Stella McDermott Shows Off Her Sharpies

04/21/2009 at 05:00 PM ET

Check out mom’s markers! Stella Doreen McDermott, 10 months, enjoys her prime seat — on the table top! — during Tori Spelling‘s Mommywood signing at a Los Angeles Barnes and Noble on Monday evening.

Tori, 35, and husband Dean McDermott are also parents to son Liam Aaron, 2.

Santiago Baez/Ramey

Stella wears Pediped Natasha’s in Houndstooth ($32).

Click below for a second photo of the pair!

Santiago Baez/Ramey

Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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gianna on

Om my god, how cute is stella, those cheeks. She is looking more and more like liam, the older she gets. I just started reading tori’s book, and love it.

Chelsea on

I like Tori, I honestly do. I watch her and Dean’s reality show. But really, I’m starting to feel like she’s pimping out her kids! Every five seconds, there they are with the kids at a press event.

Nina on

I guess I am a little confused about why she’s writing parenting books, I don’t get why every celeb feels a need to write a parenting book….

RibbonInTheSky on

I think Stella is a cute as she can be. I see so much of Dean in her. I imagine she looks a lot like he did when he was her age.

Sarah on

Stella is so cute!

Brandi on

Stella looks just like Dean! Nina its not a parenting book, its a collection of funny stories about her life as a mom. I just finished it over the weekend, I really liked it (and I’m not usually a Tori fan). I enjoyed Storitelling also.

Lizz on

Stella is adorable! But Tori is looking soooo skinny. I her at the A-list awards and she was skin and bones!

And yes, Chelsea, we see these kids the most it seems at press events.

Brooklyn on

Too cute! Stella is just so darn adorable!

Jennifer on

I was amazed when I saw this picture. I had no idea she looked so much like Dean, but she does. She’s a definite cutie ^_^

lax on


Kellie from Qld,AUSTRALIA on

Gosh,She is the image of her Daddy!!!!
Wow the resemblance is amazing,Though she looks like a real girly girl,just like her Mummy!!!!!
Just Beautiful

Michelle on

My gosh – she is Dean’s mini-me!!!

robinepowell on

Wow, she’s so cute. She looks like Dean except for the red hair, just like Liam. 😀

aubrey madeline on

Wow Stella looks like Liam but she’s a cutie

T. on

Stella is fast becoming my favorite celebrity baby!
She just always looks happy and adorable.

FC on

Dean stamped his mark all over Stella! She really is a mini female Dean, and she even has his trademark stare papz photo op stare down as well…lol.

fergette on

Oh my gosh, how cute is that?!?!

briea on

Wow I thought that was Liam before I panned down to see the full picture. WHAT A CUTIE…..

anon on

You’re not a fan, but you’ve read both of her books?

I’d agree that she is pimping out her kids. Her kid plopped on the table and all.

Anyway, I’m not a fan of little girls in dark dresses. Unless its a vibrant color, like a deep purple or blue.

Angi on

Stella does look SO MUCH like her daddy. I love how her and Tori match. SO CUTE!

I read the book and it was really good.

Sarah K. on

Oh wow, she does look exactly like Liam. I saw the resemblance before but they look like identical twins here (aside from the dress)

New Shoes on

Stella’s dress matches the book jacket.

Natasha on

I’m not a fan of “pimping” kids either but I think that since her book is Mommmywood, it’s a little more relevant to have her kids there. I saw a video last week of the craziness with flashes & whatnot and it didn’t look very nice for the baby.

theyearofasking on

tori looks a little less emaciated here, but it might just be that she’s covered up with her book!

Stephany on

That girl is just the female version of Dean. It’s so uncanny! She’s adorable.

Ryan on

Is it just me or is Stella NEVER smiling in pictures?? lol. She has that Honor Warren glare down pat. She never looks happy!!! haha. Tori DOES look really, really skinny…but I don’t think she has an eating disorder…I think she is just probably not eating and busy with her kids…plus, she is on 90210 now and she is probably trying to keep her weight low even though she doesn’t need to.

BTW…i dont see a HINT of Tori in Stella AT ALL! Stella is 100% Dean’s mini-me. I think Liam looks just like Tori’s brother Randy.

Momma2Leos on

That kid is her daddy. Sorry Tori, but she is a cutie.

Cortney on

What is with all the “pimping” comments? At least the kid is with her parent and not at home with a nanny. I love how both of their dresses match the book cover. I don’t see how Liam and Stella look alike, Liam looks like his uncle Randy, Tori’s brother and Stella looks like Dean.

Jen DC on

Ohhhhh, look at her baby jowls!

Lindsay on

She’s adorable! Looks just like Dean.

crimpe on

T., Stella may be adorable, but looking happy? I don’t see a smile here. The poor kid looks blank. I think she looks just like her dad, and I think her shoes are too cute! Tori, I don’t get her, but maybe I need to read one of her books. Why is it that one boob always looks so strange?

KJ53 on

WOW I always thought she looked just like Dean but I cant get over how much she looks like Liam here! Adorable. And LOVED both of Tori’s books!!!

Sunny on

Ryan – it’s not just you. I was just thinking that I’ve never seen her smile either! She might be afraid of the cameras??

Rebecca on

“At least the kid is with her parent and not at home with a nanny.”

When the alternative is being at a book party surrounded by flashing cameras then I think being at home with a nanny would be better. I don’t understand why some people talk about nannies as if any alternative would be better than that. There’s nothing wrong with leaving your kid with a nanny while you go to work – some work atmospheres are not appropriate for children and it would be better for them to be at home where they can play, and have fun, and relax, and not have to dodge the flashing cameras.

lilly on

Very True Rebecca, Stella would be better off at home with a nanny rather then at a work event with her mom. There isn’t anything wrong with nannies. I work full time and my husband does as well, and we have a nanny looking after our 2 kids. I can’t imagine bringing my kids to work with me, let alone in the public eye being famous. Thats where kids grow up to quickly, and learn things to fast and stella would be better off with a nanny

Christina Bledsoe on

Tori Spelling’s children are absolutely beautiful and its because, thank God, they look just like their father.

kelsey on

i think if she brings the kids to press event then the paparazzi wont hound her she is a celebrity so people wont to know about her life give her a break

CelebBabyLover on

Christina Bledsoe- Stella DOES look like Dean, but Liam is the spittin’ image of his uncle Randy (Tori’s brother) as a child!

That said, I love these pictures…and what a lucky girl Stella is, getting to go to Barnes and Noble! I LOVE Barnes and Noble (because I LOVE books!)! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

crimpe- Well, Tori’s had implants, so maybe her weight loss affected one of them. However, even in those of us who don’t have implants, one of our “girls” is usually a bit bigger than the other!

cortney- I completely understand where you’re coming from. Celebs just can’t seem to win no matter what they do. For example, when Shiloh Jolie-Pitt wasn’t seen out in public that often when she was younger, people were practically up in arms, saying, “Where’s Shiloh?” and “Doesn’t Angelina love her biological child?” People also tend to complain when celebs don’t release photos of their baby for several weeks or even months (for example, Britney Spears was criticized for keeping Jayden under wraps until he was 8 months old, and don’t even get me started on the whole Suri Cruise contrevosy!).

Yet when Tori takes Stella out, she gets accused of pimping her kids! You can’t have it both ways!

marie on

What a beautiful little girl! She looks so much like Liam. I think Stella and Liam take after their dad.

kai on

I agree with Rebecca. The nanny comment was a little naive.

That said, I thought it was Tori’s son in a dress lol. Cute!

kait on

I think that’s rude of Christina Bledsoe to say “Thank God, they look just like their father.” It is true they are a spitting image, but Tori had a natural beauty before all of that plastic surgery which is just sad that she couldn’t see it! Her family is beautiful but it’s uncalled for that someone would practically insinuate that if they looked anything like Tori, God forbid, someone would find them ugly. Have some respect please.

Lisa on

What a gorgeous little girl, there’s no doubt that her and Liam Aaron are brother and sister, they are so alike, adorable children.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I think Stella’s cute, Liam (and many people will probably disagree but my opinion that’s all) not so much, but that may just be me, more of a ‘Spelling’ look to him if you know what I mean… Stella’s a cutie…!

Cate on

If she left her daughter at home then she would be ahorrible Mom for leaving her kid at home. People always find something to complain about. I think it’s a cute pic and love Stella’s chipmunk cheeks. I can’t believe how much both kids look like Daddy-

Sarah on

I’m sorry for her kids to be at every event she is. They should live another life, not always with cameras and people they don’t know.

Brittany on

She is way too cute!

I dont agree that she is pimping out her kids, plenty of other celebs take their kids to events but i dont hear anyone saying anything then. For some reason everyone feels the need to hate on Tori. And she has always taken her kids with her, even when Liam was a baby. But i do agree that she is a little too skinny, but i remember in her 90210 days she was pretty frail.

Chris on

I don’t understand some of these comments. Her book is called Mommywood so it makes sense that Stella would be with her to promote it. I think it’s cute.

I think Stella looks exactly like Dean. Liam resembles Dean but he really, really looks like Tori’s brother.

Ashley on

Tori looks stunning, I’ve always thought she’s beautiful since 90210. I don’t agree that she’s too thin, she probably just has a fast metabolism and is a mom on the go, the weight comes off. Seems like if everyone isn’t overweight a few weeks after giving birth (and her baby is older anyway), people start the anorexic crap. Both of her books were great, I could relate to many parts.

JMO on

okay that is a cute picture!!! lol

But I agree when I saw the videos of this and all the flashing paparazzi bulbs goin off and this poor little girl just looking like, “what is going on?” it made me think that perhaps babies just shouldn’t be at so many public events. I get the book is called Mommywood and she’s promoting a book about being a mother, therefore the kids are a perfect selling point, but sometimes it’s too much.

I also saw her on the view last week talking about her mother and then her mother went on the view the other day talkin about her and I can’t help think that both Tori and Candy are just being so selfish and childish to each other and the kids. I shook my head thinking these two are acting like highschool kids! What a shame.

LisaR on

I think Christina Bledsoe’s comment has to be THE funniest thing I’ve ever read on this site! LOL!

mmh on

I love the green, black and white color scheme they’ve had going in all of the promotional photos for the book. It’s really cute!!!!

mom on

Hello….why would she look like Tori. Tori has had plastic surgery people.

anon on

I’ve never, not seen a celebrity baby and wondered why they aren’t there, or assumed that the parents don’t love them. Thats ridiculous. There are places, where having a child with you is appropriate, Garcelle Beuvois(sp) and her husband taking their twins to the easter egg painting thing, a Hannah Montana premiere, nick awards. Mommys hours long book signing? What is the point of that?

Brandi on

Anon if you were talking to me in comment #19, yes, I read both her books. I’m a voracious readers, read two books a week, and I love memoirs.

Anyway, it seems like people’s opinion of Tori has taken a turn on this site and it’s too bad every post about her now has to be negative.

Alyssa on

Stella is a spitting image of her father…WOW!

Tippi on


Since when is it ok to say someone’s child is unattractive?

If you don’t have something nice to say-then don’t make a comment just to be snarky or to see if someone agrees with your rudeness.

If you don’t LIKE the look of someone’s child then don’t comment! My personal opinion of Tori Spelling aside this is redic! Her kids are healthy and adorable! To say-“thank god the kids look like Dean” is just-I’m speechless! Adults can defend themselves-but to talk about a child in such a way is crossing the line! Post a picture of yourself and your children along with your comment so we can pick them apart and you can see how much you like it!

Rebecca on

“If she left her daughter at home then she would be ahorrible Mom for leaving her kid at home.”

I have never seen any celebrity on this site called a horrible mother for not bringing their child with them to work. The only time that I’ve seen a celebrity mother questioned is when their child is never seen in public and the celebrity is seen in public constantly doing non-work things (shopping, eating at resturants, socializing etc., always without the child). So I just don’t buy the rationale that she would be criticized either way.

There are some situations where children should be left at home.

Malina on

People get over it! Her book is called Mommywood. She brought her kids. So freaking what! I love this family and wish them the best. I think Tori is fantastic!

Rebecca on

“People get over it!”

We don’t have to get over it. We’re allowed to have an opinion that’s different from yours.

g!na on

I agree with christine Bledsoe! I love Tori & i love her show but i’m happy her kids look like Dean!!!! Stella is gorgeous!!!

anon on

Adam sandler said he hopes his kids look like his wife, and his first daughter looks just like him.

Becky on

Wow! Aren’t we all adults here? I cannot believe how RUDE some of these comments are! And doesn’t CBB moderate these comments? To say a child is not cute…wow! I am, like Tippi said, speechless! And the comments about her having tons of plastic surgery and how Stella couln’t look like her because of it…she’s had a nose job and boob job. A lot less than many many celebrities out there. Besides, if you look at her pictures from when she is a kid, she looks exactly the same except with brown hair. I don’t understand why people love to slam this family. I just hope to god she doesn’t look at this site and see these comments. How hurtful would that be? It scares me that some of these people who post these comments have children and teach them manners when they can’t even be respectful and polite themselves! I honestly don’t see the problem with her bringing Stella with her. She is spending time with mom and it’s not like the cameras don’t follow them and flash lights in her face everywhere they go anywhere. I think it’s great she brings her with her and spends time with her. She just can’t win either way.

GiannaG on

I scrolled through all these comments and I’m unable to identify comments in which people disparaged the baby’s looks. I’ve seen people talk about TORI, yes, but nowhere did anyone say that Stella was not cute. In fact Christina Bledsoe actually said that the children are beautiful, because they look like Dean. A swipe at Tori, maybe, but definitely not a shot at the children. I’m not sure what people are so up in arms about.

LisaR on

Actually Becky I think many people are unable to warm up to this family because of how these two got together. I think people still feel for Dean’s wife (the first one) especially those who read her book. I don’t necessarily agree with all the hurtful comments, but I figure that’s why people are unable to swallow this wholesome, happy family image that Tori and Dean portray. I think people still see Tori as a homewrecker and Dean as a…not so nice guy. That’s just a theory, of course.

Lesley on

That first picture made me laugh out loud. Its just too cute!

I’m not gonna criticize Tori for having Stella at the book signing. None of us were there, so for all we know, Tori brought Stella out for five minutes and then she was taken to the back by Dean or a nanny or something.

ang on

i can see why people don’t like tori&dean because of how they met, but yet other celebs(like cbb fave nicole richie)have broken the LAW in the past and nobody cares?tori talks about her kids because it’s about the only thing that links her to “regular” stori telling,she says over and over how she longs to be seen as just another woman,another mom and when she did scary movie 2,it was keenan wayans’s suggestion to her that she do a show based on her life to show people who she really is,which is what she’s for dean,i hate it when people say he’s a bad guy.anyone who has seen their show or watched pap videos of him at all would be able to see that he is one of the sweetest guys in hollywood.he is so nice and friendly to everyone he&tori meet and recently commented on her weight loss in People by saying he tells her “‘I think you’re beautiful and perfect no matter what you weigh, I just want you to be healthy.”

stella looks a little startled but loving being a helper LOL!

stevie on

Sooooo cute! OMG!!!! I feel like the kids are with them all the time because Tori feels so scarred by her upbringing that’s she’s doing the opposite by spending every minute with her kids-who are we to judge. As for Stella not smiling, it means nothing, my daughter is a bit younger than Stella and she is very happy but very serious, some kids are just old souls, she’s a little baby, they don’t all smile on cue!

Jamie on

Wow I didn’t know Dean looked so good in black and houndstooth shoes!! tee-hee

I don’t think anyone on here has any room to judge any celebrity or anybody for that matter. Most the time you base your opinions on your conditioned past that makes you think inside your little box that you grew up with. What a shame and lighten up!

Rebecca on

“Actually Becky I think many people are unable to warm up to this family because of how these two got together.”

I can’t speak for everyone on here, but I personally don’t care how Tori and Dean got together. My issue is just with children being in inappropriate atmospheres. It has nothing to do with who the parents in question are, or what their past mistakes may or may not have been.

I usually hesitate to comment on here because it seems like every time someone comments with anything other than “I love this family” they get raked over the coals, their opinions are belittled with comments like “You would be complaining either way” or we get lectured to “back off.” (I’m not saying you’re the one who is doing that LisaR). It’s kind of ridiculous. Not everyone is going to agree, and not everyone is going to love everything that every celebrity says and does, and that’s okay. We don’t have to love every celebrity, and we don’t have to think that every thing they do and say is good and wonderful. It’s sad that the people who like Tori and her family so much can’t respect the fact that not everyone is going to agree with them.

Jane on

“What a shame and lighten up!”

I think the people who are telling others to stop juding, and back off and leave them alone are the ones who need to lighten up.

Everytime anyone makes the slightest comment against Tori there’s a whole chorus of people jumping down that person’s throat and acting like that person is stoning Tori in the town square. A few people have expressed that they don’t think Stella should be at an event where there are a bunch of cameras – big deal, it’s not as if those people are calling Tori a bad Mom or villifying her for it. They’re just expressing disagreement with one thing. I don’t see why there are so many people who get so hysterical every time someone has a problem with something a celebrity does. Tori chose to put herself in the spotlight and she chose to put her kids there too, so it’s fair game for others to comment on it. If she doesn’t want people commenting on her children then she shouldn’t be writing books about them and dragging them to celebrity events.

Becky on

GiannaG – Read Sam & Freya’s Mum’s comment. She says Stella is cute, but Liam is not.

Becky on

LisaR – I never thought of it that way, but you could be on to something. Still wrong, I think, to say hurtful things about their children though.

Mel on

“…he is one of the sweetest guys in hollywood.he is so nice …”

I’m pretty sure his first wife and her family would beg to disagree.

“Most the time you base your opinions on your conditioned past that makes you think inside your little box that you grew up with.”

I’m ‘conditioned’ to know that cheating and breaking up a marriage is wrong. Everyone I know inside my little box thinks this way as well. But yeah, shame on ME.

Actually, I think these two deserve each other. They’re where they belong.

Lisa on

Wow, I can’t believe how judgemental some of you are. How do you know how long Stella was at a book signing? It is a book about Tori’s lif as a MOTHER, therefore I am sure she would have her kids there. It’s not pimping them out – it’s called parenting. Flashing bulbs and crowds are their lives, like it or not. It’s what they chose to do. Their kids are probably so used to it now. How about we judge parenting styles a little less and focus on something better…like how adorable Stella is. I want one just like her!

Bex on

I love Tori and her family. It was good seeing her on 90210. I hope she gets a regular role.

Deena on

I hate to say this, but do those children ever smile? Tori and Dean’s smiles seem somewhat forced lately, and the kids NEVER smile…… kinda sad…..

Jane on

“It’s not pimping them out – it’s called parenting”

Putting your kids on a reality show, writing a book about them, and dragging them on a book tour is parenting? No, what it is is exploiting your kids to make money.

noam on

for the most part, the children are seen at press events that are semi-appropriate…tori’s book signing about motherhood, the premiere of tori and dean’s reality show about their lives…it makes some sense. and you don’t know how long the kids stay there. maybe these photos were taken at the very beginning of the night, and then stella was taken to a private room or back home?… anyways, tori has said that part of their motivation for taking the kids to actual events is so that tabloids can get their celeb-baby photos without the family having to be hunted by the paps. i don’t know if it’s working, but it seems like it was a good thought!

Sarah K. on

“I think Stella’s cute, Liam (and many people will probably disagree but my opinion that’s all) not so much, but that may just be me, more of a ‘Spelling’ look to him if you know what I mean… Stella’s a cutie…!”

Wow, Sam and Freya’s Mum. That is incredibly rude considering you’re talking about a toddler. I wonder how ok you’d be with someone saying that one of your children wasn’t cute. It especially baffles me when a mother thinks it’s ok to be mean to a child.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I apologise for my comment sounding rude, was tired late at night here, and being a bit tactless I guess, however I didn’t say he was an UGLY child as don’t think that at all, just meant to say I thought Stella was cuter, but reading my comment back, it obviously came out wrong and sounding worse than intended…! I have two blue eyed blondies, boy and girl, and people say they’re cuties, but do apreciate that I would feel hurt if anyone said that about either of my kids, so I understand people’s comments in response to my post.

babyboopie on

I can so imagine Stella as an older woman with those sharp features from looking at the pictures. Tori is skinny, she needs to put some weight on to be able to work properly to support her family, as she mentioned before.

Alicia on

Sorry commenters but when you dress your child up to exactly match the book your promoting…thats too much. I would not use the word pimping…thats far too tacky..but trotting a baby out into a see of media flashes is as well.
If you have not seen the video of that poor baby being inundated with flashes as mommy works for the camera holding her and oblivios to it then I suggest you head to you tube before getting so angry at people who feels shes exploiting her children.

m-dot on

Stella looks so much like her father, it’s a mazing! She doesn’t look as playful as her brother was at her age. She looks like a baby girl with “tude! LOL Love Tori. 🙂

Terra Crable on

Well as a mom of three beautiful and amazing girls twins, 10 and a 7 year old; I have always taken my kids with me pretty much everywhere. Unless it was something planned without them, why would i go out and always leave them at home? I think she makes sure things stay safe for them, and that she just loves them. I love to be with my kids, but I am also so proud of who they are; I love to show them off! I think that is perfectly ok. Do your thing Tori, just keep family in the forefront of all you do, and life will be good. Probably better for her in some ways because she is a gazillionaire, and I am a social worker, he he, but good all the same when we are talking about family!

Jane on

“why would i go out and always leave them at home?”

No one is advocating that Tori always leave her kids at home. We are saying that a baby shouldn’t be drug out to a celebrity event and exploited for the sake of selling books. I have to agree with Alicia, you should watch the youtube video before getting upset with other posters.

“and that she just loves them.”

I don’t see anyone on her saying, or even implying, that she doesn’t love her kids. But that does not justify exploiting them.

LALA2 on


We get it! You are JEALOUS of her! Please find something better to do other than bashing Tori Spelling.

I hope CBB closes the comment sections…. Some people are just jealous of others.

Jane on

“We get it! You are JEALOUS of her! Please find something better to do other than bashing Tori Spelling.”

Having concern for the well-being of a small child = jealousy. No, I don’t think so.

And I’ll be the one to decide how I choose to spend my time.

Cece on

I think the books written by Tori and her Mom are some kind of public therapy – working out their issues by writing them in books. I also think the money issue is the main reason for the relationship tension.

In any case, she’s got a beautiful family. My theory that the boys look like the Mommy and girls look like the Daddy seems to fit this family.

Pamela on

I think it’s fine to bring your kids…but to have them ON the table? That’s too much and a bit unsafe.

LALA2 on


REALLY! I think Tori can decide where to take her children. Let her worry about the well-being of her children.

Thank you!

Jane on

“REALLY! I think Tori can decide where to take her children. Let her worry about the well-being of her children”

I never said she couldn’t. I said I don’t agree with her doing it.

I have no idea why you’re so hysterical about this issue, or why you’re singling me out when there are a lot of other people on this thread who have expressed similar sentiments as mine. But I’m going to continue to have my opinion on this subject whether you like it or not. I’m sorry that you’re having such a hard time accepting that other people have a right to have opinions that differ from yours, but I’m not going to censor my posts to accomodate some hysterical poster who is internet shouting at me.

CelebBabyLover on

Jane- Saying that you are “concerned for the well-being of a young child,” DID sound like you were accusing Tori of endangering Stella or being a bad mother. Now, you probably didn’t mean it that way, but I can see why LALA2 reacted the way she did.

Pamela- Where else is Stella supposed to be? On the floor? Considering that Tori is right there and even appears to be supporting Stella in the first picture, I see no problem with Stella being on the table. If Tori wasn’t right there with her, then yes, I’d agree it was unsafe!

Stephanie on

What an adorable little girl! She looks so cute in that dress. It is so nice to see a baby in something other than pink or purple. It is so refreshing to see a mother who likes to be with her kids. You can tell her whole life is those kids! What a nice family.

Jane on

“Jane- Saying that you are “concerned for the well-being of a young child,” DID sound like you were accusing Tori of endangering Stella or being a bad mother. Now, you probably didn’t mean it that way, but I can see why LALA2 reacted the way she did.”

I did accuse her of endangering her child. Because I think that’s what she did.

When I said “I didn’t say she didn’t” I was responded to the part of Lala’s post where she said Tori could decide where to take her child. I agree that Tori has the right to decide where to take her child – and I have the right to disagree with it. If Tori doesn’t want people having opinions about her children/parenting then she has the right to keep that stuff private – but when she puts it all out there for public consumption then others get to have an opinion.

And I still don’t see why Lala responded the way she did. First of all, I am not the only one on here who expressed those feelings, other people have too, and yet Lala feels the need to single me out and yell stuff at me in all caps. Also, it’s beyond me why some posters think they can bully other people into agreeing with them. I will not be bullied into agreeing with others, it’s just not going to happen.

HaraJukuLoverFan on

For those who think it is okay to have have Stella around all these flashes you might want to view this video. That precious child looks like a deer in headlights. She looks positively scared to death. Think of the damage to a young ones eyes.
It is repulsive how Tori & Dean pimp their children out to create an image of a happy family.
They remind me of Larry Birkhead w/ Dannielynn.

Sarah K. on

Wow, thanks for posting that video. I was hoping it was just a few cameras but that was insane. All those flashes would hurt an adult’s eyes let alone an infant’s. That was pretty disgusting and I fail to understand why any parent would want their child exposed to it.

Jane on

Isn’t she gorgeous!!! I think Tory’s doing a great job as a mum, and I wish everyone would just leave her alone for a change. She’s just a women like us all, however, we women are extremely hard on one another. Give her a break!!!

Jane on

“She’s just a women like us all, however, we women are extremely hard on one another.”

Wow, how confusing to have two Janes. Maybe I’ll call myself Jane2, lol.

This has nothing to do with women being hard on other women. This has to do with a small child’s well-being. I do not for one moment believe that women should blindly agree with one another (even when they’re doing something that is dangerous to a child) all in the name of “women supporting women.” Support is great for some things, but not all actions should be supported.

LALA2 on


WOW! FALL BACK! I WILL NOT BE BULLIED EITHER!!!!!! I have a right to disagree with you as well.

I hope you are Social Worker.

Are you this concerned about children who are really being abused?


CelebBabyLover on

HaraJukuLoverFan- Larry Birkhead does NOT pimp out Dannielyn! I mean, seriously, when is the last time we’ve actually seen Dannielynn in any sort of posed photoshoot? I think it was in September when US Weekly ran an article on her second birthday. It is now nearly May, which means it’s been almost eight months since that photoshoot.

The truth of the matter is that we rarely see Dannielynn. Also, how are all the flashes Stella’s being exposed to any different than what she’s exposed to when her parents take her for a walk or on a family outing and the paps take pictures of them?

CelebBabyLover on

Jane (the first one, that is)- Why on Earth would Tori want to put her child in danger? Do you think she hates her babies or something?

Jane on

“WOW! FALL BACK! I WILL NOT BE BULLIED EITHER!!!!!! I have a right to disagree with you as well.”

The difference is that I’m not shouting at you in all caps and telling you what to do or how to spend your time – you’re the one doing that. You also seem kind of obsessed with my posts, which is kind of surprising to me since there are plenty of other people on here who disagree with you as well.

If you want to continue to be hyseterical and shout at me and order me around, then be my guest. I have always treated those with different opinions from mine – including you – with politeness and respect. It’s sad to see that you aren’t doing the same – but if that’s how you want to treat people then that’s on your conscience.

Jane on

“Why on Earth would Tori want to put her child in danger? Do you think she hates her babies or something?”

Celebbabylover: When did I say in my post that Tori wants to put her child in danger or that she hates her babies? There are plenty of people who have good intentions where their children are concerned who still end up doing things that aren’t good for their kids.

Misquoting me and acting like I said things that I didn’t say does nothing to prove your point.

CelebBabyLover on

Jane- I apologize. I admit that I really over-reacted. I got defensive, and in the heat of the moment I didn’t choose the best thing to say.

LALA2- I happen to agree with your views as far as Tori and her choices are concerned, but I also don’t think it’s right of you to “shout” at Jane and egg her on like that. At this point, I think you and I are going to have to agree to disagree with Jane, and vice-versa.

Jane on

“Jane- I apologize. I admit that I really over-reacted. I got defensive, and in the heat of the moment I didn’t choose the best thing to say.”

Thank you for saying that celebritybabylove. I appreciate it.