Ava Jackman Gets Dipped by Dad

04/22/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Vince Flores/Celebrity Photo

Hugh Jackman may have been the star at his hand and footprint ceremony outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Tuesday, but daughter Ava Eliot was certainly the center of his attention!

The X-Men: Origins star dipped his 3 ½-year-old on the red carpet while wife Deborra-Lee Furness and son Oscar Maximillian watched.

Catch Hugh as Wolverine in theaters starting May 1st.

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Ryo on

God I love that man. You can see how much Hugh loves his kids right on his face every time he’s with them.

Lauren on

Adorable. Hugh was on Leno last night and talked about the ceremony. Ava asked him, “Dad, how did it feel?” and he said, “Well, honey, this is a very big moment for Daddy, etc.” Ava just stared at him and said, “Dad. How was the cement??” He also told a hilarious story about Oscar picking up 14-year-old girls by telling them his dad’s Wolverine! He always had the funniest anecdotes about his kids. I love him.

sherie on

I know that oscar is adopte, but is Ava too?
just askin’

Alice on

I didn’t know he was going to have his hand and footprint in Hollywood, that’s great for him!! Now I just have t go there again XD

The pic is adorable, Hugh is always so sweet when he’s with his children or talking about them.

theyearofasking on

Sheri–yep. Both Ava and Oscar are adopted.

Beautiful family!

Chicki on

What difference does it make whether Ava’s adopted or not, Sherie? His family was there to support him – that’s the important thing! 🙂

iluvallbabies on

Gosh I love him and his family. I have seen him a couple of times in Sydney, with no papparazzi around, and he is just as genuinely happy and loving as when the cameras are on him.

He is very easy on the eye too 🙂

Sarah K. on

Chicki, I don’t think Sheri meant anything negative with her question. Ava does look a lot like Hugh, so I see why she might have been confused. Besides, Hugh and Deb are very open about the fact that both children are adopted. They have never been hush hush about it, so a question here or there isn’t offensive. It’s not like she was implying that it would make a difference in their love for the kids.

Sarah K. on

Oh also, Hugh and Deb are such amazing advocates for adoption and improving the adoption laws in Australia. The fact that both of their children are adopted factors into that.

Chicki on

SarahK – for the record I don’t think that sherie’s question was improper, I was just curious as to why it matters! I know that the Jackmans have been open about the fact that they adopted, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but the article refers to Ava and Oscar as his children, not “adopted” children precisely because it does not/should not matter to anyone!

lax on

Chill “Chicki”. If she wants to know she wants to know. Its a regular question and even though it does not matter there is no reason for your tude. So chilllllllll Chicki, Ava and Hugh look alike, i think it was a fine question!

Anna on

Being adopted or not doesn’t matter, but that doesn’t mean that asking if someone is adopted is wrong. She was just curious and it’s not like she asked the child or the parents.

FC on

I love this family man. I really do. His love for his kids is what has endeared me to him even more. ♥ And, well, of course, he’s hot as all get out!