Joely Fisher and Girls Clean Up the Beach!

04/23/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Ray Mickshaw/Fox/Getty

Joely Fisher and two of her three girls — True Harlow, 3 and Olivia Luna, 7 months — arrive for Fox’s Earth Day Beach Cleanup, held in Santa Monica on Wednesday.

The ‘Til Death star, 41, is also mom to Skylar Grace, 7 ½ .

‘Til Death airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

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Kaitlyn on

Olivia is gorgeous!

Jade on

that baby is just precious!

mamabear on

Awwww…that baby is PRECIOUS 🙂
Those girls are so CUTE!

sat on

CUTE!! can’t wait to hit the beach this summer too!

Xan on

That baby looks so cute and content in her little hammock!

Jessica on

Olivia is such a beauty and that looks like a sweet ride. They’re a lucky family.

Brooklyn on

I love True’s outfit! Very cute.

Alex on

Let me first of all say that all of Joely’s children are beautiful, but I find Olivia’s face so angelic. You can just tell that girl will be like ‘Who me? I didn’t do it, look at me, I’m too cute to get in trouble.’ as she grows up. I do like seeing photos of this family.

Amanda on

I love that she’s using a sling, but that one looks WAY too big/loose. The baby should ride up a bit higher on her abdomen to help prevent back aches.

Daniela on

Olivia looks like a doll baby – she’s cute as a button! 🙂

Shawna on

Amanda – I’ve noticed that a lot of the stars wear their babies in ill-fitting slings, usually wearing them much to low down on the body. I wonder why that is?

Jane on

I’ve never used a sling before, so I’m kind of confused as to how they work. Would anyone who has used one like to explain to me how you keep the baby from flipping themselves out of the sling? It looks like Olivia could give one strong push and shove herself right out.

415mama on

They confuse me too…I’ve got two New Natives one in size sm. and one in med. and I can’t figure them out! I can’t seem to get baby into the small and the medium fits just like the one in this picture….way too low and just like Amanda said, it gives me a back ache!

marla on

i think her family is beautiful, even more so with the latest addition.

i love it that she’s wearing her baby. she is, however, wearing the sling incorrectly. not being mean, just stating the facts. the top of the sling should be on top of her shoulder, not hanging off her arm. the baby’s bottom should be around her belt/waist area, instead of around her crotch.

this is why i like the adjustable slings (i have a zolowear) best b/c i can adjust the sling depending on how big the baby is. i have a new native carrier but felt like the baby was going to fall out. the adjustable sling allows you to pull the baby very close and keep her/him in an appropriate, safe, comfortable place.

Tee on


To answer your question, the way to keep a baby from flipping out of a sling is too make sure your sling fits both you and your baby well. While there are many different types of slings, in one like Joely is wearing, the strap needs to be on her shoulder. A baby could flip out if the sling is worn incorrectly. The best thing that you can do while wearing a baby like that is to make sure the “pouch” part of it comes all the way up to a baby’s shoulders. Once you have a sling fitted to you and your baby correctly, it will feel so secure and tight that you probably won’t ever have a baby lose their balance.

Anne on

Don’t like the slings at all and would never ever consider using one. Babies look like sardines squished in one. They don’t even look comfortable in them.

Emma on

Love her children. Olivia was adopted domestically. Does anyone know how domestic adoption works? How long does it typically take?

g!na on

aaw!! kids are cute!!! Olivia is stunning!!! How do you clean the beach with a baby in a sling in front of you? If i was doing some serious cleaning i wouldn’t be having a baby on me! Just my opinion. Not to be mean but sometimes i see these events as a photo opportunity. At least for me if i’m going to clean a beach i’m going to leave the baby at home so she/he doesn’t get hurt from glass containers etc. IDK, just my thinking but i hope she really cleaned up if she was there for it! I like this family i just don’t see the point of bringing a baby for a cleaning project!

Angie on

I also wanted to comment about the sling.. it is great so many people are getting into babywearing, but pouch slings especially need to be fitted to your body correctly. I would imagine how she is carrying her is very uncomfortable on her back and shoulder. I made my own pouches to take the guesswork out of sizing, but I prefer adjustable slings or my wrap to the pouches. So many people are just sure the baby can fall right out but even with my wiggly baby she never was not completely secure in my slings.

Angie on

Anne, think of how babies are in utero.. they are squished!! A lot of babies find that very comforting once they are out. My baby would ALWAYS fall asleep in my wrap, she loved it!!! Same idea with swaddling.. a tight swaddle is NOT uncomfortable to the baby but the opposite, it is very soothing to them.

Jane on

Thanks for answering my question Tee.

FC on

Olivia is just a little doll, and I just want to pinch those round cheeks of hers. 🙂 It’s nice to see Joely out with her girls. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

g!na- Maybe Joely wants to expose her daughters to the joys of helping others from an early age.