Gavin Rossdale: My Family Makes 'Good Airport Reading'

04/20/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
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All in a day’s work! Or at least according to Gavin Rossdale, who — despite being faced with a constant paparazzi following — refuses to “modify our lives to avoid” photographers. While the father of two tells CANOE that he doesn’t allow the photographers to dictate his daily plans, he is always prepared for a photo frenzy. “You have to make this conscious thing of, well, ‘I’m going to go to the park where there’ll be seven grown men with cameras following,'” he says, noting that “it’s kind of creepy.”

Always up for a solution to any problem, Gavin and his wife Gwen Stefani have come to the realization that, in this case, allowing their children to have a play date in the park far outweighs the flip-side!

“We could build a fake park at our house and have extras or something as people — or just get on with it. The combination of me and Gwen and the kids makes such good airport reading. I like it best when you go see a psychiatrist and they have those gossip magazines in there — so I’ve heard.”

Although the constant paparazzi may be far from ideal, Gavin admits that there is at least one big fan of the photographs — his mother! Referring to a recent shot of Kingston James McGregor, 2 ½, belting it out on the microphone at one of his dad’s concerts, the doting grandmother was all too thrilled to catch a photo of the family. “My mom’s like, ‘Did you see that picture? That was the best picture!’ I was like, ‘Yeah, it’s a paparazzi picture,'” he recalls. “And she says, ‘Yeah, but if we didn’t have that, we wouldn’t see what you’re doing.'”

While the couple have learned to accept that the paparazzi comes along with the job, Gavin and Gwen refuse to give in when it comes to raising well-grounded little boys. “We don’t have screamers,” the proud papa reveals. “We don’t allow them to scream. If they scream, we turn the music up.” Unfortunately, Gavin is quick to share that their technique isn’t always a success!

Gavin and Gwen are also parents to 8-month-old Zuma Nesta Rock.

Source: CANOE

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Tee on

I can not begin to imagine what celebrities face in trying to go about an everyday life. Then throw kids into the mix and it would be a nightmare! I really like the attitude that Gavin has displayed in this interview.

Me on

i love that him and gwen seem so down to earth, and dont let the intrusion dictate what they spend their time doing.
props to his mum for crediting the pap pics though, that doesnt happen often,and as a grandmother,getting to see pics of the kids they wouldnt otherwise get to see must be one perk or their son’s career, especially pics that are often so natural and flattering of the whole family going about their daily lives. i only wish the paps would give them a little more space,physically.

Kayla on

Sometimes the most beautiful pics come from the Paps. I wonder if any celebs ever request copies for themselves. There was a awesome pic of Honnor warrren a the park smiling last week. I wonder if Jess asked for a copy.

Aidan on

hahahaha “makes such good aeroport reading.” I love him.

Lucy on

Adorable family! Gavin seems like such a cool, funny guy.

JMO on

I think they have the perfect approach. To just live your life and pretend that the paps are not around and if you do the kids never know any different. On the flip side though paps do end up getting some really cute shots of celebrity kids and if I were these parents I wouldn’t care I’d be scrap booking them for the future!

But I do have to say for the most part some celebrities can avoid paparazzi altogether. Some just happen to go to places where they’re always at. I remember watching interviews with Hayden Panitierre (Hereos) and Alyssa Milano who all said that if you go down streets like Rodeo Drive or eat at places like the IVY your sure to get photographed and if your not in the mood to be photographed simply just don’t go to those places because paparazzi hang at certain popular locations. But both have said it is def. easy to avoid if you need to. I think that if your really not into having your picture taken or having paparazzi follow you it may be time for you to move out of LA and into a suburb where there is less paparazzi. However if you choose to live in the chaos of it all then you have to learn to take it in stride.

Laura on

Good for him to have a positive approach to one of the bad parts of being a celebrity! And I too have also noticed that it seems like the paparazzi takes some of the best photos of those kids! As a parent, I would kill to get candid shots like that! So at least there’s one little upside to an annoying situation.

taegan on

Good for him for trying to go about his life. But I truly believe the paps behave differently according to which celeb they are following, giving some more “space” to move. The Stefani-Rossdales seem to be in the latter section recently…

The paps seem to do that with some celebs with tots like Halle, Jessica and sometimes Jennifer too-they give them space.

Wish they would do that with ALL of them! Kids should not be made to feel threatened just for stepping out of their house!

Nina on

I really don’t think they can avoid being photographed some celebs-like them- have paps waiting outside their house and following their every move. It’s not as simple as just going to a different park. I couldn’t handle it!!

taegan on


Even when they don’t live in LA they get stalked and paps sometimes break onto their property. So I don’t believe it’s as simple as moving out of LA.

I think the paps have to be more considerate. If the celebs go to pap friendly areas then they asked to be swarmed, however if they’re out shopping or at the park, especially with their kids, then give them space. Take the picture by all means but do it at distance. Long lens are not a new development in technology.

This way everyone is happy!