Ashlee and Bronx Move Into Melrose Place

04/20/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz brought a special on-set guest along to the filming of Melrose Place on Saturday — son Bronx Mowgli, 5 months!

The show marks 24-year-old Ashlee’s return to work after giving birth in November. In the re-up of the 90s show, the actress and singer will play Violet, a character whose “disarming naiveté masks the calculating, shrewd sex kitten within,” according to press reports.

Keep up with Ashlee (and husband Pete Wentz) via Twitter!

Click below for a photo of Ashlee and Bronx strollin’ around set.


Bronx rides in an OrbitBaby stroller system with toddler seat.

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gianna on

He is a super cute baby. He favors ashlee mostly, but his nose is pete’s I think. I love that srroller too, and ashlee is pretty.

Meg on

Look at that sweet little face! He’s so cute! And I LOVE Ashlee’s hair color. I’ve been trying to get that color for months now… Ahh, to be rich.

Anne on

Bronx is lovely, I hope Ashlee have more kids.

aubrey madeline on

Bronx is adorable

.:. Mama to my Boy.:. on

Aww he’s a little cutie!! He looks like Pete in the eyes and nose I think!!

Randi on

It’s so funny to see her in mommy mode it seems like yesterday she had that show on MTV where she was starting her music career. I love this entire family and can’t wait until Jessica and Tony have a little bundle of there own.

Brooklyn on

Aww! Bronx is so cute! Ashlee looks great as well!

Chicki on

I think little Bronx has Pete’s eyes and Ashlee’s original nose!

Di on

It’s interesting that you said that Bronx has Ashlee’s original nose. I’ve always wondered about people who have children after having plastic surgery. They must know that their children will look like they did before they had plastic surgery. I can’t imagine someone saying to Ashlee, “Little Bronx has your pre-surgery nose”.

Lisa on

aw little Bronx is precious. To be honest he is not what i pictured him looking like but hes adorable. In the first picture ever posted he had much darker hair and looked a lot like pete, but in the last pictures before this he had these big blue eyes and looked like neither parent. Now that he has gotten bigger it is much easier to see his features, and without a hat on and stuff. He is a big baby! For 5 months old he is pretty darn big but pretty darn adorable!

Bieta on

I have respect for Ashlee as a parent. I must commend her for staying out of the spotlight right after her babies birth.

Chris on

Strangely, Bronx resembles Aunt Jessica….and her ex husband Nick Lachey! Maybe it’s the nose but that could be their baby! lol

Doreen on

Love Ashlee’s hair!! Wow..very vibrant!! 🙂 Look at Bronx! He’s soo big! 🙂

Jane on

I think Bronx looks like his Dad except for the eyes and the hair. He has his Dad’s nose. He is a cute baby.

Luna on

Chris, I totally agree! He looks so much like Nick, if we hadn’t seen a million pictures of Ashlee pregnant I would be convinced that Nick and Jessica had a secret baby!

Stephany on

He’s so cute! He’s a little chubbster, too! And I have to say that I’m lovin’ Ashlee’s hair color! It’s beautiful!

Alex on

Little Bronx is adorable! I’m still not fond of the name Bronx.

Barbara on

Bronx is adorable. I think he looks like his dad Pete with a light colored hair. I really don’t see much of Ashlee in Bronx’s face. It’s hard to see who he is going to really look like at this age.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I think Bronx has dad’s eyes too, from what you can see in the first pic. As with Alex’s posting, am also not a fan of the name, think the overall flow is even worse combined with his middle name, some middle name like say James wouldn’t have been so full on sounding! As a mum of a normally-named son Sam, wouldn’t name my son that but they like it & at end of day it’s their business but can’t help but comment as haven’t before on Bronx’s very diff name! Not that different is WRONG, just not for me, and for many others who’ve previously posted on it either by looks of it!?! Bronx has too many harsh ending sounds with the X and Z for dad’s surname IMO, bit of a mouthful! She looks so happy to be a mum however which is sweet & looking great for someone who had a baby less than 6 mths ago!

babyboopie on

I think Bronx is all Pete! But he does have Ashlee’s hair colour and her complexion. He’s cute.

Shirelle on

Bronx is so cute

stephanie on

LOL, Chicki. That’s like the Friends episode where Rachel’s sister asked if she’s afraid that her baby will get her original nose.

The baby does look a lot like Nick in the first picture!