Celebrity Parents Are aTwitter: Special Malaria No More Edition

04/19/2009 at 07:00 AM ET

This week Ashton Kutcher (aka @aplusk) broke the one million mark in Twitter followers and introduced Oprah (@oprah) to the phenomenon. He’s also using his fame and Twitterlebrity to raise awareness of malaria and ask fans to support Malaria No More in sending insecticide-treated mosquito nets to African countries where they are needed most.

But elsewhere in the twitterverse, here’s what celebrity parents have been tweeting about this week!

On April 1, P. Diddy (@iamdiddy) wished his son a happy birthday and revealed a nickname:
Happy birthday CHRISTIAN COMBS!!! Today is my sons birthday!!!! I LOVE you LITTLE PUFF! Today is definitely a GREAT DAY Let’s GO!!!

On April 3rd, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (@ashsimpsonwentz) hitched a ride on husband Pete Wentz‘s tour bus:
On the bus bronx loves the rocking he’s already asleep. Sad we got to leave daddy tomorrow 😦 Show’s gonna be good tonight!
and a few days later, sent daddy a message:
@petewentz Bx and I miss you so much. We are only the 2 amigo’s without you. Last night I wanted a snuggle fest with you. Miss you mucho

Travis Barker (@trvsbrkr) showed how celebrities really aren’t just like us:
I’m taking my babies 2 the PlayBoy Mansion for the Easter Egg hunt. What you up to today?

On April 15th, Solange Knowles (@solangeknowles) took her son Julez to a museum while in NYC:
Childrens museum of manhattan, popping. Super poppn. Chuckee cheese poppn.

Soleil Moon Frye (@moonfrye) offered a reader natural teething advice:
We use an organic cotton towel, put water+then freeze. It helps us.

Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk) is tired of traveling:
Leaving again. It’s official: I am over traveling. Drafting up a proclamation now. My wife will co-sign. Our baby might filibuster.

Singer Rob Thomas (@ThisisRobThomas) had a busy day ahead of him:
i have a lot of s**t to do, then driving to boston to pick up my son. so, less tweets today. i hope you can go on ;-}

Finally, on April 16, Brooke Burke (@brookeburke) and David Charvet (@davidcharvet) each tweeted about taking their youngest children to breakfast!

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— Danielle


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Anna on

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t get the popularity of twitter. It’s so useless. Why does Ashlee put that on a twitter to her husband? Why do we have to know? She can call him, sms him, email him.. a nr of private possibilities but she puts it up for the whole world to read.

JMO on

Yet another example of how celebrities like to keep their “privacy”!!!

Lila on

i’m not a tweeter…yet. but i have a question. did rob thomas from matchbox 20 have a son? i didn’t realize he and his wife had a baby/kids. when did that happen? i don’t recall CBB ever notifying us and i’ve been following this site since it’s inception. did i miss something? 🙂

annie on

Twitters fun. Joel posted some pictures of Harlow. They’re really cool, mostly from the back & she’s playing with blocks or driving her little car with that curly head of hair. 🙂

nickii on

Alyson Hannigan also has Twitter, it’s been confirmed by Felicia Day. She’s http://www.twitter.com/alydenisof .

Natasha on

I like reading celebrity twitters! Tony Hawk’s is fun 🙂

Grace on

I generally think Twitter’s a waste of time, if you’re doing it like a crazy person. That said, I will read Stephen Fry’s Twitter feed until electricity goes out, because he is witty. Russell Brand, too.

Wouldn’t follow Ashton usually, but Malaria No More (www.malarianomore.org) is an incredibly good cause. I’ve worked with them before and they are hard-working, dedicated people who don’t just collect money, they make sure to be involved from donation to education and distribution.

So as much as I think Twitter’s a weird little fad, this is a damn good use for it. Go buy a bednet today; a baby suffering from malaria is heartbreaking to see, and meeting a family with a child who’s been permanently disabled by malaria makes you incredibly aware of the ramifications of a single mosquito bite.

Jennie on

To Lila…I thought the same thing as you, when did Rob Thomas and his wife had a kid? But according to his wikipedia page (which I realize have a history of inaccuracies) it says he has a son named Maison from a “previous relationship”. Nothing about an age though…

JMO on

Yes Rob Thomas does have a son:

Maison Avery William Thomas, (b. July 10, 1998)

Stephany on

Haha, I love Twitter. Yes, it’s useless and a complete fad and waste of time. But it’s fun to see these “tweets” from celebrities. I like it. 🙂

Linda on

First Myspace, then Facebook, now Twitter. I can’t wait to see what the next trend will be.

deedee on

I don’t get it. Do we need to have a play-by-play of everyone’s day? I’m too busy living my life to be plugged in 24/7. What a waste of time.


Am I the only one that is NOT interested at all in MySpace, Facebook or Twitter? Lol

eternalcanadian on

I’m still on the fence about Twitter. On the one hand it seems cool and fun, but on the other hand, it takes away the face-to-face interactions, and I find myself trying to keep up with both Facebook and Twitter I am not paying attention to what is around me. I barely remember my life before Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, and yes, CBB! I used to talk to people at the bus stop or in line, like “hi, nice day” or “wow, that looks interesting” and now everyone is glued to the screen of their iPhone or Blackberry. What a world we’re in, eh?