Expectant Julie Chen Steps Out in Satin

04/23/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
Humberto Carreno/Startraks

Due October 4th with her first child, Big Brother host Julie Chen showed off the start of her belly in a satin top last evening while attending the Tribeca Film Festival‘s Opening Night Dinner, held the State Supreme Courthouse in NYC, with husband Les Moonves. This was her first public outing since announcing her pregnancy earlier this week.

The new baby will join Les’ three adult children from a previous marriage – Adam, Michael and Sara.

Julie, 39, who also appears on The Early Show, says the baby won’t affect her reality-show hosting duties: “I e-mailed my boss over there this weekend and I said, ‘Don’t worry. I can still do the show!’”

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shidley on

Looks like she’s got a pretty pronounced belly already. Then again, she’s a tiny little gal with no where for that baby to hide! Best wishes to Julie and her family.

Hilda on

Love the look on his face!

Angelia on

Wow he is one old daddy! I cannot for the life of me fathom how people want to have children at that age.

Erin on

Angelia – the same could be said for people in their early 20s. While I personally wouldn’t want to be that old with a young child – for obvious reasons – at least he has life experience and stability going for him. And she’s a year older than my mom was when she had me.

Michelle Z. on

Angelia, I think it’s par for the course when you marry someone so much younger (remember Tony Randall?). How old is Les?

Lissette on

Aw she looks so cute! Congrats to them. I’m sure they’re both very excited!!

Chelsea on

Why are people acting like he’s 80 years old? He’s not.

I think he and Julie make a very handsome couple and I’m happy for them. 🙂

Anna on

Ok he’s not 80, but he’s 60. Average life expectancy is about 78 I think. That makes the chance that he will never see his child as an adult too big for me.

Doreen on

I was wondering the last time Big Brother was on (LIKE A YEAR AGO!! ) 😦 when she would be expecting!! 🙂 I really hoping to watch the next Big Brother soon! It’s taking way toooo long!

sat on

gorgeous!! they will have a beautiful baby. best wishes!

Angelia on

He is 60 years old. I am sorry but having a child at 60 is not right because you are already a senior citizen when the child is born. I am sooo glad I was young when I had my little girls. I was 22 with the first and 24 with the second [as was my dh] we have all the energy in the world to play with them and I wouldnt have it any other way

Mia on

Everyone is different, and they look very happy and in love, and thats all that matters. It works for some people to have children when they are really young, like early 20’s, and later on in their 40’s+.

I am 20, almost 21 right now, and I know I would not be ready to have kids at 23, or 24, that’s just out of the question. I have school, and other things I want to do. Maybe when I’m in my 30’s, but not anytime soon.

Angelia on

Mia I can agree with what you are saying but 60 years old is so old to have a newborn.

I had my daughter and 22 and went to College and was pregnant when I graduated. My husband went to college too. You can be a young mom and still get an education!

CelebBabyLover on

Angelia- So Julie should have been denied the chance to have a baby just because of her husband’s age?

Angelia on

No I am not saying that, but I bet she doesnt know what they are in for being such old parents! How can a 60 year old get up 10 times a night with a screaming baby, and then in the later years a strong willed toddler who refuses to go to sleep, and then have the energy in the morning after 3 hours of sleep to be a good parent? Just saying my parents are in great shape at 51 and 52 and even they get so tired out by my girls after watching them just a couple hours. Of course celbrities usually hire nannies, but still 60 years old is just insane to me. Also Julie having her first at nearly 40 is so old as well.

shidley on

40 isn’t SO OLD, to have a child. Oh my goodness. And for what it’s worth, there are no guarantees in life. There is good and bad in every situation. Having children at a young age has it’s benefits for some, while for others, waiting longer is preferable. And there are some that just haven’t found “the one” with whom they’d like to raise a family with until later. Age doesn’t diminish the ability to be an effective, loving parent.

lala2 on


Please, go read some books about parenting…… So what she is 40! So what he is 60! Tell me, are they going to affect you by having a baby later in life? WOW!

Angelia on

Oh I have read plenty of books on parenting and still do. I just feel sorry for their kid to have parents so old that they may not make it to see their kid graduate from high school. That dad will be near 80 at that point!

Honestly I have never liked old parents. I guess I feel they think they are so much better then me because I had my girls young. And old ladies never look cute pregnant either. :}

Angelia on

Oh wow is he old! Jeez I am with you Angelia, why do people have children when they senior citizens. And yes Julia is old as well.

Karen on

Hi folks, my Grandma had my mom when she was 45 and my granpa was almost 50. My mom was a blessed accident but she wished her parents were younger her whole life. People thought her older sisters were her mother and her brothers her father, she had 60+ parents when she went through her teen years and that makes a big difference in relating to your child. How can you relate when there is that much of an age gap. Also, she then lost her parents very early in her own life compared to most and she felt ripped off by that. I personally don’t think it is right to put your career first for 40+ years and then have a child. You can’t have it all. & that’s just my opinion!! Thanks!

Carly Davis on

Well, Im trying to have my first at that age! Huh, its easy to say things like that when you were blessed enough to have kids at a young age. I would have preferred to be younger…but it didnt happen.