Tori Spelling: Liam, Stella Are 'Natural-Born Entertainers'

04/20/2009 at 08:30 AM ET
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Tori Spelling need not look far to find her favorite part of motherhood: the answer stares her in the face — literally — every day! In a new interview with PEOPLE, the mother of two, while cupping her 2-year-old son Liam Aaron‘s face in her hands, shares that the joy of parenthood has brought her entirely new experiences, and with that a complete sense of happiness. “Every day is something new; They’re so funny and beautiful and smart,” she gushes. “I’m sure every mom feels the exact same way.”

While little Liam has blossomed into a “mellow boy,” Tori laughs that her 10-month-old daughter Stella Doreen has no problem with exercising her lungs! “Stella is the loud girl and she wants what she wants when she wants it — just like all of us girls,” she jokes. “Liam is kind of, just like, the thinker of the family.”

As their personalities continue to shine through, the actress admits that a future in show business for her brood would be far from disappointing. “That’s all I know and it’s been an amazing life,” she explains. “I just want to make sure they’re educated as I would want to make sure in any profession they choose to go into.” While Tori is hopeful that her kids will choose a career path that they are “passionate about,” she can’t help but notice that the duo are already budding stars!

“They really are natural-born entertainers. Liam loves to dance, he loves to show off for everyone. Stella loves to make you laugh and she’s only [10] months old. It’s pretty funny how they kind of follow suit without even trying.”

With her recent launch of Mommywood, the 35-year-old shares that in addition to giving her fans a glimpse into her family life, her countless stories of motherhood were “so relevant right now” as she learns to “balance a career and make it in Hollywood.”

Source: PEOPLE

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P on

Little kids who dance crack me up. For years, my cousin had a brother-sister act with my other cousin that involved the Newsies soundtrack or Jesse McCartney…he informed my family the other day he was “going solo.”

…He’s 8.

(and I live 200 miles away but apparently he started breakdancing at my family’s Passover seder…)

Angi on

My daughter,just turned 1, is a lot like Liam. She loves to dance and show off for people. My son, whose name is Liam, likes to chat people up, so maybe he will be a talk show host.

My husband sings, so maybe that is where my kids get it from.

Maddy on

I can’t get enough of Tori & her family. I just bought Mommywood and read it in a day! Lots of funny stories that made me laugh out loud!!!

Shawna on

I’m sorry, but I find that so hilarious that she thinks her stories are “so relevant” to the average mother. I WISH I had the problems she has! I can guarantee pretty much nothing of her experience is relevant to my life.

Suzanne on

LOVE this family!!!!

babyboopie on

I have to say, I am liking Tori less and less every time I see her posts. Something about her comments doesn’t sit well with me. While it’s lovely to hear about her two children, who I admit, are cute, the way she talks about her life et cetera, rubs me the wrong way, as she has clearly not experienced hardship!

Angi on

A: This is a CELEBRITY baby blog. OF COURSE their lives are nothing like the average citizen’s.

B: If you don’t like a celeb on here, DON’T read the article!

C: As my grandmother once said “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything”. Why add to the all the negativity when there is already so much of it out there. How hard is it just say something nice and leave it at that.

Chris on

Tori can’t help it that she was born into a wealthy Hollywood family. It’s all she knows. She realizes that she’s not a typical mom….doesn’t she? 🙂

Shawna on

Angi – thanks for the Sunday School lecture.

Chris – when she is saying her stories are “so relevant” it sure doesn’t sound like it.

Angi on


You are welcome. I can see you took it to heart.

Maddy on

many of her stories in mommywood ARE relevant! babies crapping in kiddie pool’s, embarrassing costume parties, irrelevent fears about child illnesses, swearing toddlers and trying to lose baby weight. tori addresses that she’s not a “normal” mom, but yes, she IS a mom, and many of her experiences pertain to the rest of us.

gargoylegurl on

Some people seem jealous of celeb parents. Like they resent the money and fame they have…like because of that, their experience as parents is somehow less relevant than us average folks.