Jo Dee Messina Introduces Noah Roger

04/20/2009 at 05:35 PM ET
Today Show screencap for use on CBB

Taking the opportunity to introduce her 3-month-old son during a recent appearance on the Today show, country crooner Jo Dee Messina beamed with pride as her son’s photo (at left) was shown on screen before the camera panned over to Noah Roger, who was perfectly content drinking his bottle while cradled in his dad’s arms.

With the proud mama already declaring her baby boy “a flirt,” a giddy Jo Dee joked with co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

After meeting little Noah before the show, Kathie referenced the initial introduction, sharing that she and Hoda had seen him “down below” before quickly clarifying that she meant in the studio downstairs. “We keep him in the basement,” laughed Jo Dee.

Admitting that she has yet to adjust to the lack of sleep since the birth of her first child, the 38-year-old looks forward to a future that includes a full-night’s rest. “He’s still not sleeping through the night,” she shares, before Kathie interjects with a forewarning that the late nights could carry her well into the toddler years!

Clearly elated with having embarked on the journey of parenthood, Jo Dee and her doting husband Chris Deffenbaugh are hopeful that their son lives up to his biblical name.

“Here’s a man who everyone thought was crazy and everybody was telling him stop doing what you’re doing, and he followed his faith and stuck to what he believed in. I love that character within a man and I hope my son has that same character.”

Source: Today

— Anya

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Tee on

Oh my word, that is one of the most precious pictures I’ve ever seen!

Kayla on

OMG!! Could she have produced a more perfect baby….He is gorgeous

Ashley on

What a tiny little guy. So cute…Ok now maybe I am open to have a boy! Just Kidding 😉

babyboopie on

He’s precious! He reminds me of my own son Pierre when he was just a small baby! Love the name Noah!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

what a gorgeous baby boy, esp for a newborn as not always cute that young, lol, and like his name. Unfortunately hubby didn’t, so we did a compromise as wanted a name we both liked as both the parents, but I’ve always liked the name Noah – think it has a nice ring to it. A cutie! Can definitely relate to that feeling esp first time around becoming a parent, surreal believing the baby’s actual here & yours! Don’t know her being in NZ, never heard of her before her baby news, but congrats to her and hubby.

cathy b on

He is so small I wonder how much he weighed at birth? does anyone know?

Sam & Freya's Mum on

cathy b: I clicked on the highlighted link that announced his birth in case it had weight details and it did. Original email says he weighed 6pds 15oz so not a tiny tiny bub, same weight as my daughter at birth but in this pic he looks small though, I agree, beautiful. It must be the angle or me forgetting how quick/much they grow, now my little girl’s already over 15mths. Time flies, our daughter’s similar age to Harlow Madden, our new years day bub, walking eveywhere from her first b’day onwards, doing well, always trying to take off like Harlow in the new posting on this site. A side issue of course but I love Harlow’s name, a cutie, & look forward to hearing about bub No. 2. Nice to see how Nicole’s turned her life around in the last year or so with her daughter’s arrival, looks content being a mum. Joel Madden also seems a positive influence in her life, good on them! Sorry, just wanted to add after getting on a tangent somewhat, lol..

Brittany on

He was 6 15? That’s just one ounce bigger than my neice was lol. He is a cutie 🙂

g!na on

aaw! how precious!!! he’s so young, you can still see how his belly button hasn’t healed yet. what a beautiful photo ♥

MZ on

There is no way this is an 11 week old picture of him. Gina, I think this was taken not too long after he was born. Noah’s actually a little older than 11 weeks now…my son is 11 weeks and he was born Feb. 2nd. Noah is very cute!

Jenny on

That is one of the sweetest photos I’ve ever seen. What a little peanut! So cute. I just want to cuddle with him!

eternalcanadian on

Oh that is an adorable picture of Noah cradled in his father’s hands! It must have been taken within the first month of his birth as his belly button hasn’t healed from the cord cutting. Love those kind of photographs!