Ellen Pompeo Expecting First Child

04/19/2009 at 10:00 PM ET
Denise Truscello / WireImage

The cast of Grey’s Anatomy is about to get bigger — literally! Star Ellen Pompeo, who portrays Meredith Grey on the hit ABC show, is expecting her first baby with husband Chris Ivery. A rep for the 39-year-old actress has exclusively confirmed the “great news” to PEOPLE, adding:

“They’re ecstatic.”

No word on a due date for baby-on-the-way was provided. Chris, a 41-year-old music producer, and Ellen were married in 2007. See a photo of Ellen out on Sunday here!

She will have a kindred spirit on set for the next few weeks; Her on-screen half-sister Chyler Leigh currently expects her third child — a daughter to be named Aniston Kay — on May 15th.

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Lauren on

YES!! Ellen’s always been my favorite on Grey’s and seems like a great person. I wish she did more films on hiatus. Congrats Ellen, from one native Bostonian to another!

Megan on

I was waiting anxiously for this to be posted…haha I am so excited…Chris and Ellen seem like totally wonderful people and I am so excited for them…baby will be gorgeous no doubt! And i can’t deny that my first thought after the excitement was…does this mean a Mcbaby…HAHA Congrats to Ellen and Chris!

Mandy on


Congrats to them both!

Now, the most important question, is it being written into the show?!!?

Jenna on

I’m SO happy for her! Congrats Ellen and Chris:)

Jess from Ohio on

I am so happy for them! Yay!

And please Grey writers, make this a part of the show! It is way too good to pass up.

Sky on

oh I hope they write this into the show!! I’m so happy for them!

Courtney on


Leila on

I have been waiting for this announcement for ages! I just had a feeling it was coming 😀
This is the most excited I have been about a celeb pregnancy in ages and ages!

Cassie on

Congratulations! I wonder it her pregnancy will be written into the show!?

dee on

YAY! Congrats to Ellen and Chris!! There baby is gonna be good friends with Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs’ little one.

bre on

I’ve seen pictures of her like 2 weeks ago and she was so tiny. She’s gonna be one of those women who just pops all of a sudden and carries all in the belly. Here’s to a healthy baby for Ellen and Chris!

Lola on

I’m soo thrilled for them!! I bet she has a boy (;
& I hope to god its written into the show!!!!!

Paige on

Congratulations to Ellen and Chris.

Sarah on

OMG yay!! Congratulations to them… and yes, I’m thinking the same thing as so many of you: McBaby time??? Let’s hope!

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them!

As for Chlyer I can’t wait till Aniston comes along!

liz on

I am so happy for her!
she’s going to look adorable pregnant!

please oh please write this in the show, shonda!

Randi on

I really hope they work this into Grey’s that would be amazing. I’m so happy for her and her husband they seem to be such a private couple. Congrats!!!!

Megan on

Congrats! Very unexpected. I see Ellen as Meredith as being against having a baby but this is so awesome! I can’t wait to see Ellen with a baby. Hopefully it’s written into Grey’s.

kelly on

LOVE this couple! Congrats to them!

g!na on


Fifi on

oh my gosh I was so shocked and excited by this!! I love Grey’s, I wonder if its going to be written in!!?!?!?

Bieta on

Cool beans. There baby will be cute.

kait on

I just had the overbearing feeling to come look at the site. I am SO excited for Ellen and Chris. And I really hope Shonda writes the pregnancy into the show, how awesome would that be?! Congrats!

Julia on

Congrats Ellen! Is it just me or is this announcement like really exciting? Not to diminish any other announcement…this one just seems really exciting lol! I can’t wait to hear the name they pick and she’s going to be an insanely stunning and beautiful pregnant woman. She’s already gorgeous!

Congrats to them!

adriana on

Oh my God, this made me so happy! I had a feeling about this 🙂 A big congratulations to them! Ellen is gorgeous 🙂

francine on

WOW! I am So Excited for them! I absolutely love her – Ellen is so down to earth! Anyways, I will be anticipating lots of belly pics, a McBaby(fingers crossed) or bump watch, a strong & decent name, and of course a cute baby(I’m guessing BOY!).

Lily Mathilda on

Wow, a McBaby? That would be exciting, wouldn’t it? I hope they write the pregnancy into the show.

Eleonora on

I’m sooooo happy..I love Ellen Pompeo in Grey’s Anatomy!

Leila on

I really hope there’s a McBaby 😀 !!! <333

kai on

I thought she looked a little different recently, congrats:) On people, it says they met in a grocery story. hehe, romantic!;)

annefan on

this is great news, I’m so happy for them! my two fav actresses (Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ellen Pompeo) are expecting their first baby, this is awesome 🙂

ellen on

yay, i’m so happy for them! this is such great news and ellen will be the best mother ever. i hope the pregnancy goes well with no complications, and i have this feeling it will be a little girl coming out! and now i can only hope this will be written into the show! it’d be so great for them to have a little mcbaby!

Lexie from Germany on

I would like to see Meredith pregnant, too. I asked Shonda on Twitter, if it will be on the show and I hope she will answer my question. ^^

judew on

Another beautiful beautiful baby on the way!! Gosh, are they both beautiful! Did I say beautiful? Very!

Stephany on

This is such fantastic news! She is going to be suchhhh a cute pregnant lady! I really, really, REALLY hope they write this into the show. That would be so awesome!

Alice on

OMG No way no way no way!! Congratulations to Ellen and Chris, this is just so wonderful and unexpected! Now we can just wait for Katherine Heigl’s baby announcement 😛

I hope the pregnancy will be written in the show, I remember Dr Bailey’s was. Lol Sarah, McBaby would be amazing, what with Meredith’s fear of commitment and everything…. wow wow wow.

Chelsea on

AWESOME! I hope they write it into the show! A little McBaby!

Amber on

I am so excited about this! I watched my Seasons of Grey’s Anatomy again…I am so obsessed with this show! Love love love her! Congrats!!!!!!!!

Jenn on

Oh, yay! They always look so happy together in pictures. They seem really low-key and down-to-earth, too.

Unfortunately, I doubt it can be written in – they’ve probably already wrapped this season, and by the time they start filming next season, she may be too far along for it to work. She’ll probably have to hide behind charts like Chyler.

annefan on

@Jenn : it depends.. Shoda must have known for a while now and must have had the time to decide if she wanted to write it in the show. And Chandra Wilson mentioned life changing moments in the seaso finale for the main characters so who knows…

Laura on

I’m very very happy for Ellen and Chris! That’s great!

As for writing it into the show… Honestly I don’t want them to have a baby just yet. But we’ll see I guess. one thing that irritates me is when a pregnancy is written into a show just because the actress gets pregnant. That is a really stupid reason to throw a pregnancy into a show unless it is something that is really going to be good for the storyline. If it is just to make it so the baby bump has an explanation then it is ridiculous. They could either hide the bump or not like what they did on Will and Grace. I hope Shonda thought long and hard and makes a decision that is right for the SHOW not necessarily the easiest explanation for a baby bump/maternity leave.

JMO on

AWESOME!! I hope they write it in to the show and have Derek and her get married and have a baby *squeal*

Lynn on

Yay for Ellen! I hope they write this in Grey’s Anatomy. Derek and Meredith with a baby would be awesome.

Jen K on

So happy for them, can’t wait to hear more about his baby!

But Laura, I 100% agree with you. I do not want to see a Derek/Meredith baby yet. They have enough issues, this is not an additional one they need right now.

daniela on

I’m so happy to hear this news! For some reason I didn’t think they were interested in having children.

Unlike most folks here, I hope they do not write in the pregnancy. It would be almost cliche for them to make Mer preggers….JMHO of course tho’! 🙂

Congrats to Ellen and Chris – I can’t wait to see the new babe!

aubrey madeline on

Congrats to Ellen and Chris

eilish on

What a wonderful news! Congratulations to Ellen.

Brooke on

She looks better in that pic than she has in years. Pregnancy definitely suits her.

Vanessa on

I am so excited for her and her husband.
Congratulations to them, no doubbt that the baby will be a cutie!

FC on

Aww, that photo of her is cute. She makes for a cute pregnant woman. I just can’t believe she and Chris are expecting. I can’t say I was looking to hear that news, but many congrats and best wishes to them! 🙂

Kathleen on

Only Katherine Heigl dont get pregnant =/

anna on

congrats to the both of tem

cas on

so happy for them!!!

Mary on

aww, congrats to them! i love grey’s anatomy, so i can’t wait to see how or if they will write the pregnancy into the storyline. or how her features may or may not change on-screen. with Chyler, she definitely is carrying her pregnancy well, but on the show you can tell her face got just a bit fuller, but not much. anyways, so happy for them. i bet their baby will be a looker.

Pamela on

Her character is getting married on the show…so this is a perfect opportunity to write it in the show! I hope they do! Congrats!

tets on

She looks good! She’s definitely glowing.

SandraLee on

Congrats to Ellen and Chris that is exciting news….the question is how can the following be true at this early date? Her on-screen half-sister Chyler Leigh currently expects her third child – a daughter to be named Aniston Kay – on May 15th.

Source: PEOPLE This is July 29th how can she have a due date of May 15th already? Not possible! Is she psychic? She would have to get pregnant in August to deliver in May wouldn’t she? I did!

Editor’s Note: Hi SandraLee, if you’ll notice this story was from April, so Chyler’s due date was just a month away at that time! She’s since had her daughter, and Ellen is nearing the end of her pregnancy. Can’t wait to see the Grey’s babies!