Dave Grohl Welcomes Daughter Harper Willow

04/21/2009 at 10:45 AM ET

Jason Merritt/Getty

It’s another baby girl for Dave Grohl and wife Jordyn! The Foo Fighter frontman welcomed daughter Harper Willow Grohl on the afternoon of Friday, April 17th. She weighed in at 7 lbs., 8 oz, is 20 inches long and “loud as hell,” according to a statement. Harper, who is named for Dave’s great uncle, joins big sister Violet Maye, 3.

The couple announced the pregnancy in October, confirming the sex of the baby in February. There’s another Foo in the oven as well — drummer Taylor Hawkins and his wife are also expecting their second child.

Source: Rolling Stone

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bungalowbliss on

Ahh, Violet and Harper: two of my very fave names, and they sound so great as a sib set. Congrats to the Grohls! (Jordyn’s raspberry dress is still one of my faves.)

Grace on

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this announcement!

Congrats to Dave (who I LOVE!!) and Jordyn, and big sister Violet.

Love the new little lady’s name too…totally stole my choice for a girl πŸ˜€


Destiny on

cute baby.

That’s the third time for having a name Harper.

Martie Maguire has Harper
and Lisa Marie Presley has Harper.

MZ on

omg that is a beautiful name!

Bumbles on

Yeah been waiting for this news for weeks. I really like the name and it goes well with Violet. Congratulations Dave, Jordyn and big sister Violet can’t wait to see the new little rocker.

I love dave’s birth announcements, I remember Violet’s being about them all being up to their elbows in baby sick, diapers or something along those lines!

Mia on

Aw yay they had their baby!!! Those 2 girls have birthdays right next to each others, the 15th and the 17th. Congrats to the Grohl family! I love how the names sound together. I guess baby Harper inherited her father’s lungs haha, Dave is always screaming at the Foo Fighters shows πŸ™‚

Bieta on

I like the name Harper and wanted to use it, but it’s awful popular these day. However, it does go well with Violet which is inconsequential but okay.

Anna on

Congrats to them. Harper is not a name I like, but Willow is cute.

Tabby on

AHH im so happy!! Congrats to them, Harper is a gorgeous name!!

kmf on

Cognrats to them! Love the name, and I think Harper and Violet are a cute sib set. They’re such a great family!

alice jane on

Congratulations to them!! Harper Willow is a beautiful name, I love it!

Alex on

I totally wasn’t expecting this kind of name, I thought it would be more traditional in light of Violet being the first name they chose. However, I think it’s beautiful! Congrats Dave, Jordyn and little Violet, I’m sure Harper will be gorgeous!

eternalcanadian on

What a surprise to read Harper is the name of their newest daughter. I had assumed it would be another flower name, then again look at Ben and Jennifer!

Ali on

Love the name Harper because is old fashion like Violet. Congrats to the Grohl’s family

Suzy on

Congrats to Dave And Jordyn.
My sons’ birthday is sandwiched right inbetween on the 16th !

Kat on

Congrats to them. I’m sure she’s going to be gorgeous just like Violet.

Don’t like the name though. Willow is cute, but I don’t like any -er names… 😦

Whitney on

I love the name and both parents are so down to earth….and Violet is adorable……

Brandi on

I love the name!! Violet is a family name for them too, I think she’s named for Dave’s grandma. Now can’t wait to see what Taylor has.

morgan on

Congrats to the Grohl family! Harper AND Violet are on my short list of baby names (my little girl will be here this summer). They certainly have fab. taste in baby names πŸ™‚

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them! I love the name and it goes really well with Violet.

Christine on

Oh YAY!!
I’ve been waiting to hear this news – I love Dave Grohl!!
Voilet and Harper – how beautiful!

Isa on

Congrats to Dave, Jordyn, and Violet!

My daughter’s name is Willow and I’ve always loved Harper so the name definitely gets my approval.

Natasha on

Beautiful name! I haven’t always been a fan of Violet but it’s growing on me. I love this family!

Neeli on

Congrats and may the children have long life and good health Ameen

Eleonora on

Beautiful Name!


Miles on

So glad to hear the good news Dave! You deserve the best.

Miles on

Congrats Dave. Here’s to a happy healthy baby. Hope she makes you as happy as you’ve made us!

Berlynn on

Woohooo. Congratulations to the whole family. I’m so happy for them and Dave especially. I know he’s a proud papa. I love the name, and I’m sure she’s going to be absolutely beautiful.

Mrs. R. on

SUPER cute name! Two days in a row the baby name announcements have totally tickled me!
Congrats to the Grohls!

Crystal on

I looooove the name Harper Willow. It is BEAUTIFUL!! I think Jordyn is so pretty and I too loved her in that Rasberry dress. She was GLOWING! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GROHL FAMILY!!! ♥

Anna on

Congrats to them.

babyboopie on

I do not like the name Harper because it reminds me too much of the word harpy, which gives me the chills! But other than that Willow is a lovely name and congratulations to the whole family on their new addition!

JMO on

Wow that’s four Harper’s this year:

Lisa Marie, Martie Maguire, David Spade and now them!! Looks like Harper is the new Lola!!!

aubrey madeline on

Congratulations I don’t really like the name harper but willow is a lovely name

shanshan on

Awwww, how wonderful, he is my most favourite singer in the world, I wish them all the best with their beautiful little girls.
And such a lovely name, in these times she could have ended up being called a fruit or vegetable.
love the quote “loud as hell” well, just like her father.

morgyn on

I bet he’s going to love having two little girls! Congrats, and I love the name as well.

I was also listening to Nirvana when I read this, haha.

flor on

you forgot eddie vedder tooo

Sarah on

Congrats, but I’m not a fan of the name, sorry.
Harper is like the new trendy hipster name, it seems like everyone is naming their kid Harper in Hollywood.

Me on

Love love love the name! absolutely can not wait to see her, as a massive Foo fan i am especially pleased for Dave and Jordyn, the announcement was great,sounds like she’s inherited Daddy’s lungs! waaaaahlright….lol x

SB on

im sooooo happy for them been waiting forever to hear this!!!! sad though because they totally stole my name!!! i want to name my daughter harper and willow is a big consideration!!!! o well love the name!!!

Jess from Ohio on

Nice name! I love it and Harper Willow and Violet Maye go together like peanut butter and jelly! I waited for what seemes liek forever to see what name they would pick and I am so impressed.

brinna on

such a cute family…question: is dave or jordyn from the south? they have picked two southern-esque names, and i was just curious.

Berlynn on

Brinna- Dave’s from Virginia. I’m not sure if that counts.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Congrats to Dave and Jordyn! Really like the name, think it really flows nicely together, Harper Willow. Am also a fan of Violet Maye, very pretty. Much prefer Violet and Harper as sibling names to Violet and Seraphina, personally – not that how they match matters as they grow up and have their own lives, but do like both Dave’s girls’ names. Look forward to seeing pics of their new arrival, sure she’ll be a cutie like her big sister!

Sarah on

Oh wow, I really like that name!! Totally cute and fits quite nicely with Violet!! Congrats!

Marcia on

Big fan of Dave’s music. Congrats, love the names of the kids. My 4 year old likes to sing the no, no, no part of Amy Winehouse’s Rehab as well. Kid oriented jazz (ala Ella Fitzgerald) is his fave, and it’s music I can artistically appreciate as well.

Amy on

AAHH! I can’t believe there’s another celebrity baby named Harper! I named my baby girl Harper (Eliza as mn) back in July because I had finally convinced my husband to agree to it (it has long been on my favorite list) and now there seems to be tons of them. Sigh. But congrats to Dave and family- I guess there are worse things than having your baby share a name with another baby with a such a cool dad.

Kellie from Qld,AUSTRALIA on

Oh Wow!!! How exciting for them all and Congrats to Big Sister Violet,She is gonna love having a little sis to boss around!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name as its my sons name and over here in oz that name is not too popular but is gaining ground,which is upsetting for me as I like unusual,not used that often names but it happened with my daughters name SIENNA and now it seems HARPER is getting that way too
My hubby LOVES Dave so he will be loving that the baby is called Harper
Well done Jordyn,She seems to be a classy,down to earth mummy and also her maternity wear was great too-Nothing hanging out like so of the celebs do
A job well done all round

Michelle on

Adorable name! (But my does Harper seem to be becoming the trendy celebrity baby name) Congrats to the family! πŸ™‚

TillyJane on

I love this name, to kill a mockingbird is my fave book so Harper gets my vote.

McDork on

Im also going to jump in with “I Love the name Harper”. Its been my number 1 baby girl name for about 7 years due to my undying love for To Kill a Mockingbird.

Ironically enough… Willow is my 2nd. (Iris, Evelyn and Nora round up the 5!)

The same happened with my favourite boys names, and now they are both on the Top 10 list. (Logan and Noah)

Im gonna have to spent alot of time thinking about original baby names now πŸ™‚

StΓ©ph on


I love the name, especially Willow. Harper Willow flows really well together and with Violet Maye, which is also a gorgeous name.

Welcome into the world little Harper!

Kimberley on

Very cute name! I named my daughter Lee Harper after Harper Lee. lol.

I just feel bad for Dave, because he had the names Violet and Harper decided years and years ago.. and they all of a sudden become popular just as his wife is expecting.

Either way, congrats to the family! They are all beautiful, and I’m sure Little Miss Harper is too. πŸ™‚

Amy on

Conrats Dave and Jordyn (Violet, too!)
I have a neice with the middle name Willow, love it!
Love you Dave, Seen you twice can’t wait til you guys
tour again. So hurry back but enjoy those girls, they
grow up fast!!!!!!

aurora mia on

I love that name!!

April on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Harper. I don’t know if the 2 sound like they go together but both names are great! Violet and Harper are a great sib set!

Dave on

congrats dude! rock on, share the love of music with your kids. πŸ™‚ and good luck!

Stephany on

Congrats! I’ve been waiting on this pregnancy announcement!! And I love, love, love the name Harper! It’s such a cool-sounding name.

theyearofasking on

oooh…huge congrats!!! violet is so lucky to have a baby sister (even if she doesn’t know it yet!).

Scott on

Congrats to a mutli talented,ingenious, true rock god! D.G. is the man!

littlewhirl on


Jackie on

Best Wishes to the Grohl family! Wonderful news!

Suzanne on

I’m not a big fan of the name Violet but Harper and Violet sound really sweet together! Congrats….

joe on

Congratulations Dave! You have two lucky girls who will grow up in a loving, normal family – Well, as normal as a rock star family can be. I’ve seen and read interviews with you and I know you’re all about hanging at the house and grilling out with friends and family instead the wild parties and the stupid Hollywood scene.

Good job and have fun with those girls!


Berlynn on

This is my second comment, but I don’t care. I’m so happy for them. They’re such a sweet family. Hope they’re all having a wonderful time.

FC on

Congrats to Dave and his wife on little Harper Willow! πŸ™‚ And if she’s “loud as hell”, she’ll fit right in at any Foo Fighter concerts or rehearsals. πŸ˜‰

Eileen on

Congratulations, It’s great to be an Aries, she was born the day after my b-day. My son Mitchell (3) LOVES you Dave, he received his 1st drumset for his 1st B-day along with his 1st guitar and like a true fan rocked out then smashed it !!

God bless to all 4 of you and I can wait to take my kids to meet the Foo Fighters at their 1st concert.

Get some sleep…. Love you all

lara on

Eddie Vedder’s 2nd daughter is called Harper as well

Amy on

What? I just had my daughter on April 17 and named her Harper. Oh well, I love Dave and the Foos!

chris on

dave I am so happy for you and your family, children are a blessing . and let me tell you i know i have eight! I cant wait to see you guys in detroit again .take care and god bless