Seal and Leni: Funny Business

04/18/2009 at 09:00 PM ET
Gardiner Anderson/Carlos Vila/ Bauer-Griffin

Whoa there! Singer Seal jokes around with daughter Leni as the pair arrive at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday afternoon. Seal was performing a concert there that evening, where he confirmed what sources had been saying — baby #4 is on the way!

“[The] topic of debate outside our hotel is, ‘Is Heidi [Klum] having another baby?’” he told the audience. “Heidi and I are having another baby!”

Although Heidi and the kids — Leni, 5 next month, Henry Günther, 3 ½, and Johan Riley, 2 — all attended the show, the model was the only one to hear the announcement — when Seal pointed them out in the crowd, Heidi stood up, cheered and motioned that the kids were sleeping!

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Leni on

TOOO CUTE i am to happy for them there such a beautiful family and leni looks exactly like Hedi shes so beautiful and johan is the cutest little boy ever and henry just plane adorable:) think the next will be a girl

Cassandra on

Aw! She looks so happy, climbing all over her Daddy.

Meg on

Aww! This picture is just plain ADORABLE! Seal and Leni are so cute.

Megan on

I simply love this family! They are too darn cute…and this picture is priceless…look at that big smile as Leni climbs all over daddy…that is just too precious…I cannot wait for #4…

Kat on

oh… this father/daughter pair just tugs hard at the heartstrings in any photo.

love them!

Chris on

Wow Leni normally looks like her (biological) father to me but in that photo her smile is 100% Heidi.

Skipsie on

My favourite father/daughter duo. =)

Seal seems like a fabulous father.

Tina on

I know this sounds really weird but she resembles Seal to me, i think hes earned that. hes so amazing and i respect him 1000000+%! hes so incredible and he is a role model to all men out there. i wish i was Heidi lol, shes so lucky. i wish them the best, they seem like a really fantastic family. her “real” father or whatever can go far far away. Seal is her Daddy hehe:D.

Callie on

Leni normally looks like a mixture of both Heidi and, Flavio, her bialogical father, but, in this picture,she is all Heidi! She looks so happy climbing all over Daddy! They are such a beautiful, and happy family! I love them! They are probably my fave Celebrity Family! Can’t wait for baby #4! Hopefully a girl this time! Seal and Heidi made such beautiful boys, I wonder what their girl would look like! And, I think Leni would like to have a little sister!

fergette on

I love how happy she looks there! Yay for them!

Patricia on

Leni is so beautiful! She’s always smiling, what a happy little girl:) I love how Seal is always so attentive and interactive with his kids. Great father.

Sony on

They are such a beautiful family. DNA only makes you a father it does not make you a daddy, and Seal is for sure Leni’s daddy.

Rebecca on

That’s such an adorable picture!

natalie on

Aaa, that Leni is just too cute. She’ll be a heart breaker. And I think Seal’s a great daddy to all of his kids. It’s so heart-warming to see pictures of this gorgeous family.

babyboopie on

Leni’s such a daddy’s little girl, you can see how much she loves Seal and vice-versa! Melts my heart!

Lucy on

Look at how small Leni looks when Seal holds her! Too cute.

This is such a cute and priceless photograph of them! I’d frame it if I were them.

Renee on

OMG I love that pic.
I love this family 🙂

Alex on

Don’t be fooled people, Leni is the secret Fanning sister! Seriously though, such a lovely family, beautiful, talented, loving and friendly.

Nancy on

I only see Heidi in Leni LOL. She seems like such an adorable little girl! For some kind of reason I’d also like them to have another girl, just to see that baby looks like. But of course if they happen to have a healthy little boy that’s nice too! Cute pic!

Christine on

She definately has Heidi’s smile here! What a pretty little girl!
And I love that CBB referred to her has his daughter!
(as opposed to “Heidi’s daughter from a previous relationship”)

mazzie on

the only place she resembles flavio is in her smile and i can’t really see that here.. is so true that she resembles seal a bit.. not in any obvious way but you can tell they are a proper family cos they just ‘fit’… 😀

Ruby on

Love this family! Great to see Seal and Leni together, he’s a fantastic father can’t wait to see their new arrival too.
Just a quick question does anyone know if Leni’s surname is Samuel, I know Henry and Johans is but she always seems to be referred to as Leni Klum?? x

alice jane on

This might be my favorite celeb kid picture ever!! What a sweet photo. Leni is beautiful, she always makes me smile. Very cute daddy/daughter duo.

Emma on

Love this photo!! I totally see Heidi in her here!!

Tracy on

This was totally unexpected to me! I am so happy! Not very often do celebrity pregnancies make me smile, but this one sure did!!!!

L on

although thats not her “biological” father, you can see how much love they have between the 2 of them & I dont think they would have it any other way…cant wait to see the next baby…God Bless!!!

gianna on

Ruby leni’s last name is klum, she wasn’t adopted by seal. She looks exactly like flavio to me, yet her smile, face shape, and nose is similar to henry. Both henry and leni resemble their dads, but yet other than skin color, they look a lot alike.

cas on

they seem like such a happy family

Iggy on

Dna really doesnt make anyone a father,like you see here with seal and leni,it shows that they are a daddy&daughter duo,really great that they are having another baby,adding to the bunch.

energiepass on

They really seem to be happy. Seal is cool.

Mary-Helen on

Aw…how cute! I love this pic!

I also love that CBB refers to Leni as Seal’s daughter. My eldest is not my husband’s bio daughter but he has been her father since the day she was born and only hasn’t been adopted because the “sperm donor” won’t sign rights away. But she is still his daughter in all the ways that count.

Susan on

They’re lovely together.

Linda on

Leni looks like Mom.

Lady on


Are you sure you and I aren’t sharing the same child?! :o) My daughter isn’t my husband’s “biological” child, but the two of them couldn’t be closer if they DID share the same DNA. The love between the two of them is amazing and truly heart-warming. She wants nothing more than for her “real” daddy to adopt her and give her his last namge legally, but alas, the “sperm donor” won’t allow it either! Nonetheless, my daughter still uses my husband’s last name and hopes to one day change it legally….she’ll just wait till she’s old enough to do it without permission. God Bless you Seal, Heidi and your beautiful children……what an absolutely adorable family. And to all the “daddy’s” out there who (like Seal) have stepped up and become fathers to children who are not biologically theirs, may God bless each and every one of you every day!

Lisa on

Congrats Seal and Heidi hopefully this one will be a girl!!!

FC on

Aww, this has already become one of my favorite shots of Seal and Leni. She’s definitely a daddy’s girl and proud of it, and Seal seems like he’s such a fun dad, besides loving and everything else good in between. 🙂

Them goofing around, her smile, just melts hearts, if you ask me. 🙂

anna on

they look so good together and leni loks like heidi in this picture

Silvermouse on

Natalie and Mary-Helen,
I agree with you completely! To me they are dad and daughter, even though Leni is not biologically Seal’s. He obviously adores Leni and vice versa.
Also that picture is both sweet and comical at the same time.

Emma on

I’m looking at this picture and thinking maybe it would be nice if the new baby was also a boy. That way, Leni would always be 100% sure that she is “daddy’s only princess” – I’m not saying she has any insecurities about Seal not being her biological dad, or that she ever will have, but she just looks so happy (they both do)that it would be sad for it to be an issue in the future. Although I guess that could happen anyway. I know what I mean – am not always great at explaining myself! I bet the new baby will be every bit as gorgeous as Leni, Henry & Johan whatever the sex. Congratulations!!