Graco Quattro Tour Travel System

04/21/2009 at 02:30 PM ET
Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System in DecoQuattro Tour Deluxe Travel System in Deco

The Quattro Tour Travel System ($250-270) is part of Graco’s vast range of safe and affordable baby gear. The travel systems include a full-featured stroller and matching SnugRide infant car seat. We bought the SnugRide for our first son four years ago and relied on it for both boys. I found that most of my friends used the same seat and it’s definitely a standard piece of equipment. Of course the stroller accommodates the car seat without any expensive adapters. It clicks to the the toddler tray then two latches in the stroller lock the foot of the carseat in place. (Note that the travel system comes with the basic SnugRide seat, not the new 32-pound limit version.)

Pros: Full recline. Gigantic basket. Easy car seat compatibility. Simple, one-hand fold.

Cons: Hard plastic tires with little traction. Not particularly fashion forward in its design.

Final Verdict: The Quattro Tour is an affordable stroller that can be used for newborns (with or without the car seat) all the way up to toddlerhood. It’s not for off-roading but is extremely functional and easy to use.

For the details, read our reviews of the Graco Quattro Tour Stroller and Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat.

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samantha on

what are u talking about? I think this stroller is so cute! Its wonderful and can be used for either a boy or a girl so I love It!

Randi on

Samantha- It’s probably because it’s not a 650 dollar stroller. Which half of America can’t even afford so a stroller like this is nice to see for a normal American family. I think it’s cute not my style but what baby is going to care if it’s in a fashion foward stroller.

Alyssa on

I’m due in Oct. and I’m getting this stroller in the Townsend print. I’m pretty happy wth all the bells n’ whistles that come with it.

rebecka on

This Graco stroller is very fashion forward with its polkadots and gender neutral colors. It’s the rolls royce of the affordable strollers. Everyone whoever saw it loved it. I get so many positive comments everywhere I go.

MZ on

I really love mine. I do have some problems getting the handle to twist far enough to close the stroller but that’s my only issue with it.

Courtney on

This is the exact stroller I have, and I love it. No, it’s not a “celebrity” stroller, but it is practical, functional, easy to maneuver, and I think it’s cute! Great product, I would recommend this stroller to any parents looking for a stroller.

Jennie on

That’s the exact travel system I have for my 2 month old! I love it and would’ve chosen that design for a boy or a girl (I had a boy). I completely agree with the reviewer, it’s very functional and easy to use; it’s also very easy to open and close with one hand…especially when you’re carrying a screaming baby in the other. I highly recommend it to all new and expecting mommies and if you don’t care for the design, they have tons of different ones to choose from. 🙂

Ava on

We have this as our back up stroller, our chicco is our main stroller if I had it to do over again I would have bought two Chiccos.

I still like Graco I just wish the Quattro tour had an ajustable handle. And this stroller does come with the new Snugride 32. Just by looking at the picture (and checking out you can verify this). Its not just this print, but all current fashions. Its very rare anymore to find the snugride 22. The Stylus travel system (very small and if your tall this is not the stroller for you) still has the old fashioned snugride 22 model. It has the adjustable handle but me being 5’3 I was still having to bend a little to reach the handles.

Jennifer on

It’s about time CBB posted AFFORDABLE gear!

Don’t get me wrong, I love CBB, but we are NOT all celebs and we certainly don’t have their funds so all the Silver Cross strollers and Buggaboos are just ridiculous in my opinion.

We have this set in the Graham print with a SafeSeat1 and we LOVE it! I happen to think it is very fashion forward. Besides I like paying $200 for a SAFE infant carseat and a stroller with CUPHOLDERS and a BASKET!

RockinMomma! on

I am not a fan of the Graco strollers. They are heavy without the added weight having any benefit (i.e. the extra weight added by air filled tires). Bulky and had to manuver in small, tight areas. The plastic parts are cheap and you definitely get what you pay for. The way the car seat attaches mars the toddler tray on the stroller compromising it’s integrity and durability.

For around the same amount of money, I’d definitely go with a Chicco stroller. If you don’t use an infant seat in the stroller, which really shouldn’t be done because of the risk of positional asphyxia, the Chicco liteway looks awesome. A fully reclining umbrella stroller with a weather boot and a basket that turns into a backpack, eliminating the need for a diaper bag! I can’t wait to try it out!

MZ on

Ava, that’s true, an adjustable handle on the Graco would be nice. I’m 6’0″ and I have to stoop a little bit, but it’s actually not really bad at all. When I get an umbrella stroller I might shell out more $ for the Maclaren though, b/c I hear it’s adjustable.

Rachel on

I love mine! And just to add, not all of the Quattro Tour strollers come with plastic tires… the deluxe models (which cost not all that much more have rubber tires.

My favorite part of the stroller is definitely the full incline of the seat. There aren’t many strollers out there that have the full incline and it’s awesome to use with an infant.

RockinMomma! on

Rachel- actually a TON of other strollers have a full recline. Chicco (Trevi, Liteway, and Cortina), Evenflo, Peg Perego (Aria OH, and Pliko), Maxi Cosa Perle, Kolcraft full size strollers, Baby Trend Travel Systems and Joggers, Jeep Joggers, Phil & Teds, BOB, and some Maclarens. I’m sure there are others, but I’m not sure of all the brands out there.

Ava on

I don’t work for Chicco or anything but I think their unbrella stroller has adjustable handles. I know sometimes you have to shell out a little more money than planned to get what you want. I like adjustable handles because sometimes my husband uses the stroller and he’s a tall guy 6′ 4″, and sometimes its more comfortable to have my hands high or low. Not to mention it has non slip grips which I found nice when I first tested it out. That was one of the things that sound my husband and I on Chicco. Its important to do your research (consumer reports is a great place to start) and take reviews on store pages with a grain of salt, some do reviews before they even have their babies, when they first take out the stroller. I’ve even seen people do a review where its evident they don’t have the product because they mention a feature that the product doesn’t have or a pattern the product has never had.

The trick is having a baby registry at Babies r us where they sell so many strollers to pick from, they send coupons to your house. I got my chicco for $230, with a savings of $60. And currently its the number one rated travel system (from what I’ve seen on several sites) the car seat is made from the same materials as bike helmets. Ebay also has alot of babies r us coupons there as well. Babies r us is having a sale now through April 30th. So if you have those coupons it would be a good time to purchase some of your baby items.

RockinMomma! on

Ava- I agree! I used to work for Babies R Us, when I was in high school. Its so important to really try the product. I used to tell people to load their biggest purse full to the brim and bring it in and put that in the stroller/carseat to try it out. That way they have the weight of at least a newborn. I know some people brought in their hand weights to weigh down the stroller to see how it would push with a child in it. When they are empty every stroller seems to push like a dream.

JMO on

I love Graco carseats and strollers except QUATTRO’S….they are so large and bulky!! But I do like this design. I wish it just was the smaller Graco version and not the Quattro’s.

Ava on

Rockinmomma, I come from a family who had six girls, I am the second to last one to have a baby. All my sisters choose Graco, and I racked a ton of hours of babysitting time. I’ve used the Graco. My sister had the Snugride 32 and its just huge and bulky. Seriously who is going to lug around a 23+ pound baby in an infant seat? I’m pretty sure not to many. I hated that car seat. And the quattro was made as our back up because its so bulky not to mention heavy to lift into my suv. Its also not fun to deal with it at the airport.

We are finally parents, and took a good look at researching different strollers. Chicco is better by far.

And don’t just take the salesperson’s word for it. Take someone who has had a baby recently or ask parents around the store I am sure they won’t mind.

Rachel on

Rockinmama… just to correct my earlier post — there aren’t many strollers out there for the PRICE of the Quattro Tour that have flat reclines.

AnGeL's_MoMmY<3 on

I have this stroller and it’s the best!!
It’s not as heavy as it looks my 4 year old
brother can almost carry it! It’s really nice and
looks great, it’s also REALLy fun to push around
because the wheels do get all stupid like other
strollers, I recommend Graco to any knew
mom, oh and you can juss snap the carseat on it’s so EASY! 😉