Gwyneth Paltrow: 'Maybe' More Babies!

04/18/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
Bauer Griffin

Never say never! Gwyneth Paltrow, who last year revealed she had “no plans” to add a third child to her family with husband Chris Martin, appears to have had a change of heart!

In an interview with the UK’s New magazine, the 36-year-old actress said that watching son Moses, 3, grow older has filled her with nostalgia. “At first I thought, ‘Okay, that’s it, I’m done, no way will I have anymore,'” Gwyneth recalls. “Then my son turned two and you think ‘Oh no, I don’t want this to be the last two-year-old I have. Maybe I’ll do one more.'”

Regardless of whether she does go on to welcome another child, Gwyneth has already been profoundly changed by Moses and his 4 ½-year-old big sister Apple Blythe Alison. She explains,

“Motherhood enriches your life in the most incredible way. My children have given me a real life. I never feel I don’t know what my purpose in life is anymore.”

Source: New via MTV UK

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sharon on

well i am a little surprised as she was so sick with her pregnancies! it wouldn’t make me want to do it again thats for sure

em on

I like her and I’m very happy for her, though it always makes me feel a bit sad when people say that they don’t feel they know what purpose they have in life without having children to give that to them.

Natasha on

I think it’s so funny when people say “that’s it I’m done!” and then the kids grow up and they decide they aren’t. It’s really sweet of course 🙂

HeatherR on

I can totally relate! I have two boys and after the second one, I said “I am done!!!” My youngest just turned 4 and now I want one more!!! Maybe next year….

Chris on

I would be so surprised if she had another child. I don’t know why.

Jaclyn on

I bet we’ll be hearing a pregnancy announcement before the year is out. Many celebrities (Mark Ruffalo for example) tend to start the chatter when there is something (or someone) there…

Anna on

She has been saying this in interviews for at least a year. I think she just wants to say something interesting.

Laura on


To me I feel like she was saying that if she ever doubts for a second that she doesn’t have a purpose in life she remembers her children. That isn’t to say that is always what she feels her purpose in life is, but she does know that by having them she will always at least have that one thing.

Maybe that didn’t really help clear it up any haha. But to me she isn’t saying that without her kids she would have nothing/no purpose in life at all.

That being said, I don’t find it sad if a person said that their children give them a purpose in life. Perhaps some people want that and are Ok with that. Personally I’m probably going to be one of them and I’m completely fine with it. Looking forward to it actually.

gianna on

I always thought she would have a 3rd child

Courtney on

I am very accomplished in owning my own busines. I make my own hours, I do what I want. I travel the country. I live comfortably and want for nothing.

Without a doubt, my children are what give me purpose in my life. They are my legacy. They are a reflection of myself and my husband. My purpose in life is to raise them into good people. Nothing else matters. 50 years from now people won’t care that I designed great jewelry. They will care if I raised good people, as will I..:)

I understand what she is saying. My youngest will be 2 in June and its hitting me that this is the last child that will be this age.

Bieta on

She’ll name it Goop.