Guiding Light's Marcy Rylan Debuts Her Belly

04/23/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
Jason Kempin/Getty

Although there wasn’t much to see when she announced her pregnancy earlier this month, Marcy Rylan certainly has popped!

Due in mid-October, Marcy was snapped shopping at Buy Buy Baby in NYC with friend (and Guiding Light co-star!) Jessica Leccia on Monday.

Baby-on-the-way is the first child for both Marcy, 28, and boyfriend Don Money.

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Lisa on

Wow I didn’t know she was pregnant! I’m not sure how I missed that since I’m a huge Marcy/Lizzie fan! She looks amazing and wish her the best!

Tiffany on

Could the due date be off? If she is due in late Oct. that is stil 6 months away.That would only make her 3 months along!

Jen on

wow…she’s huge already!

Max'sMom on

I tend to agree, that’s quite the bump for being only 3 months & on her first baby. I am pregnant with my second & popped at 11 weeks & look about like her now. For my first, I did not show until well into my second trimester.

martina on

Definitely not 3 months 😉 She is tiny, but so am I, and that’s what I looked like at 5 months.

Sarah on

I think there is more than one baby in there.

kirsty on

wow that is a belly!!!Im sure the due date is off.Im 5 months pregnant with my first and no-one can tell im pregnant lol.Im soooo jealous of her cute bump 🙂 xx

babyboopie on

I’m sorry, but either there’s three babies in there or she’s due by August at the latest! No way can she be due in late October, that’s beyond the realms of biology!

Brandi on

She’s either having twins or her rep is being less than truthful about her due date. She looks to be at least four months at the very minimum, I would say.

Lucki on

I am due late October and am not yet showing. I think the dates are off or she is carrying more than one.

Chris on

No way she’s gonna make it to October!

D on

I am due in 7 weeks (June) and she looks the same size as me. NO way! I totally agree with you ladies, I think twinnies or an earlier due date!


I’ve seen photos of her holding a blue teddy bear while her costar Jessica Leccia was holding a pink teddy bear!Maybe she’s having a boy and Jessica a girl!It would be really cute.However,Marcy is very pretty she looks younger than 28.And that belly is pretty big for being only 3 months

Hannah on

Wow she is HUGE for being due for late October. Surely the dates are wrong? I am due beginning on November with my 2nd and I’ve barely popped!

Camille on

I also agree with everyone else! I’m almost 5 months along and my belly looks like hers. OFF TOPIC: Does anyone know where her cute tank top is from??

Heather on

At 12 weeks, the uterus is just starting to poke out above the pelvic bone. There is no way, her belly would be protruding under her ribs like that unless she’s A LOT further along, like 5-7 months along at least. I don’t buy it.

Angie on

I am due in late October and barely showed with my first 2 and now with baby #3 I am HUGE! So maybe she did just pop overnight.. it can happen.

Stephany on

I’m with everyone else – her due date HAS to be way off! She looks like she’s due in a few months, not SIX! Or, as others have said, there may be more than one baby in there!

Susan on

I just looked up her bio on IMDB and, like me, she is just 5′ feet tall. When you’re that little (i.e. less space throughout the torso) you end up popping out much soon because there is just no where else for it to go! Plenty of women out there are her stature and we make it 9 months just fine, thank you!

angie on

most preganciecs or 40 week if you break down by four weeks it is 10 months. marcy would be almost five month by now. and she is short so she will show sooner.

Susan on

Good point Angie–she is probably more like 4 months at least–not 3. I think between all of the comments about Carnie Wilson looking too big for how far along she is and now Marcy looking too big (not that people are saying she’s gained too much weight–but still, that she looks “too big too soon”) I got a little frustrated with posters thinking that any celebrity who doesn’t look like a mannequin from a maternity store is abnormal. Since I’m Marcy’s height too, often when people asked how far along I was they would respond with something like “you’re never going to make it to the end” or other versions of what people have posted here. I was like “thanks, I’m really hoping to give birth to a pre-mature baby!” Most of the women photographed in Hollywood are very tall with long torsos–so it’s not a surprise that we don’t see them showing until 6 months or so. Although often they get criticized for not being big enough (remember Nicole Kidman!!) so I guess you can’t win in the blogosphere…:)

Adele (UK) on

#20 – If you break a pregnancy down properly into months, a pregnancy is 9 months 1 week long which equals 40 weeks, not 10 months. Months are longer than 4 weeks, but less than 5 weeks.

I know someone who is 5′ tall & she had a bumplike this at 3months aswell on her first baby.

angie on

number 22 nine by four weeks is 36 week my former sister in-law had my neice on nov.6th and she was on time that put her mothe a ten months when she had her.

CelebBabyLover on

angie- Exactly! Most months are not exactly 4 weeks long, but 4 weeks is the AVERAGE length of a month.

Adele (UK) on

4 weeks = 28 days.

There are more than 28 days in every month (with exception to February, but that month has a 29 in a leap year). So ifthere are more than 28 days in a month, there are more than 4 weeks in a month.

Trainee MW here, it’s what I’ve studied from day 1, a pregnancy is 9 months, 1 week long if you count from day 1 until 40 weeks, try it with a calender, you will see.

Tracy on

I am due on the last day of November, and I am now 9 weeks pregnant. If she is due in late October, you could easily add 4-5 weeks onto that, which would make her 13-14 weeks. I at 9 weeks cant do up any of my pants, and my waistline has expanded just in the last week. So she can easily be showing at the stage she is at. Google pregnancy pictures, you will see how big some tummies get at full term, I dont think her tummy is so huge for the stage she is at.

CelebBabyLover on

Adele- What I and some of the other commentors are trying to say is that a pregnancy is about 10 months ON AVERAGE!

Carole on

You guys have to remember that she is a tiny girl and probably looks bigger than she is. Let’s just be happy for her. She made Lizzie one of my favourite GL characters. There must be something in the water over there at CBS. Maura West is pregnant again and Marcy’s partner on screen, Daniel Cosgrove just had his fourth child.