then I read with Lily, our 10-year old…Lily plays guitar and sings some songs. Our oldest son, Erik, is 14. I spend some time with him, talking about our days and learning what is on his mind and in his heart.”

Her willingness to take her time is as beneficial for Kathy as it is for the kids. She says that “their honest perspectives on life, their carefree joy, their quick wits, and their great senses of humor,” are what make her laugh.

Source: Cookie

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Bren on

I really like her. She has always seemed so sweet and as a nanny I have ALOT of respect for parents who follow through on their word. If a parents says if you do this one more time you are getting a time out, then give the time out. It makes it easier on the nanny as well. Then the child knows we are all on the same page 😉

Stella Bella on

Wow. I really admire her parenting style. She seems to have her head on straight!

Silvermouse on

My mother used to do that to my sisters and I as well lol.

Carissa on

Hearing her talk about the “ugly mom” voice just put fear in me. LOL My mother has the best “ugly mom” voice even now as an adult, when I hear just a little bit of it come out of mom I walk in the other room and put my head down in shame and think about what I’ve done, even if I didn’t do anything. No matter how old you get that “ugly mom” voice gets you to rethink somethings. She sounds a lot like my dear ol’ Mom:)

Carrie Jo on

Sounds like they have a wonderful home filled with plenty of love and laughter. I’m so happy for her.

MaryAnn on

I wish I had some of Kathy’s parenting skills applied to me when I was growing up… Also read Kathy’s new book Real Solutions for Busy Moms… Keep up the great work Kathy!! A fellow Busy Mom