Suri Cruise Celebrates Birthday No. 3

04/17/2009 at 07:30 AM ET
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Suri Cruise celebrated her third birthday with a small gathering of friends and family at home in Los Angeles Thursday afternoon, PEOPLE has learned.

Parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes planned a princess-themed party for their daughter, which included a cake featuring Belle from Beauty and the Beast and a treasure hunt.

“They just wanted to keep it small and make it fun for Suri and her friends,” says a source. Suri’s actual birthday is Saturday.

Source: PEOPLE

Julie Jordan

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Kayla on

This is the most beautiful child in Hollywood hands down…Happy birthday Suri

Ellen Smith on

I’m surprised she has any friends. She is always on the go with her parents and they are constantly carrying her. When does she ever get time to play? Just wondering.

Annabel on

I wonder why they celebrated her birthday on a Thursday… maybe to throw the paps off guard? Anyway, I’m glad they kept it simple this time. Happy Birthday, Suri! Belle was my favorite Disney Princess too. : )

sarah on

small & fun doesn’t always mean simple, but I am glad Annabel you approve of Suri’s birthday celebrations!

Kate on

I’m glad to see they had a small, intimate gathering, especially considering Katie’s brother-in-law just passed away unexpectedly last weekend. Hopefully they will fly out to Ohio to be with family this weekend. Maybe that’s another reason they celebrated early. In other news, I can’t believe Suri is already 3!

sarah on

Ellen, I am sure she has plenty of friends from all the dance classes she goes to. She may have spent all day yesterday playing with friends but you don’t know that. You only see a couple of photos that someone deems suitable to release into the public eye and just because they happen to be of her with parents and her being carried the majority of the time does not mean the child is a social outcast. Think about it, if someone took a photo of you every time you had lunch and posted it would you expect someone to think you did nothing but eat and say I just wondered when does she get the time to sleep???



Annabel on

I didn’t mean simple in a negative sense, Sarah. I believe that they had a very extravagant celebration for her birthday last year, and I don’t really think that’s necessary for a toddler, which is why I said “I’m glad they kept it simple this time”. Simple doesn’t always mean small and boring either. I’m well aware that the Cruises aren’t seeking my approval as to how they celebrate their daughter’s birthday, I was just expressing my opinion.

Ellen Smith on

To Sarah: I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I doubt that Tom and Katie let Suri do more than casually pal around with the kids of “non-celebrities” like you and me. My suspicions are that her “friends” are those chosen for her by Tom and Katie and not anyone at all from a dance class or play group.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Saw Kate’s posting above, didn’t realise Katie’s brother in law passed away so googled her and saw an item about it. very sad, esp as leaving behind kids. The item said the funeral’s Monday, so as Kate said maybe heading to Ohio, you’d hope so, to attend funeral and arrive around Suri’s actual b’day, hence the party being a few days before her actual birthday…Hope Suri still had a nice time despite her uncle passing away – although at 3 a bit young to really understand anyway, if they’ve even told her yet.

CelebBabyLover on

Ellen Smith- How do you know? Do you know the Cruises personally?

CelebBabyLover on

Ellen Smith- I’m sorry I was so snappy in my earlier post. I kind of see your point now. Obviously, celebs DO have to be careful about who they let around their kids. That said, I don’t think Tom and Katie would be taking Suri to dance and music classes if they didn’t want her to be friends with “regular” kids. They would probably have gotten her private lessons if that was the case.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and getting back on topic a bit more…I’ll bet Grier Henchy was at the party! 🙂